Biden “Black Hats” Switch Sides, Ask Gen. Smith for Mercy


A U.S. Army colonel who pledged allegiance to illegitimate pResident Joseph Biden in 2021 is now repentant and asking White Hat leadership to forgive his indiscretion, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

On May 17, Colonel Ryan Kendall, commander of the 12th Aviation Brigade, Katterbach Kaserne, Germany, sent a handwritten letter to General Smith expressing regret for acknowledging Biden’s legitimacy and supporting what he now calls an unlawful dominion. Kendall, who graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1999 and later served in Iraq and Afghanistan, wrote that the late Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley had pressured and “bullied” him into calling Trump an insurrectionist and commanding him to ensure his subordinates understood that Biden had won the 2020 election fairly. His most recent orders, he went on, staunchly convinced him that the Biden regime was mustering loyalists for a future war against American citizens.

Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks, Kendall wrote, had recently issued immoral and unconstitutional orders he could not in good conscience obey. They included the phrase “against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” and instructed him to institute training regimens that involved deploying attack helicopters in densely populated urban environments. “Remember, President Biden is commander-in-chief, and we prepare for various situations. You could be recalled stateside at any time,” Hicks said in her “orders.”

In his letter to Gen. Smith, Col. Kendall lamented his misjudgment and said he had shared Hicks’ orders with senior staff and pilots on active flight status, informing them he was abandoning his support of the Biden administration and instead endorsing the lawful commander-in-chief, Donald Trump, and the military commanders he had sanctioned to drain the swamp. Kendall’s correspondence was footnoted with 35 other officers’ signatures, including 1st Battalion, 3rd Aviation Regiment commander Jeffrey B. Meinders.

“My future is in your and President Trump’s hands. I deeply regret neglecting my oath. I, and this military installation and its assets, are at your disposal,” Kendall closed the letter.

Our source said: “The implication is as plain as the nose on your face: They’re planning to steal the election, and Hicks is illegally ordering the regime’s Black Hats (military loyal to Biden and Obama) to prep for an attack on patriots and White Hats who’ll work to block Biden’s installation. In the past, Col. Kendall made poor choices, but Gen. Smith feels he deserves a second chance. I don’t know if Trump’s been informed.”

In closing, our source said Gen. Smith carefully weighs the Deep State’s prodigious threats, even if some are pipedreams or folly. “If they bring the war to the streets, they’ll get a war they can’t possibly fathom,” he said.

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They all need to be removed and replaced.
Remember when Obama got elected? He replaced over 200 generals in his first term.
Trump should have done the same thing.
If these Generals were complicit in the mass vaccinations of our military members the should be tried for treason at a minimum.

Robert Dukes

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Be careful Gen. Smith. This is could be subterfuge on the part of the Pentagon. Put these “black hats” to a test of loyalty.


Listen to President Trump’s “Snake” poem again, before you take in the Black Hats. This is STILL Warfare. 👀🐍🌟🤺🦅💨👣🙏 The nature of the beast…

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Robert Dukes

Hi Everyone,I Need Some People

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No Mercy! Begging reveals double-mindedness, unprofessional soldiers and leadership. Surrender to Justice, despite the outcome is more honorable and trust-worthy. (“A doubled-minded man is unstable in all his ways.” – James 1:8 NIV) 🙏👀


forgiveness precludes mercy; mercy precludes JUSTICE. Never compromise with a known enemy. Justice must be served or chaos reigns.


I just can not understand why day in and day out Micheal allowed all these BS make quick money spams to advertise on his site? The only likely answer is he has a part in it, some kind of kickbacks maybe.


Who can know for sure the reports reflect absolute truth? Can we know motives when it’s said someone ‘deserves a second chance. We are in a war and strategic moves are sure to be used.

Recently Schwab was reportedly arrested, yet another source said he was put to death two years ago. Maybe same story different time. Maybe same event reported 2 years later or maybe one is true the other just is not.

Mi ke

Don’t know, but what is disconcerting is that it was reported Bill Barr was done in due to treason, but now we have Bill Barr endorsing Trump and the original Q post referring to the B2 bomber (bill barr=B2)are coming back into play. The point may be disinformation on two fronts because the deep state also reads the Q boards.


Arrest him & everybody else that signed that paper. You cannot risk Infiltration

Mi ke

No. You assign them a task. If the deep staters are warned before the task, then you have a mole. We all wake up at different incidents. Maybe these illegal orders were what did it for him, and his convo with subordinates could have swayed them as well. Or MAYBE, some of his subordinates were white hats all along sharing info to the white hats, and they’ll be able to keep tabs on all who signed the letter

Shirley Anne

Hopefully General Smith will contact President Trump to get his feedback on this.

Taylor Young

Google is a treasonous organization. They are being exposed as I type this.

Mark David

It’s not like COL Kendall did this Black Hat thing for a short time. He was a Black Hat since 2020 !!! That’s a LONG TIME even for a Traitor. I would like to hear about his sentence in the next report. He can be the Poster Child for what you shouldn’t do to your Country. I lost several friends in the Army due to the Pentagon DARPA Bio-Weapon shots, and I’m sure that Kendall ordered many of those in his unit to get the shots as well. Kendall should be tested to see if he has anti-bodies from the “vax” shots. If he didn’t get the shots, he should get the ROPE, ASAP.
BTW, I wonder if any weasels with Stars got by without getting their shots, while ORDERING their subordinates to get them. That could be a large group of people to hang. I’ll bet that quite a few weasels with Stars missed getting those shots. Oh well, I’m sure we’ll learn more about how well the weasels with Stars protected their Soldiers. So disappointing when looking at the Big Picture.

Last edited 30 days ago by Mark David

Oh dear, I’m so sorry to hear about your friends,,,,,,,,,,,,,, these JABS are such a horror, and being MANDATED was absolutely EVIL! That’s why Ivan Raiklin has a force of 6,800 that all got escorted out since they refused the jab, On top of that, he’s got over 80,000 others that families have been damaged by that damn JAB. It’s heartbreaking. Maybe you already know about Ivan and what he’s doing? If not, I think you would find it quite refreshing to see what he is doing to hold them all accountable. He traveled with General Flynn, meeting people all across America and talking about the Flynn Movie. He sits in on all of the Congressional hearings that relate to it all and he’s got a HIT LIST of everyone that HE WILL HOLD ACCOUNTABLE. And, yes, he’s an Attorney. But, most importantly, he was a Green Beret for like 20 or 25 years………….. then told to leave when he refused the JAB. God Bless you Mark David and thank you for your service.


And we all have our own hit lists of those doctors AND nurses that need to be held accountable!!!

Afshin Nejat

It’s too bad that people refuse to listen until it is long past too late.

bob l

What do you think if Trump would have said it in public? Refuse and he would have been discredited by the MSM and 3/4th of the public. Think.

bob l

People need to blame the ConVid makers and those who approved it, not those tricked.

Be very lucky we got Warp Speed in place. Clearly not a single one of you know what would have happened if it was NOT signed! You only look at the signing – BUT YOU NEED to know what would have happened IF IT WAS NOT SIGNED!

Learn what the other side of the coin is before anyone blames Warp Speed for everything. Your lack of knowledge on this signing, is just a careless as running into getting the jab, without researching it.

Bob L

>> I’m 100% positive that once this Colonel Traitor and and his upper operational Treasonous staff are named, I for one will piss on their graves as a fellow war vet. I’m sure all Red Hats and true American Patriots will do the same for their Knowingly treasonous actions.

NEVER FORGET – they ALL were given a chance to step down and come to the Patriot side years ago scot free! But they all KNOWINGLY REFUSED and taken the side of the Deep State, to continue their harming of our children and babies!

I’m 99.9% positive their missions were to harbour the trafficking of babies and children throughout their region! Germany is a top 5 country of harm 1,000s of children per month!

You know, in the US alone, 800,000+ US children “disappear” into the Deep State hideouts per year; never to be seen again! Get It? Over 3 million children “disappear” around the world, so anyone who supports their fake plea are just as evil as Deep State. They hear the door dropping for the Deep State crimes they were protecting…

They are moved thru military protected hideouts! Their mercy is only because their walls closed up on them to continue their operation for the Deep State.

NO MERCY. Only if they remove 100% of every person and location they knowing protected and harboured Deep State around the world. Want honor Col Treason? Run head-on 1st to remove those you knowingly supported in the Deep State, and all they control.

Bob L

NOTE – I’m only referring to pissing on the Treasonous Colonel Deep State Kendall and his Treasonous Operational War Room Officers graves, only under his command! Not the lower, clueless military personnel.

As a War Vet, thats what they deserve for their dishonor actions, of refusing to accept the White Hat offering over 7 years ago to stand down – but NEVER FORGET – they ALL knowingly REFUSED to stop supporting their Deep State masters orders to do harm to children, and supporting the NWO to overthrow the US and all earths loving souls.

This treasonous Colonel and upper staff used their military powers and equipment TO DIRECTLY HARM AND DESTROY EACH US PERSON AND WORLD CITIZEN! No Mercy!

Are you really “sure” they deserve mercy and forgiveness – when they used all the best military equipment and powers to destroy each every American baby and child, and those innocence throughout the world? If you think they deserve mercy, you truly are not a Patriot. They tried to overthrow the US and in prison or end each of your lives!

Understand the level of evil this Colonel and staff are Treasonous to our lives?



Linda Hutchison

I ALSO did not realize they had been offered a chance to stand down earlier. It has cost time, money, and lives when they stood AS A GROUP and refused.

Dave Kelly


Afshin Nejat

You’re not wrong about the insanity of Operation Warped Sheep and that President Trump pushed that damn operation. Alex Jones was even bemoaning it, and he’s a CIA/Mossad turnkey gatekeeper shill.

bob l

What would have happened if Trump did NOT sign it? Clearly you have zero knowledge of the other side of the coin and what would have happened. Many times worst. Learn truth and research yourself, and stop the parioting.


When President Trump announced warp speed it wasn’t what you think it is. Besides when Trump was president when the jabs first came out they were given placebo shots or ivermectin or another type of vaccine hydrochoraquin how ever you spell it.. And when Trump transferred the power to the military the deep state with the help of the big pharma changed the shots to the deadly jabs. It wasn’t Trump. The warp speed ment the virus was the deep staters and the shots were the military arrests of the deep states. It’s the cabals behind the fake Biden regime that changed the shots to the biological weapons and the governors mandated them .


👍💥There is no Justice when Mercy is the only factor in the equation -> accountability provides the answer to Mercy.

Last edited 23 days ago by cal

The deep state wasn’t ready to come out with the biological shots they were going to do it differently but Trump forced their hands to do it early when they weren’t actually ready for it. Had they been ready the shots would have been kill shots instead of shots that kill people slowly so their hands were forced to put out what they already had ready. So it was good that Trump did what he did or a multitudes of people lots more would perish. The people had lots of information saying the shots were not safe and was deadly. People stood in line for those jabs while those on the sidelines begged them not to take them but they were blowed off. My neighbor came out of her house early one morning and see well I’m headed out to get my vaccine. I tried to tell her not to take them begged her not to, told her it would change her DNA structure and that it was a biological weapon. She blew me off and said well I’m gonna go. She has had all of her shots and 5 boosters. So how do you explain that? Lot of people took them willingly some for doughnuts, some for lottery tickets some on car raffles lot of sheeples took the jabs even while they were being warned Not to.. can’t blame Trump..


There is a man, Ivan Raiklin, a Green Beret, now retired from the Military due to NOT allowing them to jab him. He, along with 6,800 others were FIRED for not complying………… meanwhile. he’s got another 80,000 military ready to back it all up, due to the damage the JAB did to them or their families……. HE’s on Rumble and he’s on “X”. He is also an Attorney and was traveling with General Mike Flynn, explaining the entire WEB of corruption. He’s a true Patriot and will be taking part in the MASS arrests of the criminals, along with all of those others who were thrown out by Lloyd Austin. God Bless you thank you for your service. I think you would find some comfort in following Ivan’s journey!

Bob L

Great but beware of Flynn. My understanding he is not who you think he is, and why Trump banned him from his property long ago! People are not always as you think… Research Flynn! He became who he is within the Deep State and elevated in rank under Obama, Clinton, Bush – who we know are evil.

Evil will not allow any “Good hat” move up and inside their chain, surrounded by evil doing harm to our children, if he wasn’t one of them. If you research, you will find Flynns name at several HRC gatherings, if you know what I mean. One he was named as part of a HRC cleanup crew and in attendance, in a deposition, where his name was redacted. But if you look at it, the letters equal his rank and name.

Believe who you think is good, but never ever 100% trust anyone. He ran to tell Trump yes, but either was a plant, or trying to save his own skin at the tipoff. But after review, he was involved in crimes of the worst kind – which their is no saving, and why Trump and company distanced himself from him for years now.

There is also a more recent storyline of his secret direct payments he and his son were receiving they were in secret.

Linda Hutchison

How was Michael Flynn being approved under Obama??? Do you NOT recall that he was about to be sent to PRISON until Sydney Powell took his case? They financially RUINED HIM! I am.NOT so sure about his Navy brother, though.


Look what happened to Seth Rich and those who didn’t “go along” with the cold viper(s) -> 👀🥺 Trojan Horses also still exist…

bob l

Be very careful who you believe. If Flynn was so great, why isn’t he going after our children, but building a Convid army to side with him? Just doesn’t make any sense to not chase the worst of the worst, but be the leader of a civilian jab, who can easily be tricked… Knowledge reveals things we don’t want to face and being a tricked fool…

Bob L

correction – flynns’s = alledgedly. Everyone is innocent, including me, until proven gulity, and I meant no harm stating he nor anyone was Guilty of any crime, nor witnessed anything. I was wrong and misspoke.

I have no proof what I stated is factual and is a story I remember reading years ago I recalled. My Comments are Not Factually based and sometimes wrong. We all know his family is faith based, and we know that he is not on the wrong side of God.

We know each of us is doing all he can to remove the Deep State and gather knowledge, real or fake, and the massive 8+ Billion strong souls pot of deception is being sturd, as a tornado storm cloud blasting over all of us all. I was mistaken, as we all are trying to recover the daze we all are in during this tourmail world we live in today.

Blessings of God Shine Upon this family and everyone, as we continue our combined fight for our children. After the dust settles when all this is over, we will cheer of joy together we removed evil and saved our worlds children.

Thats what this is about, and we let the JAG do their job. We have no time to blame anyone, as no one knows truth, so sorry to everyone.

Dave Kelly


bob l

No Fear as truth always wins in the end. CYA against evil who has tricked and still is tricking followers. Nothing is as you seem.


I am still watching and waiting, the truth seems to be hidden on Flynn…. this Psyop stuff really sucks!!


Totally agree with you re Flynn…👍💥

Linda Hutchison

I did NOT realize that they had been involved in TRAFFICKING and CONCEALING TRAFFICKED CHILDREN! if this is TRUE, then try them for THAT and follow up accordingly. If the WORST things these folks did was support president Biden and have now turned WAY from that, then they should have their rank stripped: not PATRIOT enough OR smart enough OR ethical enough to.hold command at that level!


Check the shirt pattern




👍💥💖 <- 👀🐍🤺🌟🦅💨🙏👣


There are 21 million Veterans 14 million are ready to locked and loaded right now. I dare Deep State to start crap.

Nukken Futz

And I am one of them……

bob l

You all will be needed, but it will be to clean your own cities and communities of the evil and these criminals running your local communities. Remember, follow the laws and let the new justice laws coming do to your cleanup of evil.

Last edited 21 days ago by bob l

No. No mercy. Hang the traitors.


Col. Ryan Kendall should be given the opportunity to have his forgiveness after his hanging. Not before.

Bob L

>> To the entire Colonel Treasonious and his entire Complaint staff in Germany – TRAITORS! No other words can express reality of what you did while in uniform. Your are required to face GITMO court – PERIOD!

BUT – what can you do Colonel Ryan Kendall? Your treason and cowardness shows as you begging on your knees to General Smith – and asking on your KNEES, if you can pull down Gen Smiths zipper, and lick is member hey – While still in uniform yet? Like you call yourself a MAN you treasonious SOB! I’m a War Vet you traitor, and you earned your bars by also getting on your knees to gain rank hey, and earning your bars? Traitor!

Now your operational staff all also are Traitors, who also deserve a trip to GITMO for the rest of your life, or face the dropping floor! Nothing else can be expected, and NO – I WAS ONLY FOLLOWING ORDERS IS NOT A DEFENSE!

We all know you were given the opportunity years ago to Flip to the White Hats, but your FAILED to do so! Thats 100% proves you sir were a evil satanist, who took a dump on the US flag and your county, and your worthless oath! We know what the outcome is for you, and your subordinates now don’t we?

Now if in fact you want to “Flip” to the White Hats Col Treason, you have a chance, but you will still be tried in court for your betrayals in all your oaths. If you want honor, here’s what you do:

1 – You and your staff place your very physical lives on the front lines and personally attack each location your operations supported for the Deep State. You have all drop locations, transferring of equipment and supplies, and know each enterance. You know each specific airfield, call signs, weapons depots, and more importantly, you have EACH OF THEIR PERSONNEL CONTACTS, call signs and NAMES! You know every detail, down to how to contact each person who called or you called, and their names. Cough them up, make meeting arrangements, and dispose of them or capture them, and hand the over to the White Hats. Regardless of their rank or gov position, YOU MUST DO THIS.

2 – You must give 100% everything to General Smith and give complete operational briefings to his staff. If you want to become “Honorable” again, you and your entire staff needs to stay in place, not rotate out, but stay in place for the duration. Any movement out by your staff, shows they are dodging and trying to run away from your crimes! Stay in place sir!

3 – You sir, MUST DESTROY every location so they become unoperatable! This includes every communication site, transportation hub, and hand over all communication devices for White Hats to ease their communication interceptions.

4 – Your staff must place their very lives in the front lines of your known Deep State connections you harboured and supported that hurt or killed innocent children, women and civilians. You must prove you are willing to die as a Hero, and not beg for your life on your knees, while pulling down the pants of White Hats.

5 – All your fellow supporting military bases and outputs who you supported and gave comfort, must be exposed to General Smith. When ordered, you must meet with those leaders controlling those locations, and you must either end their lives, or capture them and turn them over to General Smith – PERIOD! Your honor will be removing all the very top of who you worked with as your treasonous actions over the last years.

6 – What specifically did you do illegally in your “1st Chance”? Did you harm children and help support the harming of the Adreno taken from children, as they were trafficked for adult themed playthings? Did you habour and transfer traffickers all around the world? Did you move around children and babies to the traffickers in your position of authority? What specifically did you do wrong in the 1st place, since you were on your knees, unzipping General Smiths pants to beg for a 2nd chance?

If you are unwilling to physically place your lives in harms way to remove all the harm you supported, you all deserve no mercy period; and we all know what them means. Dishonor to your families name, and known in history as Traitors of the worst kind to our nation.

Either way, we all know you were given the choice years ago to stop with supporting the Deep State evil, or come over to the real side of America. You all 100% knowingly chosen to take a dump on our American flag, and your oath, and now you want to come crawling on your knees to unzip General Smiths pants, and beg for your lives? What about all the innocent lives you taken as they begged for their lives? You think you and your families lives are more precious then anyone elses? You deserve no mercy – but if you completely remove 100% of every contact you know providing support of Deep State, then maybe life inside a cell in GITMO is fitting. OTherwise NO!

Imagine how your families will feel once they learn of your treason? Will you man up and give 1000% more and place your life to help rid this nation of evil, or will try and make up your family names by doing the honorable thing.

I can’t imagine having a spineless soul and taken a treasonous oath, each of you and your staff as they look themselves in the mirror. What do you see as you look? TRAITOR of the worst kind! Taking a dump on our US Flag and all thats good in our hearts and souls.

Be a man Colonel Traitor and your staff, and be that 1st group rushing to remove as many Deep State secret locations that you and where them, and all the traitor leaders of each location as you can, to help reverse all the harm you did. Thats the ONLY “HONORBALE” thing you do to SHOW you really want a 2nd chance. Maybe GITMO will have mercy on you all, and give you life inside a GITMO jail cell, or the honorable thing of a rope around your necks.

TIME TO JUMP ON THAT SWORD TO SAVE YOUR HONOR TRAITORS for your TREASONOUS ACTIONS you lowlife scums, and all the harm you all did to tahe countless victims lives you taken, at your hands, orders, actions, and knowingly did each – with malice and revenge. TRAITORS!

bob l

Blessings to you Col Smith, Col Berger and Mr Baxter.

I’m glad I could maybe have opened your eyes alittle more on not taking a single Black Hat/Biden military unit and becoming repentent overnight, after all the harm they may have did when they 100% decided to back Biden and not Trump.

Some of my sentences weren’t grammerly correct, but I wrote that all on the spur of the moment, not re-reading, but glad you and your staff got my drift.

With the 6 things stated, I wanted to ensure you get every drop of Black Hat intel as possible to use and find all our traitors in uniform, and around the world involved, in exchange for any consideration of crossing back over to the White Hat. We know they have always had a rogue element in uniform, doing the WHO, NATO, and evil things upon our world and children. Also many mercinaries and private evil bodies, who needed the support of secret military units.

Too, it was by Gods hands what you wrote on this 1st Unit wanted repent, and I replied what I did BEFORE the mass Biden defectors a few days later. The 100s of units walking away from Biden to Trump. Who knows how many more evil individuals are in this package of Black Hats, and trying to hide their crimes.

Hopefully my statement helped to gear you up for the masses that came a few days later, so you can get all of their intel and debriefings on what they did to support the evil, that you and the White Hats have been fighting. Surely you know all the evil wanted to come back, posing as a good guy, to hide their crimes, and reestablish their crimes back into our communities, or hide their identities for the crimes they knowledgeing harboured and commited. Surely, soldiers in the field heard stories of children from someone else, and we need to know who said what.

Suggestion – What you could do is assigned a “White Hat Sister Base” to each single defectoring Unit, and have them sweep and gather intel of the crimes they did, so it lightens your load a bit. Having a White Hat base moving in on the Black Hats unit and doing the digging of your work, can be beneficial. You could also have a 2nd White Base review what the 1st White Hat unit found, as a double check, and then can be verified 2x for any commissions and trial.

By getting all these defecting units Deep State/Black Hat intel and 100% everything they did in the past, will link everything together. It will show a “pattern” of a person(s) using all the different units and locations, as they committed all the most evil crimes upon humanity.

If anyone lies to the White Hats and tried to trick them in “forgetting” to tell any of the crimes or people they were involved with that they know, or heard, well, immediate dropping of the floor. If that 2nd person provides evidence of them being involved, and they didn’t report it, well, they were trying to trick you and subverting the justice they deserve.

If you ever need anything, I am always here to help, as I’ve been up on this for almost 40 years. Us old timers in this fight all get old, no longer able to help anymore, and all that knowledge gets lost of all this. Too Gen Smith and Gen Berger, with changing of the guard every few years at the top, things get lost over time of what the previous position holder did. So it needs old timer’s who still is in the fight, that has knowledge that few others have from back then that we heard.

I read someone said I’ve been in this since 2015, but they have zero history of knowledge before that. Youngsters are great to carry some of the new knowledge, but its only limited; vs. those that have been in this before the computer and internet came about… Most only started to learn after 2020 and ConVid, but atleast they are starting to wake up today. Its us old timers who remember what happened in the past that gets forgotten.

Blessings again to you all and your entire staff, and you can find me, if you wish.

bob l


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Proudly Unaffiliated

Seems like Gen. Smith has made a reasonable decision wrt Col. Kendall and, presumably, the other signatories on the letter. Now, as for Kathleen Hicks, she should be tried as an enemy combatant and be hanged for her treason.

Bob L

But so should Col. Kendall and stall ALL need to be tried for Treason. Keep in mind, all officers were offically given the opportunity to flip to the White Hats years ago, and they all refused! You can not ever forget Treason and their oath. Question is what Crimes were Col Treasonous Col and staff supporting? Harvesting of babies and children? Germany is top 5 nation of kidnapping and harming our children, and the Deep State military help protect and traffick these children… NO DEALS – unless they wipe out all their Deep State outposts and secret locations, plus all the leaders in those forward locations to do harm to our children.

P. E. Hunter

How did you know they had an opportunity to flip to the White Hats? Was it in the news or your intuition? I knew from 2015 forward that Trump was a great leader who could win and would help us get out of this situation that JFK warned us about but was then killed and we stayed in it. I wrote this into top newspapers in 2015 to let others know what I believed about Trump. One can look at a situation and see the clear path to take. I still stand by what I wrote about Trump in 2015 ~

“Citizens are sick and tired of the way things have gone- left and right. We see Trump’s achievements in the real world and his life’s accomplishments and they have much more value than hollow rhetoric. Why? Last time we chose a president who had no real worldly accomplishments, only classroom idealism, dreams of his Marxist father, and unrealism, and it didn’t work.

Getting things done is about communicating, negotiating, and intention and it is what Trump has done in spades. He will get a job done because he has no back-off on negotiating with heads of State, Congress, citizens, and whoever is necessary to make things happen each step of the way. He will hire the best people and fire them if they can’t produce- no cronyism. Even the way he’s running his campaign is a great example of what he can get done. He is thinking outside the box because thinking in the box no longer works.

There’s another bonus to electing Trump. Some people say he has an ‘ego’ (every great person does) and because of that self-confidence, he will accomplish whatever he sets out to do to make America great. It’s the knowledge and certainty that one CAN do a thing that is more than half the battle to accomplishing it. It’s Gold Medal winner certainty.”


Yes, I agree 100% about President Trump. But, JFK was not killed…… he’s lived in seclusion for all these years, raised his children and now his children and President Trump have ALL OF THE TRUMP CARDS and are cleaning house……… it’s just a long and DEEP process. So many horrible people that do heinous atrocities on a daily basis…….

Dave Kelly




Dave Kelly



Sorry Pal, you made your bed… you’re now a traitor! I would expect no quarters given!
Kendall does NOT deserve another opportunity, regardless of what General Smith thinks! If he does give Kendall the chance, I would question the Good General’s integrity!

Last edited 1 month ago by SeaDog
Dave Kelly


bob l

Not true as you spew the deep state talking points. Do you know what would have happened without Warp Speed? Of course not. Betcha Dave, you fell for the jab, and sorry about you being a brainwashed sheeple. You really think everyone knew it was fake, when like 75% of the population fell for it? The lack of knowledge can be deadly…

Rex Creel

I m m­a­k­i­n­g o­v­e­r $13-k a m­o­n­t­h w­o­r­k­i­n­g p­a­r­t t­i­m­e. I k­e­p­t h­e­a­r­i­n­g o­t­h­e­r p­e­o­p­l­e t­e­l­l m­e h­o­w m­u­c­h m­o­n­e­y t­h­e­y c­a­n m­a­k­e o­n­l­i­n­e s­o I d­e­c­i­d­e­d t­o l­o­o­k i­n­t­o i­t. W­e­l­l, i­t w­a­s a­l­l t­r­­u­e a­n­d h­a­s t­o­t­a­l­l­y c­h­a­n­g­e­d m­y l­i­f­e………………………. 𝗪𝘄𝘄.Payathome9.𝐂𝐨𝐦

Last edited 1 month ago by Rex Creel
George Greenfield

“Behind every blade of grass is a gun”
Thank you MB for this inspiring news!
WH’s keep up the great work and watch your backs !

roger that

“Behind every blade of grass is a gun”
Yamamoto (With ammo, Yamo)


What we do today matters the most. Once the truth is clear. War is obsolete. Judge the corruption being exposed everyday. It’s not slowing down. It’s not stopping. Nothing can stop what is coming. 2012 was the end of the old.


“,,, ‘they” know not their Time, and “they” shall pass.”

,,,tic ,,, tic ,,; ti

Dave Kelly


bob l

Where were you years ago to help? I didn’t hear you standing up in 2020 and complaining. Bitter because you fell for it and have to blame everyone else? Egotistic hey?

Renate Kloefkorn

Boy oh boy the hate in these comments are immense. Dear Michael Baxter, do not read them. If our country is as divided as this chat is, God help us. It doesn’t surprise me anymore that this country has become such a shit hole with people in here , who show their true HATE for the USA. ALL I CAN SAY, IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT HERE, LEAVE.


Lol you dont have to warn him, he doesn’t read them anyway


This is a war, dear. Haven’t you noticed it yet?
Everybody has access to this site: good and bad people.

Bonkie 1

Interesting. Attempt to infiltrate maybe ? Who knows. I trust Gen Smith and the White hats to make the best judgement.

Minute Man

Did my post just disappear?

Lorenz Manner

Attention. Don’t be in a rush. Don’t fall in the trap. Verify everything before taking a decision. It looks like a trap.


Don’t know that I would trust him. Could very well be a plant to spy on the White Hats claiming to have seen the light. He’s a traitor … off to GITMO he goes.

No thank you

Hang his ass I’m sick of these fuckers thinking that they can go ahead and do whatever the fuck they want cuz they’re the head of the military. You should have thought back earlier.






Oh we are having mercy on these traders now?


Believe you mean “traitors” and not “traders” trading goods.


Yes, they are traders — trading their insider information about the DS to the WHs in exchange for their lives.

Richard Ludwig

i hope general smith does NOT show any mercy!!

J Will

i hope he shows some mercy

Minute Man

Yes it would

Rex Creel

I pray these words are true. To sit back and wait on a fabricated story to materialize would be unbearable.

J Will

so true, rex…it would take a front runner to do something this unbearable

Last edited 1 month ago by J Will

Y’all have borne it for the past 7 years, what’s a few more decades 🤷‍♂️

John .S

Today is ‘Torment Liberal Day’ in Park Slope Bklyn. Love inciting them wearing Maga Cap. They will be out in force [Shark Frenzy] via DJT Bronx rally.

Have to wear long sleeve shirt, I get a rash from libtarts, simular to poison-ivy.


I know that itch well!! It’s the LIBTÆRD §cratch Fever!!🤒😫😩😕😪🙃

John .S

See my vid, read pinned comment.

J Will

you two need to jack each other off and see who gets a rash

John .S

Are you one of those ‘Frustrated Karens’ I referenced in comment section of my Mayhem vid?


Maybe it’s vax seeping out. Libs are the ones who waited in long lines to get themselves and their kids vaxxed.

Sue Grantham

“If they bring the war to the streets, they’ll get a war they can’t possibly fathom,” he said.
He is 100% right. Citizens outnumber military and are trained and armed.

Minute Man

But how many will stand up and fight for liberty?

J Will


Dave Kelly


J Will



Remember what Q said? We are watching a movie. Enjoy the show. Try to relax. TRUST THE PLAN. The military is the only option. WE ALREADY WON. People can’t be told, but they have to be brought to the precipice…


“The military is the only option.”

What happened to Almighty God in all this? WAKE UP MAN and blow the dust off your Bible, if you even have one!

Minute Man

I think God would tell us to defend ourselves against Evil.

John .S

Doing new automobile window writings today “in your honor”, check for today’s vid in a few hours, anticipate by noon EST.

J Will

welp, they already won. no need to have this website running anymore. shut down the donations

Minute Man

I don’t think we can trust the plan. We must be prepared to do it ourselves if we must. We don’t know these stories are true. Wish I knew for sure they were.

J Will

you should get started today, just in case

Dave Kelly



Remember what Q said recently:


Stay the Course while we’re moving the goal posts..

Dave Kelly


Karen B

Not to do with this article, but did you all catch President Trump speaking to a vigorous crowd in the Bronx on Thursday? Right Side Broadcasting & also Youtube, of all places🤔had a nice clear picture of that speech. He was great and the crowd swallowed him up; showing great support and love. 🤗🇺🇸💘

J Will

they swallowed him?


you swallowed your boy friend.




Your gross

Dave Kelly


Ken T.

You are correct with your assessment Gen. Smith, IMHO.

J Will

thanks ken. i’m sure he cares


G will you just disappear!😶‍🌫️
You won’t be missed, I promise.



I hope you suffer

Dave Kelly



Like reading the comments well as many as I can miss a lot to

John .S

Myself miss Buck Fiden that was the best, he would run with Gift Card Joan storyline making people blush.

Plot twist, Joan [Red Hat] did Klaus Schwab, though not cruel and unusual punishment – just punishment.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, though whips and chains excite me.

Last edited 1 month ago by John .S
Dave Kelly


truth is stubborn

Just an evening MB post on Twitter/ for those without access:

RealRawNews @RealRawNews1

Dems are furious Trump has pulled a MASSIVE crowd in, of all places, the Bronx tonight.

6:15 PM · May 23, 2024 4,298 Views

John .S

Was contemplating going, have nearby parking privileges. Then off to the Pine Restaurant known as Frankie & Johnny’s. Nona’s Meatballs topped with Frankie’s Ragu, yeah baby. Best garlic bread in the Bronx.

Last edited 1 month ago by John .S

It was like taking a healthy dump in their front yard, and rubbing it in their face.


🇺🇸I hope they get a fair trade of information from him if they let him live.🇺🇸💪🏻


If they give these Traitors a second chance they’ll regroup somewhere down the line. No Traitor should be forgiven, they’re too dangerous. They know exactly what damage the Democrats/NWO have done, and what their “end” goal is… to destroy all who are loyal to President Trump. If not executed, then life in GITMO. This isn’t a game!

John .S

Put gift card Joan on Kendell retrieving info, doing the unimaginable, make him plea, though not for more.

Mark David

I pray for the unfortunate Soldiers that were forced to get any Covid jabs while under Kendall’s command. If this COL Kendall was behind Biden in 2021, you can just about guess that these Soldiers were vaxxed under SecDef Austin’s orders, and were not protected by their own commander COL Kendall. If Kendall was not vaxxed, which is easy to tell from his own blood being examined, he should get the ultimate punishment for his treason, and this includes Chain of Command Officers as well who did not protect their Soldiers. Would that include Major General David Francis, with Soldiers under his Command at Ft. Rucker during that period, and other United States Military Commanders throughout the US and world at that time?

Last edited 1 month ago by Mark David

They’re fine bro


I believe that the military had their own “vaccine”. It is NOT the same as the poison given to non military (US).

Michael R Davis

Yes, and VAX deaths among military personnel were grossly exaggerated by the FAKE Newsmedia following the ‘enjoy the show‘ script. Not a single person that I have known, family, friends, neighbors, for the past seven years, some in their 70s, 80s, 90s, has died from the VAX. Many were told they had covid, some suspected they had some bad effects from the VAX shot or Booster, but it was obvious they had the flu, many with very mild flu symptoms, still alive today.

No deaths in my large family at all over the past decade, some even apparently enjoying better health from the effects of the anti-VAX supplements we have been taking; id est Ivermectin, HCQ, Vit D3, zinc, Quercetin, EGCg, Selenium, etc. Thank you CIC Trump, Dr Carson, Dr Zelensky, many others for your sound medical advice.

Dave Kelly


bob l

No Dave – You heard wrong and spewing disinformation.


Michael, so happy for you that none of your friends & family were affected by the deathly vaxx, and not to belabor the horror, but you need to know that MOST of us have beloved family members & dearest friends who DIED, were MURDERED, by the fkn VAXX. How dare you start befuddling & belittling the facts & history of how terrible the COVID mandated vaxx was!!! Even Catholic priests & nuns & Deacons & church leaders & teachers were pushing the vax — even in choir practice!! If you openly expressed any kind of dissent, you were humiliated & ostracized on the spot, even in Florida, left friendless, rejected by any & all of your bully peers!! Screw you, TRAITOR!!!

J Will

you can believe in one hand and crap in the other and see which gets filled faster

Dave Kelly


Dave Kelly


bob l

Why do you shout in anger all the time? SIngle, live in mama’s basement?


it was only May 14th, 2024

Germany does not pass through MB lines often, but twice now, this same month, there it is/was, in this article Germany takes center stage, but/and on fourteenth, Germany was the starting place, centering/ending Ukraine

what started in Germany

Putin big grin face got the cover on that one

I’m sure head scratching black hats caught it right off, pondering the connection as soon as this Kendall story broke

how’d White Hats/Putin know all the details, schedule, what/where/who/how

who might have spilled all the beans stetting Putin up to look real pretty

stinger missiles Putin destroyed… they started in Germany

this side of 11/5, we’ll never know the clandestine business of getting those missiles very efficiently and most conveniently deep sixthed

but I cannot deny the fact that Kendall may have been in right place at right time on that one, we just do not know, that’s the problem trying to be Kendall’s armchair general… and/or being Kendall’s JAG tribunal… and/or trying to boss Smith and Trump around… all at same time, ya/we, just do not know, and to assuME we do know, well please leave me out of that one… when things start to look a bit cock-eyed, and I agree, this one does, us pawns, we need to error on the side of our ignorance, trust the General, trust Trump because both will always know a whole lot more than we do but there’s nothing wrong with scuttlebutting on the few pieces we are given throwing out question, and I’m sure Smith gets, even anticipated my(our) drift, he knows what is coming, and maybe that’s why he tossed us “Germany” on the fourteenth

and now it don’t matter if it was Kendall lining up the beans for Putin, this announcement puts Kendall in a whole lot deeper doo-doo with black hats

to be Q about it, this whole article is a rare “40,000”ft view, paints the big picture, and clearly states the PLAN is on track, begging us to “sit back”, “remain calm”, “enjoy the SHOW”

“biggest drop” 4 times in Q code… this MB article may well be biggest drop on RRN

SOON, I say SOON, 11/5 best day ever for America, a Trump promise



Truth Seeker

Neither do you, hypocrite.

J Will

neither do you



Dave Kelly



The black hats in the military forget that American’s are more heavily armed now than at any other time in history. And yes, they would get one hell of a battle from us and the good military. And there will be no mercy on the members of anitfa or blm. Or those university and college clowns who are backing a terrorist group. Or any other brainwashed far lefters.


You guys never shut up about your guns yet you sit here month after month after month just whining and doing nothing with them

truth is stubborn

Which is exactly what’s right for right now.

Minute Man

We need leadership


You forget that it important to know who to shoot and who not to shoot. I have been asked to stand down and just watch. This is not a war for the weapons I am familiar with. They do not want me to bring my ICBMs to this game.

Martin Boyd

I completely agree

Minute Man

Minute Man is down with that June

Dave Kelly



Viligence, Diligence, & Semper fi

” … and their own tongues will convict them.”
They shall be delivered into Your Hand’s.
Dharma was Witnessed, Kharma fullfills JUSTICE ~

Blessing’s upon The Loves of L I F E ~


A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. A traitor doesn’t switch sides either. ~Nak~

J Will

they’re bisexual though and Mr Bater is a pervert for outing them

~j will~


A person is a traitor based on something grievous they have done. It can not been undone. The penalty is death.


Back out coming soon.


It all starts in Chicago.

JN: It’s the end on Tues. 21 May 2024 – tided same day Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of World Economic Forum (WEF), announced his decision to step down from his executive role. Although that might not be absolutely correct beings as he reported to have been hanged at GITMO last month. But that ain’t true either. President Trump had ordered his plug to be removed from the life stabilizing machine.
The closure of the WEF marked the end of an era for the Cabals Global platform established in 1971 to make the World’s top Globalist leaders in control of the World’s global agenda. Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, had already Announced his plans to retire and the FDIC
chairman was also stepping down. These developments, along with the introduction of the “End the Fed” Bill and the passage of a Blockchain Bill, signal a shift in global economic and financial systems back to The People.


about time its coming. pride month is almsot here. i dont want to see that shit anymore.

Karen B

ditto that.🤦

J Will

you’re both going to see it and probably get turned on


You are an ignorant LUNATIC!!!


I honestly believe that after this year we will no longer have to see or hear about juneteenth.

Talion hell with there sexual fetishes. It’s disturbing


Did a gay person once date you and then you were unfairly jilted?


I hate you


He knows


More Judy Byington crap.

John .S

Predict before months end as last ‘leisurely opportunity’ people have to acquire an ‘inexpensive’ portable electric generator & acoutrements.

Last edited 1 month ago by John .S

bla bla blah bla BLAAAAAA



Truth Seeker

The significance of Jamie Dixon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase announcing his decision to retire now, confirms the imminent collapse of the western central banking system’s petro dollar/fiat economy. This also spells the end of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Reports I’ve read have stated that the Quantum Financial System, which is backed by precious metals, has been implemented. It will replace the the current petro-dollar economic system after the collapse of the western central banking system. The system is reported to be incorruptible. Elon Musk’s Star Link satellite system will be used to operate the Q.F.S.

Twenty-nine countries have already moved to the gold standard. The DS cabal has been buying up gold.

The move away from using federal reserve notes is in full swing. More and more businesses are refusing to accept cash/federal reserve notes.

Last edited 1 month ago by Truth Seeker

Off topic
I am getting ready for the month of JUNE.

John .S

Throwing a Juneteenth bash?

truth is stubborn

No harm in it if it’s what’s important to you.

John .S

When throwing my July 4th bash, teaching kids how to blow-up frogs, I tell them: “there’s no harm in it”.

The kids look forward to it, can’t let them down, it’s “important” to them.

One of the wives had a frogs leg blasted into her Bloody Mary saying: “what’s this?” responded “celery stalk” then she finished her cocktail.

Last edited 1 month ago by John .S

That is SICK & EVIL doing that to those precious little frogs! Get a life, dumb ass!

J Will



I’m wistfully reminiscing of simpler days when fake cop kneeled slightly on the neck of a drug addicted, dirtag stooge to foment libtard cities to destroy their owneighborhoods.


another thing, all of this destruction over taiwan.

deep state are nuts.

Mark David

It always goes back to the money. What do they want? They want more . . .

J Will