JAG Executes Oprah Winfrey


The case of JAG vs. Oprah Winfrey reached a theatrical conclusion Monday morning when Winfrey was executed at Guantanamo Bay for having aided and abetted the enemy, FEMA, in depriving Hawaii residents and tourists of life and property during last summer’s Maui inferno.

Although her execution had been scheduled for February 14, JAG postponed the hanging until the 19th, for reasons JAG hadn’t expatiated on at the time of this writing. Real Raw News summarized Winfrey’s tribunal in an earlier article.

Knowledge of her own impending doom, a GITMO source told Real Raw News, hadn’t dampened her insatiable appetite for food, for she voraciously consumed a dozen scrambled eggs, 20 links of sausage, and 12 slices of buttered toast—a glutenous woman’s last repast.

No sooner had she finished gorging herself than two MPs arrived at the cellblock to escort her to the gallows. But a truculent Winfrey resisted, clinging to her bunk as the MPs tried to zip tie (her wrists were too bloated for handcuffs) her hands. Winfrey reportedly cried out for Obama, saying a single phone call with either him or Michelle would compel JAG to reverse its decision to execute her. “You’ll pay for this. I never did anything wrong,” she protested, and the MPs were forced to administer a mild sedative to mollify the raging beast.

They struggled to stuff her into the rear seat of their Hummer. Winfrey weighed 345 lbs. at a pre-execution physical.

The sedative’s deleterious effects had diminished by the time they reached the execution site, and Winfrey, still stuporous, emerged from the vehicle lethargic and weak, her glassy eyes glancing at Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall and the gallows that loomed behind him. He instructed the MPs to lead Winfrey up the steps to the platform and noose, beside which stood the hangman and a U.S. Navy chaplain clutching a King James Bible. The latter asked Winfrey if she wanted him to administer the Last Rites of the Condemned.

“Barack,” Winfrey said groggily. “I want to talk to Barack.”

“Really? Now there’s a coincidence. We’d really like to talk to him, too,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

“Let me call him. You have my phone. He’ll fix all this,” Winfrey said.

“Oh, we’ve examined your phones. Trust me, he’s not taking any calls.”

“He’ll talk to me,” Winfrey insisted.

Admiral Crandall ascended the steps and pulled out his phone. “Give me his number?”

Though still woozy, Winfrey had the presence of mind to recite from memory a number with a D.C. area code and prefix, which the admiral dialed. He held the phone to Winfrey’s ear: “The number you have dialed is not in service.”

“Service to that number was terminated the day you were arrested,” the admiral told her before descending the stairs. “Time to finish this.”

The hangman placed the loop of rope around Winfrey’s neck and a cloth sack over her head. The admiral gave the order that prompted the hangman to flip the switch that triggered the pivoting door beneath Winfrey’s paunchy legs. She dropped without uttering a squeak, and was pronounced dead three minutes later.

Upon receiving notification of Winfrey’s death, Real Raw News asked GITMO sources whether JAG, or any military entity, has authority to prosecute and sentence civilians.

“When President Trump gave us provisional control, it gave us the authority. The moment Oprah Winfrey aided the Deep State, she became indistinguishable from it. The two were inextricably linked,” our source said.

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Glad that her 345 lb. Black racist ass is Dead!
May it roast in hell

Gregg Nickens

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Rebecca Tracy

Weight Watchers announced Oprah stepped down from being a Board member. Oprah has been at GITMO since January AND EXECUTED ON MONDAY. She “stepped down” for sure. I love it when the fake MSM coincides with the news on alternative media 🙏❤️🇺🇸

https: //www.yahoo.com/news/oprahs-weightwatchers-exit-sends-stock-212627333.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly9zZWFyY2guYnJhdmUuY29tLw&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAEfZCgxcSlbiuTpGTQA2DnH-ev9WVjvDn8ylkD1Zyj9rI1ELNnZR74LowIsU_R-UGGU7RAh7F7EI7h7AvWF8dDzEDexcVaU73TOfCScZLqBuc79p-N_65ucgnNnXOdTSe1Hpc3uPhKQlYWyu7y3eSCqZtky6sgftPefev6-S25gj

Last edited 4 months ago by Rebecca Tracy

At first I wasn’t sure if I believed Oprah was executed but now a day or so later I heard on the “news” that she has STEPPED DOWN from Weight Watchers and I was like WOW what the heck is going on, somethings up !!! And after I read here on this site that she was arrested suddenly a much skinnier Oprah shows up on the red carpet at that award show…now I think somethings really up !!!


I just wish I’d stop getting those nasty Oprah ads for diet gummy bears. At least Oprah is no longer showing her face on the ads. Nevertheless, we know they are coming from her and her pharmakeia colleagues. Those poor fat girls in the ads. Are they really jiggling away their weight problems while chomping on Oprah’s gummies?


CNBC just announced Oprah is stepping down from the Board of Weight Watchers and “giving away” all of her stock! I thought we the people are supposed to benefit from these criminals’ assets. WTH???

Random American

There are victims to whom she must pay retribution. Hopefully they are the ones benefitting

Council Man

Weight Watchers announced Oprah is leaving it’s Board of Directors this year. The new “skinny” Oprah does not look like the original to me, but you be the judge:

https: //www.zerohedge.com/markets/weightwatchers-takes-dump-oprah-winfreys-exit


It couldn’t be if she’d blown up to 345lbs at her pre-execution weigh-in.

Last edited 4 months ago by Barb

I visited the site mentioned above. This woman, Oprah’s “double”, does not look like Oprah. She is, probably, twice as young as Oprah. Her face is different.

Robert Gregory Boensch

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She is calling for an already dead man, named Barry, but Guantanamo’s Admirals already shot Barry in the back of the head, a few years ago. Allegedly Big Mike was poisoned by the Gitmo kitchen staff. Both of them are no longer of this earth, thanks to US Special Forces and our Generals.

Carreon Frederick

September 30, 2019.


You bet the U.S. Military has the authority to execute U.S. civilians! I clearly read the document during the Trump administration. I believe it is documented in President Trump’s Executive Order 13825. Look it up and read it. It clearly modifies the U.S. Military Law Manual in which the U.S. Military has the authority to execute U.S. civilians who have committed treason and/or involved in pedophilia and child trafficking. Not all of President Trump’s executive orders have been rescinded by the fake biden administration.

margery gibbons

what a relief truely thanx 4 the report


So apparently, as this article alludes, the nigger king remains at large. When he’s bagged, this whole thing will rapidly be revealed. Mark Taylor prophesied we’d see that muzzie gay commie mumbling and stuttering as he’s put on trial for the whole world to see. The shame of the son’s of Cain and Ham black race will be beholden to all, revealed by the power of God Himself.

Gregg Nickens

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I’m not so sure I believe this…


I’m with you on this one. I do vaguely remember a write up a few years ago of an earlier execution written here on RRN. Someone made a comment about it on the other ‘oprah’ article, and when I went to check it out through the search on this website, it came up with the thumb nail and then clicked over to a blank page. I tried it again and it kept wigging. This better not be a stand down tactic!
That thing known as ‘O’ was in with John of God and who knows who else, kidnapping women to be impregnated for up to ten years to supply them the babies they rape, torture and kill for adrenochrome and then ‘dispose’ of the women after that. She was also supplying to the hollywood elite. Then there was her girls school – look into that nightmare!
What’s up with the double reporting. I’m not the only one that’s suspicious.


Doesn’t matter what you believe.

Only thing that matters is what is true.


Baxter’s writing is just getting repetitive. He keeps recycling the same general plot outline for these execution episodes. Always the condemned and the executioner have some back-and-forth banter with the condemned apparently trying to get a stay or something only for the attempt to fail. Why not come up with an episode where the condemned just does not care and refuses to talk? Where they remain defiantly silent to the end?

Also, Baxter tries to frame these episodes as though they were news articles yet news articles would never report verbatim conversations like these, especially in such detail — even a reporter who was present on the scene would not write that way, and Baxter is creating these articles as though it were written by a reporter who received second-hand information. It really hurts the suspension of disbelief. I have mentioned this before yet a lot of fans of his fictonal universe really hate when I point it out.


Well said dmwaters. I always believed the articles here, also because they were in such detail. But when I asked mister Baxter why he was “the only one” to get this information his simple reaction was “because RRN is the best.” That’s not the answer of a (humane) professional. Still not saying it’s fiction, I just don’t know.


Will we ever know the truth?. Make it all public. I’m tired of not having proof. There’s been enough years to bring forth evidence. Heck we were sucked up into this how many years ago? And still no alert on my cell phone where they were going to divulge to the public what’s going on. And if the white hats are still in control please tell me why Chem trails are getting worse!!


Another one gone, never liked her and now I know why.


All white conservative men knew she was a fat hog witch bitch all the back to the 80’s when she ran her mouth about ‘many paths to heaven’ and all the naive women soaked it up like she was a goddess. We could easily see she hath a demon and caught hell if we dared say anything short of worshiping it. The American, damned by God, people, to include the 501c3 churchy-church are so full of shit they don’t know the difference between the righteous and the wicked.


Damn, thank you MB ❤️🇺🇸


Commies (Jews) love those round Bolshevik glasses. I hope the witch did hang. Tens of thousands more to go. You need help running the plow or loading mags? Im here. let’s go!

The Karen

I really question the reporting of her last meal. No one could eat that many slices of toast along with a dozen eggs and 20 sausages??


If your anxious you can.


Breakfast sausages are very small… Just saying.


I’ve seen people eat more food at one sitting than I thought was even possible. So I wouldn’t doubt if she ate as much as she did. It’s called a very stretched out stomach from eating too much for too long. What she ate for breakfast would be 5 or 6 different meals for me


Watch My 600lb Life and you’ll see how much food a stretched out stomach can eat


Oprah was very capable of eating a tremendous amount of food. I learned this decades ago when an astonished diner caught her and her friends eating several whole roasted chickens in a restaurant. She was a genuine glutton!


345 lb. FAT HOG, now DEAD !


Oprah has several things in common with Henry VIII. Both were huge from gluttony
and both started their own religion.


Any news about Ellen DeGeneres?

Mi ke

Yeah, she’s a feckless *unt


Nope, still under house arrest AFAIN.


You mean AFAIK.

Rene Labre

The food must be pretty good,very simple last meal.she forgot bacon.Then time was up.The death angel was waiting,


She allegedly brought sweet young things to Harvey W. to rape.


Is it true?


Worse than that

Roberta Zilius

Thank God for our brave and honorable patriots! The LORD will protect and direct them.Amen


She Aided The Enemy every Chance She Got. This is War, She was on the wrong side.


WAS… now is in HELl.

Brigid Bardont

She deserved to die for being the world’s biggest shit stirrer.

Brigid Bardont

I’d hate to be the short straw that had to clean that beast afterwards.




I think they sling them on a metal table and use a water hose on them. I agree….who would want to touch that whale blubber.


A whale would be cleaner.


Done !

Vigilance, and onward.



Big Barney the Purple Dinosaur has fallen victim to extinction. She extinks no more. Blessings Happen.

Sig Line
Yes, it’s true. “I identify as a Democratic, Black, Nappy Blue Haired, Fat, Black Eyed, Gay, Pregnant Female Globalist Carrying The AntiChrist.



Brigid Bardont

But it’s a wonderful fantasy, isn’t it?? Personally, I think/hope they destroyed that beast a year or so ago.


I want real TRUTH, not comfortable lies. Isn’t that how we got in this nightmare situation in the first place? With millions of children around the world for God knows how many years being kidnapped, raped, tortured, murdered for adrenochrome by these evil POS while the masses ignored people like me trying to disclose, but are only interested now because they’re trying to get everyone to comply with the death jab to kill us all? Oh what “a wonderful fantasy”, but its it real or are we still being royally played while most people are happy to be cowards and sit reading deluded make-believe?


The truth hurts.


As we have beén told by many, the stories are correct , the timelines are very much not. The main thíng is you get the facts. The evil Fatty Boombah went down like a tonne of shite 😂


He did not say she was hanged on Feb. 14th. He said that was the day Adm. Crandall had scheduled her execution. For some reason the did not explain, they waited until the 19th to do it. She wasn’t executed at GITMO in 2020. You trolls love to just stretch things to fit your narrative.


I saw that report too. Now I have been reading RRN for years, enjoying reading of the demise of this filth, so imagine my surprise when I put ‘oprah’ in this websites search and then saw a little thumbnail come up with that article back in 20′! When it loaded up a new page, it was blank and kept doing the same, but the thumbnail was gone! I don’t like this at all!!!

Hans Kammler

Michael I think many readers are over
looking a very salient point it’s that here is fat ass Oprah worth $2-3 billion dollars and she could not buy a solution to her problems. All the money in the world, all the connections in the world and she still comes up short.

I would imagine the last several months of her life consisted of friends and acquaintances not returning calls ( cause they got rolled up like she did) and being reassured by big mike that all is well and yet deep down she knew all was not well and thus she was eating her emotions.
345 lbs on a 5 ft 6 inch frame means she was about as wide as she was tall.

I do find it odd that she was not charged in the John of God or the Children’s Charity she had in Africa…I really think that was a miss because surely she was involved in human trafficking and probably baby farming? in the end I guess it does not matter we are rid of this vile demon..


Keep in mind that Amg-News had her under house arrest since 2020… She knew she was in trouble back then and had cleared her entire schedule in 21! Then there was the interview with the two royals whereby her ankle monitor was clearly shown on camera for the world to see! She was BLACK burnt TOAST the minute she became a multi-millionaire as membership into TH33 CABAL is a pre-requisite!


I remember that well.


,,,she knew better !

Hans Kammler

Bob thanks for the reminder …not to sound jaded but we have all seen so much & thus tend to forget….maybe she made some sort of deal and then promptly thought she could out smart them…well it didn’t work….


Those boots were super soft leather, exposing the outline of her ankle bracelet. No wonder she wore those long skirts to cover it up.

Brigid Bardont

Really, she & Hillary, most of them, truly got away with tons of evil. My fantasy for Hillary was they’d bring the electric chair out of mothballs. Electrocute her for a few seconds. Revive her. Then do it again, and again, until she couldn’t be revived. Even if they did that a dozen times, that be a drop in the bucket compared to all the humans she murdered, had murdered, tortured, raped & cannibalized. Maybe she’ll reincarnate on a planet of demented satanists like her.


Sure, in hell.

Charles Smith

…but IIIII’mmm Hilllaary Clinton, yooou can’t dooo this tooo meee. I think of her saying this every time i think of her Execution. Its so funny in my mind. Truth is she died in a plane crash on the way too Iran in 2013 after New Year. Remember the concussion. She died then. Just like the story of Lloyd Austins Prostate Cancer. Same Book diffrent Chapter.


She was a Deep State protected species , hence they did not even try to take her down úntil they knew they could. The truth was coming out abóut her exploiting young girls in her African built schools , so her name had already turned to mud. She made a deal with the devil and got toó high up in the organisation to ever come down. Good riddance I say,

Gregg Nickens

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Anyone know who the skinny double the cabal has playing Oprah is? We know the name of one of joe biden’s replacements but there’s others…even Gavin Newscum has been bye bye yet no one questions these people! Very strange imo


Don’t be surprised as to the stupidity of the NPC’s. Complete and totally brain washed. They can’t even recognize the occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is not FJB. Put the VP biden picture next to this doppel ganger and you can’t tell me that they are the same person.


Or that skinny little student table/desk he sits at pretending he’s working in the Oval. If that’s Arthur Roberts slipping on the Air Force 1 steps, he’s earning his Honorary Lifetime Oscar every day of the last 4 years. WWG1WGA


Lots of people don’t even remember or know that the real biden has sky blue eyes. They have eyes but they can’t see.


It would be a genuine clone of her I’d say


She was the WICKED WITCH OF THE AIR (Element)


Not any more. Thank Almighty God!!


Send ALL these demons to the foot of the cross for their sentencing! Now comes the 2nd death! Was it worth the money?



BJ Edwards

Any idea what the tinsel strength of the hangman noose is ?


You mean tensile

Ultrafart the Brave

Quoting Mr. Baxter…

a glutenous woman’s last repast.

I suppose that description might be appropriate for someone who moonlights as THE BLOB.

BUT the word Mr. Baxter probably meant was GLUTTONOUS, ie, a big fat greedy pig.

Which is a beautiful segway to the serendipitous community benefit of Oprah’s despatch – namely TRUCKLOADS of juicy finger-lickin’ good Butt Cheek Burgers!


I think he is correct as in the Phoenix Journals- the true word of God, he calls it gluttony.




This Orca Winfrey must’ve been in hiding a LONG time if she was over 300lbs. The Orca we saw with The Rock was probably half that size. 🤔




Diamond would never, ever play that demented Illuminati witch if she were alive! She and her sister, Silk, were lovers of God, not lovers of the devil. They helped Donald Trump become President the first and second times and they prayed with him. Of all the undercover agents the deep state could pick to play Oprah as alive, Diamond would not be the one.


Diamond was a patriot and she would play her if she was helping mankind.


Also Diamond would have had to wear a body suit stuffed with whatever to make her look like she weighed 345 lbs.



Barbara Gomilar

The rocks gone too. AMG news



That’s NASTY! Always thought Oprah was actually male.


Nope. She was female. Not only was she rape as a child, she got pregnant as an adult and had miscarriages. Men do not get pregnant.

Last edited 4 months ago by Xena

Alot of those stories about her childhood were màde up by the CIB , She was not this poor child who grew up tough I can assure you,

Last edited 4 months ago by Anita
Ultrafart the Brave

For anyone who cares, that’s 150 kg in the Metric System.

They sell 10kg bags of brown onions and red onions and potatoes at the local produce market. If FIFTEEN of those suckers fell on you at once, you wouldn’t be walking out of there.

On the plus side, that’s one TRUCKLOAD of Butt Cheek Burgers.

MMmmm, Butt Cheek Burgers – finger lickin’ good!


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BlackRock on pace to become largest bitcoin holder in the world. Only a few know about the player that plays both sides of the game because IT DOES NOT MATTER WHICH SIDE LOSES BECAUSE BLACKROCK IS THE WINNER IN BITCOIN. The CBD crypto in all countries will get push back so Blackrock is in damage control when all nations buy into Bitcoin that’s when Blackrock will bump there Bitcoin assets and collapse Bitcoin then there going to push the narrative that you should have bought into the CBD crypto currency junkies. Just remember what drives idiots into insanity? When the price of Bitcoin goes sky high! It’s like crabs 🦀 in a bucket 🪣 there all running over each other to get to the TOP !


Most countries are buying up more Roubles ..?

Sparky Sr

Recites O’s number via verbatum = constant contact with enemy.
The whale is compromised = servered contact with DS.
Aiding and abetting the enemy(maui estate) = treason
Article III, Section 3, Clause 1:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

Evidence via text & phone calls, including knowing phone #’s and vids of estate being used for the enemy.
Three key elements are necessary for an offense to constitute treason: an obligation of allegiance to the legal order, and intent and action to violate that obligation. Treason is a breach of allegiance and of the faithful support a citizen owes to the sovereignty within which he lives.
18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.
Michael, knowing the Constitution, Why did you ask if it was ok to hang civilians???
Remember when Sen Graham asks about Military Tribunals at confirmation hearing of Bret Kavanaugh? Kavanaugh confirmed citizens can be executed for treason by Military Tribunals…. Graham stated that theses laws have been on the books for a very long time… here is the clip: https ://www. c-span.org/video/?c4747307/user-clip-sen-graham-asks-military-tribunals
of course remove the spaces


I’ll bet Gayle is looking into living in another country !!! AND FAST !!


I wonder who is clamoring to buy Weight Watchers now.


She is most likely under house arrest, too.


I’m making $90 an hour working from home. I never imagined that it was honest to goodness yet my closest companion is earning 16,000 US dollars a month by working on the connection that was truly astounding for me. she prescribed for me to attempt it simply. Everybody must try this job now by just using
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,,, and looking like a lucre fool here for F R E E !


Don’t forget about the bloated RINOs still roaming around the swamp.

Last edited 4 months ago by MJAC
Michael R Davis

Just a few of the arrested stars.
https ://ak2.rmbl.ws/s8/2/e/6/R/Q/e6RQi.caa.mp4?b=1&u=ummtf


Link doesn’t work-it doesn’t exist.

Just Me

Goes to show when you make friends with snakes they will betray you, a lesson i learn many years ago. The moment she was arrested the snake Barry shut down his number, he knew she was going to call begging for help and help which he has no power to give. At the end of her life, she must have found out what a snake this man is. My question is, when will this snake and Big Mike be arrested, tried and held accountable? We know he is the one running our country and the damage that has been done with the open borders. The enemies are in the camp and that is not good, its not if its when?

Frederick Carreon

They were arrested and executed sometime 2019. They’re both dead. They just didn’t Oprah Winfrey of their demise. 😆


Hussein el mayate and his homo luver are already dead per amg-news……


She should have been charged with trafficking all those African girls at her special schools


She probably as but the dets weren’t published.

Gregg Nickens

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I wish she was convicted for more than what she did in Hawaii. I.e., child trafficking.

Stop Chemtrails

Next up…
Psychopathic celebrities that should be hanged for being adrenochrome junkies and traitors to our constitution

  • Robert De Niro
  • Lady GaGa
  • Madonna
  • Kathy Griffin
  • Amy Schumer (she’s got Cushing’s syndrome that gives her “moon face”
  • Chelsea Handler
  • Margaret Cho
  • Amber Rose
  • JK Rowling
  • Shonda Rhimes
  • George Takai
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Eva Longoria
  • John Legend
  • Crissy Tiegen
  • Cher
  • Johnny Depp
  • Seth McFarlane
  • Jessica Chastaine
  • Will Smith
  • Amanda Seyfried

….and this list of traitors to our country and our sovereignty goes on and on. JAG, it’s time to pick up the pace of removing these parasites from our beautiful world.


NEWSFLASH::: 80% on your list were zeroed in 2020!

Charles Smith

Id like to get the details of those executed in 2020, as far as this site goes back is April 2021. Where are the stories that go with those people not just a list.


Amg-news; conspiracy daily . .. net


Amy Schumer has told people she has VAIDS, from the vaccine?

Last edited 4 months ago by Losa

She is another big d33p state pig that needs to go away!

Sue S

How about Sean Penn? Tom Cruise? All regular visitors to Ukraine that they have funded for at least 10 years including 30+ sites of biolabs

Charles Smith

Tom Cruise and Justin Beaber died in a plane crash togeather in Febuary 2020. That should have been on here but it is not Micheal only started this page in April 2021 that I know of.


What if not all of them are not consumers of adrenochrome? Do we execute the innocent anyway? Last time i checked, we verified the guilt and convicted them of it prior to taking them out.

Brigid Bardont

That really is a laundry list of assholes. ;^)

Charlotte Cain

>>OPRAH Show
You get to go to JAIL.
You get to go to JAIL.
You get to go to JAIL.
You get to go to JAIL.
You ALL get to go to JAIL.


Jail? Military prison, swift and efficient, usually for a very short stay. Pre-paid, and then some, how much more? Whatever can be found, accumulated by the perpetrators who were trying to ”have it all”, at the expense of who cares who.

Though maybe comparatively little to suffering they have caused, it’s as close as can be gotten. Elimination is the only sure way.


Dude, it was just a play on HER words on her show. “Military prison” has too many syllables.


“… HER words on her show.” Words on whose show? Was this some childish thing Oprah is being quoted as saying? Too many syllables on TOO MANY repetitions.

At the bottom of the words is “Q”. Surely THE Q so often mentioned as military intelligence group did NOT originate this. If so, a big UH-OH to that! We would be in deeper than I ever though there could be.

Of course miltary wouldn’t fit! But what in hell was it meant to mean. So kiddish. WHO do you understand to be responsible.

Yes, I know reactive and long winded. Got in my craw because while some may appreciate whatever meant to mean, sure did and does, stick in my craw.

Thanks for input, seriously, and I will now dismiss it. Really stupid inaccurate and no point whatever. In my opinion. If from Oprah, I guess a fit. Some gall that would take and she sure did have lots of that.

I have a collection of her shows, come by I don’t recall how. Never watched them. Somehow the appeal was very low, maybe more now. I’d trust no one appearing on it. All became very wealthy it’s said. What’s up there and particularly Dr Phil.


You are a real shit – bag…. His take was GREAT and YOU suck Shizzle in yer Grizzly-Grizzle!!!!!!


There are 1 million operatives in this WORLD WIDE DEEP STATE.
The “300” Overview the rest upon instruction from The 33.
][t’s caving in upon them, no where to run, their Time is nye ~

tic,,, tic,,, ti

Jon Wilford

I have no idea WTF your nonsensical ramble means… A complete waste of time attacking another commentator trying to enlighten you.


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