Marines Capture Deep State Base in Bloody Battle


United States Marines on Wednesday captured a Deep State Army National Guard base and killed its commanding officer in what a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office called a “measured response” to Saturday’s assault on MCLB Albany, which left a dozen marines dead and twice that number wounded.

General Smith, our source said, discretely picked the target after confirming that several dead enemies belonged to the California Army National Guard’s 160th Infantry Regiment at Camp San Luis Obispo, primarily a military academy for training California and other western states National Guard units. It comprises nearly 15,000 acres of land in Camp Luis Obispo County, near the central coast of California.

According to the base’s website, it has accommodations for up to 1,500 officers and 15,000 enlisted, but those figures reflect occupancy during World War II. Between 1984 and 2021, it housed approximately 3,750 troops, VIPS, and contractors. In 2012, a man named Hussein sought to filch 1,500 acres for his fledgling FEMA Youth Corps and “Yes, We Can!” inner-city youth brigade, but for whatever reason, those evils never materialized, at least not at Camp San Luis Obispo.

Still, it underwent an anomalous transition in late 2021. Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, Lloyd Austin’s Defense Department quietly evacuated the base, citing a tremendous COVID-19 outbreak and blaming one unvaccinated soldier as the vector. It would take months, Austin said, to cleanse the base of COVID-19 particulates.

Strange things happened that week. Leadership shuffling. Midnight transfer orders. Soldiers were told to pack TO&E and depart immediately for reassignment. Despite the alleged epidemic, no soldier leaving was tested for COVID-19, which is phenomenal considering the administration’s obsession with testing, vaccinating, and boosting every arm in the Armed Forces.

Austin either fabricated or exaggerated the crisis. Fumigators never arrived, and troops returned to base on January 3, 2022. But not the soldiers who had fled a week earlier. It was as though they had been Raptured and replaced with officers and enlisted loyal to Joseph Biden and Lloyd Austin. This power shift coincided with Gavin Newsom’s military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay.

“We don’t see a connection, just some happenstance. What was happening was the cabal staffing entire posts with loyalists and installing commanders Lloyd Austin handpicked. They were massing and centralizing assets. After Saturday’s bloodbath, we knew where they came from, the feds and the Guardsmen,” our source said.

Some prisoners who survived the attack on MCLB Albany confessed “under duress” to following Lt. Col. Thomas Boothe’s–San Luis Obispo’s acting garrison commander–orders after being told that Marine Corps traitors refusing to acknowledge Biden’s presidency had commandeered MCLB Albany with plans to use it as a staging area to attack Democrat voters in the 2024 general election. They claimed their objective was to capture the base on behalf of the Department of Defense, and they denied accusations of being sent to liberate Deep State prisoners from MCLB Albany’s holding pen. Our source said the survivors told small truths to conceal more significant lies.

Although not mentioned by sources, RRN believes the strike on MCLB Albany may have been retaliation for the arrest of Lt. Col. Bryan Keels, who oversaw both Camp Roberts and Camp San Luis Obispo before Army CID investigators apprehended him on “suspicion of treason” in September.

Three stories accepted were FBI agents training alongside Guardsmen, Christopher Wray twice visiting the base in June, and Lt. Colonel Boothe ordering the assault on MCLB Albany.

“Gen. Smith and his advisors took the issue under advisement and, well, didn’t pussyfoot around on this one. We had a ton of Marines itching for action less than 300 miles away at Pendleton. A few platoons had just gotten home from Maui and were on some R&R, but they wanted to return to the fight. The issue was do you launch a massive attack or just go after the leadership. Based on interrogations, there were around 1,500-3,000 people at San Luis Obispo. Different prisoners gave different answers. What we lacked in C3 (a military term for intelligence; command, control & communications) we made up for in determinism [sic.], gusto, and skill,” our source said.

By Tuesday night, 800 Marines had arrived in San Luis Obispo County and erected an encampment and a mobile command center in the bucolic Irish Hills Nature Reserve. If required, more would arrive via helicopters and Ospreys.

Leadership imposed strict rules of engagement: The main goal was to take Lt. Col. Boothe and his senior staff alive, if possible, to stand trial for treason, and not wantonly slaughter Guardsmen naïve to Boothe’s agenda or whom the Deep State had led astray.

“In spite of what went down Saturday, there was a decision, not consensus, that they deserved a second chance, you know, to switch sides, for lack of a better way of phrasing it. Get Boothe, fire if fired upon, and prevent anyone from escaping—those were the orders.”

He would not say how 800 Marines arrived in the county undetected or how they blended in ahead of setting up camp.

“Marines want to live, fight, and die in uniform. The nature of this war sometimes means subterfuge. I’m not authorized to say if they were dressed as civilians or wore wigs or anything like that,” he said.

Four companies, he said, surrounded the base, each one taking a different compass direction, while two scout/sniper platoons prepared to ingress to retrieve Boothe, who, according to recent intel, would be asleep in his on-post home.

Meanwhile, communication-electronic specialists readied “cell phone jammers” to inhibit anyone on base from dialing out and deployed jammers that disrupted military radio transmissions. The Marines, our source said, relied on publicly available GMRS frequencies during the incursion.

The scout/sniper platoons used non-lethal force, paralysis darts, to subdue four armed Guardsmen patrolling the outside of Boothe’s residence.

Elsewhere, not everything went as planned. An undisciplined Marine, part of a strike team searching for other high-ranking officers on base, strolled into a sleepy barracks and unleashed a stream of fire upon a dozen Guardsmen asleep in their bunks, shouting, “Get some! Get some! This one is for Eric,” as he reloaded and racked the charging handle and fired again and again. Eric, Real Raw News learned later, was the Marine’s familial brother and a fellow Marine. He died to Deep Staters in Maui.

Chaos ensued. As Marines dragged their grief-stricken brother from the bloody barracks, 40 or 50 Guardsmen engaged them on open ground, depressing triggers and firing as fast as they could. But no Marine was hit. Amid the turmoil, the Guardsmen didn’t realize that the magazines they were slapping into the magazine wells were loaded with blanks. In the dark and 15 yards away, the Marines had no immediate way of knowing that the Guardsmen weren’t firing live ammunition and, per ROE, fired back. The Guardsmen looked at one another in hopeless stupidity as they toppled like dominos.

Six hundred Marines stormed the base, some on foot and others in armored Hummers topped with squad automatic weapons and Mark 19 grenade launchers.

Our source said it was Marines versus Guardsmen, house to house, building to building, urban warfare style. Screeching alarms fell suddenly silent when a Marine infiltration team sabotaged and boobytrapped the power grid, plunging the base into darkness until backups tripped and a hazy crimson glow illuminated critical areas. As Marines and Guardsmen on the streets exchanged gunfire, the scout/sniper team surged into Boothe’s house and found him and a male junior officer, who had apparently been lying in bed together, hurriedly dressing for battle. The junior officer reached for a pistol on a bedstand and was shot twice in the head.

“By order of Gen. Smith and power of the United States Constitution, you’re gonna order every man under your command to cease fire and stand down,” a Marine told Boothe, who had leaned over to hold the dead man’s hand.

“And if I refuse?”

“You die right now, as a traitor,” the Marine said. “And all these men, you’ll be killing them, too.”

The Marines restored power to the base’s public address system and commanded Boothe to give the order. Boothe said he would obey to save lives, not out of cowardice. He keyed the microphone and blurted: “Fight! Fight to the last m—”

He, too, was shot in the face and died a traitor’s death.

The senior Marine on the battlefield, a battle-toughened major, was escorted around the fiercest fighting to the command center and made his own announcement over the PA system. He implored the Guardsmen, and any feds among them, to lay down arms and surrender, lest they become war casualties. No more men had to die, he said, and promised to treat all prisoners of war humanely. He said reinforcements, 5,000 Devil Dogs, would arrive within an hour, quicker than the enemy could summon its cavalry to the scene.

“Your colonel is dead. The selfish prick was all too happy for you to die with him. Think of yourselves, your fellow men, and your families. Cease all hostilities and no harm will come your way,” the major said.

The skirmishes dwindled. The gunfire faded. The Guardsmen surrendered to the Marines and were confined to quarters until further notice.

Burial details collected the dead.

The Marines fortified the perimeter.

General Smith, our source said, sent a message to Lloyd Austin, informing him that the Constitutionalist faction of the U.S. Military now controlled San Luis Obispo and that any attempt to retake it—or assault any White Hat base—would be interpreted as a further act of war and carry dire consequences.

The prisoners’ fates are yet to be determined, our source said.

“We would’ve preferred extracting Boothe alive. I don’t know if we’ll hold San Luis Obispo in the long term; no strategic value,” our source said.

When asked about the Marine who triggered the gunfight, he said, “He died in the fight.”

Real Raw News was not immediately given casualty estimates.

Free Speech and Alternative Media are under attack by the Deep State. Real Raw News needs reader support to survive and thrive. 

Please do not give your hard-earned money to sites or channels that copy/paste our intellectual property. We spend countless hours vetting, researching, and writing. Thank you. Every dollar helps. Contributions help keep the site active and help support the author (and his medical bills)

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CoC Lover



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waky wednes

The Albany Marine Corp base is in Georgia, not California. Credibility is precious, stupidity is cheap.

Marie Claire Olivier

I think you are confused. Many of the dead or wounded soldiers from the attack at MCLB Albany (Georgia) were from California Army National Guard’s 160th Infantry Regiment at Camp San Luis Obispo.


In January 2021, President Trump called up the National Guard of every state in the country to capture Washington DC. (POW flags flying over many buildings) They know the act was signed. Whether they remember is another matter. Remember the army units that turned their backs to Biden as his car approached the Capitol for his … ahem inauguration? Anyone in the military turning their back to the commander in chief would be court martialed. No one was disciplined.

Nukken Futz

This gives me the willies! I was RA for 3 years active duty from 67-70 in ‘Nam, Ft. Lenny Wood and germany, then ETS’d and went to college, but joined the army reserves and we trained on weekends at Camp Roberts and this situation could’ve happened to me and I would’nt have known if our mgmt were good or bad. It’s a bummer that these NG’s died for who knows what and did not know WTF was really going on! I’m sure glad I’m no longer in the OD Circus any longer….


most of the national guard are dumb fkn kids who take orders & don’t think at all. Such a shame. these traitor basterds all need to be executed. All deviant faggots & child abusers.

Bob James

In that sort of distressful situation, I suspect there is no careful examination or thinking.

Tom Braund

Glad to finally see Marines go in heavy.


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Last edited 7 months ago by barshembar
Richard Longacre

As I have mentioned multiple times on this site, “If you can’t even prove that Trump signed the Insurrection Act and most active duty, Reservists, and National Guards have never even been told about the signing of the Insurrection Act, you have absolutely no right to call any of these military members traitors or black hats or loyal to Biden”.

My last job in the Air Force was GPS Operations where we did all of the command and control of the GPS constellation. None of my former workmates have ever been briefed on the Insurrection Act. So do your murderous Marines have the right to bust into Schriever and start popping caps in everyone’s head mercilessly just because you call them traitors? They are all loyal to their oaths and to the Constitution and this is murder by Trump and the so-called white hats. A secret war is an illegal war. Sorry, but this is the hard truth.


What a silly prick.

Stinky Perfume

It sounds like a really good reason to have a point about. They should have briefed the men that Trump signed the insurrection act. IDK. They may have another process of deciding who is evil or not. Trump himself, or his clone is going about saying Biden is the president now by calling him the worst president in all of history. So it’s a mess.

The general opinion is that Trump the real deal is hidden somewhere underground at Mt Cheyenne until it’s safe to come back. It even sounds like Gen Berger is off working with Trump’s clone at Mar-A-Lago.

Bob James

I’m not sure of much of this. Lies upon lies. If the foretold New Earth is as imminent as it is starting to seem, our Creator will sort it all out in the twinkling of an eye.

Bob James

When I was in the Army in 68-69 I’d never heard of the Insurrection Act. How is an E1 in the NG supposed to know he’s being told a bunch of lies?

I do think that killing unarmed technicians in laboratories is unjustified and not productive.

Last edited 7 months ago by Bob James



So the family lost both Eric and his brother. 😢💔

orange julius

Those marines were honorable to think of innocent people on the base. The pathetic traitors die without honor. God bless.


Hamas style White Hats.

I like it.


Maybe there’s something I don’t get, but why’d they off that DS POS Boothe. They should’ve just knocked him out with a dart. The interrogators woulda loved to have a crack at him before his tribunal.


I prefer shooting all the f-ers in the field. It’s like wasting money sending people you know are guilty to many court hearings. You have proof, just kill them.

Bob James

Boothe knew valuable information as well as his staff.

Stinky Perfume

Santos Bonacci has been sounding off for his version of the final battles and as deadly sounding as B/H vs W/H battles. He’s clear and graphic who he wants to fight off the planet. (Vaxtors and Meat Eaters). Eden and Mother Mary comes back.

There’s good psychics claiming this fight is over before it started, they just do CGI and crisis actor, and bomb looking attacks for theatrics to make people wake up and catch up. The 1st casualties of this war were supposed to be, the vaccinators. I thought the hospitals would be going out of business for all being complicit with the stab.

People aren’t being told hospitals go down 22 levels and all connected up so that’s the way it is and it’s a main source of this showtime just being useless. WTF is all and everything underground? This war show is preserving hospital underground secrets and under a lot of places, but they did attack up ONE hospital a few levels down in Damascus, Syria about 6+ years ago with weapons from space.

The locals had tours of the hospitals secret underground, many doors, tunnels, and vehicles going through them and same issue exists with Getty Center and Getty Museum. Miles of satanic underground. Nobody is excavating or proving and they want people to wake up? Locals were talking about wartime nightly non-human humanoid sightings picking up the dead in the streets.

The issue we are told on alternate sites and movies is human and/or organ trafficking and great secret AI bases with spaceships and aliens underground, and it’s not clear to me if people are winning at all. Not with hospitals still standing. But they were underground soul recycling and using flat screens and spaceships back in the 1500’s, 1600’s 1700’s.

In the wars in 1700’s there were not hospitals, and people went to battlefields in person to see the proof. They showed dead doctors hanging in nooses in Nuremberg days and it only took a dozen doctors hanging as in person proof to stop the vax programs. The alien-hybrid spaceship freaks slowly regained trust they never deserved using a vast hospital system and all the doctors working there know it.

This time around, it was either honor free will of ‘fake vaccine of choice’ meaning a choice of be lied to or not. The liars working for the pharma system at any lowlifer level of evil ignorance and still allowed to stab people, were too persistent so a fail on that plan. Vaccine stabbers still have jobs after all this truth came out.

Patients of institutions of rehabilitation and prison systems, were not given a choice to say no. A choice would mean also that financial threats would not be involved against them in saying no to the stab, and side effects disclosures would be given, and the vast variety of vaccine ingredients is yet to be seriously disclosed.



“those evils never materialized, at least not at Camp San Luis Obispo”

Maybe because San Luis Obispo is a Christian/Seventh Day Adventist community?


Seven Day Adventists are listed with the LDS ( Mormons ) & Jehovah’s Witnesses & Catholic Church as the Four Main Anti~Christian CULTS
( I visited SDA “churches” ~ 501c3, already a government agency arm ~ and they ARE a CULT ). Hardly Christian, just the opposite.

Last edited 7 months ago by Teddi
Tom Braund

Seventh Day Adventists are bifurcated. One group is a cult and the other is Christian. Otherwise, you are correct, Teddi.


Wow, on regards 2 the story above!!!

I believe all Religions are Cults. It’s more about following their Doctrine, then what the word of God says to all of them. God doesn’t believe in Interdenominations either. We who accept Christ are taught to have a Relationship with Christ, not to join a Religion. When you go 2 Church, you should only be taught what’s in the Bible. If it’s not in the Bible, they shouldn’t be teaching it. Now though, we can get in2 all the Books that have allegedly been left out of most Bible’s, like the Book if Thomas.

Grant Wilson

Thank You. History told first. -What an organic way for the battle to end – more to come. Traitors reading this will know the White Hat Marines will not necessarily all hold back when emotion takes hold and from then on, without surrender, will face Earthly justice swiftly. Trump is on control, but He cannot stop fighters starting battles 100% – just not going to ever happen. This will SCARE the traitors.


Austin seems to be in Israel now, demanding the Israeli’s cease fire (and allow Hamas tunnels and gun emplacements in Gaza, Lebanon, and running to Egypt). Why is he representing the U.S? He’s doing so much damage all the time he’s running loose.


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Solange Silverman

We all just want to know how much longer we have to endure this clown show being run on the surface. We’re tired, and people are suffering. Also, we still have no guarantee that our upcoming elections will not be rigged. Time is running out.


It’s called REAL CIVIL WAR and the WH aren’t your personal security detail. Get a reality check as these are the End Times and we are at WAR. Your FAKE lifestyle is OVER. You’ll be determined where you are going for ETERNITY by WHAT SIDE you FIGHT ON.

SLACKERS wanting everything done for them go to Hell. Lazy pleasure seeking Americans won’t fare well in ETERNITY.

These are the END TIMES you idiot.


It’s the ‘end time’ for all the evil doer’s on earth, but then it’s the 1,000 year reign of ‘Peace’ 4 all the rest on earth. I realize the Bible states it differently, but I also don’t trust Constantine or the Roman Empire so.


Seriously out of place here…A graphic account of battle in retaliation for deaths of the valiant Marines in Georgia.

And all someone can think to say is whine about how long it is taking.

Some need to pull up their pants and figure it out…and help someone else along the way

Robert Gregory Boensch

Year Filmed1939
See the true bread Basket of this planet.
And the Loving People who raise Wheat.

Tractor drivers. The golden fund of the Soviet cinema. The film that made the director Ivan Pyriev famous. The unpretentious story of a demobilized Far Eastern tanker Klim, who returned to his native Ukrainian collective farm, where his beloved Maryana lives – already a noble tractor driver of the region. She has many fans, the simple-minded Klim finds himself in a difficult situation…
This movie is What Sovereign People need to wake up and watch

How many American movies were made to soften us up before War
I see so many Loving peaceful Family orientated People Getting talk into
accepting a war only for making a few richer and powerful

Take this power away from them and live in peace

Robert Gregory Boensch

This is what the Ukrainian collective farm looks like after the first World War

Last edited 7 months ago by Robert Gregory Boensch

Too long . Give us a break from this meaningless drivel .

Robert Gregory Boensch

Ukraine: 30 Years of Independence – The Everlasting PresentUkraine is a country that was unknown to most citizens of the United States, but it was always known to the political establishment of the USA. But since February 22, 2014, Ukraine quickly came to the attention of Americans, as well as the entire world. Ukraine – 30 Years of Independence explores the competing narratives about country’s journey through the eyes of an American filmmaker as it is being told through the words of the men who governed the country

Robert Gregory Boensch

Ukraine On FireUkraine. Across its eastern border is Russia and to its west-Europe. For centuries, it has been at the center of a tug-of-war between powers seeking to control its rich lands and access to the Black Sea. 2014’s Maidan Massacre triggered a bloody uprising that ousted president Viktor Yanukovych and painted Russia as the perpetrator by Western media. But was it? “Ukraine on Fire” by Igor Lopatonok..

Kelly Ann

We the people LOVE our White hat heros more than they know.
I am not sorry to say that they opened fire on the traitor base. Our White hat higher ups have a far more patience and second, third and fourth chance hearts for these idiots, satanic pukes or pure narcissistic asshats (its a pick em’ at this point).
God Bless his courageous warriors in all ways at all times!


Appreciating Our WH is what
it is ALL ABOUT.


ANY dissenting voice will end up in Hell. Lucifer Lovers

Last edited 7 months ago by Teddi
Mike Huntsucker

Happy to wait out the Inevitable. That as soon as the Credit Suisse shit come up middle of last year and Ralph started pushing Singapore Group, Clodagh’s group, Allianz & many others out, not allowing them on my channel & attempting to push BRICS out. This became obvious.

I’ve done my Q & Wikileaks research. I know the ending, God’s is gonna rip Switzerland a new one. What do you think is loaded on the Ethereum Dead Man Switch?

When it happens, Ralph & BRICS are never welcome back. Then i walk away.

So fella’s lets go, then i can walk away.
I hear BRICS are secretly panicking.

So let’s go. Somebody start the fight.
You cannot work professionally here with all the Children Developers & stellar domains, icons & everything down. You all realise it’s literally impossible to teach this stuff to older folk

James Abbott

What’s the credit Susie shit and who’s Ralph?

Rene Labre

Nothing about milley.Filler stuff.What reasonably trained soldier would load a magazine of blanks,and even that not know the weapon has no kick back? A starter pistol in a weapon that would knock you over if not braced.smells like bullshit to me mate. Eh?

Rene Labre

No disrespect to the military.


It was National Guard you were referring to NOT the Real Military


One who thought it was a training exercise, of course.

Richard Longacre

Spike, I used to run exercises just like this with fake grenades and everything. The NG soldiers were in Exercise mode and not in combat mode and knew they had blanks. They were simply responding to the stimuli (a surprise attack at night). By the time they realized they were in a real fight with real bullets it was over and they were dead. Murdered by Marines.

Prove to me that these Nation Guardsmen were traitors to their oaths or the Constitution. This is sickening. Good loyal Americans are being murdered all because Trump is such a coward and is trying to run a secret war. Will you be the one that goes to the family and explains how and why Trump felt their husband and dad needed to die? Get a grip people. Without a signed Insurrection Act this is an illegal Insurrection being carried out by a few military members.

Richard Longacre

Spike, I used to run exercises like this. We would at least once in the course of a multi-day exercise do a surprise attack in the sleeping quarters. By the time they were awake enough to realize that their buddies were actually being killed with real bullets it was too late.

You think it is bad bringing a knife to a gun fight? Try bringing a gun with blanks to a gun fight. These NG soldiers were murdered. Prove to me that these NG soldiers were traitors. They had no idea that Trump claims to have signed the Insurrection Act. The deaths of these military members that were loyal to their oaths and the Constitution are all on Trump.


I I’m imagining they snuck in took their real bullets and exchange them for blanks it’s not rocket science


your thought is science fiction. Sneak in and change


They have their infiltrators too


They’re National Guard.
Not the brightest
Your local grocery store bagger
Are National Guard.


Because it IS. 💩💩💩


Go White Hats!


Well the Marines definitely went Hamas on the DS! Well done gentlemen! God Speed!

Richard Longacre

Please be careful when calling for the annihilation of the black hats, traitors, Biden supporters, Russians, Ukrainians, Palestinians or the Jews/Hebrews in Israel because next time it will be you that is set up and targeted as a “traitor” or a “sub-human terrorists” or “Sub-animal monsters” that deserve to be wiped out and nobody will show any sympathy or empathy toward you when they wipe you out like the dog you are (or the dog they will make us seem like – not directed at you Bellanina).

I’m not a pacifist by any means but in this age of deception we should all be very careful about choosing sides too quickly. Trump has never proven that he signed the Insurrection Act and has never briefed the military members of their duties under the Insurrection Act. This is a secret and illegal war until he does this. Every military members deserves to know the truth before being labeled as a traitor.


Mary Parry

Thank you Michael and General Smith. This proves that more evil people in power deserve tribunals NOW! Austin, Myorkas, Chris Raye, teal.


When they get their hands on them.
They are in Eastern European DUMBs


Well done White Hat Military! Good job, Marines! Thank you for keeping us a little bit in the loop, MB. It matters. Methinks the paid trolls here protest too much.


So true. This REALLY got the Trolls
We got their boys. We got them GOOD. I live just a hundred miles north of all of this and they are ALL PEEING THEIR PANTS as Hamas Style Commandant Smith is sending the Monterey Peninsula a BIG MESSAGE.

Your Black Op Military Installations will BE TAKEN .

We have the dirty Naval Post Graduate School ( a very dirty Carmel Police Chief who belongs in the Penitentiary for Life got FULL retirement and then went to BE HIRED by the Naval Post Graduate School!!!
What??? Totally Corrupt and Commandant Smith is WORKING HIS WAY UP HERE ).


Leon Panettas ( CIA )
Italian Mafia underlies all the CORRUPT Military here
Fort Ord : Foreign Troops training underground to kill Americans.

The Russians and Chinese have their missiles pointed here as this place is in the Top Three DOD installations in the USA:

( DLI : Defense Language Institute; NPGS : Naval Post Graduate School; Presidio: Army; Fort Ord ( Decommissioned, but underground very very active ).

Basically, who gets them first.
Commandant Smith or the Russians.
I’m not worried as Ill be long gone in the Rapture before it goes down as we are not made for God’s Wrath.

Underground my beautiful neighborhood of Carmel are unspeakable horrors of the

This Monterey Peninsula is HEADQUARTERS for the

Last edited 7 months ago by Teddi

Did Milley sway in the wind yesterday????

John H

so there was a mini ‘war’ inside our borders and not one peep about it anywhere?


Yeah, so
Did you expect something else?
You get the Truth here..
Quit complaining….


Thank you setting the record straight with these idiots

Bo Davis

Time to wake up and know your country news lies to you, this is why these battle was not portrayed on US News… They lie.


There’s a lot of alt news websites that lie too. Just sayin’


If you’re that absurdly gullible, yeah


I think he means that with everybody clinging to phones thee days, somewhere, someone would have to have heard or seen something , that can relate to these stories. Massive gunfight should have been heard by someone and posted somewhere on social media.

Surf Nazare

my thoughts also—-and if by some odd chance there was an invasion or terrorist operation taking place n the country it would be nice to know so one could be ready for the $#78 to hit the fan—-I got more intel going on in Israel then in US—-saw IDF could be going into Lebanon—-this means you better really buckle up !!!!


You ain’t been to Chicago lately.

Marsha Hodgson

Reading this report was like watching scenes in an Epic war movie. Wow. I hope to see it on the big screen one day, after Our Beloved Constitutional Republic is fully retaken & restored. Thank you all. Godspeed.


These are the END TIMES.
Get with the program


Something going on today 4 C130’s come out of Kentucky along the Ohio River heading north.
Curious! Usually 1 or 2 but more at times. Just saying maybe nothing. Friend or For?


Funny you say this. Yesterday, I was at a red light 10 miles east of Greater Pgh .
Airport. I noticed a jet (non fighter ) climbing and heading eastward . Then another 3, all following each other! I dont know if there might have been more before I reached that traffic light, But I saw 4 in a row, just spaced far apart from each other taking off. I wish I were closer to see, but I definetley know they werent civiliain jets flying in line like that. Greater Pgh, also houses the National Guards 171st Air Refueling Wing.


Civil War


Civil War is ON.
NOTHING is for no reason


What bloody battle are you talking about? This base is empty, abandoned years ago.


Maybe this is old news being portrayed as current just like everything else they’re saying all of this and that is going on like that in Israel when I’ve heard it’s not happening now

“Future proves past” kind of scenario

Just speculating

Stinky Perfume

If your so sure about that why not get out there with a drone or even a phone camera and prove it? Do you have the wrong base?


Exactly. Because he’s lying.
That base IS THERE.
I’ve been by it

Air man

It’s getting hot out there.


Since the Trump years in office, there hasn’t been little to NO activity for the Marines. The first no-war-time president we’ve had! They could fulfill their years and go home safely to their families (unless re-enlisted). NOW during the criminal Obiden regime it’s non-stop!! For all the tried and true patriots out there who can go in guns blazin without taking hits – now’s your time to go in and take the enemy out completely! Great job to our military that are the REAL DEAL! HOOWAH!


Wow. Thanks for this article Michael. It was a great read. I loved this part:

“…the Marines had no immediate way of knowing that the Guardsmen weren’t firing live ammunition and, per ROE, fired back. The Guardsmen looked at one another in hopeless stupidity as they toppled like dominos.”

I laughed for a few minutes at the way this was told. Only God could have set that up. Psalms says “God laughs at his enemies” & I felt like I was laughing with him because it just kept getting funnier but beyond the humor of the situation – regardless of how serious it really is.


Nah. Only MB could have set that up

Kay Mitchell

“Harrison_Bergeron”, is a straight-up ISIS sympathizer who uses a dozen other names on this board to spew anti-Israeli propaganda, obscenities and distractions.

The Other Alts:
Ethel, Biggs, Julie, JB ll, Exile, Bofa. Wozz, Russell, noname and many more.

Whenever you see lots of red negative votes, there’s a 95% chance that Troll is this One person.

I recommend you not “Feed” any Trolls with comments which only wastes your valuable time.

Just give it a NEGATIVE VOTE and move on to something relevant.

Last edited 7 months ago by Kay Mitchell
Mary Parry

Someone says the bots get paid for negative votes, as well, so just pass them by.


That was going to be my response. But was also going to add that “the dude is working for pennies like an obsessed ant. He masturbates every time you post a reply, upvote or downvote his posts.

Kay Mitchell

I just found that out myself.


No, those people are not me. And I’m definitely not Isis because I don’t believe in their religion and have nothing in common with them. So turn in your Sherlock Holmes hat. You’re not much of a sleuth.

John .S

When I see all the negative posts I interpret coming from frustrated people in desperate need of a menajahtwa.

Guillaume DesChamp


Lol. The wonders of the American educational system.


No I’m not , I fly solo if you please and I am not anti Israel . 2,455 days and no public arrests . Why doesn’t Trump put tribunals and arrests on Truth Social ? All these articles with only one anonymous source. You would never believe a story like that anywhere else with no corroboration or proof . Wow I never noticed the plus and minus votes until now . Maybe I’ll get paid .


Pass them by COMPLETELY.
They get PAID for negative votes


We love laughing at grisly mass deaths, don’t we folks 🤣🤣🤣

Rene Labre

I think if I were stupid enough to load it with blanks,against live ammo.serious marines ,this is the worst RRN article I ever read. way and by far.


Actually the BEST POSTING.
Shows you how stupid National Guardsmen TRULY ARE.
Your local grocery store clerk is National Guard.


Totally God’s Way ~ God has the BEST Sense of Humour.


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Our military was compromised when that traitor named Obama came into office!!! They started recruiting undesirables and the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy???

Guillaume DesChamp

“Don’t ask, don’t tell” started during Clinton, not Obama.


Well yeah but what if Obama was pulling Bill Clinton’s strings all along? He is the Deep State Dark Lord after all. It’s possible he used his ancient Kenyan Voodoo to hypnotize Bill into being his pro-LGBT puppet




Then that asshole made it ok for the media to make false news! Where did I hear Fake News all the time??

Kay Mitchell

“The Victor’s right history.”

Here’s hoping we are victorious over the Communist leftists.


“He would not say how 800 Marines arrived in the county undetected or how they blended in ahead of setting up camp. ”

Because it would be too much work to dream up an even slightly plausible explanation.


No, because it would be wrong for the Marines to let the enemy in on their tactical moves….Go back to play at Sesame St. Duh.


I’m sorry. There’s no hope for you. Keep living your fantasy


Funny, I was thinking the same for you


Pimply faced computer geeks like you who never fought a battle live in your video arm chair scenarios
Go back to your sandbox little boy.


You offer nothing but what argumentative government shills who think they’re important spew out. What are your ideas, share them, instead you bore the fuck out of everybody. You must have been bullied or had too little oxygen at birth. The handle HB sounds like a French fag, or a Chinese Cologne.




My grandson is in Navy boot camp still (injured). He told my daughter about 6 weeks ago there are 10 young men from Africa and they don’t like white people. They will not talk or sit with white people. I said to my daughter, “I thought the military was about brother/sister hood and working together as a team.” Why is this being aloud? It’s concerning to me. Why does our military have all these foreign people in it for? No wonder we have all these problems, along with the corrupt regime running our Country.


Kimberly did you grandson say if he’s on the White Hat side or the Black Hat side of the secret US Military Civil War?

Or did you ask him and he had no clue what the fuck you’re talking about 🤷‍♂️


I have not asked him that question. When I see him someday, I will ask him if that question was on his paper work for the military and get back with you on it.


The Naval Post Graduate School hiring a Totally Criminal Police Chief who evaded the Penitentiary AND received a FULL RETIREMENT PENSION BEFORE BEING HIRED BY the Naval Post Graduate School.
That’s the Monterey Peninsula.
Clinton Territory.
Obama coming to vacation here.
Home of the CIA Leon Panettas.


No news about Milli’s execution?
How about the rest who were arrested?


How about proof that Milley was executed?

Oh yeah asking for proof is a cardinal sin on this site.




Guilty as charged. I will continue to ask for proof I just can’t help violating that cardinal sin.

Kay Mitchell

You’re free to go to any other site you like better.


I do that anyway … I visit plenty of difference sites … some offer proof when they report something …


Name one and give an example.

Kay Mitchell

I’m sure Michael will report all the news as soon as he possibly can.


For those who don’t know and are curious:

TO&E = table of organization and equipment:
a table listing the number and duties of personnel and the major items of equipment authorized for a military unit


Thank you! I wondered what that meant! 👍🏽



Robert Gregory Boensch

1st The Power Must Go Back To The People In Each And Every State First.

The Path to Freedom.

Freedom is not Free.
We have to Work together in this operation.
And If you find Truths in My Posts. 
Share them with Everyone. 
click on my name. 
Robert Gregory Boensch.
And you can view all of my posts.
This post is how I took out the state of Michigan.
And Now My Title is this.
The Commander Of The Territory of Michigan.
For the Common People..
Robert Gregory Boensch.

The People of each Country [State].
Michigan is a Country and so are the other 49 States
Each is to be legally called a Country

Did you Know that.

And The People of these country’s control the national Government.

President Trump Clearly said We are all to be Nationalists.
We put our own People First and Our Country Nation First!
Robert G Boensch
Robert Gregory Boensch

President Donald J Trump .
By Proclamations.
Made us sovereign People

  1. One that exercises supreme, permanent authority, especially in a nation or other governmental unit, as.
  2. A king, queen, or other noble person who serves as chief of state; a ruler or monarch.
  3. A national governing council or committee.

We are the one and only ones that control our own Destiney.

Unless you Do nothing and Be a Slave to another!

The Time is Now to Seize the Truth!

Gods 4 P’s
Will lead these Countries Back to




Now that the resistance movement has taken action I am very confident the power will be returned to the people.

The gray hats and what they refuse to do or claim what they will do not longer matters. 🙂

Robert Gregory Boensch

We have the Power Now.

It’s just the Question
Who is willing to Take the risk and possibly make the sacrifice.

For their family The people of this country.

And for all living things on this vessel that was created for us!

Guillaume DesChamp

You didn’t “take out the State of Michigan,” and you’re not a Commander any more than I’m an Emperor.


I, for one, recognize Robert’s authority as Supreme Commander of Michigan 🫡

Robert Gregory Boensch

I Post My real name and address on every Post

Have you Posted with Parity?

Guillaume DesChamp


Robert Gregory Boensch

Yes You ARE

Guillaume DesChamp

As are you, Commander.


‘C|A are funding all sorts of terrorist organizations’


That, fundamentally and constantly, is their job! CIA = CRIMINALS IN ACTION.


We need the head of this snake. The want us to fight each other.

Michael R Davis

Go to Camp San Luis Obispo on Google Maps, surveyed 2023, street view June 2023. Active base, almost 15,000 acres, lots of private cars in parking lots, lots of military trucks, soldiers in uniform tending military trucks.

Michael R Davis

Why would locals be alarmed by gunfire, grenades?
Most soldiers live fire daily. National Guard now uses this base.

remove one space before colon :
https ://

Guillaume DesChamp

They would be alarmed by gunfire and grenades going off near the highway, and around the barracks and buildings. When you look at the map, you’ll notice lots of civilian facilities right next to the base buildings.

Impossible that no one would notice something was up.


I would say yes. I just e-mailed a few local news outlets to see what they say?
I believe in Jesus and I seek the TRUTH. As my SAVIOR can not LIE, He never will LIE to us.

Last edited 7 months ago by BroAndrew
Kay Mitchell

Trump = promises made promises kept.


I live in SLO county, no we never hear gunnery ranges going off by Hwy 1. It is too close to Cal Poly University and the CA Men’s Colony (prison) and the SLO jail. Now off Hwy 101 north off Paso Robles at Hunter Liggett, that is a different story, away from a bedroom community, they fire off tanks, artillery, etc.

Jo whipple

Thank you to our Military and God Bless you all!


I need a vacation after reading that. But, seriously, isn’t it way past time to arrest the despicable Lloyd Austin?

Elisa Orozco

For all we know, Austin may have already been arrested and it has not been disclosed. We need to remember that this is war and everything cannot not be revealed for reasons we don’t know.


He was walking around the Capitol last week so I would say no. And spare me the clownish clone/double explanations


Which capitol, the studio one?


10 year studies Marburg and Ebola viruses……plant base extracts the block these two viruses….TPC2 Receptors block.

TCP2 inhibitors Grapefruits and Tomatoes it’s called Negaranin…..


I would assume grapefruit seed extract would work as well. Many health benefits.


From a clinical Abstract: Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) has been shown to exert antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant activity possibly due to the presence of naringenin.

not confirmed

Kay Mitchell


Stinky Perfume

Any grey using a phone or sound system can say they are anyone, even Lloyd Austin. I heard back in the 90’s the voice comes back from a grey getting a question, with perfect duplication of the human that asked anything. I wonder how the military get’s orders all they way up to beings we never know of? They expected a voice command to the entire San Luis Obispo National Guard base was good enough. Just a voice is not enough. I don’t expect from microchipped doctors and scientists (and heard they all are). My heavily vaccinated brother in law with 2 doctorates and a masters degree recommended cov19 vaccines and his family all vaccinated. He’s about 75 yrs old and the wife about 50, daughter 27. They puke their guts out and go back for boosters.

The greys are said to be doing the hybrid human engineering using the vaccine on earth. Expected to perfect itself over a few hundred years and all beings on earth up ahead I hear on were to become grey hybrids in their plan. The short greys I heard from John Lear himself writing to me were all robots.

IDK enough how to verify this but this war is at a spaceship level and there’s always been said to be a lot of beings living to do human hybrid genetic engineering underground. They may have good and evil one’s IDK.

There is Elena Danaan (another space alien new ager) who is negative at
WeThePeopleNEWS savior guy, the alleged Cmdr Valiant Thor (she alleges he’s really a grey) he alleges he’s from Venus fighting in the underground killing demons and serpents with newly invented special weapons. They couldn’t fight it all he states, even with thousands and his IQ of 1500. He’s not allowed to prove a thing, and claim the light beings are here now wiping them out also having all the readers looking forward to a fresh cleansed earth with no demons and serpent humanoids or other vampirics, living in tens of thousands of miles of tunnels underground.

A mini-series I watched on the greys and their hybrid program was called TAKEN. These grey humanoid beings I heard are very old spaceship vampires completely dependent on human blood to stay alive and are super deceptive, maybe they run all of NASA, pharma and the entire deep state.

It’s easy for them to write or make videos about battles we never can verify and they can all be made up by CGI for the news depending on the level of sophistication of technology. The devil or (the greys and AI) can roll over and play dead, imitate any voice, act like their entire species died off, etc, etc.

If there are any real daily battles, individuals still a human being have rights in my experience, to angelic warning to act on, it comes in very elaborate visions and/or sometimes other coincidence warnings ahead of time.

“Austin either fabricated or exaggerated the crisis” (covid19 used to reorganize the authority and purpose at that base is disgusting). “Fumigators never arrived, and troops returned to base on January 3, 2022. But not the soldiers who had fled a week earlier. It was as though they had been Raptured and replaced with officers and enlisted, loyal to Joseph Biden and Lloyd Austin”. (Or they all could have been microchipped to answer to deep state just like all the doctors are in med school)

I would say, a useful purpose for the base guardsmen is to keep the guardsmen penned in somewhere for blood testing and see who has what in their blood, who has lost their human soul to the vaccine’s mRNA and microchipping, and how it’s going. I hear battlefields of death, have no useful purpose because all the people’s ghost-spirits and demons are still onsite for quite some time.

Who is in that base, that don’t trust force-vaccinated guardsmen, perhaps not to shoot the commanding officers that ordered them vaccinated, might have put blanks in the guns? Who did that and why? It’s clear the guardsmen thought they had bullets. Lt. Col. Thomas Boothe “FIGHT….” orders sound like they want their guys to look like and think they are shooting so they get shot dead.

I can guess his boss is the same bosses that made the vaccines. The grey alien human-hybrid program controlling all the microchipped pharma and doctors, creating medical school and hospitals to begin with. They were always trying to make a new species of humans or just kill anything human but they need humans to consume so, I think they wanted to kill anything capable enough to catch and kill vampire beings and just keep humans in 15 minute cities for cattle.


Thanks to the Graces of God, I’ve never had covid. I was shedded on back in May and went to chlorine dioxide… I started the nicotine gum as I still have gastrointestinal upsetness in my stomach.

I had done research about nicotine and covid a couple of years ago, I even bought some 4mg Nicotine gum…….4 times a day chew 2 pieces for 10 minutes for 4 for 5 days…

The most critical piece and there are many is when Fauci and Biden said the people flooding the hospitals were cigarette smokers and you must stop smoking…………IT WAS A BONIVIDE LIE!!!!

Listen to this video to understand how they tried to poison the world


Guillaume DesChamp




Bona Fide


Yes, thank you, some really have a language problem in grammar and spelling. It is the way they pronounce the words. Two generations of failed teachers and parents. Pray we go back to really teaching by teachers AND parents re-enforcing the importance of doing well in school. Strive to higher the best in the lot of teachers, not hiring because of skin colorl

Kay Mitchell

Teachers are leaving the classrooms because of physical attacks from students.

These are the generations of children who were never spanked.

We won’t hear much from them because they can’t read or write.


I also kicked this covid flu bug with MMS – chlorine dioxide, the pharma’s call “bleach”. It kicked the fever in one night! DO not do it all the time, only wen needed. I listened to the Jim Humble story. For 10 years now, also works on teeth to fight gum diesease. It works. Very cheap, I am the type that avoids any doctor visits, unless I get in a car wreak or something.


You know gasoline is a great way to wash your hands and get them really clean. Cuts grease.


I think you meant turpentine. Paint thinner, basically.


We’ve been wondering what he has been sniffing.


You should give it a try for irritated eyes! !-2 drops per eye.

Elisa Orozco

Dr. Bryan Ardis has done significant research on the presence of snake & other animal venoms that were used in the vaxxes and how nicotine is an effective protocol. I, too, was shed upon by a friend who was fully vaxxed and boosted so I started the nicotine gum a couple of weeks ago. It made me really sick so I lessened the dosage and that has helped a lot. I’m going to switch to the low dose nicotine patches and see if the transdermal delivery is easier to deal with.


Snake venom is so rare and costly that it would be impossible to collect enough for billions of doses. There are many more available poisons but snake venom sounds so much more scary and evil. Of course, common sense is not in play here. “Dr.” Ardis sounds like a quack


No way! Order on-line, use promo code FJBANDFAUCHI for 10% off your first order


Many animal venoms were apparently used, & traceable with testing. Crate Snake being the most common found.

Bo Davis

Snake venoms can be replicated.


yes, they are duplicated to create the synthetic venoms…….


where everyone was saying the spike protein was bound by the ACE2 receptor it wasn’t……there are no ACE2 receptors in the lungs….so not respiratory.

The snake venoms attack the Alpha 7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors

Minute 25-30 gives a world of info in the vid I posted above


Yes, & the venoms were paralyzing the diaphram, making it appear as if the issue was respiratory in nature.


it appears the satanic trolls are down voting vital information…..they need our prayers desperately.

on the other hand only a Reptilian ie: snake would try to suppress venom informative ideas to eliminate ppl’s sufferings.

Stinky Perfume

The respiratory theory of cov19 was used on people that were in 9/11/01 and dying off of asbestos in nursing homes. The city had billowing smoke loaded with asbestos on 9/11 so they got intensive lungloads, and cov19 stopped all those lawsuits raging at the exact same time it was rolled out. Nothing respiratory showed up again other than ventilators causing it during the hospital death protocols where they also gave medications specifically designed to cause death shutting down the people’s organs.


he just said 7mg nicotine patches for 6 days….all symptoms gone


every single cell in your body has nicotine receptors


best food that contains nicotine: Eggplants… tomatoes 10 times more nicotine than red…..

Tinnitus loss of smell/hearing are gone with nicotine

Nicotine (Harvard Study 2015) is NON ADDICTIVE.


Vitamin C is inhibitory to all snake venoms….

From China Wuhan they gave them 25k-65k IU’s intravenously they all left the hospitals clear of covid….


Listen min 55-58………Glutathione,N-acetyl cysteine (NAC,Vitamin C and EDTA…..destroys snake venom  phosphodiesterase.

I’ve taken the first 3 consistently and the 4th EDTA took it a couple of months ago for 5 days and then a month later another 5 days…..


EDTA is a Chelator, & it removes spike proteins & clears the bloodstream of toxic debris that nicotine dislodges from the Nicotine Receptors.


Pine Needle Tea, & RED Pine Needle Oil are higher in VitC than lemons. These stop the self-replication process of the nano-tech spike proteins.


Tobacco is a sacred plant, according to Native Americans. Our body has a symbiotic relationship with it. It is the Deep State additives which may tobacco products so addictive. Nicotine in & of itself is non-addictive. I believe spike proteins may also be lodging in these nicotine receptors, which prefer nicotine, & will bump out venom or anything else.


Ardis says to use only 1/16th of a patch or piece of gum, so a very low amount is plenty.

Stinky Perfume

Blocking the receptor sites for mRNA with nicotine don’t explain how to dissolve mRNA.


I think an error…….take 1 4mg piece every 4 hours 10 minutes then spit it out….sorry


not 4 hours,,,,4 times a day……crazy day so far


All of Dr. Bryan Ardis’ videos are available on Rumble, along with many interviews.


Dr. Bryan Ardis has done a magnificent job of putting the dots together, starting with the fact early hospital cvd treatment was… snake anti-venom. And it worked. Nicotine receptors in the body hold venom from water or food tainting. Nicotine knocks out the venom. Fruit pectin, or products such as PectaSol, act as a toxin grabber once dislodged. Zeolite also works. Natto-Kinase dissolves spike proteins.


Zeolites are minerals that contain mainly aluminum and silicon compounds. They are used as drying agents, in detergents, and in water and air purifiers. Zeolites are also marketed as dietary supplements to treat cancer, diarrhea, autism, herpes, and hangover, and to balance pH and remove heavy metals in the body.

Seems contradictory


I posted this above….wrong location. It’s very important since many believe this will be the next plandemic: 10 year studies Marburg and Ebola viruses……plant base extracts that block these two viruses….TPC2 Receptors block.
TCP2 inhibitors Grapefruits and Tomatoes it’s called Negaranin…..


If the deep state is gone, so will plandemics.


One thing I left out: Dr Ardis said that the snake venoms can be absorbed by taking a shower. Obviously, this is coming from city non well oriented waters. That shocked me, that’s why he was saying during lockdowns all these ppl in cities were coming down with covid ie: venom poisoning. Then to the hospital with the 9 day death walk with Remdesivir and a ventilator.

He also questioned in his video ‘Watch the Water’ why the CDC had details on monitoring our water systems. At that time he didn’t know….now he does..