Justice Not So Swift For FEMA Caught in Maui


Less than 20 miles from the blazing sun, the crashing surf, and the touristy trappings of Waikiki Beach, secluded corners of Pearl Harbor and Marine Corps Base Hawaii on the windward side of Honolulu currently house 345 Federal Emergency Management Agency “guests” whom JAG has accused of worsening last summer’s Lahaina blaze and callously inflicting heinous carnage on locals and tourists alike.

I say this with stubborn certainty, for I had a unique opportunity to witness JAG’s resolve in handling Deep Staters bereft of decency and whose singular, twisted focus centered on depriving the innocent of property, livelihood, and, worse, life. What I saw were not the GITMO or Camp Blaz military tribunals I’ve painstakingly detailed in countless articles, but rather “preliminary hearings” at which a military magistrate hears probable cause and determines whether a detainee or “enemy combatant” gets flown elsewhere to stand trial.

Over several days, I quietly observed the arraignments of five FEMA employees, including Region 9 Administrator Robert J. Fenton, who had been in pretrial custody since October 2023, when U.S. Marines in Maui caught him plotting the gruesome demise of citizens who bore witness to FEMA’s island atrocities: he planned to ferry them offshore and hurl them like chum into the Pacific to attract schools of frenzied tiger sharks.

In an aircraft hangar converted into a makeshift court, Fenton, a bloated wreck of a man, locked in handcuffs and caparisoned in an orange jumpsuit, was instructed by a magistrate to sit silently beside his legal advocate while a JAG prosecutor explained why he ought to stand trial for treason. The prosecutor said that had Fenton’s vision been realized, numberless civilians in Lahaina would have become shark bait. His evidence implicating Fenton included Fenton’s notes and a voice recording of him pitching the “shark bait” program to agency and government officials at FEMA’s Region 9 headquarters in California.

“Sir, we are six months down the road, and to this day, there are still people unaccounted for. It is, therefore, possible and even probable that Robert Fenton, as a regional director of FEMA, did, in fact, carry out his plan to some extent, of which we’re currently unaware. But if he didn’t, he clearly would have, as evidenced by his own voice. We ask that he be held for tribunal,” the prosecutor said to the magistrate.

Neither Fenton nor his legal advocate was allowed to refute the request or present exculpatory evidence; the magistrate said a crime had been committed and that Fenton was most likely the person who committed it, and he ruled that Fenton be transported to GITMO at the earliest opportunity to stand trial, at a time determined by Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall. A moment later, two Marines escorted Fenton out of the hangar. The 15-minute hearing was cut and dry and devoid of theatricality.

I can not describe all I saw and learned in a single article. As I catch up on other work, I will flesh out a dozen stories detailing what, for better and worse, was a revelational experience. In the meantime, I share thoughts gleaned through conversations with military personnel overseeing the hearings and guarding detainees.

In short, justice isn’t swift; to the contrary, the time between arresting a Deep Stater and bringing him to trial is often a protracted, laborious affair–lasting weeks, months, or, in some instances, years, an eternity that has created enmity and division among the White Hats tasked with bringing closure to the Deep State menace. The conflicts that have arisen from the tardiness of justice can be attributed to two complementary variables: bureaucracy and the Deep State’s hydra-like ability to regenerate to total health from only a scrap of tissue.

“It [the Deep State] refuses to die,” a JAG officer at MCBH told me. “On the record, we’re operating at peak efficiency in getting cases off the books; off the record, we’re exhausted and frustrated because we have 340 in detainment waiting for hearings that aren’t even needed. Want to know why? Every one of them is guilty and should just go straight to GITMO and dealt with. We’ve only processed 150ish cases since August, all FEMA caught in Maui and brought here. I know they’ve also got their hands full at GITMO, but they could work faster. The whole notion originally was that taking out the mains would collapse the entire house of cards, but it hasn’t played out that way. If we scrapped hearings and tribunals and just lined them up for firing squads, you get where I’m going.”

Other officers at MCBH parroted his sentiment and described in nauseating detail how ostensibly clean-cut FEMA agents turn feral in captivity. An agent accused of shooting two Lahaina families had groused about the quality of MCBH’s meals, claiming watery potatoes sickened his stomach. To prove his point, he pulled down his pants, bent over at the waist, spread his buttocks apart with his hands, and sprayed explosive diarrhea on the cell walls as if it were interpretive art.

Outside the holding pens, I rejoined my escort, a polite but gruff Marine Corps captain who had earlier told me he disliked nosy journalists, reporters, and civilian interlopers but had received instructions to extend me “reasonable courtesy,” implying that I, too, could end up on the wrong side of a holding cell’s door if I wandered unaccompanied into restricted areas. He said he distrusted people who asked too many questions. When I asked how many is too many, he said, “Don’t be a dick,” with an almost imperceptible smirk.

I glanced skyward as three helicopters took flight and headed south.

“They’re going to Maui,” my escort said.

“Still fighting there?” I asked.

“It doesn’t end,” he said soberly. “It isn’t as intense as before, but yeah. Biden’s forces land planes in O’ahu and sneak men over there, by helicopter, boat, small planes. We push’em out, eliminate them, catch them, whatever, and they send more, and we send more.”

He spoke as though the conflict were an unwinnable tug-of-war match.

“We’ll show you Monday. You’ll go over with us,” he said matter-of-factly. “And hopefully, make it back with us in the evening.”

I surrendered my visitor badge, and my escort returned my cell phone. I hopped an UBER back to my hotel two blocks off Waikiki Beach, where I grabbed an overpriced burger and fries while awaiting a meeting with “Captain Pete,” a tour boat owner who had come under FEMA gunfire while ferrying displaced Lahaina residents to safer shores last summer.

It was Friday afternoon, and the brilliantly shining sky offered a distant view of Molokai and Maui, reportedly still a warzone. As I stood in paradise squishing sand between my toes, a pitched and possibly endless battle was occurring only 80 miles away.

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I’m so thankful to the US military for doing their job, regardless.


He was so obese it is a wonder the rope didn’t slip off


They should enjoy the privilege of those guillotines they planned to use on us. Coffins included.


This part got to me:
The conflicts that have arisen from the tardiness of justice can be attributed to two complementary variables: bureaucracy and the Deep State’s hydra-like ability to regenerate to total health from only a scrap of tissue.

It echoes what I’ve heard from Jessie Czebotar. She says that, “The System,” has multiple arms like an octopus. If one arm is cut off, survivors go to other arms to regenerate. The arms include the white and black forms of majik, the kaballists, the Jesuit Catholics, the Muslims, the Freemasons, Luciferians, Satanists. They are always in process of finding and training their replacements from early childhood on up. At their heart they are multigenerational parasites that infiltrate churches and other organizations and turn them to their purpose, which usually coincides with the destruction of the church or other organisation. They represent the culture of death.


WHEN will they ARREST OBAMA? Did he not orchestrate the whole program that is currently being played out?


He has handlers too. Reportedly, his clone replaced him some time ago. See Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin, and Juan O’Savin’s interview with Tom Numbers, on the boat back from Antarctica: The actual evil ones at the top, who are running our Country, (and other Countries) we don’t know the names off. Hydra is a good word. G-d wins.


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Gregg Nickens

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Putinize ’em. “Rules for Thee & None For Me” has been the Deepstate /Democrat motto. We play by the rules & orders, while they have no rules~ & are ruthless & lawless. FEMA Camps come to mind as potentially helpful. Their own gallows as it were. French guillotines. 60,000 of them Obama ordered.

Truth Seeker

It’s a foregone conclusion by now, via the photographic and video evidence in addition to the testimony from residents, that the despicable DS and their democratic party puppets plotted to “remove” the native residents in order to illegally acquire/steal their land.

Stinky Perfume

Do they have to go to GITMO to get an adrenochrome test? That passed should get reason to kill them immediately.

Gregg Nickens

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Bonkie 1

I always personally felt that simultaneously eliminating the deep state from both the bottom and the top would’ve been a very effective strategy. Meaning the ground minions, the everyday deep state laymen. There are more people at the bottom helping to keep deep state agenda flowing than there are at the top. If you eliminate the bottom the structure would most definitely fall flat on its face faster. While you’re taking out one or two at the top there are about 100,000 being trained, below the radar, to come up in the ranks and keep the deep state agenda going. But I could be wrong. Don’t mind me. 😩😩😩


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orange julius

At the beginning of the Super Bowl broadcast, they showed an energy weapon being used (probably in Hawaii). I hope the public is picking up these crumbs. I am not against them executing unruly prisoners. These enemies have no remorse.


There should be immediate justice for feral / dangerous prisoners. We should not be constrained to keep them alive at risk of the guards, janitors, and others dealing with them at Gitmo and other holding places. If they knew summary judgement was coming for their behavior, we wouldn’t have them taunting the guards.


Why not save us some money, time and effort and push these fatsos Winfrey and Fenton off a fantail of a ship and feed them to the sharks since Fenton wanted to feed natives to the sharks? There is plenty of Winfrey and Fenton to go around that sharks should have a heyday of a feed. Simple, short and to the point with no fuss or mess to contend with afterwards. Hope the sharks don’t get indigestion or poisoned from them.

Lucy Cwiklinski

Absolutely heartbreaking to read, those poor Hawaiians😔


And how long before they use it on another American town?


Have you forgotten Coffee Park, and Paradise? They are continuing to use it, and will till they are executed.


The fight goes on, Like a cornered animal these Demonic Entities are dangerous.

Gregg Nickens

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This is one of your better reports. Thank you. Remember, use your dictionary when reading, but not when righting. And when writing, avoid using words that you haven’t spoken without prompting during the last six months.

Dawn Swank

Thank you for the update and more detailed information of the tragedy which occurred in Maui, etc.and behind the scenes documentary of the ongoing development of how justice is an ongoing process. These demons need to go to the dry places for eternity.

Dr John

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Try keeping your posts to four sentences.


Rather he needs to dry up and go away. NO one wants that blowhard here. The poor thing is so desperate for attention all he does is cut-and-paste from books others have written.


Great to see MB is fully embracing his dishonesty, now writing himself into his tales of derring-do. Pretending you are actually part of the action. That’s truly going all in.

Kind of makes you wonder what it’s like when MB gets together with the family:

“Hey Mike, how you doing? It’s been a while. What are you up to these days?”

“Well, I write made-up conspiracy stories for old people, flat out lies to be frank, that distort their view of the world, and fill them with fear and anger. In return, they send me their Social Security money. I just got back from Hawaii. Can you believe it? Beats working!”

“Ah….yeah,….sure. Yeah, that’s good for you. Listen, I’m going to chat with Aunt Helen for a while. Se ya’.”

truth is stubborn

Sez you.

You haven’t disproven squat.

Jonathan Ray Carmona

Oh shut up you big idiot. You may write lies, but Michael is just doing what he can based on what he is given, told, and now being shown. People like you will look SO stupid once this all goes public as it eventually has to.




Your dr called and said it is time for your 10th booster…..OMICRON….an anagram (look it up snowflake) for MORONIC…..not only are they laughing at your lack of a brain but we are laughing at you as well……….too freaking funny


“It [the Deep State] refuses to die,” a JAG officer at MCBH told me.”… “The whole notion originally was that taking out the mains would collapse the entire house of cards, but it hasn’t played out that way.”

This was a difficult report to read, especially the above. My first takeaway was this DS “clean-up” isn’t going to be done by November. And it’s never going to be done if we don’t win the election. Of course they refuse to die — that was clear from the start of this mission. We have to hit them harder, where it hurts the most. We should try them in groups as much as possible. And we have to get our real POTUS re-elected. That is critical or this whole endeavor is done for.


All I see is a buoy


Thank you for this enlightening piece, it is horrifying what is happening, it doesn’t make me happy but these pieces of shit need to be dealt with and I pray all those dealing with them are all very strong, mentally, emotionally and physically.


When Government cheats, people choose to be indoctrinated. They only need a nudge to go to the dark side.


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Get outa here.

Ramona Lee

One last thing we must remember and never forget, THIS IS WAR.

Ramona Lee

I understand both sides of how to carry out the operation but it looks like the best route to ending this is to shoot them as they are captured and move on to the next. I don’t see how we’ve won anything at this pace.


The majority of the country is retarded and still controlled by the pedophiles on TV and the banks that own those pedophiles. Seems to me that those in control of the “white hats” are prioritizing the protection of those fragile retards as well as the banking system. Until there are public executions everything is still just a psyop being played on American debt-slaves by one group, or another.


It sounds and appears as if certain areas of the world are being destroyed along with their citizens in order to repurpose the land, Chile, Gaza, and Maui. Note that all are on water. 15 minute cities? Trillions of dollars of oil?
The QFS and asset backed money cannot come in fast enough in order to take away their financial incentive.

Last edited 2 months ago by Binks

Brief Synopsis (Christian21, Part20) by Leon Sinclair.
Long but very interesting,,,,



Anyone that’s a believer of reincarnation is not a source of spiritual truth. I stopped when I got to that part. Nothing more to be treated as credible. Yes it’s guilt by association – but I don’t care – guilt by association when someone reveals a core belief you know to be garbage – that’s the line you don’t cross that invalidates whatever other opinions you may push.

truth is stubborn

Welcome to the country in which freedom of belief is actually tolerated, and people can no longer burn heretics who dare to disagree with Their Unquestionable Infallible Truth at the stake. I’m sure a lot of people miss the good old days.


Link not working.


who cares?


Hi, Xena. Just re-tried it and it went through okay. Just copy and paste as is.

Gregg Nickens

I am making a good salary from home $6580-$7065/week , which is amazing under a year ago I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank God every day I was blessed with these instructions and now its my duty to pay it forward and share it with Everyone.
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I’m unsure, Michael, after re-reading your fascinating report for the third time, whether you are back home, or if you posted this story from Hawaii. Are you still there on site, collecting more stories for us? It’s certainly of interest to us to know more of what’s happening there, as the people of Maui deserve justice for the horrors and injustices they have suffered, and they deserve for everyone to get truthful answers to the ongoing mysteries of their missing children. Just curious if you’re continuing to gather more information on site, regarding more court procedings there.

I guess I originally assumed you are back at home. But others seem to assume you’re still away, and posting from there. Either way, we’re grateful to receive more insights into the ongoing saga of Maui, as they seek justice and resolution for the atrocities committed there out of pure evil and greed. I know you will do justice to their stories, and will ensure that it’s factual to the best of your ability. It’s probably the reason why they allowed you rare access to the procedings, as opposed to the usual highly biased, complicit, censored, and compromised, lying, Mainstream media. They’ve heard of your work, and trust that YOU will tell the truth, and treat the story with the respect it deserves. No deceptive Deep State “spin” or coverup. Your reputation and discretion have earned you the right to tell the real stories. The important ones. It’s also the reason your readers continue to multiply by leaps and bounds. People crave TRUTH in these rocky and deceptive times.


Lovely post. God-fearing people crave the truth. Demon-led, money-craving people despise the truth. Truth is our weapon, lies are theirs. We see that even here.


pedoooooooooos also despise the truth. That is why they hate TRUMP

Carol B.

I had to read it 3 times too…….it took all my concentration power to comprehend this story and to stop every 2 minutes to look up a word there and then re-read the sentence over and over to tie in the meanings and the message of the sentence I got the word from………wow, glad to hear, but very deep wording for this 80 year old great-grandmother….


People who are in the know understand that this is a battle between good and evil. It’s truly biblical and people are going to understand that sooner rather than later. May God Bless You All.


Whats amusing is they don’t touch funding, which would be the achilles to stop the antics of the supposed Spy vs Spy bs. They just keep going after the low level trogs being obedient for pay.

Pork Wontons

It’s all being tracked especially so called “foreign aid”.


When you watch the movie NEFARIOUS & listen to Juan O Savin & Gene Decode etc. and go deep in the rabbit hole, you start to think that evil is SO advance on earth, that maybe the Rapture theory by our brothers & sisters from the Stars to get us freaking OUT of here and deal with evil in one BQQM Justice would be a lot much easier !!! We could finally go into the Light Chambers and be FREE AT LAST FROM THAT SHITTY MATRIX !! 🤩🙏💖


The Rapture is not a theory, my friend. It’s part of the Lord’s plan for salvation.


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Annette Payne

Thanks Michael. Your reports have been missed but glad you have been researching so you can give us first hand information. I do wish there was a way to get things done faster. I think we need a Putin to help us.


Lmao..drumpty won’t even tell the truth about 9/11 or vaccines.

You think he’s gonna let Putin help us?

Drumpty is much more scared of the satanic media than he is of you dying

Annette Payne

There is no way I think he would let Putin help us. And I in no way gave the slightest hint that he would. Do you read comments or just scan them?


Please, since you speak to some of those on the “war front”, tell these fine people not to dispair of ever getting to the end of these deep state parasites. I know it’s like wading through a very expansive field of cow shit – it stinks hugely. But I, we, need them to not lose hope or focus. If I could, I would come and help. And I really wish I could. There is an end to this. I know there is. And I need them to know, the depth of my appreciation and support for their efforts. Tell them that this American veteran has their back and that I am with them 100 percent, if only in spirit. And that when one of them is close to dispair, remind them that we all are here and are counting on them to find the will to keep going. We need them to keep fighting. For the children, for us, and for our world. You tell them this, for me. Please.

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This just puts a tear in me eye. You’ve said exactly what I would have. Thank You!💜 all for your service past and pressent.
Don’t give up and don’t give in, no matter how frustrating this all is.
Thank You Michael! You’re the best!


Michael, please tell them this for me too.

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Thank you for your service, KC!!!! I’m not a veteran but I wholeheartedly echo your sentiments!!!

Tony Engels

I kinda like the idea of these traitors wallowing in filth as they await their turn at justice. It seems fitting. if it takes awhile oh well! guess they shouldn’t have done the crime then…

Stop Chemtrails

Michael, your readers are thrilled to know you were invited to witness pre-trials in Hawaii – many thanks for this news.

Dear White Hats: If the cloning facilities are able to create exact replicas of these criminals, just freeze more military bank accounts and stop the flow of funding.


Lmao ..u people are functionally retarded.

The satanists control the global banking system no different than the media.


ht tps://www.wionews.com/world/brutal-murder-world-reacts-to-reports-of-kremlin-critic-alexei-navalnys-death-690970

truth is stubborn

Like to hope it’s not true, but we don’t know if they believed he had secret deals with DS people in the West somehow.

Ironically, all the talking heads who will screech the loudest are the same ones trying to put Trump in prison on scam charges and hoping he’d “accidentally” die there too.


Firefight in Parliamernt!
ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVE0C9epWv8

Pork Wontons

It’s astounding that the alphabet agencies contain so many unconscionable people that will sell out their fellow countrymen for a government salary, benefits, and pension.

Partial list revised to match their true agendas:

FEMA = Federal Executives of Murder and Asset seizure
CPS = Child Procurement Services
NIH = National Institute of Havoc
FBI = Federal Bullies and Insurrectionists
CIA = Covert Instigators of Anarchy




If there were any doubt about the guilt of an enemy combatant I could understand the point of a trial or hearing, but when you know they are guilty and even in the act of treason, crimes against humanity, adreanochrome harvesting, child trafficking etc, why take prisoners? Stop playing around with these serpents when it’s to go ‘full auto’ and take them out! This is war! Right?


Putin 2.0 says the same.


Thursday, February 15, 2024
Remember — No Act of Legislation
By Anna Von Reitz
Remember— no act of legislation applies to the General Public. It only applies to public officials, public employees, and their dependents.
Also remember that they have falsely registered us all as British Territorial U.S. Citizens as babies using unconscionable registration contracts foisted off on your Mothers— that you have to become aware of and refuse in order to recoup your status as a member of the American General Public.
Go to: TheAmericanStatesAssembly.org  to learn more.

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Raul Redero

Ya sabemos que la justicia está de un solo lado para perseguir patriotas y personas decentes los delincuentes tienen más derechos que las personas de bien tengo esperanzas que esto pueda cambiar


Si, tiene que cambiar, y pronto.

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Charlotte Cain

He deserves his own fate. Shark bait.

J Bill

i love all the new names which magically appeared right after mr bater returned.