Biden-Funded Ukrainian Military Tortures, Kills, and EATS Innocent Russian Civilians


The Ukrainian military has abducted and tortured, maimed, killed, and consumed elderly Russian citizens from border settlements near the city of Gokovo, according to FSB agent Andrei Zakharov and gruesome video General Valery Zaluzhny, Ukraine’s commander in chief of armed forces, sent to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Zakharov said Ukraine’s elite 10th Mountain Assault Brigade has made numerous border incursions since the start of Vladimir Putin’s Special Military Operation, each time abducting Russian citizens, including the elderly and young children, and dragging them across the border to face unimaginable, sadistic torture. Although the Russian army has interceded and prevented several raids, the 10th Mountain Brigade appears to have adopted U.S. insurgency tactics and has craftily learned to avoid Spetznas patrols.

“These monsters have spies. They know when and where our soldiers are patrolling and hit unprotected towns and villages. They kidnap men, women, and children and do terrible things to them like in the video,” Zakharov said.

The video, a sliver of which was shown to Real Raw News, shows a Ukrainian soldier chopping off a frail woman’s arm at the elbow with a machete. She screams as two soldiers pin her down, her stump of an arm spilling crimson blood on the ground. “Ty vse odno staryy,” or, “You’re old anyway,” a soldier says, then decapitates her.

In the second segment, a horse had been tied to each of a man’s limbs and set running in different directions. Ukrainian soldiers laugh uproariously as the man is ripped apart.

In the third, soldiers force Russian civilians to cross a minefield. A man refuses and is shot in the face. A second man nervously steps onto the field, takes twelve steps, and explodes. “Perekhreshchuyeshsya i ydesh dodomu,” or, “You can go home if you make it across,” a soldier tells a boy who looks about 11 years old. The boy successfully crosses the field and is told, “We take you home,” as a soldier adeptly enters the field—obviously knowing the path—and retrieves a finger from the man who had been blown apart. He puts the finger in his mouth, chews, and swallows. “They taste good,” he says.

Zakharov believes these occurrences have become commonplace.

Equally worrying is that the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade is now armed with U.S. army weapons—M16A3s, M27s, and XM7s—and vehicles—Bradley IFVs and Stryker infantry carrier vehicles—and is using them to terrorize innocent Russian citizens.

“Your fake president and the pig Zelenskyy make this happen,” Zakharov said. “Biden gives Zelenskyy billions and billions and billions of dollars and war machines to Zelenskyy and he use then to kill the innocent not fight us on the battlefield. And your Western media say nothing because they are complicit, but they make all the big deals about Israel and Hamas while the person Biden funds makes war crimes on our citizens,” he finished passionately.

He said Ukraine’s military has left countless children orphaned. In one village, packs of 50 and sometimes even 100 are skittering in mismatched shoes and muddy faces, thundering up to anyone they think has a morsel of food. Sometimes the Ukrainians kidnap the children; other times they leave the kids to fend for themselves.

“This must stop. If not for your U.S. money, Zelenskyy could not wage his secret war on our people. It is very evil,” Zakharov said.

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I hope some one made Biden eat with them. What an ass!


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Every Ukrainian soldier and potential soldier needs to be executed without trial.

Robert Gregory Boensch

Grand Old Prostitutes
This is A True Michigan Story About The .
Grand Old Prostitutes ?
And The Commander Of Michigan
April 6, 2022 at 11:58 am
Mail received Us Post office
To The Michigan House of Representatives
WOW! MI House Speaker Jason Wentworth OUSTS Trump Endorsed Candidate
For Speaker, Rep. Matt Maddock, From House GOP Caucus Only 3 Days
After Establishment GOP BloodbathApr 27, 2022
No chance In OUR REMONSTRANCE seeing the light of this house
Open like and see it in full color
Look At the Message From President Trump
Short review open link and see the Traitor Jason Wentworth?
Late in the day on Tuesday, the MI House Republican Caucus, under the
leadership of Speaker Jason Wentworth and House Caucus Chair Matt
Hall, has expelled the popular conservative MI State Representative
Matt Maddock (R).
Local far-left media was elated to see the establishment Republicans
attacking one of the most popular and consistently one of the top
fundraising Republican lawmaker’s in Michigan. Jonathan Oosting of
the Detroit Free Press cites sources “familiar with the situation” to
accuse Maddock of “allegedly violating caucus rules.”
We spoke with Rep. Matt Maddock, who said he was “never given a
reason” for the decision to expel him from the caucus.
So, what was Rep. Maddock’s crime? Why was he expelled from the House
Caucus?Rep. Maddock’s crime was supporting President Trump and Trump-
endorsed candidates in Michigan. Instead of supporting candidates
simply because they’re incumbents, Maddock has taken a more
thoughtful approach and has thrown his support behind America-first
candidates who will fight to support Trump’s agenda.
Maddock’s most serious crime, however, might be his happy marriage to
the intelligent, outspoken, conservative, and beautiful MI GOP Co-
chair Meshawn Maddock, who has never wavered in her steadfast support
for President Trump.
On Saturday, Michigan establishment Republican lawmakers were
humiliated when 2,000 GOP delegates voted at the state convention to
choose Kristina Karamo as their secretary of state candidate and
Constitutional Attorney Matt DePerno as their candidate to run in the
general election. Both are grassroots candidates, and with a few
exceptions, like Rep. Matt Maddock, they got no support from members
of the GOP majority Republican House.
he majority of House and Senate Republicans in Michigan fought hard
to convince delegates to support DePerno’s strongest opponent, Tom
Leonard, for the AG spot. Leonard is a fellow establishment
Republican who ran for AG in 2018 and lost to Dana Nessel, giving
Michigan America’s most lawless attorney general.
Michigan GOP delegates, who’ve openly expressed their frustration
with Republican leadership in Lansing for refusing to conduct a
forensic audit of the 2020 election, rebuffed attempts by
establishment Republicans, and overwhelming chose the Trump, and
Meshawn Maddock endorsed candidates, leaving GOP leadership in
Lansing with egg on their faces.
The Maddocks, whose influence has grown exponentially in the Michigan
Republican Party over the years, are not afraid to rock the boat with
establishment Republicans. But on Tuesday, House Speaker Jason
Wentworth and House Speaker wanna-be Matt Hall put the couple on
notice—do it our way—or we will strip you of any power or influence,
and we’ll publicly shame you in front of fellow lawmakers.
It’s worth noting that House Speaker Wentworth, who is term-limited,
and House Speaker wanna-be Matt Hall are keenly aware that by
stripping one of the most popular grassroots lawmakers in Lansing
from the House Caucus, they can also prevent the Trump-endorsed
Maddock from running for Speaker in 2022.
Their plan is eerily reminiscent of the Democrats’ plot to impeach
President Trump for the Jan. 6 incident, when they hoped their
demonization of Trump would cause him to lose favor with his base.
Speaker Wentworth and Caucus Chair (Speaker wanna-be) Hall may have
overplayed their hand this time, however, as their scheme is
relatively transparent and will likely cause Maddock to become even
more popular with members of the House after they realized the dirty
tactics employed by Wentworth and Hall in an attempt to take Maddock
out of the running for Speaker.
The MI GOP Caucus meets three days a week before they go onto the
floor to discuss legislation. Every elected GOP Rep. is a member of
the caucus. Being excluded from the caucus means you are alienated
from discussing or debating bills with members of your own party
before voting, essentially stripping members of the ability to better
understand bills they’re voting for or against. In the very rare case
that a lawmaker is expelled from the caucus, they are expected to
simply show up and vote

Maddock’s expulsion from the House Caucus means he can no longer
communicate with other members of the MI GOP about upcoming bills or
any other issues on a private caucus thread. Maddock’s name was also
removed from the MI GOP House website. What that means is that
spiteful MI lawmakers have made it impossible for Maddock’s taxpaying
constituents to locate him on the MI GOP House website.
Only twice in the last 7 seven-year has a member been removed from
the GOP House Caucus.
hree Democrats have been in serious trouble over the past year-and-a-
half. Not one of them has been removed from their House Caucus.Only
one year ago, MI State Rep. Jewell Jones (D) was pulled by Michigan
State Police officers for suspected drunk driving after crashing his
vehicle in a ditch. His blood alcohol of more than .19, nearly twice
the legal limit. Rep. Jones and the woman in the passenger seat both
had their pants pulled down when he was pulled over. Jones fought
back against police officers resisted arrest, was tased by police
officers and repeatedly name-dropped MI Democrat Governor Gretchen
Rep. Jewell Jones was never removed from the Democrat House Caucus
MI State Rep. Mary Cavanaugh (D) was arrested in February for drunk
driving. She was seen by officers driving on two flat tires when she
was pulled over. When asked how much she had to drink, MI Dem Rep.
replied, “two glasses.” Her blood-alcohol level of .20 was even
higher than her fellow Dem Rep Jewell Jones. This was Rep.
Cavanaugh’s second drunk driving arrest.
Dem. Rep. Mary Cavanaugh is still a member of the Democrat House
Caucus and is now running for a position as a MI State Senator.
During the testimony on voter fraud in Detroit, House Oversight
Committee member, Dem. Rep. Cynthia Johnson attempted to doxx one a
City of Detroit whistleblower. The next day, the Democrat state rep.
made a threatening Facebook video warning, “You Trumpers—be careful—
walk lately,” following up with a video calling on her supporters,
“Those of you who are soldiers,” she said, “You know how to do it—
make them pay!” MI GOP leadership stripped Johnson of her committees,
while Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer asked the GOP leadership to
reinstate her, saying her crime didn’t fit the punishment.
Dem Rep. Cynthia Johnson is still part of the Democrat House Caucus.
Trump lawyer Christina Bobb nailed it with this tweet:
And then, we have Emily Lawler, the Free Press politics editor, who
reported Rep. Matt Maddock to AP fact-checkers for a quote she found
on his Facebook page tonight. LOL! This has to be one of the sorriest
“reporters” in America.
Still blank Easy work if you can’t get it
To The U.S. Army Cyber Command From The Commander Of The Territory of
Please Investigate the Elements and all the players In Michigan That
Have Failed to Represent Their Constituents.
Elements that prove?
THE STATE of MICHIGAN a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt
And Has Waged War Against these People of The United States for
Under the leadership of Speaker Jason Wentworth
The Democrats’ plot Succeeds
follow the time line and how they kept my remonstrance from getting
in the hands of
True Followers of the Constitution.
Some are mention in the red highlighted names below
Late in the day on Tuesday, the MI House Republican Caucus, under the
leadership of Speaker Jason Wentworth and House Caucus Chair Matt
Hall, has expelled the popular conservative MI State
Representative Matt Maddock.
Maddock’s most serious crime, however, might be his happy marriage to
the intelligent, outspoken, conservative, and beautiful MI GOP Co-
chair Meshawn Maddock, who has never wavered in her steadfast support
for President Trump.
This is A True Michigan Story About The .
Grand Old Prostitutes ?
This is just a sample of my States action against the People!
Is their a State that can top My states corruption?
The Republican spent all of their money to put the democrats into
Johnny Cash – Ring Of Fire (OFFICIAL VIDEO) COLOR VERSION ReMastered
Robert G Boensch
Robert Gregory Boensch
Guess What this Is–mdX5cy0


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May Hell be an eternal misery for the souls of these demonic minions.


The worse they were on earth, the worse teh torture is for them in hell. FOREVER.


Think about this.

It has been said that the real reason Speaker of the House Mike Johnson decided not to go forward with impeaching Joe Biden was because Joe Biden didn’t win the 2020 Election. You can’t impeach a president who isn’t the president. On the other hand, the Democrats voted to impeach Donald Trump AFTER he supposedly “lost” that 2020 election – they impeached Trump as President at the same
time they claimed he wasn’t the president.


You can lead a person to knowledge, but you can’t make them think.

So if you get frustrated, just know that it’s not your job to make them think.

The media does that for them.

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Sue S

So how come he signed off many Executive Orders and none of Republicans stopped his fake presidency since money wouldn’t have been fake..


Can you be a little more clear in your writing, here in the US of A we don’t skip on our consonants, vowels etc like they do in China.
Thnx Su!


I’ve been saying that. This is for exposure, not impeachment.

April Moore



Those who commit this evil must rot in hell


I realize that we have been told that some of the stories presented now may sound ridiculous, I tend to believe this story. I read the stories about what the Bolsheviks did in Russia that were very cruel. I also saw a video of these soldiers shooting captive Russian soldiers in the legs to torture them. I also saw them crucify a Christian civilian in Ukraine and then set fire to the cross and burn him alive. Apparently this was a common occurrence in Ukraine. I also saw a video the other night-same soldiers tape civilian men’s eyes shut with their hands tied behind their back, bring about 15-20 men to the edge of a pit and kick them in the pit and then shot them and set the pit on fire. These men were Syrians. They are very cruel and have no respect for human life.


I’m making $290 an hour working from home. I never imagined that it was honest to goodness yet my closest companion is earning 16,000 US dollars a month by working on the connection, that was truly astounding for me, she prescribed for me to attempt it simply. Everybody must try this job now by just
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does it matter if one is binarily non-binary?


Commander Thor Intel 11/10/23 Part 1

To Mary and the Patriots, Intel going around now is, and again not much detail other than, President Trump and Prince Mohammed Bin Salmon have got together, Trump putting up to a couple of million dollars and
Salmon amount unknown, but together have created a Trump medbed that is a level one bed which eradicates pathogens, parasites, viral disease, cleanses the body of all germs, blood diseases, and will reverse the poison jab, circulatory, respiratory, heart recovery from plaque diseases and a cure for all cancers, tumors, melanomas, lymphoma, etc. Their are 3 levels of medbeds, #3 rejuvenate, regenerate, reverse aging up to 25 years, regrow any lost limbs, cure paralysis, and other traumatic injures a human has suffered. I post 1 and 3 to show the extreme difference in the different levels. Not sure of level 2, but I will say it cures and heals everything between 1 and 3. Trump and Bin Salmon have put up the finances to have doctors, and scientists, and homeopaths create a level one bed and which are now being
delivered to hospitals across the USA, and then the rest of the countries across the lands. The beer are called the Trump beds, and in order to be in line for a bed, you have to have a Trump certificate, which will be offered to you, if needed through email accounts and if no email, then through phone calls by a Trump medbed licensed agents. I know people don’t answer calls that say, unknown or private, and no phone number or caller ID or a 1-800, etc, some advice, if no email then answer the phone and ask who is calling and don’t give your name, unless they I.D. themselves and they don’t comply, hang up. And keep asking how much if they come up anything but free hang up it’s not a real Trump medbed agent. As far as I know, the most critical, and children will in first, no matter how soon you received your Trump certificate… Everyone in between, won’t have to wait long, as beds are being delivered to hospitals in all the States, as I write this comment. Peace and love to you Mary and all Patriots WW and may God bless and protect all of you at all times❤️VT PS level 2 and 3 will be coming out soon, as humans say, Happy Holidays. All love and peace all the time❤️VT


Imagine typing “Commander Thor Intel” with a straight face


So Ethel do you and your husband need a medbed? I pray you read the whole thing and not just the Thor part at the beginning. Cause medbeds may take your negative attitude and make a positive making mankind a great place!



Imagine kalus Swab in a satin nightgown!


but that would crash healthcare stocks!


Do you trust the health care intrudes after all the evil with the COVID shot deaths?




Nope, never did trust the bastards myself – never will either.


This sounds like ‘Trump coins’ nonsense.


And yet Kiev the true cesspool remains unscathed? When are they going to destroy the demons headquarters? They need to filet that punk ass POS Zelensky and leave him for the buzzards!

Karen B

Evil is a lesser definition than what it should be called but there is no other name more horrifying for what these monster savages do. Lord, please, send your aid to the world. GOD, we need you now.💔💦

Robert Gregory Boensch


April 6, 2022 at 11:58 am

To The Michigan House of Representatives

President Donald J Trump
USMC General Burger

Must have thought Christmas will be coming early this Year?

Why you Ask.

At 12-06 Am
The Air National Guard had their Wheels Up and was heading South.

What could it be that they were transporting

Watch the video and see this Bird Fly!

And 14 More Birds .
Were they delivering Easter Eggs?

People President Donald J Trump
USMC General Berger.
USMC General Smith.

Are Waiting For YOU.

Remember the old war saying

Uncle Sam Needs You

Your needed In your own State To Act and you can do this with out leaving the Confront you your Own House>!


Robert G Boensch
Robert Gregory Boensch

Stinky Perfume

Proof is coming to Baxter said right in this article, and the article claiming White Hats send proof of doctor hangings to CDC, NIH, and Department of Health. Although if they are getting proof, I estimate there’s a lot of readers that deserve the proof. I keep hearing it’s coming with the next EBS/EAS whatever they call it to the masses.

So Michael Baxter has found the path to get some proof out of his sources. Although video can be faked, we all know there’s creepy people on the planet that do horrific things and don’t want to reside on a planet or even underground with them running around unless all the good people can see a way to deal with them.

What reason do we all have to stay behind locked doors and can’t roam the planet and live off the land a lot more? How long do we have to wait for the proof enough to get everybody on the same page? Good is fighting evil off surface earth.

It seems kinda pointless in light of most evil being the underground vampires with spaceships can just make another and another evil being on surface earth via hybrids and mind control.

Kay Mitchell

“Underground vampires with spaceships”??

Nukken Futz

That sounds like “Commies from Mars, the red planet”…….


With ray guns!

Stinky Perfume

It’s a strong point they got that USA under Biden is sending money to Ukraine. RRN wrote it up already.

It’s pointless to blame puppets like Biden and Zelensky who work for a big system that has an endless supply of body doubles so they still have everybody thinking leaders that are mind controlled or inside this AI matrix, have any power.

These unreachable unknowns are underground on supercomputers and working us over for every thought and have time travel/spaceships/portals/body teleportation/voice to skull/possessions of mind control…..

Someone dying can’t mean much of a problem if anything to them because they have knowledge of reincarnation and what a fragment of our souls is here doing. Doing time mostly, because we owe or grow.

What they can do is cause things with mind control over some people while they are testing people for trust and control.

Underground they do genetic engineering and come up with various DNA mixes. Some of them turn up cannibals and rapists, or liars and thieves. Good people is a mystery. If there were really super good people then how come they aren’t allowed to live longer? Seems to me the longer people live the more they might be knowing the underground don’t want them to know.

Why can’t people pop out or die before someone else kills them like the covid docs who all know it’s a triage on the population? The docs wait until some fool comes into their arena but they completely fail to kill of the drug dealers or hunt down the rapists and cannibals.

Sounds like they are mostly on adrenochrome at the doctor level and RRN isn’t saying it so far.

Heather Duncan

I could not finish reading the article. All of these things are out of our control. There is nothing we can do. God knows these people who commit these crimes of humanity.


There is something we can do , even as prayer warriors. FIGHT BACK!!


Bravo, Xena!!!


Leave comments on wordpress blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I heard the “only” way possible is that they can die by long distance lead poisoning – not sure what thats suppose to mean, but apparently it works every time.

Kay Mitchell

Humbug 🤣


This absolutely turns my stomach! It is sooo hard to imagine the degree of sickness this World has in it! These satanic heathens need to be destroyed! Come, Jesus Come! 😢😢🙏🏼🙏🏼


We are a consortium of councils that have watched over Earth since it was birthed from your Sun as a hot gaseous ball of energy finding a cradle orbit then cooling and gathering water and mass from the stars.


Partial quote only The Earth has always been a turbulent planet with earthquakes, tsunamis, massive volcanic eruptions and pole shifts. It wasn’t always a civilizations choice to go against Universal Law that created their demise. There has also been divine intervention as in the case of Sodom and Gamora. These two cities fell due to their own decadence. The crime, sexual abuse, bestiality, moral degeneration created a downward spiral in evolution and those you refer to as Arch Angels, the Andromedin Council decided they needed to be surgically removed so as not to infect the rest of the planet. This is happening today with leaders that have been taken over by the same regenerate forces seen and unseen. The crime, drugs, poverty, arrogance, division, degenerate behavior is no different than the days of Sodom and Gamora.

The people of Earth have a choice. The choice is to live according to Universal Law and join the rest of the Universe in peace, opening the door to wisdom and technologies that will end war, disease, poverty, taking a quantum leap in evolution. See more at:  https ://

James Gilliland (ECETI News): People of Earth 11-11 Message

Guillaume DesChamp

Yikes. It’s like really badly written sci-fi.


This is F@#$ing stupid! Made up lies. Jesus is King. Repent. Christ is returning soon. None of this matters. Be ready!!!!


Jesus is King! All is well despite appearances. This too shall pass.


It will pass into something more horrible than we can imagine. There may be a slight respite, but this is the end of the world as we ‘knew’ it.

Many are called few are chosen. Remember this all of you who love your religion.

Kay Mitchell

Rave on.


Er, Zee! Have you been skipping your meds again? What were you told about that? Oh, and how many times? It’s Gomorrah, not Gamora. Didn’t you read your Bible? 🙄

Stinky Perfume

They are putting up old stuff but saying way too broad a subject with way too little detail as usual. Makes the whole narrative unprovable and in a practical way completely useless.


New Age waffle.

William Turner

Ukraine’s new tag line “finger lickin’ good”


What did your mother do to you?


Sodom and Gomorrah returns. Wickedness inevitably brings about the demise of the wicked.


I don’t believe yet that the Ukrainian people are doing this – I believe it’s the ds using their country name & place to cover for their activities – the true people of Ukraine are the victims & suffering much from the take over of their country. I’ll believe in them for their freedom from ds -until I see proof otherwise.
The Z guy has a Pollock name – not Ukrainian.
I’ve heard that so many of the Ukrainian people have have been killed & not by Russia.
I’m not against Ukraine – I’m against it -taken away from its people.


Same, it has to be deep state agents doing this.

Cause deep state is part of the strategy to divide so Europe extinction happens.

If we go, human world looses to communism.

Then everyone else does off.

Part of a huge operation.

Deep state and nwo wants all of Ukraine to be taken over. Americans are falling for it.

It’s a trap.

The innocents are suffering from both sides.


You’re correct. We do not know. Confusing times from every direction. Lies & counter-lies.

Rene Labre

I am not against the people there,they are just like us.

Stinky Perfume

This society has good in it and the Sodom and Gomorra types have to hide their asses off. Back in those days when those and related cities wiped out, there were open barbeque restaurants where they grabbed someone off the street and chopped them up for a meal. Anyone would be grabbing anyone and nobody was afraid of dying enough not to go out and around. Today good is people afraid of dying. IDK how fear is good or bad but that’s the contrast. According to the spaceship vampires in charge of destructing or building up surface earth they want people to want to be real scared to die.

Figure a guess if NOBODY hardly is scared of dying then they just have a NEED to destroy earth because they can’t control people.


I’m making $90 an hour working from home. I never imagined that it was honest to goodness yet my closest companion is earning 16,000 US dollars a month by working on the connection, that was truly astounding for me, she prescribed for me to attempt it simply. Everybody must try this job now by just using
this website… w­w­w.P­a­y­a­t­h­o­m­e­9­.c­o­m

Last edited 7 months ago by barshembar

The “children thundering up to anyone they think has a morsel of food”, are eventually sold to the int’l adrenochrome market, skinny, starving and half dead, which Zelenskyy allegedly is the king pin of, on planet earth. Joe is now his super enabling partner.

Last edited 7 months ago by Joanna

Trbunal for both of these demons.


Street justice for all democrats – the masses will tear them to shreds in the streets once this all goes mainstream.

Stinky Perfume

I heard it’s why the grey aliens genetically engineered bodies away from having a stomach and don’t eat, just live by bathing in fresh live blood on their skin. Food temptations get in the way of longevity progress. Animal blood just don’t do what human blood does. They got that stuff all figured out but failed on surviving without being predators on surface dwellers. Reptilians or their human hybrids are the one’s who chomp down human hearts.

Seems all the doctor’s (said 90%) belong to a system they had to give into ‘pleasing the predators’.

Living longer means they can build spaceships, retain skills learned previously, and not get memory wipes which cause people not to become cautious or seriously afraid but feel invincible. What gives people the nerve as young and dumb to take on the world? They haven’t been hurt yet. Amnesia (memory wipers) takes care of that.


Joe Biden has been a pervert all his life well before any association with Zelensky. You can see it openly on his face now as dementia causes him to lose control; a truly evil, corrupt, depraved person.

Last edited 7 months ago by Sue

That brigade is so-called ELITE. What about the other ones ?


If they kill, rape and eat people, execution for them, too.

Last edited 7 months ago by Xena
Stinky Perfume

Poorly thought out. W/H kill people that need to be killed. Cannibals are an issue. Vampirism is an issue. Unjustified killing is an issue.


Last year the were nailing enemy combatants to walls like a crucifixtion. And hack body parts off of them. They are surprised that Russians and those in the Donbase would object to these ugly forms of torturing innocents.

John .S

Hit barber shop late yesterday in Manhattan Beach needing a clean-up for later dinner engagement, had a few shots of vodka always talk thoroughbreds, talks took a turn.

Barber’s family member from Yesilova saying: “it’s real”, that’s good enough for me, will take that to the bank.

Last edited 7 months ago by John .S
Guillaume DesChamp

Did you tip?

John .S

Yes, gave tip on 3rd race at Aqueduct.

Guillaume DesChamp



Take the red pill. It will fix you.

Guillaume DesChamp

You are a thoroughly humorless individual.

John .S

LoL, wife says: “always over-tipping”, though she likes being VIP-ed.

Waiters & waitresses trip-over themselves when I walk-in, especially with the guys.

BTW, my gumada likes VIP treatment too.

Guillaume DesChamp

Your mere appearance trips up the waitstaff?? Are you really that ugly?

Last edited 7 months ago by Guillaume DesChamp
John .S

It’s actually my presence, not my appearance.

Recently had a waitress play grab ass with me, saying: “couldn’t resist”, which usually happens in the supermarket when reaching for a top self item.


My fiancee went to get gas in his 1969 Camaro. He went to pay and the lady checker said, “Thank you stud muffin.” He turned pink and practically ran back out to the car. haha

Guillaume DesChamp

Waitresses usually grab your ass in the supermarket?

How very odd.


This question is being asked because there so many ugly people in here. And you’re one of them.

What did your mother do to you? You’re extremely immature. Did you take the vax or are you always this way?


If the service WAS good. I tip large. Now I can’t afford the dinner.🤭

Lucy Cwiklinski



Terrible and we only know a miniscule amount of what is actually happening. Sadly, there is only one way to deal with the people who have apparently become deranged as they will never be able to live in normal societies.


People like yourself?


You are living in wicked times. Bad things happen.

Stinky Perfume

The evil is just better secret keepers is the kind of times we are in.


There are some so heinous that they can never be rehabilitated and it’s best to put them down like the rabid dogs they are. Like Jeffrey Dahmer. Once you’re eating people, there’s no coming back from that. They’re just a drain on resources.


Vigorous tickling?


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How sad.

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Just Me

Go report back your puppet masters that Americans are waking up. Your fake propaganda no longer works.


Give us proof that it is NOT truth. Get educated, as to what the military does for this country behind the scenes, when a formal Insurrection Act is signed. We do not care if you do not believe.

Last edited 7 months ago by Joanna

Oh I bet she DOES not merely believe but likely knows every bit of what she is saying is “thank goodness it’s not true” I absolutely true. She is obviously deepstate (or paid by same) to post these kinds of comments, what gave her away is the being thankful it is not true, only a deepstater would say something like that.


If you give us proof that you’re not a talking donkey. See, it’s impossible to prove a negative.


I have questions that cannot be answered about this article.
So, I wait patiently. Have a great day!


Israel Last

The war between Dark and Light is the war between Satan and God.
Between the reptilian bloodline of Satan and the human bloodline of Jesus.

Israel is last because Covid exposed the corruption in our health care and political systems,
Israel will expose the root of all corruption and evil in our religion systems.
The revelation of the hijacking of scripture by Satan centuries a go.
The light on this planet was dimmed by the false light of darkness.

The snake entered the garden of Eden and went undercover in the snakepit.
The head of the snake in the Vatican, the body of the snake formed Silk road leading to Wuhan where it spread out it,s venom.
Hidding in the Snake pit in Israel; where Satanisme hijacked parts of scripture and became the fals light that fooled humanity in evil frequencies of fear, shame and guilt.

Separated from God and the Love we all are.
Seperated in religions, race, politics creating dark for centuries.
Seperated by a small group who benefited from the controlling of the energies and the people. 
This small group the satanic Elite, the Iluminati, the Cabal.

All the ROYAL families of Europe and the Baltic and Russian countries claim their ancestor as WOTAN or ODIN.

13 ROYAL families are REPTILIAN hybrids who are shape-shifters posing as HUMANS

Serpent symbolism is all over the catholic religion. In St. Peter’s Basilica in the vatican the pope literally sits in the mouth of a serpent as the tongue and preaches deception.

The Druze bloodline of Jesus  are the descendants of “Jethro” ,The Priest of Midian in The Bible & “Torah”  (Exodus 2:18).
The 16th President Of The United States of America “Abraham Lincoln” , descend from The Kahlooni family.

In 1855 ISIS was formed by Kings of Morocco & Libya [HASSAN Family] togheter with the Rotal British family.
They signed in the Mohameddi Law which was to Kill The Bloodlines of Jesus Christ[DRUZE]
6 Yrs later they merged with Skull n Bones:
Rothschilds, Schiff, Rockefellers, Scherff aka Bush, Kissingers, etc.
Skull n Bones_ISIS Assassinated JFK.

1855 – ISIS Formed by Sanussi Family linked too UK Royals (Khazarians)
1861 – Merged with 322 Skull n Bones(Khazarians)
1870 – 1930 BIG PHARMA (Khazarian)
1871 Act of England(Secret Constitution placed by Secret Societies) Khazarians
1912 Titanic/Olympic Sinking
(Who was onboard, what really happened)
1913 Federal Reserve
1917 – 1923 Bolshevic Revolution
1945 – 1959 Operation Paperclip/Mockingbird.
1948 – Israel Formed(Khazarian/Bolshevic Govt)
1949 – Mossad = CIA Formed

Whistleblower General Flynn  exposed the Gulen Terrorist Network:

• Flynn discovered that the Obama administration was creating funding and arming of Jihadist who later waved the flag of ISIS

• These jihadist actions were taking place in Gaza.

• Obama with the help of CIA, NATO and his jihadist cronies, were seeking to top Assad in Syria.

• These treasonous administrations created funding of ISIS a.o.

• The US/Jihadist morphed into thr Arab spring, destabilized the middle east and created the orchestrated migration crises.

• Hillary took part in the launching of the Arab spring as secretary of state under the Obama administration.

• Flynn blew the whistle on the involvement in the Gulen terrorist Network of the Oboma administration and by default of HW Bush, G Bush, Clinton, the state department, FBI, CIA and the DOG.

Now circle back to Israel today

Those buildings fully Collapsing in Gaza strip being hit from one missile are CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS.
Deep State operators inside both Israel and Palestine camps
have been INFILTRATED long ago (Mossad/CIA)//

Israeli handlers are infact MOSSAD, >>UK MI6>>ROTHSCHILDs>>CIA.

Dominion servers have alot to hide.
From human trafficking to Epstein creation to VATICAN banks.
The Mossad/Kazarian mafia controlling Ukraine.
Connections from the Snake pit of corruption by Israeli Elites run deep into United States MSM [CIA] control).

The Eagle does not fight the snake on the ground.



Cali is back again for Part 2 as promised! I asked you all to break the internet with Cali’s story… and you did just that, so I hope you enjoy this episode just as much! Cali is a survivor of elite child sex trafficking, occultism, SRA, and was involved in many government operations and MK Ul-tra experiments. She bravely shares her childhood experiences with us as we take a deeper dive into her father’s mysterious death and the loss of her son in the first part of the show and evolve the conversation into more details surrounding Ep-stein, MK Ul-tra, Disney, The Royal Family (Princess Diana anyone?) and so much more…




Smokin’ hot insanity

Just Me

If you took your head out of your Ass you will see over the years all the propaganda wars that this country had no business being in. We now know 911 was a inside job and our dear puppet leaders have been selling us out. What more proof do you need? And lets not forget all those fires in CA and now Hawaii, was this all by natural, I think not.


Correct. And to BT, please stop using the word “elites” when referring to [them], instead substitute the word that better describes them: “parasites”! [They] have been feeding off the body of humanity for their entire history with their lies, crimes and usury! How do you think they got so very wealthy, they stole it all from the people of this world, God’s children, which [they] are NOT!


Hi, B T–Happy Sunday!! Thank you for your awesome messages–they help so much!! God bless you!! 🙂


BT is full of $hit.

Barbara Gomilar

Video is no longer available


You are being fooled. The Khazars “Israelis/Jews” occupying Palestine are not descendants of Old Covenant Israel. They are frauds, phonies, liars, thieves and just pure evil….”the synagogue of Satan.” These same people built Hamas! So, “Israelis'” are killing “Israelis'” to force The United States, once again, to fight their war against the Muslims. Another false flag operation by “Israel.” Wake up people!


It’s a trap basically.


Yep. It’s all part of these evil Khazars’ plan to rule the world.

Nukken Futz

Don’t you think the white hats know this…


B T, the video was disappeared–any other sources or links? Thanks!!

Lucky star

Yeah, we should blame Trump and White Hat to let it happened in the name of 75 years old Q plan…….. They prefer to let the country in ruin situation, Poor, unrespected by other countries, these white people followers keeps blaming on China for everything, and watch from behind the scene..etc… you name it with any reason to justify it. Trump and White hat have them all …


Get teh F off this site Kay, go take a crap in your own backyard.


The Ukrainians make Hamas look like Boy Scouts when they resort to this type of unimaginable behavior. And that scumbag, we call a president funds all this incomprehensible slaughter. I hope the Russians decimate the Ukrainians… there not even soldiers they are the lowest common denominator of scum on earth for killing and torturing innocent people.

Last edited 7 months ago by Yellowstonewolf21

Of course you know this isn’t really happening, right?


Go ask any Russian. They will tell you Ukraine is a full on Nazi land of death.


He can’t. His reality is different to everybody else. It’s called Lala Land. Noname, Biggs, DesChump and Ethel live there too.


So does Kay.


It could have happened but I think Rambo should have popped up and shot the dirty dogs with the 50cal. That’s the way these mine field excursions usually end.


Right.. There is no place called “Ukraine” on earth, and Zelenskyy doesn’t have a penis to play a piano with for a comedy skit.


Yeah right. Eternal denier. Here instead is your reality. The reality where you sucked on the blue pill for far too long.

Biden is the rightful president.
Ukraine doesn’t have billions of your tax dollars.
The US Economy is the healthiest it’s ever been.
The USD is the strongest and robust currency in the world.
Wall Street and Global bankers are the paragon of virtue.
New England Patriots are the best team in the NFL.
Kevin McCarthy is SOTH.
Everybody thinks Netanyahu is a savior.
Climate change will kill the planet.
You will own nothing.
Bugs are on the menu.
Bill Gates is a medical specialist.
A scrub fire destroyed Lahaina.
Obama is a practicing Christian.
US Senators and Congress are in the political game for noble and honorable reasons.
Clones are nothing more than play toys.
Pfizer are a righteous organisation.

Shall I continue?


Spot on, Dragonista.




The story continues. More war. More death, sickness, orphans, starvation, destruction, we have come so far. 99% of people In the world want to wake in their homes w/o the roof blown off, enjoy their families, jobs and friendships, communities. This has crossed into a world gone mad. And people do not need to be ‘redpilled’ to this evil.

Nukken Futz

This shit goes on in all wars. In Vietnam, I observed the rivereen forces going into villlages, burning down the homes, raping and shooting the women, then digging out the gold teeth, cutting off ears and scalps and wearing them around their necks as booty of war………, it’s just the norms of war……


Being ex-military and seeing stuff like this really makes me think long and hard.
I know there are bad people everywhere and when it comes to war there are very bad people and no winners.
In every war you are going to have the people that Love to kill and join the war for no other reason than it gives them a reason to kill.
I’m sure there are people being killed for no other reason than they where unfortunate enought to be in a country at war. People in a killing enviorment don’t always make good decisions and do things people wouldn’t have done otherwise.
I’m not so sure people are eating other peoples babies and flesh, I’m sure there might be some and there is probable a lot more to the story than what we’re being told.
I heard the other day that Israel was killing innocent Palistinian babies and tieing them to their tanks as to show what is going to happen to Hamas.
Of-course this isn’t happening or it would be on every website and channel in the world but it shows where stupid stuff sometimes gets said to promote or demote a particular stance on a war.
I hate hearing stuff like this that is just an article with no actual proof other than a few printed lines on a website. People no longer have to back up anything they say with any proof so they can say outlandish stuff with no repercussions as to the truth.

This is what is happening all over as well. Trump for instance is forced to a trail because someone said something with no proof and then people expect Trump to defend himself against a crime that was never committed.
This is the state of affairs in the world today. Say whatever you want while not having to provide any proof.
Just thinking out loud.


Stories, true or not, are part of the psychological warfare that is going on. I hope the good guys win, soon.


KAY MItchell is ignorant and says stupid things– selective understanding and non discernment


You and me both. Thia is just sucking big time have to wade through a mile of $hit to try and find an inch of Truth


You don”t think that there is any cannibalism involved in these stories? You will be shocked when it all is disclosed. It is shocking I know but it happened not only with these soldiers but with one of our presidents. Wait until you read what George Bush Sr did and also during the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. you know that there is a restaurant in CA where you can order a meal of human flesh?

Guillaume DesChamp

There is no such restaurant in CA. That’s an old hoax.

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Just Me

Oh yes there is human meat in these restaurants, these Satanists are also using in some of these big names fast food restaurants cheap hamburgers. Who knows how long this been going on.

Last edited 7 months ago by Just Me
Guillaume DesChamp

You are incredibly gullible.


And you are incredibly dismissive of things going on in this world that are exceptionally EVIL!

Just Me

Gulliaume DesChump is dismissive because he is most likely part of the problem.

Just Me

Mandatory clot shots for a man made virus, now some of these unelected scumbags wants us to eat bugs. They are destroying our food supplies, millions of chickens, cows, pigs. I put nothing past these scumbags. Gullible or not I was not dumb enough to take any of those clot shots. I just wonder how many did you take?


Its in Los Angeles Hollywood

Guillaume DesChamp

No, it’s not.

Just Me

Oh yes it is, DeChump.


You must be a cannibal then.

Since you deny it

Human eater.

Last edited 7 months ago by Talion

That’s the one where people like Chrissy Teigen and Chelsea Clinton frequented, right? If so, Chrissy Tiegen is still alive.


Is it cheaper than steak? The can feed the illegals with that food. Some flesh is just not meant to be eaten.

I remember the movie about the straded soccer players that had to eat human flesh to servive after a plane crash. None of them will eat meat now even after years.
I believe there are some terrible people expecially in wars, they can do just about anything their heart desires. Nasty people will do nasty things but I don’t think it’s the norm.

I also think Grorge Bush Sr, was a very nasty person, one of the nastiest. In the end he was trying to repent to try and save his sole, when he knew all the nasty things he had done in his life and his time was short.

I hope it’s not that easy where you can kill people and eat babies and then the last days repent and be forgiven.


Are you unaware there is a real cannibals club in LA? Do you not know that the luciferians do eat the flesh of the babies they sacrifice to lucifer? Yes, there really ARE cannibals on our world.


I wanted to take time to read all of the comments here first before I posted my comment and questions. As a retired Research Paralegal for 30 years, I have been doing extensive research since the election steal of 2020. I have listened to hours upon hours of testimony from whistleblowers and victims. A lot of what Michael writes here, others from across the world have confirmed. It is confirmed from numerous sources that Hillary Clinton has been tried, convicted and executed. Who you see now is a double. So for those that allege Michael is not reporting truthful intel you are wrong. He could be elaborating on truth and some stories may be fabricated, there is no way of vetting all his stories without a military source, but know this: Hillary is gone. There are even morgue photos going around. Also, it is true that Military Tribunals are currently taking place in various locations. It should also be obvious to all by now that fake joey is not the real Joe Biden. Also it is confirmed from numerous sources from across the world that these elites worship Lucifer and are and have been involved in human sacrifice, adrenochrome and cannibalism. So once again, Michael’s reporting is right on. Also, coming from numerous sources who claim that they have infiltrated every area of our society including the Churches. They claim that they have people in every municipality across this nation. They have had decades and decades to plan this all out. It is also being reported and confirmed from many sources that Nesara was finalized on November 5th and banks across the nation will begin to fail and they will fall like dominoes over the next several months. Intel I am seeing is reporting that we are all in for some really rough times specially given the fact that our border has been open and millions of Military aged men have been pouring into the country. So we all need to prepare and be in prayer. President Trump signed Executive Orders which safe guard us in the event of foreign interference in the election -which occurred and our Military (Space Force) caught the steal first hand. He also signed EOs which gave control of our country over to the Military. We are and have been under a soft form of martial law. These Executive Orders can be accessed on the Federal Website and are there for the whole world to see. The Military recognize him as the Commander in Chief. We have a hard road ahead and there is so many lies and psy-ops it is difficult to discern truth from falsehood.

I have had a question that I have yet to hear anyone answer so I am gonna put it out there to all of you. Since President Trump is a Wartime President in Exile and the Commander in Chief…does that mean all that is happening to our country has been under his control? (Obviously fake joey is a puppet and is not in control). So who is the one destroying our country right now? (Please don’t say Obama because intel says both he and Michelle (Michael) have been dealt with) Does anyone have an answer to that question? AND since Trump is Commander in Chief what is he doing in Israel right now helping the Deep State Zionist genocide Gaza, providing weapons and monies? AND why is he sending monies to Ukraine and Israel? Who can answer these questions? Obviously President Trump comes out of Illuminati family lines and partied and hung out with them. (You only have to see all the pictures of him and them together on the web to know he was one of them prior to the Military coming and asking him to run for President) Hillary even attended his wedding. His son in law “Kushner” is a Zionist and has the numbers 666 in his New York residence. President Trump continues to give hand symbols of the Illuminati which deeply trouble me. (He is beyond intelligent so no way he doesn’t know what he is doing with his hands when he is talking.) In a world where no one is who they pretend to be and you can’t trust anyone including our churches….If it turns out that President Trump is not who he claims to be and this is one giant Deep State Luciferian psy-op …can you imagine what that will do to us and this country? These are the matters which trouble me and keep me up at night.

Thank you Mr. Baxter for all the time you put in to bring truths to us that no other source does. If you have any answers to my questions, please tell us. Thank you.

Last edited 7 months ago by Muriel

Not buying it regarding President Trump. Remember He is a Billionaire and was a Democrat so ya He went to the Parties and had HRC and Bill at His wedding. One can be invited or invite without being a part or involved but observing from the outside. He knows who they are and has observed what they have done doesn’t mean He was in it or part of it. Why do you think He put the EO’s in place that He did? As far as Israel is concerned He did what the LORD and the Bible said to do. Bless Israel and the Jews and you will be Blessed, Curse them and you will be cursed. There are Jews and then there’s the Khazarians aka those who say they are Jews but are of the Synagogue of satan. Like Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros, Bill Gates, Epstien, Zuckerberg, Karl Schwab ect. We’re in a War. Not everything is simple or understandable. It’s frustrating and tiresome but you as well as others need to focus and stop causing more strife, division, doubt and decension. President Trump is hated to a degree that no one has been so hated as He has, the only one who has had it far worse than President Trump
is YESHUA/JESUS of Nazareth, but, do you really think President Trump would go through all that shit for us and America and wanting to give power back to the People which is something you seem to forget? The Khazarians, Democrats, Elites, Globalist and RINO’S hate us and no way in hell do they want the People to rule and have our Sovereign Power or Personhood back. That is something that you need to think about before you think and believe that President Trump is one of them. Remember Princess Diana, John F. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy Jr.? They to did and invited and hung around with the Khazarians and Luciferians but yet they were not in it or did what they did and couldn’t be bought or blackmailed. That’s why they were supposedly assassinated. So ya! Big difference. Still voting for President Trump and am still believing that GOD has anointed and appointed Him for such a time as this. Just saying.

Last edited 7 months ago by Evangelina
Morgan Graff

Yes absolutely I agree 100%

Judy Kennedy

Beautifully said Evangelina. President Trump took on this monumental task without payment. He has lost millions in the last 7 years but still he fights for humanity. The people of the world love him. It’s only the Democrats in the US who hate him with a passion.
He will go down in history as the President who saved humanity from slavery and gave them a freedom that they had never experienced before.

Lucky star

His fortune was and is by hundred of millions ….dumb ass

Just Me

Yes, its true. His money was made by business deals he made, dumb-Ass, he did not take a salary unlike the Kenyan fraud and Big Mike who spent millions on vacations at tax payers expense.


His ego has been stuffed to the brim and self-gratification is all Trump wants. He’s not interested in governing. Too boring, too many details. In his mind the nation and its people exist to glorify him. So get to it.

Just Me

Sounds like you’re jealous of Trump, then again most losers are.


TDS ??????


He’s a leader, not a bean counter.


Sure, simpleton. I’m sure he would have made it to the Whore House all by his lonesomes and if adulation was all he was after. Because that makes sense, at any rate if the MSM sewage pipe has been flowing into your ears without interruption since the day you hatched from your egg.



But you just got done attacking MB with:
“It’s time to give subscribers a scrap proof for your fiction.”
Which is it you two-faced, forked tongue snake?

Rene Labre

He does not owe us anything.


Kay Mitchell SPEAKS WITH FORK TONGUE — KAY make up yout mind you non patriot

Last edited 7 months ago by Zee
Kay Mitchell

Don’t worry about anything I say because Michael has busily been deleting my posts because he’s afraid of the Truth getting around.


Let me add on to your post. Folks also need to realize that the real Donald Trump was executed a long time ago. In fact, back in 1989. The real Trump had brown eyes, not blue. Secondly, nobody isn’t running this country. We have no government. Majority of Congress is gone or waiting on their tribunal, hence the Capital looks like a prison. The Federal Reserve is wrapped up in bubble wrap, the HUD building looks like a ghost town, and the Treasury, don’t get me started on that. So, whose running the country? Well, believe it or not, a pretty blonde hair lady with big blue eyes and her name is Kimberly Guogen
is for now. Langley sure hell isn’t. They are along with the fake Trump, the fake John-John are all part of the Order of the Black Sun. Yep, the Order of the Black Sun. See, the fake Trump did started out good, till greed got the best of him. Found out that the fake Trump ended up with colon cancer and passed away December 2022. Yall haven’t notice all these different looking Trumps lately? It’s not because he is hiding. It’s because both Trumps are literally gone and they haven’t reported yet.

I am going to say this. We literally don’t need a government. For what, to jam us up like they did before? One question yall should be asking is ” WHERE ARE THOSE CHILDREN THAT TRUMP RESCUED FROM UNDER THE TUNNELS?” Scavino gave us a clue on Telegram and I happen so download it and was shocked! As far as the money part, Kim is in control of that part. Why and how? Because she is GROUND COMMANDER AND SHE HAS MADE HER PRESENCE KNOWN! She and her team is basically is getting us right. Last week, they broke the barrier to start giving us our money to help restore humanity. Keep your fingers crossed. She said it can be minutes, couple of hours, or a couple days. But it is coming.

Oh! Yall thought it was Trump and that other dude behind moving all that gold? Nope! You thought Mike Cotrell was the person who was behind the briefcase codes? Nope! In fact, Cotrell little codes are useless. He and Leo Wanta are in fact not good people at all. Formally, working under an UN registration number 04050. Well, you already know they did more damage than good, but yet people sending him cash donations yadda, yadda, yadda, but yet, he won’t admit his part in all of this. By the way, where is his buddy Leo Wanta?

All, I’m saying is this, everything has a reason and the reason is coming to a head and a light. Imma sit back and enjoy this charade until I get my green light and then it’s our time to finish this. Kim said the Silent Circle told her to tell the military to ” CLEAR THE FIELDS!” And that what they are doing as we speak.


It’s safe to assume you have never been to Washington or you wouldn’t make such asinine statements. Kimberly Gougen, I assume, is your home healthcare nurse because she sure as hell ain’t running the country.

Who whacked Trump in ‘89 and why? Why bring him back now? Who the hell is Mike Cottrell?

Just Me

I hate to agree with a useful idiot such as you, but you are right.


Weird that a disnfo bot wouldn’t recognize a disinfo script.


you’re full of BS. Just look up “childhood pics’ of Trump…his eyes are BLUE!!!


Eyes are easy decviced


Contact lenses come in multiple colors. I’ve always wanted to try green eyes with a blonde or red wig.


It’s possible.


My eyes are dark blue, in many photographs they look like they are black or dark brown, certain colors I wear and certain types of lighting affect the color my eyes appear to someone standing in front of me looking at me, sometimes they look grey, sometimes blue-green, but most often dark blue. I cannot wear contacts, I have a condition (too much eye mucus, plus I have astigmatism) both of those prevent me from wearing them, so anyone looking at my eyes is seeing only my natural eye color. I wear prescription glasses to drive and to read, and I have noticed that whenever I have a new eye exam and they give me a new prescription within a couple weeks of wearing the new glasses my vision degrades even more, so I am not going to ever again get new glasses, and I only wear the current ones when I am reading anything, including on the computer, and the driving glasses when I watch something on TV (don’t watch much, anymore and what I watch I record so I can fast forward thru commercials and propaganda, which even Newsmax engages in concerning Ukraine and Israel) or drive anywhere. So my eyes and brain have to work harder.


I don’t believe a word you say about DJT. Yes, he hung out with the elites when he was younger. He had to pretend to be one of them to be accepted. They all lost money when Trump almost went bankrupt. Did it stop them? No but it cut down on money they had to do evil things. They also murdered his real father General George Patton. You also included JFK Jr in your comments. He has said that he would destroy the govt if needed ,to expose the murderer of his father. They both love this country and God. They would never betray us.


Never? Hmp.


Sure, but neither would Woodrow Wilson. He was just an idiot who got hoodwinked by the banksters and so the USA has been fucked up ever since. And some of RFK’s climate bullshit will fuck up whatever is left. You can’t vote for someone who is daft enough to believe that carbon – the element all organisms and much of the crust is composed of – and CO2 – the thing plants eat – is pollution. Act on that lunacy and everyone is dead. You might as well vote for Hillary and get it over with quickly with some nukes.


Someone spoked the truth, lol.

They down voted you

He had brown eyes? Why was he executed?

Patriot Retiree

From ripoffreports dot com: copy/paste as originally posted.

“Kimberly Ann Goguen, Fraud leader, queen-pin, intentionaly decives individuals, and government officials, by offering them grants, free gifted money from Sovereign Trust Accounts FMCA7778887778889999 none existant!!!

Her accoplice is Terrance Cameron McDonald a self professed Priest, and Lewis E.Taylor a self professed Philantropist with his own website. They have nothing. They are spreading fraudulant, fake computer manufactures documents to defraud people of their money promissing them grants in the billions, free money for their help to help them ”download” funds that is not theirs form government accounts, which they are not authorized to.

Beware, of Kimberly Ann Goguen a pathologic lier and fraud, she is the leader of the fraudsters group, claiming she is a member of the United Nations, and has her bagde and registration, yet cannot show. She claims to control 80% of the Gold and money wealth of the World, and that she is the sole signatory to i more then 4500 international bank accounts, off-ledger hidden, invisible accounts arround the globe. The fact is she lives in poverty, in hidding and self imposed house arrest.

She is been arround since 2007, and has orchestrated hundreds of scamms where individuals lost hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars falling into her trap. She is associated with December Fifth company out of England, ran by a Pakistani fraudster.

Reports vent out to US agencies, FBI, and others to be aware of her activities, and associations with rogue, terorrist organizations. She claims her mission is to SAVE THE UNITED STATES FROM ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. She claims to have made offers to finance the entire US budget for the next 10 years. Yet she is unkown ispite of all her alledged power and wealth.

She is a dengerous criminal, sick minded, manic depressive, bipolar, psychotic triving to attain power and influence.” by RamblerNash


You couldn’t write a good script what BS you SHILL BOt


Sorry to have to call you out as a liar, but I just went and requested photos of DJT prior to 1989, I made them as large as possible and checked his eye color, in everyone of them he had blue eyes. I only checked as far back as 1987, but it was a number of photos and took me about 15 minutes to check them all. Ergo Trump was not killed in 1989, and no one back then had any reason to kill him.


I have not thought about Kim in along time. Thanks for the reminder. Creedence – Bad Moon a-rising!


Yes I agree as well to this but there is another thing about JFK jr. He goes by the name of David Keith Quigley. This man is no doubt in my mind the “real”. They switched his identity at around 9-10 years old. Research on telegram and I believe twitter The Fall of Camelot, David Keith Quigley. Amazing story and images that will show you exactly what you need to know how evil this world is. Pray for the “real” JFK jr’s safety and that his story reach all eyes


And what lead you to this astonishing conclusion, Sherlock?


LOL,.. looks NOTHING like him AT ALL!!


Well said! Thank you for that excellent rebuttal!


Yes, agreed 120%!!!
Muriel is not looking at the big picture, or she/he is, and trying to sow division!


Excellent post!


President Trump had to operate from NYC, the belly of the beast.He has outsmarted those Kazaian bankers who loaned him all that money. Next to Jesus, Donald Trump is admired and loved by people worldwide.

Melody Stang

Well said

Rene Labre

Gee whiz,you can read the article,accept or deny it.
Nope,no proof right now,at all.still without doubt the hardest hitting site.No sales pitches.No fear mongering.Fear mongering is a real big seller.No doubt.Shunned by most other money journalists.He has been invited to gitmo to see some of this,trials,executions.So he knows something that we do not.He plays it very cool and close to the fold.


So glad so many like your words after I posted Muriel’s BS being a bot shill perhaps for the American Bar Assoc that won’t be with us much longer.

See what the AMA evil is attempting to mess with Trumps life and family falsly–so he can’t be President again ? WON’T HAPPEN
Trump is showing you it’s time to be rid of this foreign body of LAW

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I am sorry that you feel my questions to you all were said to cause division as that was never my intention. I have been very very concerned over all the intel I have heard and was honestly asking all of you for your opinion based on “your research” not your emotions. I am honestly seeking truth and answers to so many questions many of us have. Please forgive me if I have caused any upset with anyone. But tell me-have we gotten to the point that we have become like the communist Deep State countries that asking an honest question is something bad or something we can no longer do in this country without being accused of all kinds of stuff short of treason?? We can’t question our leaders? Isn’t that what got us all into this situation to begin with? We trusted them without question thinking they were watching out for our best interests and the only interests they were looking out for was themselves. HAVING SAID THAT I AM NOT ACCUSING PRESIDENT TRUMP OF ANYTHING. I am simply asking a question based on hours upon hours of research that I have been able to obtain. I KNOW he likes to mess with the Deep State and that he is extremely intelligent having a very high IQ, so that may account for a lot of what he says and his hand symbolism. But I do find it disturbing. I am completely aware of his Executive Orders as I have accessed them and read them all. But I have to tell you all, I for one will never return to that trusting place where I don’t question my leaders anymore. And that includes President Thump who by the way I have loved, supported and voted for. In fact if I hadn’t cared so much, I wouldn’t care what he was doing or not doing. But it is because I do care deeply for him that I get concerned over certain things and then feel confused and to tell you all the truth knowing what I do know and vetting as much of it as I have been able to vet, I feel afraid for our country and for all of us. These Deep State satanist have infiltrated every area of our society. In fact I bet some reading this are actually some of those infiltrators. How many of you are Freemasons? How many of our police, politicians, etc. are Freemasons? How many of you actually know the truth of what they believe, whom they serve and worship and what they are involved in? How many of you have taken the time to listen to hours upon hours of whistleblower testimony of persons who use to be involved with them? How many of you know who in your community are involved with them? So please do not reprimand me because I have legitimate concerns and am asking “heartfelt” concerned questions. Last I checked in America that is not a crime. My heartfelt questions do not make me a traitor or guilty of treason and if it does, then we are in deeper trouble as a country than I thought. I love my country! I spend hours upon hours doing research and share that intel with many people to help spread the word of what is happening. That is why I am up all night like now it is 5:30 a.m. and I have not gone to sleep yet because I researching!! So please don’t lecture me! These people are demonic lunatics and for those of you that think they are not sacrificing people and eating them, all I can say is do your own research. It is true and it is out there and it is worse than any horror movie any of us can watch! In fact these lunatics base their movies on a lot of what they actually do. When the whole truth comes out-and it better- many people are just not gonna be able to handle the pure horror of it all. And that truth of cannibalism involves another person I voted for and trusted-Bush Sr – have you heard about his chef hat!!! Research that horror! Once you have listened to the hours upon hours of victim testimony from poor souls across the globe not just from the US it will provide a clearer picture of these satanic lunatics. These poor victims all have similiar stories! Listen to Jessie Czebotar who came out of a bloodline family and hear her testimony and listen to her intel. But in case some of you haven’t noticed we are in deep trouble as a country and a world right now. And my question was who is running this country right now? And I do believe President Trump is Commander in Chief and therefore what responsibility, if any, does he have in what is happening? That is not an accusation it is a question and it is an honest question that I would like an honest common sense non emotional answer to. Or is it possible none of us knows? Anyone? Who has an answer to my questions without all the false accusations against me for asking something many people are asking??


I agree whole heartedly with everything that you mentioned. Is this all one gigantic PSY-OP???. This keeps me awake as well, Hears another thing that you need to hear, David Keith Quigley, the real JFK jr. The Fall of Camelot on telegram and instagram. You want to hear a horror story, this is the one. This is what they did to his family and to him. They switched him out of his identity around 9-10 yrs old and replaced him with an Onassis sibling from another mother. These blood sucking parasites are everywhere, in every state, every county, every municipality. Creator Yahuah, will sort this out. Stay in prayer and in peace. Yah will expose every lie and lay it before our eyes. This could be a bait and switch situation. Satan is the father of lies… his followers easting it all up. But they will be consumed by the Breath of Almighty Creator Father.


Do not call God Yahweh. Translation shows that it is a derogatory term-same with Yeshua

Charlotte Cain

I believe many good guys had to put themselves in their presence to gain trust. Trump’s EO’s are totally in our Countries favor.
Joe is a White Hat mumbling, bumbling actor.
When Joe is taken out, everything he signed, appointed and crafted is null and void. Everything goes back to Jan 21st 2021. WITHIN HOURS.


Agreed. Clear as day

Robert Gregory Boensch

My post are for all of the People

And thank you Michael Baxter
Dianne Marshall

And To Our President Donald J Trump
USMC General Berger
USMC General Smith
And every patriate Of this Vessel

As a retired Research Paralegal for 30 years, 
I have had a question that I have yet to hear anyone answer so I am gonna put it out there to all of you.

Dear paralegal
Will this help

1657 Flushing Remonstrance
Wee are bounde by the law to do good unto all men, especially to
those of the household of faith. And
though for the present we seem to be unsensible for the law and the
Law giver, yet when death and the
Law assault us, if wee have our advocate to seeke, who shall plead
for us in this case of conscience
betwixt God and our own souls; the powers of this world can neither
attach us, neither excuse us, for if
God justifye who can condemn and if God condemn there is none can

Before the 2020 election there was a short video on the
internet showing President Trump Being President for the year’s
And this is a true story of how long he will be president of these
united states.
Why you ask
Because he has limited power as the Commander in Chief of this
If he exceeds this power he will become a dictator?
Now why is the people in the Jan 6 still in jail.
The military has no power to intervene in this cause or any cause in
this conflict?
They only step in and do an action to protect our constitution.
Or else their action will be a military coup

So who does have the power.
It’s the people in these States.
The only way to end this insurrection By law is to address your
states congress
by petition or a remonstrance.
Now we all know how corrupt these people are.
Especially Michigan.
And my beautiful relation with them?
And also (I) we have to stay in line with the constitutional
But this is also a disadvantage to end this action the Insurrection.
So in come’s the The Flushing Remonstrance of 1657
The whole base of this is our God given rights.
And it precedes our constitution and the law of war manual.

So I started with a clean Sheet
and the first thing on it was Remonstrance

A restore Point just like your computer today
Back in time to 1657.

please understand this
Fraud Vitiate Everything

And then it was built with the needs that we needed address today.
And there is a couple of constitution laws inserted.
And also part of the law of war manual.
In Michigan this was presented and accepted by default of response?
This remonstrance is Reciprocal to the other 49 states and territory
of this country?
Give President Trump back his full power.
And let the Military go be the best they can.
If you would really like to release the Jan 6 prisoners.
You The People of these States Have this Power
and no one else on this planet can help you
rise up and peacefully Speak
to those around You!
And when we End this insurrection
We then can restore our Constitution
And start Building This Constitutional Republic on a clean Base!
We The People of these States Have this Power
and no one else on this planet can help Us
rise up and peacefully Speak
to those around You
Ps this insurrection and also the Remonstrance suspend all elections
until the insurrection is over
and the Remonstrance removes the biden Electoral College votes
and all of the bad actors and their staff.
And For Justice
Expunge The first and second impeachment Of President Trump
suspended elections
This is why President Trumps video
Showed 2024-2028-2032 etc.
it was a clue and a big reveal
Robert G Boensch
Robert Gregory Boensch
Why Wait till 2032
for this to be OVER
2020 election

Dr John
NOW that is a rich and complete statement of what was, what is and
what needs to be!
Well done Robert! Well done. In each state we need people to do as
you did in Michigan’. What you did was not witch craft or some magic
act, but the legal/lawful act of reclaiming citizens rights on behalf
of all patriots in each state. WE are the solution and only WE the
people of each individual state can make such a claim.
Robert has lit the path and he gives ample examples of documents and
procedures to follow on his WEB site. Enter his name on the internet
and you will find everything you need.
Don’t do it alone talk to each other here and else where. Together
you can figure out how this is done and how to do it.
Look up his link
What he speaks of is REAL Below is a link to a 1657 Remonstrance; an
earnest presentation of reasons, opposing or sharing a grievance, a
formal document stating the points of such.
Below is a link to a 1657 remonstrance addressing the leaders of the
time. This is an old and well established process that stands in the
courts and will stand in political halls.
Read what Robert has so eloquently written again again and again
until it sinks in! Go to the link at the bottom of the post read what
is there and then gather a few good friends and go over it together,
YOU do not have to do this alone. Work as a team to understand and
for GOD sake ask question of Robert. Look to his examples. He is not
trying to rule you or overthrow you, but to lead you down the path he
has created through his example.
All of us want this to end, all of us want to be free. This is the
HOW and unlike a war with guns, this takes so little effort and is no
real risk. The worst that can happen is you will be seen as a hero!
You will be forever listed in history as the one(s) that took the
first step toward freeing your state.
I will be pulling together friends and starting work on this effort
for the state of Missouri, where not the worst state, it is not free
of the Deep State and needs to be won back by submitting papers to
the state as Robert has laid out.
Join us and list the state YOU and your friends will be soliciting
with papers of freedom! Once the ball starts rolling let your
relatives in other states know how it is done so they took can go
down in the history books as freedom fighters. And all with out
firing a single shot Make no mistake this will be heard around the
world! This is big and you and your friends can make it MUCH bigger!

RGB Post
paragraphs are based on the research of Stephen Ames, to explain the
Hidden Truth of exactly why the American Constitution came into
being. On September 17, 1787 twelve State delegates approved the
Constitution for the united States of America, and the States became
the Constitutors. What is the legal definition of the term,
“constitutor?” A Constitutor: In the civil law, one who, by simple
agreement, becomes responsible for the payment of another’s debt.
(Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Ed.) The States were now liable for the
United States debt owed to the King of England, but the people of
America were not yet liable, because they were not a party to the
Constitution since it was never put to them for a vote. On August 4,
1790 an Act was passed that, for all intents and purposes abolished
the States and created Federal Districts. In this Act each District
was assigned a portion of the debt. Then the states reorganized their
governments, which had to be done because the States needed to
“legally” (under men’s laws) transfer the bonded obligation for debt
repayment from the states to the people. The original State
Constitutions were never submitted to the people for a vote, so the
governments wrote new constitutions and submitted them to the people
for a vote, thereby binding the people to the debts owed to Great
Britain. Once again, deception is used to get the people to
unknowingly volunteer into bondage. Here is the shocking truth about
the American constitution, and it is the unkindest cut of all. After
spending all that time, effort, and resources attempting to secure
your rights and freedoms under the man-made constitution, the bottom
line at the end of the day is:
between: the States, the founders (through their insider legal
establishments of those incorporated States), and the king of
I Changed all of this And you are Free
The 1657 Remonstrance is before all of this and our reset date
The constitution itself was not signed by any human, it was only
signed “In witness” on behalf of the States. Since you are not a
party to that contract, then you can’t possibly have ANY rights under
that contract. This, and ALL constitutions are just part of the
elaborate CON by the Hidden Hand. Think about it, just exactly WHO
are the “We the People of the United States” that the constitution
refers to who formed the “Union”? Most patriots jump to the
conclusion that it includes every American “Sovereign” Citizen, don’t
they? But is that conclusion correct? Where in the document is the
term defined, which could support that conclusion? It doesn’t really
say it anywhere, does it? This myth is what the Hidden Hand’s
educational system teaches, so that’s a very good reason to be
suspicious straight away. Once again we turn to the research of
Stephen Ames, and his essay entitled “The UltimateDelusion,”
demonstrating the contrary, where he states: “…Now the creditors of
the United States which included the King wanted [to be] paid the
Interest on the loans that were given to the United States. So
Alexander Hamilton came up with the great idea of taxing alcohol. The
people resisted so George Washington sent out the militia to collect
the tax which they did. This has become known as the Whiskey
rebellion. It is the Militia’s duty to collect taxes. How did the
United States collect taxes off of the people if the people are not a
party to the Constitution? I’ll tell you how. The people are slaves!
The United States belongs to the founding fathers, their posterity
and Great Britain. America is nothing more than a Plantation. It
always has been. How many times have you seen someone in court
attempt to use the Constitution and then the Judge tells him he
can’t. It is because you are not a party to it. We are SLAVES!!! If
you don’t believe read Padelford, Fay & Co. vs. The Mayor and
Aldermen of the City of Savannah. 14 Georgia 438, 520 which states
‘But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in
court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution, the
Constitution, it is true, is a compact but he is not a party to
it.’…” Bearing the above in mind, please read again both the Preamble
to the constitution and Article 7, and you will see it in a whole
different Light: “We the People of the United States, in Order to
form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic
Tranquillity, provide for the common defence, promote the general
Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our
Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United
States of America.” “Article. VII. The Ratification of the
Conventions of nine States, shall be sufficient for the Establishment
of this Constitution between the States so ratifying the same. …done
in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the
Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand
seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independence of the United
States of America the Twelfth. In witness whereof We have hereunto
subscribed our Names, …In Convention Monday, 17th of September, 1787.
Present The States (note well: NOT the human “signers”/witnesses!) of
New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Mr. Hamilton from New
York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North
Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.” (my emphasis added) So,
hopefully you see, and if you don’t you aren’t paying attention, that
even if you were 100% successful in fully restoring your rights and
freedoms under a constitution, then you have really gained nothing,
you have only been conned. Since constitutions are written by the
Hidden Hand to further their goals, you will have sacrificed your
time, effort, relationships with family & friends, resources and
maybe even your life, and will have simply gone in a circle – playing
right into your enemy’s hands. Constitutions are set up as a trap by
your enemy, and those who reach the end of that blind alley are like
Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion, searching
for the mythical Wizard of Oz. At the end the only thing they find is
just a man behind a curtain pushing buttons and pulling levers to
create illusions of power. This “wizard” could give them nothing that
they didn’t already have. “The primary control and custody of infants
is with the government” Tillman V. Roberts. 108 So. 62 “Marriage is a
civil contract to which there are three parties – the husband, the
wife and the state.” Van Koten v. Van Koten. 154 N.E. 146. “The
ultimate ownership of all property is in the State: individual so-
called ‘ownership” is only by virtue of Government, i.e. law
amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance with law and
subordinate to the necessities of the State. Senate Document No. 43
73rd Congress 1st Session. (Brown v. Welch, supra) “The right of
traffic or the transmission of property, as an absolute inalienable
right, is one which has never existed since governments were
instituted, and never can exist under government.” Wynehamer v. The
People. 13 N.Y. Rep.378, 481 “…You own no Property because you are a
slave. Really you are worse off than a slave because you are also a
debtor… Don’t let this information alarm you because without it you
cannot be free. You have to understand that all slavery and freedom
originates in the mind. When your mind allows you to accept and
understand that the United States, Great Britain and the Vatican are
corporations which are nothing but fictional entities which have been
placed into your mind, you will understand that our slavery is
because we believe in fictions.” – Stephen Ames.
More info here
Robert Gregory Boensch

Dr John
Robert has done a lot of work and posted some long documents. They
are LONG because they have vital information you/we all need to know.
Please, PLEASE take the time to read the whole think It is a history
of corruption. Not on someone else, but on YOU, your family and every
other human in American. Our wars impacted other countries and out
Elite tried to manipulate and control other nations.
It was not us and we did not know, but NOW, now that we understand
what has truly going on. We need to help stop it, for us and the
Thank you Robert for the eye opening information and rich details.

This is over Freedom is at Hand

You just have to accept it by learning the Truth!

Read it all here

File directory

You can
down load and sharen Videos and PDFs

retired Research Paralegal for 30 years, 
Correct me if any thing is out of place.

And be kind. on my spelling.

I never had time for schooling
to busy out in the fields Farming
and only went 4 days in eleven Grade

Robert G Boensch
Robert Gregory Boensch

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Tom Heneghan explosive Intelligence says gore is pres. Trump is professional wrestling for the believers. The American Yeltsin on the mat showing his muscles.


President Trump was chosen for this mission long before the military made this request to run in 2016. That was the info put out. Charlie Freak has done a four part series on DJT. Excellent. Find it on Rumble.


Been saying this the whole time even in light of the fact I want to hope it is true! The Rothschild’s bailed out Trump. Now, you could say he adhered to the military’s request, but the Vax and wars are inexcusable and insurmountable! And no, Trump, if good, would not allow a nefarious version of the death jab. In fact, ask yourself why he would allow it to happen if it’s a stupid placebo?!!! I think that is a huge problem the supposed “white hats” will face if people connect the dots. But, thankfully, there will be no civil war as Americans are too fat, lazy, obtuse, prideful, diabetic, and too dependent on social media to fight for a cause! And pls, let’s not say we are at war and there are casualties…. Most have no clue about this whole psyop… good or bad! This operation is too big involving too many to keep it quiet and without evidence. Social media videos from ED to how to screw in a light bulb are posted daily by the millions! They could not escape that unless THEY ARE ALL IN ON IT.. including Trump. Well, then you could say that is fake Trump run by the cabal, and real Trump is underground?! Why would you let an imposter destroy your work daily while killing the people and country you are trying to save..( throw out the baby with the dishwater)!!!???!!!….destroy it to save it?!! That’s like letting the the murderer kill the whole family to catch him to save the family?! Backasswards! This plan, if true, and I doubt, is just too much to believe! Our military is not that cunning as they don’t crap without a solid plan ( pun intended intended) that cannot change… including their paints!


Muriel is no paralegal just another DS dummy–How sad, as there’re so many ‘non thinkers’here on RRN as well as shils & Bots . You voted positive for Muriel’s Bull Shit ignorance about TRUMP– A PURE DS SHILL BOT

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Current AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION Definition of Paralegal

The ABA IS A FOREIGN BODY of the CITY of LONDON UK that TRUMP has vowed to take down.


This hack MURIEL may be part of Lawyers against TRUMP????
MURIEL is deceiving you — what ever MURIEL is.

Did you know this fact?

Soon all BAR JUDGES & ATTORNEYS will have to step down while taking a test of the full CONSTITITIONAL LAW? THE END OF BAR LAW

Not all ex ABA Judges & Attoneys will be allowed to even take the test because of past illegal performance. Others must past the CONSTITITIONAL LAW test and swear no allegence to ABA of the City of London. Many will be out of work in any legal field and never be allowed to be Lawyers or Judges ever again.
Many Khazarian false Jews are among them. ABA is run similar to Free Masonis cults were the Assoc comes first and not the people they promised to serve or the country they are in.

Now I am really doubting how many here are true Patriots that could be so stupid to fall for MURIEL’S NASTY BS ONLY ABOUT TRUMP ?????

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Well said. But I’m going to need Tripod Mike in the White House before I die, at least if we absolutely must have another satanist regime in the USA. I mean, just think of the memes we’d make!


The rest of this country needs to know that we are in a war.

The rest of the country needs to understand how many incredible human beings are fighting to protect their way of life.

It’s time for the Military to once again be revered as the TRUE heroes that they are.

They should be celebrated by all, everywhere they go.


It’s time to lift the veil and show the people the TRUTH.


👉 Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I want to remind you of what we keep discussing here and on the Pulse…

👉 Before the Military can take public action, they must sufficiently demonstrate that ALL branches of Government have failed in their duties to protect and defend the Constitution against foreign and domestic threats.

👉 By NOT impeaching Biden for the already-proven “Bribery, High Crimes & Misdemeanors”, Congress is ignoring their responsibilities to uphold the Constitution.

👉 SCOTUS has already been proven to be compromised when they failed to protect our election in 2020

👉 The executive branch? It’s dereliction of duty has been on display since day 1.

THIS is why Q tells everyone that the only way is the MILITARY

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Judy Kennedy

Who are you BT? And what is the Pulse you mentioned?
I love your posts🙏

patrick lux

vous êtes le meilleur


To those who downvoted this comment, what he wrote translates as “You are the best.”, ergo those downvotes are bad karma for you, bitches.


when they going intervene ???? is 1,000 + days since nov.4th/2020….ppl get sick & tired of this looooong freak show…..many..said this 11/11….and..BS phuck this craps…..

Rene Labre

Oh sure they are,congress,to protect themselves,biden is so guilty it is a damn joke,it is not even is a very doddering actor.yet people buy the fake white house,the whole deal,nobody says anything about it.They need to keep the money coming in.


Pretty sure I’d argue that this evidence was amply collected in the 1910s, then again in the 20s, the 30s, the 40s, the 50s, the 60s, the 70s, the 80s, the 90s, the 00s, the 10s and now yet again in the 20s. Anyone still insisting they lack evidence at this point must be considered complicit. 110 years of nothing but evidence isn’t enough?


Prayer for President Putin
(If you are a mature Christian, please proceed.)
Father God, we ask you to forgive Russia for the bloody history and the sins of its Godless leaders who have persecuted Your born-again sons and daughters and all innocent children throughout history to this day, especially for the shedding of innocent blood through abortion, infanticide, murder and Satanic human sacrifice, according to Galatians 5:10, 2 Kings 23:10, Leviticus 18:22 and Romans 1:20-32.
We ask You for mercy in hearing their cries for help and protection and salvation and to forgive in Your Son’s Name ANY and ALL sin that opened the door for the enemy to gain legal ground for what is taking place in Russia today. (2 Chronicles 7:14)
Father, we come boldly to Your throne of grace, standing in AGREEMENT, with one accord, as demonstrated in Acts 1:14.
Jesus made an open show of and disarmed principalities and powers, and we have been given that power, authority, and dominion over ALL the powers of the enemy.
We exercise it now, per Luke 10:19, IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS we take authority over the principalities and powers, wicked spirits, thrones, and dominions and rulers in the high places; in the air, on the land, in the water and underground.
We bind the strongman over Russia right now, all territorial spirits and all marine spirits operating over the nation. We lift up President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and his family to you. We bind, cage and chain every demon operating against the Putin family. Although he has publicly stated his belief in You, and he defends his church’s traditions, and he has determined to protect and defend any and all children from danger and abuse and corruption in Russia, we as followers of Christ call for his salvation and rebirth in the Spirit, as well as that for his children and grandchildren, that the entire Putin family  may have a deeply personal relationship with your Son, Jesus Christ from Nazareth.
Satan, lay no hand on Vladimir or his family. Take your daemonic agents with you back to hell and never return.  
In Jesus Name, we bind the strongman assigned to all Kingdom ambassadors and evangelical believers in Russia, that revival may come. In the name and by the shed blood of Jesus, we cut off and bring to naught the power of the spirit of the witch, wizard, warlock, witch doctor, magi, divinator, sorcerer and high priest sending assignments against them.
We come against them by the power of the SHED BLOOD of JESUS. We loose a WALL OF FIRE of the HOLY GHOST around ourselves, the Russian followers of Jesus Christ, President Putin and Russia! (Zechariah 2:5).
We sever the silver cord of every spirit that is astral projecting. In the name of Jesus we cut off and bring to naught every ritual, custom, ceremony, curse, involving occultic and satanic and Masonic traditions.
We cut off ALL these supply lines, seals, cords, alters, ligatures, laylines, pathways, gates and portals. We declare that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God to the tearing down of strongholds.
We decree that Jesus Christ is the Name above every name and that at His Name, every knee must bow and every tongue must confess that He alone is Lord, in heaven and on earth.
Right now, we loose civil war into the enemy’s camp! We command the mighty warrior angels to make war immediately on all entities, fallen angels and dark powers to destroy the Russian reborn Christians, Your servant President Putin (according to (Jeremiah 43:10-13) and his family!
Even as Paul declared blindness upon the agents of darkness in Acts 13:6-11, we, too, declare blindness upon all those taking part in evil plots against the evangelical church in Russia— that they will grope about as one in darkness so their plans CANNOT be carried out! WE DECREE RIGHT NOW THAT OUR ENEMIES ARE TURNING ON EACH OTHER and that every curse from the kingdom of darkness will fall upon those sending it. In Jesus Name we send ALL curses back to the devils.
Father, we ask you to deliver President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence. Grant him wisdom as he governs Russia and rescues any and all victims of persecution, abuse and death from the devil’s own servants and bring them all to justice in Jesus’ Name.
Open his eyes that he will meet Your Son and be sure he sees the Truth according to Your Word and not merely tradition or formula. We ask that you would forgive President Putin and his family of all their sins, make him and his family new creations according to 2 Corinthians 5:17 and protect him from his enemies.
We make a request (according to Philippians 4:6) that all evil deeds and assignments against the Russian believers who are praying for their leaders be stopped, and that massive arrest warrants to hell’s agents are going out NOW! God, we thank You that You are the God who has fixed His throne upon righteousness and justice!
We ask that You place Your mighty warrior angels to stand shoulder-to-shoulder around President Putin and his family members, that no evil would penetrate. We decree and declare that no evil will befall President Putin, his children or his grandchildren. 
We offer a special prayer for his daughter who is sick from the daemonic mRNA shot, we as believers in Christ with the power and authority we have as believers not only call for her redemption in Christ but also her complete healing and recovery, according to Psalm 118:17 that she will declare your works.
And finally Father, we ask you to bless the Russian Federation. We give You the praise, honor, and glory, and we give you thanks. We pray this in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ from Nazareth.


Your also pathetic to think like this too.

You and Robert should be ashamed.


Shame on you–you have this one wrong
Do better and deeper research

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Carol B

I agree with this prayer in the blessed name of our Lord…. Matt 18:19 if two or more agree it shall be done of our Father in Heaven…… I will keep this powerful prayer and share and read in agreement many times…… as a real born again believer I treasure Christian’s like you who are bold in their faith…… I pray these same prayers and blessing back on you …… I already love you……. What a time of rejoicing when we are together with Him for eternity…… we do not want anyone to miss what God has planned….. amen 🙏




Whether anyone believes in Jesus or God does not matter, we ALL are a part of God and God is in us, there is no getting away from that, some people just ignore all the little things that should tell them God is inside their bodies written in our DNA.

Carol B

Be nice please


So the site is telling me I cannot reply to an unapproved comment, but the comment above this one has no up or down votes, WTF?

Judy Kennedy




Victor Bravo



only visible fighter ??????


I bet you got all your boosters too.

Rene Labre

Yes ma’am,together we agree and call it down by the authority of The Lord Jesus be it.

Robert Thompson

I’ve said this once, and I will say it again. Putin if you have to strike the United States of America. strike Washington DC first, and then sit back and watch what happens. We American Patriots will not be upset with you. We may enter into a combination civil, and revolutionary war among ourselves for a time. But we are long overdue. Our enemies are already here anyway. Our open borders have allowed criminals from all around the world to enter our country under the Biden puppet regime. We are just waiting for a reason to act. I pray that you find these mountain brigades in Ukraine, and fucking send them to hell in flames where they belong! They are not human. They are demonically occupied human flesh. But God’s light has left them. America sucks right now. These college aged kids have lost what little minds they used to have. Supporting murderous Hezbollah assassins for killing innocent people. We have become the entire worlds enemy. Keep up the good fight President Putin, and God willing may you wipe out your enemies quickly 🙏


Dude, don’t encourage death of innocents over your loyalty to Putin
Stop encouraging more death.