Marines Follow FEMA to Iowa Following Deadly Tornado Outbreak


An indefatigable Marine platoon that has spent the spring skirmishing with predatory FEMA agents raced to Iowa last night after a killer tornado tore through the town of Greenfield, obliterating homes and hurling cars hundreds of feet in the air. The twister destroyed much of Greenfield, population 2,000, before sliding east to Illinois and Wisconsin.

“You’ve heard of storm chasers. Well, we have FEMA chasers because where the storms go, FEMA follows,” a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News. “And they, FEMA, are relentless—we kick them out of one disaster area or kill them, and a few days later, a fresh bunch is at it again. FEMA has an almost admirable tenacity.”

White Hats, he added, have had considerable success cracking FEMA’s encrypted tactical radio frequencies, which has allowed them to track the fed’s movements and, in some cases, beat them to their destination or intercept them en route. According to our source, White Hats have engaged FEMA eight times since early April, excluding Saturday’s Special Forces raid on a FEMA office in Houston.

“We’ve had enough dealing with them to figure out their tactics,” our source said.

Once FEMA confirms that storm damage has occurred, it dispatches a preliminary damage assessment team to the location, whose job should be limited to evaluating destruction and providing provisions to those most seriously affected by natural disasters. Afterward, FEMA mobilizes disaster recovery teams, which can include thousands of employees and mobile command centers and hospitals.

This spring, the smaller damage assessment teams—typically 25-50 field agents—have misused FEMA’s resources in storm-struck communities. Instead of providing essential supplies like food and bandages, they have carried guns and vaccines, causing further distress to the affected communities.

“We’re aware of a couple in Oklahoma that lost their home. At a FEMA relief station, they were told to sit through a 30-minute video on the importance of staying current on boosters before FEMA would give them bottled water. We’re doing everything in our power to stop this,” our source said.

The Marines’ latest encounter with FEMA occurred around midnight on Highway 25 just north of Greenfield. When a Marine Humvee pulled alongside a FEMA-marked SUV with government plates, the passenger brandished a sidearm, the dangerous end pointed at the Marines, and threw up a middle finger. The Humvee swerved into the SUV, running it off the road. The Marines dismounted and peppered the car with bullets, front and rear windshields exploding and rounds punching through the four occupants.

A short distance ahead, a second and third Humvee rammed a white Chevy Tahoe off the road with FEMA decals on the doors. Crumpled, it rolled on its side. The Marines let loose a barrage of bullets, ventilating the Tahoe as well as the driver and passengers.

“Eight enemy kills, 16 rifles, and ammo confiscated. Why did each of them have two rifles? Who knows. This is what we’re dealing with out there. And this was a small FEMA patrol,” our source said. “We are anticipating heavier resistance soon.”

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Ramona Lee

WHY are you telling the public how they intercept and track FEMA communications? It just seems like this is all made up to pacify the people.


They still think they can defeat the military, the most powerful force of any government. Good luck with that. 🤣

Proudly Unaffiliated

About 3 years ago I was under the misconception that FEMA were the good guys, there to help in cases of natural disasters, etc. I have now done a 180, about face on that position. FEMA must be populated with criminals and psychopaths.

Rex Creel

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Last edited 1 month ago by Rex Creel

I just saw a video on news tonight showing our Iowa Governor and a FEMA employee at Greenfield, IA. Apparently some FEMA is there.


Off the subject….a post from Rumor Mill News

Something is fixin’ to go down –
SPECIAL FORCES leaving GITMO – Two E-6 Mercury,TACAMO’s.

The E-6B Mercury is a communications relay and strategic airborne command post aircraft. It provides survivable, reliable, and endurable airborne Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications (NC3) for the president, secretary of defense and U.S. Strategic Command.


Diff. Topic: Are any new “Q drops” being posted anywhere or discussions about Q-drop new events? Would appreciate links and comments on them. WWG1WGA

Proudly Unaffiliated

I like this Q aggregator website–
https :// (remove 1 space)
The last Q drop is #4966 and is dated 27 Nov. 2022.
The mission(s) of Q may be completed by now.
But something tells me that Q will round the
number of drops to an even 5000…??

J Will


Bust A Nut

Great news more dead sonsabitches! So forth, furthermore and so on keep lining them up and putting them down.

Stinky Perfume


About 42 minutes in but before that they cover the demons that come through portals and how CERN was up to that. So red hats were right about that but accused of taking credit for something they didn’t do at all. What this intel explains is CERN itself actually did open the portal to get demons in and that caused the quake in NJ and higher beings came right away and stopped all the demons and got them into other portals back where they belong in lower realms.

It’s perfectly understandable they want out of the lower realms to higher realms because we all want up to higher realms also.


Yes but we do so because we love and honor all that is good, true and in alignment with Father God’s will for us and would never seek personal benefit over the love of all that is good to the best of our understanding and alignment with True God’s – the Father of precious Lord Jesus – will for humanity. However imperfect, we would NEVER SERVE the enemy of beloved Jesus.
I say this as a Christian however I believe that even if a person does not accept Christianity, what matters to God is what is in our hearts and actions as long as we do not serve his adversaries. Our God is a forgiving God and knows our lives and our hearts by which we are identified and ultimately “judged”.


Amen ❤️❤️❤️


🙂 Thank you, Sister 🙂

Karen B

~ Jeremiah 17:10 ~ “I the Lord search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruits of his doings.”


Love you Karen B. 🙂

J Will



Filler when they tell you the ENTIRE war is ambushing 2 suv’s is the top news.

Jonathan Ray Carmona

This is ridiculous! FEMA has apparently grown into a nasty big monster all of its own ever since it was initiated back in the 80s. I’m glad its finally being dealt with – but yuck; its horrendous how many bad people have been recruited into this bloated and apparently useless agency. They are literally government condoned criminal gangs; or one big Thug Gang if you will.


FEMA wouldn’t even be needed if local churches would band together to aid and assist their communities in times of disaster. Unfortunately, churches have become ‘corporate entities’ that offer little to their respective communities and are more entertainment-driven and steer money in the pockets of the leadership with excessive posh salaries. But when the institution of the church fails because its leaders don’t want to be bothered by the physical needs of their communities, they have left a vacuum and so the institution of government has to fill that unmet gap, hence the creation of FEMA.

So ultimately, this entire problem came because you all have permitted your church leaders abandoning their role and focusing more on being on the golf course than responding to the very-real needs of people.


FEMA is nothing other than another one of barry soetoro’s brown shirt army. When there was the horrific hurricane in southern Florida, FEMA would not give aid unless you were jabbed. Luckily Governor DeSantis put an end to that.

Jonathan Ray Carmona

There is another problem too; because Fundamental Christian churches should be helping too as they are filled with very devout and good hearted people whose leadership do not pocket excessive salaries. But instead, their problem is a powerful traditional mindset that has them extremely busy exercising almost Amish like isolation from any other outside group that they forget to be a community organization and so often fail to share with and help their own neighborhoods beyond their own flock as they are too inwardly focused even as they go door to door each week to proselytize; the irony is insane. But such is the power of TRADITION.


I agree, the Catholics built the hospitals and the schools early on..
Maybe “extra Ecclesiam nulla salus” is one reason this Catholic doctrine takes notice.

Reformulated positively, it means that all salvation comes from Christ the Head through the Church which is his Body

Sparky Sr

fema has vast resources as far as $$$ through their fake flood insurance. We have to pay the fake policies due to morgages – bank required….
So if fema keeps sending their agents, Gen Smith will keep killing them.
You would think these agents would be smart enough not to go.
Anywho… Gen Smith, keep up the great work getting rid of these a-holes, Putin style, or in the recent cases, red-hats style… a good enemy is a dead enemy.

Cargo Beep beep

Interesting that when I say Long Live the Red Hats I get 25 down votes but when Marines do what the Red Hats are doing on a smaller scale, viewers whoop and cheer.
I’ll say it again. Long Live the Red Hats- they are the only ones willing to do the dirty work.

Martin Boyd

Nothing wrong with your opinion

James K.

You couldn’t make everyone happy even if you hung them with a ‘new’ rope’. Consider the source.


I am leery of vigilantes, but I support your opinion. We’re in a war and it’s not all black and white.


That is EXACTLY what it is when “push comes to Shove” the very definition of War.

John .S

By this time Bellows received her wake-up call, deciding on repass breakfast.

Don’t think she’ll pull a Winfrey or Stelter glutney, more then likely, keeping it simple.

Have feeling her saga ends for readership, lacking epilogue just like Scott McAfee.

On topic of Fema, seems like news black-out from Guam, whereas many await Maui Fema Agents fate.


Dear Michael ‘Baxter’: I have this morning attempted to send a small donation to you at RRN via Give Send Go. I found that 1) the recipient’s family name is not “Baxter”, which at least raises some question. 2) I note that I HAVE been able successfully to send money online occasionally (elsewhere). I find this Give Send Go site unhelpful & unresponsive, yet demanding in requiring me to allow cookies without amendment and requiring that I shut off my VPN. (I did so, reluctantly, but it made NO difference to the NON-performance of their website. VPN is now back on.) So, I’ve FAILED to send you any money today, AND further, I’m writing my OPINION, based on today’s experience, that ONE IMPEDIMENT to your RECEIVING any viewer-support FUNDS, is the FUND-TRANSMISSION AGENCY ITSELF. If it were me, I’d be rapidly re-thinking that situation! Meanwhile, thank you for your published articles & I wish you continued publication, funding & improved health.

Last edited 1 month ago by Paladin45
Bill Meadows

Baxter is a pseudonym.


Apparently. But as mentioned there are other issues. So I’ll have to find another opportunity. With a more helpful & less invasive intermediary page.


Totally AGREE!!!!!!! Sending a donation should NOT require total submission of one’s personal identity to whoever is in charge of GSG.


616 story still not fully sorted

“616 FM 1960”, that’s the address, Houston, a goog address now partly scrubbed, coming out of the last MB story, but related to his story too, 8 stories high …8 stories makes grand_dad …think… FEMA occupies `top story, where on outside it shows “Chase” on three sides, the banking apparently occupies first floor, but not likely of the public sort, that looks to get done by Chase out back, on backstreet, behind 3 levels of excessive parking with covered, concealed, walk way into 8 floors

FEMA, unmarked outside, top floor, Chase, bank, bottom, and mind you, read the obvious, these are not your gun totting FEMA

but to cut to chase, is this look of modern, high-end Child Trafficking, this is the paint set Q uses, a Standard Hollywood, even an eye in sky, Chandler, pizza in DC, gosh posh NYC Epstein, Palm Beach, do you think the Filthy Rich want a kid off a derelict pier, will those kids fetch top dollar, what does FEMA do when no storms to chase, do they Chase bank, how many kids can FEMA chase in a storm, did I say Chase in the same building, Diamond dealer too and an Italian front specializing in moving …stuff… surrounded by fast food too, enough to keep any America kid happy, happy, happy, border is not that far, places for ‘Child handlers’ …you-know… Chandler, like AZ, places for C-handlers to duck into too

is 616 another American Chandler, goog please hide, or is 616 just a front end for kids stashed in nearby hotels, short ride to airport, Bush nonetheless, all next to Interstate travel, is that the real who/what SF took out… does Ray Chandler have office there, male female does not matter, just know Ray C-handler, delivers the pizza, cheese and pepperoni both/either, Ray delivers and will Chase it all through too… is this a picture of Child Trafficking in America, across street from your frequent Taco joint, in front of your bank, is it that close and we say… it cannot be, if not 616 maybe across from where you work, do we deny or swallow hard… brace

… …. ….. SOON


Ain’t reading all that, but #SOON


Shut the fuck up you bully.

Dr John

Good analysis and points to consider, thanks


To Cobb: It’s not that long, unless you have a short attention span. He makes an interesting observation. Child trafficking may be happening right in front of us, almost in plain sight.


I will never live in a dystopia city.

I have a feeling they won’t be a election with the amount of killing the deep state is doing

Bunch of evil bastards.

Brainwashing everything to there image to remain a slave. Twisted souls.


No one cares bro


We’re enemies. We’re not bros you dick.


Cobb is a weak, pathetic, basement dwelling enemy, who eats grilled cheeses that his gramma whips up for him whilst going back and forth between child porn and RRN aaall day looong.




Cobb the Knob! Glued to RRN all day looong.


Wrong. No one cares what “u” “think” or “say” Garbage One.


Taking away People towns, homes is also not cool.

Killing animals, destroying trees, mammals, they are evil.

The deep state will soon be dead.


I say this, deep state aka lizards need to stop forcing everyone to speak Chinese and forcing everyone as slaves.

Bunch of twats wef are. Ccp, too.


With china falling, I can see why they are rushing everything.


I vote that when the pResidental debate happens in June. Byedan will take a live bong hit at his podem and wave a 2 finger peace sign. Sorry I tried to make people laugh to this way serious news article.


That old Clown more than likely needs Adrenochrome to function somewhat normally, yet again I’m sure over the years he’s built up a tolerance to it. And who knows for sure, maybe he’ll snort a couple lines and come running out on stage like the Rolling Bones do.
Anyway, Uncle Joe’s kid Hunter will be the first to fall, then Garland, Uncle Joe etc. But, they’re all fallguys for KIllary & Obammy which are the main targets.
However, the Border is now being over run with Asians and Muslim people from many different countries.
Cali, New Mexico & Arizona are holes in the fence.


A small FEMA patrol in a town near you? Where are they training at? Rifles for hit men? Are the new border crossers their new army in training? Where? Go look yourself.


Do you get all of your military intel from ‘’ Andrew?


Shut the fuck up.

Combat Engineer 4 God


Last edited 1 month ago by Combat Engineer 4 God

Wtf are jibber jabbing about?

Stinky Perfume

That shit happens every place. USA was just made out to be great because of Hollywood. That’s what broke everything. They created Romance and Entertainment and it led to Sex, Money and Entertainment Diversions. People already on a bad path, just kept sinking lower on that path. Vanity, No Family Values (that means tribal values also). Everyone looking for the nothingburger out of Hollywood making USA out to be FREE which became FREE TO MAKE THE WRONG CHOICES.


Now they are breaking privacy laws by forcing Microsoft to spy on users if your using Windows.


Quantum Financial system

truth is stubborn

You mean the constant screenshots thing.

Yeah, that’s creepy. Going to opt out as long as I can. Then move to Linux or something if I have to.


I would do it now to join Linux before they take that away

Last edited 1 month ago by Talion

Do it, just go to a Computer shop and ask if they’ll install Linux for you. Get you PC,Lap Top etc partitioned, then you can have a choice in a menu in the beginning of start up.


MB source, White Hat at that, call these weather events “natural disasters”, fifth paragraph down, nothing more, nothing less, now some seem to want to call that the ‘satire’ in/of these MB articles, perhaps so, but I just do not see, anything more/less than nature at work in these storms, nothing out of ordinary/extraordinary after 60 plus years of observation… of course records get busted, all the time of all sorts of weather, that’s just a normal, natural part of record keeping, if your faith says, demands something beyond natural, you may skate on thin ice, if you honestly review all records for yourself and fairly over many decades… but take your beef up with White Hats because it is White Hats who say/declare “natural disasters”

and do not begin to talk the all mighty Buck in these matters, contrary to good thinking, many flock, line up to build cheep on storm alley and storm coast, pigeons waiting to get the plucked off, price tag we all end up paying, it is the fraud of insurance like DAMN DEM collecting our taxes, both inflating their unseen rear pockets and endlessly both demand more and more from all pigeons

something we all might agree on, storm hyperbole, storm hype, hikes all premiums, taxes… regardless of storm source/cause… inflating those records, the recorded, pays off big for any and all related to, attached to Crooked slowjoe, just like the fraud of plandemic, a miscarriage of the common flu as Dr John likes to tell it, to steal 2020, I’ll emphasize, just one more DS hoax on our backs, all will likely agree but a few trolls who love to pay excessive taxes and insurance costs

Sue Rodrigues

Way to go boys. Keep up the good work. Again thanks and prayers Michael 🙏❤️‍🩹♥️🤍💙🇺🇸♥️🤍💙🇺🇸


Well done Marines, no prisoners! Maybe the word will get out and the demons will abandon FEMA for a safer occupation.


Why did each of them have two rifles?”

Maybe they were going to do like John Wayne in True Grit, where he shot with a rifle from each hand…


When one runs out of the bullets, they throw it down and grab the other one and keep firing.


Love that movie…”Fill your hand, you son-of-a-b*tch”


Exactly, they loaded all their skill points into for dual wielding

Combat Engineer 4 God



“resistance” curious word choice, right before “soon”, or I prefer SOON… end of MB above, fine lines once again

I did not forget, I went back and checked, back through April as above story states, 8 times “Marine platoon” attacked, wiped-out, Storming FEMA Storm Force, I counted only 3 revealed by RRN team… via White Hat tell to MB… as many of us keep saying we are not ever told it all and now statistically it becomes most obvious, we are not told half, three stories we have been told, 2024 spring, Nebraska, Texas now Iowa, some with multiple stories but only 3 weather events out of 8 Marine platoon responses to FEMA aggression, excluding the 616 FM 1960 road as specified

a critical aside: “616 FM 1960”, from the previous and related article, the “616” is now scrubbed from goog, multiple places (but not all, if you punch around enough), MB had used the precise goog listed address in previous article …616 FM 1960… I bore witness to the exact goog address and now the “616” is gone, why does goog hide details, self-censoring… if this is nothen burger and also inconsequential (that is as to all of RRN including readership and commenters)… for any still wanting to view/goog that physical location, online, it is north of Houston a few blocks west of I45 on road named ‘Farm to Market 1960 Road W’ portions of the road if not the whole of it aka ‘Cypress Creek Parkway’, building has “Chase” top, 3 sides, excluding covered parking side in back and stands 8 tall, north side of road, opposite Taco-Burger, why does goog now hide address, is there much more to that/this story

but, but, but UNDERSTAND, in truth the Texas storm, Houston, MB nor White Hats say it is among the 8, so really only 2 out of 8 revealed of ‘Marine platoon’, I’ll agree, Houston is now implied… …. ….. but then many questions nag and beg… …. ….. is Houston one of the 6 untold stories, thus explaining ‘johnny-come-late’ late night FEMA meet on floor 8, long past storm fate, intending to order up team replacement… in light of all told so far, that’s a very reasonable argument/scenario

“resistance soon” defines/describes defense posturing but the Storming FEMA Storm Force are far from ‘defense’, they are most expendable attack dogs, so what dose the final White Hat source foretell/betray, and Black Hats have big, ongoing, comm problem… too, it is always all about comms, which RRN/we are a part of… …. ….. SOON, “5:5?”



Stinky Perfume

Not comprehensible

Sandi Sprenger

You forgot Florida & Hawaii. Last week I sent about 20 RRN articles on FEMA to a friend. I know there were a few more run-ins with FEMA than “3”.


You might not have many friends in three weeks. Most people don’t want to be nudged into believing the world is not all a Cinderella story at the debutant ball. They’re waiting for a prince to get on one knee and propose while you’ve waiting on Trump to be reinstated as president.
They don’t really want Trump all that much..


Your evil to say that

Truth Seeker

You talk as though you have irrefutable evidence, yet none is ever present in your ridiculously stupid posts.

Combat Engineer 4 God

Cinderella!!? Debutant ball? Get a fucking life fool!


Not reading all that crap, but #SOON

Karen B

Does everyone in America get it that FEMA is a demonic satanic outfit nul and void of any human compassion? Because we should know this. Which makes me question: are they human in their DNA or has their DNA been spliced, purposefully with other hybrids? 🤔Very few people on this earth in comparison to the whole earthly population, would make a traumatised couple wait 30 minutes to get the most vital nurishment, water, just to watch a video; let alone a video unashamedly projecting the government’s desire TO KILL US ALL. And anyone at all who is awakened, knows this is starkly true. May GOD damn them all. 🗡🛡😡
FEMA= For Evil Means Always is their true anonym and what drives them forward.
May our Lord have mercy on his beloved for ever and may these hurting people find mercy in his wings. 😞💔
Thank you, Michael, I read your asking for donations but I am so sorry I cannot help now due to a small fixed monthly budget. But maybe that won’t be forever: you deserve a financial backing.💖
Thank you, dearest unrelenting Soldiers of Granite, for your successful operations and for not taking any prisoners. I believe you Will get ahead of these monsters one day. 🤗I would bet on it. Please be safe and take care and also your leaders in the Good Military: the Finest Men.💕💓


Power hungry “little men” will do sick- evil things for a little money, prestige, gun and badge. Weak- greedy men will always do the bidding of the people that give them such things. MB already reported that FEMA is hiring many questionable characters… even some with felonies. Thugs.

Karen B

Yes..Michael did write that before.


Let’s kill more of these rotten FEMA garbage. Since they are so useless in life kill them off and turn them into compost.  Farmers can’t get enough fertilizer right now. YAH KILL!!

Church lips

It seems odd that Fema goons would show up armed to a disaster site where people’s homes have been wiped out – and all they need for the moment is water, food and comfort.


Yeah it’s almost as if the story makes no sense, huh


Just more of your bullshit attempts at distracting people from finding and realizing the truth. It is not working and people across the nation have now awakened and continue to find out the truth about the years of lies that have been purposfully told to the people, the billions of dollars stolen from us used to operate the largest child trafficking operation ever. Illegal taxes imposed, constantly taking more and more to feed the never satisfied desires of the deep state overlords. Killing the population with poisoned drugs after making the people believe BigPharma gave a shit about them. Doing every evil imaginable to people that believed the government is here to help us. What has been imposed upon the world by the evil YOU represent is unforgivable. Each and every one of you that are involved or have ever been involved will pay the ultimate price. FEMA is now being held accountable. Since 2017 the operation to arrest, trial by tribunal & ultimately hangings have been on going.
And you have the audacity to come on this site and shovel more shitfilled lies attempting to keep people from know the truth. Well, it is not workinig and it will never work again. The truth will be know and there is nothing you or anyone else can do to stop it.


Larp harder buddy 🙂


Die Sooner LIAR.


Yep. You nailed it.

Stir Fry

You need to catch up and not be naive. FEMA is nothing more than an arm of the Deep State hell bent on disarming citizens, forcing vaccines, and looting property.

Stinky Perfume

“hurling cars hundreds of feet in the air” How many cars? If that was going on how many people got hurled hundreds of feet into the air?


That would go under damage assessment.



Stinky Perfume


Even one car hundreds of feet in the air is something I haven’t seen and looked at a lot of them. Tractor trailers get rolled over and over and mangled, but spinning a heavy motor bolted into a frame of even a small vehicle hundreds of feet high is maybe more like an F6 or maybe 250+ mph wind speeds. No news I saw this far as said a vehicle spinned in the air hundreds of feet.
We’re in a frequency matrix and tweaking might happen, but it’s a big claim here and I wanna see the same evidence the claimant has.

Last edited 1 month ago by Stinky Perfume

There was a true story of a girl named Alexis Livingston from a Republican family who got caught inside of a Tornado in Gerogia.. 20 years old. Very sad true verifiable story .


stop pretending you give a shit.


Your a faggot

John .S

Years back, Puerto Rican buddies in mid 20’s went to Fla. for a visit. Everything they did involved beer and bottle of rum.

Tornado warning in effect, they went looking for it driving a Dadson B210, it found them.

They were airlifted into oak tree, then rescued upside-down via fire dept cherry picker.

Absentee property owner came to check for damages, found gasoline & battery acid leaking on lawn prompting fire dept.

Popo arrested them for DWI, esq beat charges, car in tree for hours, car wasn’t on the road.

Heared their saga many times, always spot-on, same exact story, never skipping a beat, they’re grandparents now.

Sparky Sr

now that’s funny — BTW it’s “Datsun” — brought back memories, I had the 510 wagon.


Used to be amazed how tornadoes seemingly targeted trailer parks. Adair County, Iowa of which Greenfield is the county seat voted decidedly Republican (Trump) at around 70%. The Cook Partisan Voting Index rates Adair County at R+9. Seems tornadoes have become more interested in MAGA and Anon voters.


Did you trans from being Kevin?


that is not the discussion. try to keep up.


It doesn’t need to make sense
if it makes money.

Citing: THE PET ROCK.🪨

Indeed truth is stranger than fiction.


I love my Rock 🪨


Loving things that others hate makes you happier, because you don’t have to wait.

Hate makes things that are “stated as such,” they might be praised by God if you’re out of touch.

The world spins around creating no dust, being in love with the creator is always a must.

Soon you’ll be dead and you’ll know every truth, don’t overthink what hasn’t come up.

owd 2024


The Truth is much stranger, much more evil,and much more disgusting and the people of the world are waking up and beginning to understand that IT IS NOT FICTION. What has been imposed upon the people of the world, the innocent children of the world, is being made known and will continue to awaken the population of the world. And here are you deepstate trolls keeping watch upon a site that releases the truth given by JAG to this site, attempting to fool the people yet again by lying your asses off and playing silly games to try to make people think nothing here is true. You will not accomplish your assigned goals to deflect attention away from the truth. You will not walk away from your evil deeds. You will be arrested, tried before a tribunal and executed for your crimes against humanity and treason. There is not escape for any of you. That day is closer than ever before.




Beautifully Stated. Thank You Watchful One. 🙂


Excellent news- Get them all!


Kill all FEMA. Let God sort it out.


As I stated the other day, I have NO problem with the Marines killing these fema scum.



IF you’er overwelmed,
Perhaps it’s because you are chasing the tail. instead of Chopping off the head!!! Amen

Your game theory is terribly Flawed!


John, think multiple fronts.


yes and for years…big objective for the White Hats and it is worldwide. Those complicit in any way will be taken from the streets, their homes, their jobs,wherever they are, they will be found, just as so many before them have been taken by the WH’s.


Why spill the beans on decoding FEMA communications?


Because these stories are fiction so it doesn’t matter


same old answer every time. Do you know how ridiculous you sound? We know its your job to be here to throw shade at the stories. You are boring us Cobb.
You are also on the losing side ie. deep state. the only people that agree with you are your compadres.


He’s not losing anything because it’s not real.


You are not that stupid. You know the truth. It is very real and in the coming months you will be seeing more and more eivdence proving it is real. Not one of you can escape the retribution you so greatly deserve.


It’s not real, dipshit


I can’t lose your imaginary war Watchy, I’m not a character in yout larp


Everything you experience in life is an illusion. You’re going to wake up dead one day, look at your tired old stiff rickety body and simply walk or float away. It ends abruptly. Laugh often and as hard as you pound babes in toy-land


Are you on the shrooms?


On an intergalactic journey because bad news hit on Monday. Wasn’t expecting an early departure, so anger turned to fear and fear turned into commitment.

I am alright.




pound babes in toyland…… child rape. you people are the and deserve what the WH’s are bringing to each of you. You may think it is a game, however it is your existence that is coming to an end on this earth.
They will not allow you to remain alive. What you sneer at here as not real you will find it is very, very real. You will not escape judgement or the resulting punishment.

Stinky Perfume

Maybe it’s at a point where FEMA can’t do anything about it. It’s been game over a long time ago but they have to take the garbage out.


Nor did they say HOW. Just said they did.


Why not pull the FEMA contract from SERCO?




Ha Ha, Sandy Hook Serco, I lived the FEMA nightmare, still. 10 yrs later. I thank GOD Im still alive and have a new life

Karen B

me too, Les.💕

Dave Strickland

God bless your efforts, Marines. Keep up the pressure on FEMA and never let up. I’m waiting for the head demon Criswell to fall into your hands.


Oooh. Send the red hats to bring her in for tribunal.

Combat Engineer 4 God

No, YOU DAVE are waiting for the Head of the head of DEMON ASSHOLE Criswell to fall into the hands if the Army Special Forces- get it right! I added the Army part since there is so much Marine Worshipping going on these days and also just Plain worship of the Man in uniforms IN THE LINE OF DUTY- LEAVE US SERVANTS ALONE ASSHOLE POLITICIANS- PHYSICIANS!!!




I’m sick of playing cat and mouse.. just get them over with already.. 💥


They had 2 rifles each becuz they were expecting more agents or were doing a hand off to other fema agents.


Wrong, they had two rifles each because those agents had loaded all of their talent points into dual wielding






Good news: Klaus Schwab, Jamie Dimon and the Chairman of the FDIC Announce They Are Stepping Down——————-
Jamie, being CEO of the largest bank has been said to be running the DS cabal operations. Now, the FDIC chair is running another corrupt governmental organization.17 Trillion in deposits and 121 billion in reserves…….absolutely ludicrous, last couple of weeks spoke of 900 Bankers on their way to GITMO.


Kennedy was on record in Congress telling about the lude behavior of the FDIC .. whoa.. Pedos, sex extortion, bigotry, etc.. 😯


Even Jamie? Sounds like a guys name. So 3 went down.

Which explains ccp issues as well.

truth is stubborn

900? They may not be able to handle all of them there.


The WH’s may have control of Jamie Dimon as it appears he just told the truth.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon says U.S. could see a ‘hard landing,’ stagflation will be ‘worst outcome’

Stagflation is inflation with zero growth….the worth possible economic outcome.

Stay prepared: cash on hand food medications and other supplies. The DS will not go quietly.


Jamie has been handled for quite some time. The hammer dropping is in play and will result in many trying to escape to save their lives. They will not make it.


Only 3 days? Remember the covid lies….only 15 days

A New British website:

How would you PREPARE for an emergency?

Wind-up torches, tinned meat and bottles of water are just some of the items the government are advising people to stock up on as it urges the public to prepare for emergencies.

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden has revealed a new website to advise people on how to protect themselves from various risks, including biosecurity crises, flooding, power outages or another pandemic.×432/skynews-prepare-governemnt_6562574.jpg?20240522114201

Protein 101



Uh, Protein.. your losing it over a bot.. just don’t read the posts.. they aren’t real.. 👍

Protein 101



Stop feeding the trolls.


You’re talking to a machine, I’m talking to an idiot who talks to machines..


all you do is insult and take awya everyone rights to see the truth. your evil bastard.