Military Sentences Fauci to Hang!

Stock Photo.

GITMO, 19 April, 2022. 1200 Hours EST.

The panel of officers chosen to weigh JAG’s case against Anthony Stephen Fauci rendered a verdict of guilty after listening to Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall’s evidence, which summarized 6-hours of witness testimony and hard evidence proving beyond reasonable doubt that Fauci committed treason for profit, betrayed his Hippocratic Oath, caused immeasurable suffering, sickness, and death, preyed on disadvantaged children, and conspired to overthrow President Trump in hopes of seating a president more sympathetic to vaccine mandates.

In his closing remarks, Vice Adm. Crandall said JAG had more inculpatory evidence on Fauci that it had on any earlier Deep Stater taken to Guantanamo Bay.

Indeed the evidence against Fauci was convincing.

Although Vice Adm. Crandall did not bring back “witness Sam,” he entered into evidence four sworn affidavits, each signed by either a current or former NIADS employee, attesting that Fauci had advised them to avoid vaccinations due to a long list of potentially life-threatening side effects. Each affidavit held an apology. The authors claimed they feared that Fauci, or persons on his behalf, would retaliate if they violated confidentiality agreements.  “I am deeply sorry for my inaction in coming forward. Dr. Stephen S. Fauci is a mean-spirited, arrogant, smug, vindictive person, and I don’t hesitate to believe he would’ve retaliated against myself and my family,” one affidavit read.

Vice Adm. Crandall instructed the panel to read each affidavit carefully. “In reading these, you may ask yourselves what reasonable person would feel threatened by detainee Fauci. He’s by no means physically imposing. But he had resources, unimaginable resources at his disposal. And that’s what they feared. These affidavits give rise to pattern, a pattern practiced by Fauci over his long, shameful career. The gist of that pattern was—obey me or else.”

Meanwhile, the defendant, Anthony S. Fauci, sat bound and gagged at the defense table, the consequences of his Monday morning verbal tirade. Beside him stood a Marine guard with instructions to remove the gag if and only if Fauci raised his handcuffed wrists to signal he wished to ask a question.

As the panel reviewed the sworn affidavits, Fauci raised his arms, and the Marine obliged the request with Vice Adm. Crandall’s approval.

“Since I am here Pro Se, don’t I have a right to face my accusers,” Fauci said in his gravelly voice.

“You’ve faced one. These documents support his testimony. How does it feel, now, finally, to yourself oblige a mandatory mask mandate—the gag?  We know you only wore one for theatrics,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

The Marine guard fastened the gag over Fauci’s mouth.

After a short recess, Vice Adm. Crandall gave the panel financial statements showing that three prominent pharmaceutical companies—Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson—had periodically deposited substantial sums of money into an offshore bank account in Fauci’s name. Those deposits, incidentally, began arriving within days of the FDA granting emergency use authorization to each company’s Covid-19 vaccination. Collectively, the deposits totaled $14m.

“The defendant’s unwilling to say why he got paid this money. He didn’t work for them, so why the payout? I’ll tell you why: The money was kickbacks. He promoted the vaccinations full well knowing from concealed trial data that they could sicken or kill recipients. People died; Fauci got rich. JAG could spend years finding people who got ill from or whose family and friends died following vaccination. But we don’t have years. This ends today. Let’s focus on our own, for a moment,” Vice Adm. Crandall told the panel.

He then presented a report compiled by “White Hat 5th Columnists” at U.S. Army Medical Research and Command (USARMDC.) It concluded that 63 active-duty females and 24 female dependents had spontaneously aborted pregnancy within 21 days of having taken either a first or second clot shot. Of those, 23 were first trimester, 15 second trimester, and 25 third trimester.

“We sent this report to every major media outlet in the country. How many mentioned it? None. Why? Because they revere or fear doctor death,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

Fauci lifted his wrists, and the Marine guard lowered the gag.

“You don’t understand science. Correlation is not causation. Even if your study is true, which I doubt it is, without knowing how many servicewomen were impregnated throughout the last two years, it’s meaningless,” Fauci said.

“At least 63 women would disagree with your assessment,” Vice Adm. Crandall said sternly. “Marine, gag that man.”

The tribunal recessed an hour for lunch.

Afterward, Vice Adm. Crandall asked the panel to review an email, dated 1 June 2020, Fauci had sent to the late Dr. Deborah Birx. He read aloud: “We can get rid of him. The ignoramus doesn’t understand even basic science. He’s scientifically illiterate. We can bend him to our will, get him to say what we want him to say, and he’ll be gone in no time.”

“I’m curious, Fauci, who were you referring to in this letter?”

The Marine guard lowered Fauci’s gag, but Fauci stayed silent.

“Oh, come now, detainee Fauci, I’m sure his name is boiling your blood and—”

“Fuc… Trump. Who do you think? That stupid son-of-a-b….”

“That’s what we call seditious conspiracy and treason,” Vice Adm. Crandall said. “I guess he isn’t as stupid as you thought—you’re here after all.”

The Marine re-gagged Fauci.

With Fauci silenced, Vice Adm. Crandall gently segued into another of JAG’s charges against Fauci—allegations of child molestation. He summoned to the witness stand a licensed D.C. private investigator whose name Real Raw News has been asked to conceal, for fear the Deep State might retaliate against him and his family. The PI rattled off impressive credentials: An Army veteran, he served six years on active duty and fought in Operation Desert Storm. After that, he spent twelve years as a law enforcement officer before opening his own private investigation firm.

“Do you know the defendant?” Vice Adm. Crandall asked him.

“Only in name,” the PI said.

“Would you please tell the panel how it is that you’ve come to be in this tribunal chamber today?” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

“By chance, I guess. I’d been working a job not related to what’s going on here when, again by chance, I saw Dr. Fauci in the company of what looked to be a very young male watching a ball game at Nationals Stadium. Everyone knows who Fauci is. I knew he had daughters, no sons. I found it odd they’d be holding hands and leaning very close to one another. I took the pictures which you now have. It piqued my interest and I took it upon myself to follow him days after. Then I saw him with another boy at Brookside Gardens, also holding hands. I never saw them in any sexual activity, let me be clear, but still—I made D.C. Metro aware, and I guess they buried the report. I shadowed him several times, and saw him with 4 different kids over the course of say, three months. When I talked to a friend of mine who’s still active military about it, he asked me for the pictures, and I guess somehow you got ahold of them,” the PI said.

“That is how we obtained them. Thank you for your time; you’re dismissed.” Vice Adm. Crandall faced the panel. “We identified one of the four minors. You’ll hear from him now.”

Appearing on ZOOM was a young man with blonde hair and a face dotted with adolescent acne, whose parents perished in a violent car crash in 2020.  He’d become a temporary resident at Best a child placement facility in Washington, D.C.

He was 13 when he met Dr. Fauci.

“I know this is difficult, but could you tell us how you came to meet Anthony Fauci,” Vice Adm. Crandall said.

The kid bore a scornful face. “It’s not difficult. I hate that bastard. I was stupid and believed him when he told me he’d help me out if I just listened to him. He came to visit, talked to a bunch of us, took us to ball games, the zoo, gave us a little money for games or whatever. He didn’t take us in groups, only one at a time, private, you know. It was the third time I saw him—he asked to touch my private parts. He pulled down his pants to show me his and grabbed my crotch. I hope he rots,” the boy, now 14, said.

The boy’s visage matched the PI’s photograph taken at Nationals Stadium.

The senior officer on the panel, a Marine Major, raised his hand. “Pardon me, sir, but we’ve heard enough. We unanimously find the defendant guilty on all counts and recommend he receive maximum punishment.”

“So be it,” Vice Adm. Crandall said. “The defendant, detainee Anthony Stephen Fauci, you are hereby sentenced to hang by the neck until dead. Sentence to be carried out a week from today, that’s April 26. This tribunal stands adjourned.”

Fauci mumbled incoherently through his gag as the Marine guard escorted him from the courtroom.

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paula lusby

Military can not try civilians is what I heard


Regarding ill-gotten gains, not just through killing, but also through permanently damaging victims, can we not see Fauci’s wealth distributed to these sufferings as partial compensation? If I were the boss I would divide those Fauci monies. There is no way his family or his husband should receive any of that wealth upon his death. Death to Fauci needs some kind of proof… then I will celebrate. I have also been denied celebration of John Podesta’s and Hillary Clinton’s death due to the same publicly-unavailable proof. I have not heard further news regarding Huma Abedin either, picked up and questioned, and nothing since. If she was equally guilty and I believe she was… then equal opportunity goes both ways, doesn’t it? I would sure like to know.

xoxoxox to Michael… thanks for all your work.. xoxoxox


O.K. When does the public SEE this information. Right now, it’s all hearsay until proven by the military in the open to the Republic.


Photos and videos of these executions would be helpful.

Susie Q

Upon reading this to my husband, he said “Darn! I wanted them to give Fauci a FULL dose of the ‘vaccination,’ then give him two months to die. If he doesn’t, then hang him!” Lol


‘You don’t understand science’
Lol Fauci and his ‘science’
He seems obsessed with that word.


Hi Michael, do you know if the John Durham indictments can be prosecuted in a military tribunal? TIA




I agree times UP !

Nicholette Purich

I hope he gets the short drop… I don’t think he can suffer enough for his crimes..

Above Reproach

We the people have been waiting for this day for a long long time !
Make the rope a bungee cord so it lets his feet just touch the ground, only to be bounced back into the air so as to basically make him a yo-yo !
He’s worth hanging over and over again all Freaking day. Just think of how many people are dead because of him.


Although I don’t believe for one second what is portrayed on this site to be real or factual, I do wish it to be true.


Hope this is a true story. Fauci is a dreaded evil that needs to be eliminated.

Kelly Brown

How many of us will pay to see Cuomo and Fauci gagged, btw???

Kelly Brown

I just don’t understand how someone could be so depraved and so narcissistic that they don’t think anyone is watching………

Robert James

I’d have preferred immediate hanging.

Edgar Andrews

Here’s hoping that when the hangman sets things up, he leaves a modest amount of slack so that when the diminutive twerp passes through the trap door to hell, there will be a right smart snap in the rope. Given all the pain and suffering he has caused millions of people, he is getting off exceedingly easily in this life. The one to come, not so much.

Afshin Nejat

A heartwarming story. If this is true to reality, and if it keeps up, who knows what is possible? At the same time, if my warnings about “Black Hat Fifth Columnry” were heeded even just 5 years ago, let alone 8 years ago, then this all could have been averted. It was within the realm of human possibility. Some might say that my missives were not to the taste of readers who might have otherwise gotten the point, but I rather suspect that while the style might have been strange to the taste of many, the substance was sufficient and rather fell on dull soil. A toast to the thoughts that count.


This event must be live televised.


““We can get rid of him. The ignoramus doesn’t understand even basic science. He’s scientifically illiterate. We can bend him to our will, get him to say what we want him to say, and he’ll be gone in no time”

Wasn’t Trump looking at Birx when he talked about cleaning the body and everyone accuse Trump of promoting drinking bleach?

I always though it was strange. As if Trump was looking to Birx for confirmation. As if Trump heard it from her.

Swingin Door

Bout Fn Time Got here through a Swingin Door Left here Through a Swingin Door.

Michelle Armstrong



My Dad his Brother both Coast Guard and my Grandfather and Cousin Marine WW2 and Vietnam. .Thank you all God’s Warriors peace and love

Lesko Brandon

Was real raw news down for a couple of days?


April 26th is too far away for this lower-than-scum POS. But breaking the cord from the head will insure this demented satanist will never be able to return. God Wins.


Aaaaand the mask mandate for travel is dropped, challenged sure, as Fauci is not the only only one behind the evil as individuals at the DOJ know, where the challenge is coming from, but mandate dropping like a rock, none the less. Thank you JAG.


The problem I have with this is this. If this is true, why are they still letting them vaccinate children and others in this country? When do we arrest the administrators of every hospital in the country then the people who administered this shot to anyone? I get it that it may take a while to get all the people involved but stopping the shot should be imperative.

Trenton Rizza

If this is all true, why do you think Trump is not in the White House and FJB arrested; it’s been more than a year now?


Because it’s not true, it’s qanon fantasy storytime.

Kathleen Ann

Phuc Phauci!!! Let God be the judge…what he did are crimes crying out to heaven for justice…

Mary Wells

Kill that demon once and for all. Kill every clone and bad actor who will surely play the part of Dr DEATH, for big 💰. .
Now, let’s get Fauci’s MAN wife and string him up, too.

Everyone at WHO, as well.
Every BIG PHARMA executive and employee. Every doctor and nurse that administered the poison. Every school admin and every hired thug rent a cop to enforce mask mandates at schools and at doctors offices. Every head of state and minions under them who took money in order to go along with the plan. Every last demon…
Media thugs and minions……them, too.
Every pastor who promoted their flock to take the poison.

Every elderly facility administrator and workers who abused and killed our loved ones. *my mother was murdered *

These demons all got kickbacks for hurting and killing our loved ones. I

May they rot.


Couldn’t help but note the outages here on RRN once the Fauci story broke… that and the cell phone outages on the west coast… One wonders what is going to happen next. Keep up the good work Michael.

voice of one

I can’t even begin to get my head around this type of mindset. I guess that’s a good thing…

Rose Mary Abbott

What happened to the D?

Robert A Wymer

First, hopefully everyone understands that when treason, acts of war , or crimes against humanity are included in the charges against individuals, that military courts or military tribunals have jurisprudence rather than civil or federal courts, similar to the trials at Nuremberg and Japan post World War II.
As to comments here, most project all kinds of blame and shame. Some more worthy than others but too many based on hatred and extremes of moral outrage that may be ineffective if not counterproductive.
I believe we need a look at group culpability in terms of what has transpired the past two years. There are questions to be answered: 1. Why was illegal and unconstitutional censorship tolerated by the General Public, but more inexplicably, by lawyers, courts, even the Supreme Court? 2. Why did the medical profession, countless doctors, organized medicine such as the AMA, side with unprecedented restrictions on the free and legal practice of medicine by physicians. 3. Why did the medical profession not object to the Federal Drug Administration’s improper restriction of drugs, formerly approved, some even over the counter, and some with safety profiles superior to Tylenol? 4. Why did our medical community of virologist, immunologist, epidemiologists, those in our 100 + medical schools, and Group Care providers such as Mayo and Cleveland Clinics, surrender determination of treatment protocol and mandates concerning contagion control to medically unqualified government agencies such as the CDC and NIH? The repository of what we refer to as Evidence Based Medicine that we generally respect and abide by, does not nor should it ever originate in a government agency. What disturbs me the most, in addition to the acceptance by the general public of these travesties, is the fact that we have been totally abandoned by those who we look to for professionalism and leadership — our doctors, our lawyers, our judiciary, and our Local, State and Federal legislative representatives. R A Wymer, MD, cdr/mc/usn(ret)


That’s a good point about the military jurisprudence. Thanks for that.
I don’t think too many people here don’t understand about the compliant sheep with the general public. We are the half that did object. Half the country is brainwashed, of course, that’s how this has been happening. We are most likely also the half that was against the government takeover of healthcare ten years ago. When half the people are sheep, it’s very difficult for the commoner, who is working full time etc to change the government. Though I certainly did my part in my spare time for some years to no avail clearly. This is where the military must do their job and step in. Wish it could have happened sooner. Yes people need to wake up. I’ve been trying to wake people for thirty years. More woke up when we saw the $hit $how that began when Trump began his primary run. So it’s improved. My guess is half the people still will remain sheep. Hopefully it can decrease to say thirty percent sheep when all this goes very mainstream. One can hope.


Wow, suddenly it’s troll central. must be over the target.

Swingin Door

No one Bugged your Phone Line and listened to a private conversation and then stuck there nose in to where it was not wanted and left you feeling lonely and sad bcos they got your attention and went off topic and disturbed you and turned you into a Karen You Brought it all upon yourself By starting your Computa.


And so many people told that he wouldn’t be ended.
This is a big hit on DS.
Clock is ticking, time is running out for that evil crap.
Next in line please.


are they sure he’s not a clone?

Rose Mary Abbott

If he is he deserves to die anyway for being willing to do it. I believe that if he were he would be screaming about it to high heavens by now. He is the real deal.


I hope they provide .. video of these bastards being executed.. needs to be seen so people see what fate befalls traitors

Rose Mary Abbott

I believe that it would cause the people to once again believe in justice and the law.

Gertjan Zwiggelaar

What would really be helpful for us all is to actually watch the trials on the web and see the execution. Hanging is actually much to easy an end for Fauci. He really ought to be drawn and quartered, messy as that is but he deserves to feel himself dying for a few hours in great pain and suffering. We want to hear him screaming. Indeed, we want that to happen to the entire clan of covid pushers. Let’s see Bourla chopped up. Let’s see how an African terrorist gets his just rewards for leading the WHO down the jewish sewer hole of death. Actually I would like to see the entire tribe of chicken swinging psychopaths sent back to their father, the king of lies.


You will never see them because they are not happening. The reason it only ‘exists’ as text is because Michael Baxter just writes fan-fiction.

Rose Mary Abbott

Sorry I didn’t realize you are a 👹 TROLL. I won’t make that mistake again.


I Do not, for the love of me….understand WHY the military do not arrest the impersonators, and just allow these evil pigs to just carry on!!!!! So, they hang fauci, BUT NOTHING CHANGES !!!!


Because MB is writing and selling you on fake stories, and “they get replaced with impersonators” is his excuse for why his stories never affect anything in the real world at all. You are right that it makes no sense, like why would some nameless unelected actor in a rubber mask just be allowed to run the state of California for years in the absence of Gavin Newsom? There will never be the big reveal you are waiting for, none of the ‘executed’ living people will ever be exposed as impersonators (because they aren’t impersonators, they’re just alive) and MB is just going to keep doing this for as long as you guys send him money for it.

Rose Mary Abbott


Barry Williamz

Oh happy day
Fauxi going away

Air man

Pick up the pace. There should be daily hangings.


Fauci and Birx thought they had fooled Trump, but Trump knew what they were doing. It’s really sad that Trump allowed many to die and be harmed. Trump wanted power and control over THEM as well as over us. He made money off the Plandemic as well. Trump lost the election on purpose so all the bad stuff could be blamed on the Democrats, Bidens, and Deep State. Then Trump would be the Savior in the 2024 election. Problem for him is that his plan didn’t work. He wanted us all vaccinated so he could control us. (Or dead) He and his buddy, Elon, wanted us hooked up through Elon’s satellites. They were trying to follow the book of Revelation. Trump is a member of the Order of the Black Sun and all secret societies were formed from it. Order of the Black Sun is Nazism. I saw on a video in which Trump told a Pastor Rodney that he was also a Mason. Trump designed his Trump Tower in NYC like a Freemason Hall. On the exterior of it is a triangle of bushes with 6 bushes on each side. Trump uses the Satanic hand signals. After people prayed over Trump and they were gone, Trump would say, “Can you believe that bullshit?!”

Proudly Unaffiliated

This is pure, 100.000%, zone-refined BS. The one obvious fact that blows this confused theory out of the water is how many people have been woken up to the truth under Trump. Yes, it has happened slowly but it has happened methodically and continues today and beyond. There is a plan and we are in it and a critical part of it. Perhaps you too could wake up and see Trump less as a flawed human being and, instead, as a critically important figurehead of a military operation to save the world. President Donald J. Trump was, is, and will always be our MAGA POTUS!


Amen to that and well said!

Michael R Davis

Too many people just do not understand that we are in a very dangerous war for the survival of free humanity, and President Trump is carefully keeping casualties down to a bare minimum. The New World Order Globalists have been planning the enslavement of humanity for hundreds of years, if not thousands. Much of their power has been compromised, but still very powerful. Key figures are carefully being removed from among the living one by one.

American Living in Canada

Agreed, he twisted the throttle on full for me as soon as he started his world tour minutes after he was elected. I never thought that the swamp was so vastly deep and wide as it was.

Thought the didlers were scattered here and there hiding in big City’s. I did not think that hell was actually here on earth.

Rose Mary Abbott

She is bought and paid for by Soros dollars. She is a total lost cause. It does no good to try to talk sense to them.


Several people on several sites have said White Hats’ hands are tied until the deep state is neutralized. That’s why everything is being done behind the scenes. They have to strike secretly to avoid black hats killing in retaliation. A lot of that going on but less than if Trump fully out in the open.


Wow, you must have spent a lot of time interviewing him to get all these “facts”. When was that?

President Trump served his purpose by waking up the country and the world to the evil that rules us all. Now it is up to the people to carry it the rest of the way. History, if civilization survives, will be kind to him, a lot kinder than the press and the deep state were/are. He will get the credit he deserves. He warned Germany at the United Nations in 2018 for relying on Russia so much for their energy needs and they laughed at him. I don’t think they are laughing now. President Trump was the Winston Churchill of our time and after WWII, Great Britain rejected him. He had served his purpose. It will take some time but the world will be forever grateful for President Trump’s heroics of taking on this evil and exposing its depth. He will be 76 in less than two months and I hope he has many happy birthdays yet to come but fairly or unfairly, I don’t believe they will be in the Whitehouse.

Rose Mary Abbott

The White House has lost its luster. We need a whole new plan for our federal government. Central location has not served us well. It needs to migrate yearly from state to state so we can keep a close watch on them. Politicians have proven that they cannot be trusted.

Rose Mary Abbott


Just Me

That is not so, Trump for months was screaming that the election was going to be stolen due to mail in ballots and early voting. The Republicans did nothing and did not help him on this matter. Trump wanted Pence to fight for America and instead he handed the country to this old fool. You are a moron and you need to stop spreading misinformation!

Gary Lee Taylor

UK needs a GiTMO

Michael R Davis

They have the Tower of London, and the entire Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Windsor) “royal family” belongs in it.

Rose Mary Abbott

We will be glad to share.


Mr Baxter, did the White Hats released something about the “parachute stunt” over the capitol that had the whole Depp state including Pelozzi shitting on their pants?

For sure all that has been done on purpose.

The US is a very mature superpower with agencies having a very good level of coordination, such mess would only happen in Iran or similar unreliable and barely working administration.

It would be nice to have the White Hats considering conveying to us a few candies.





Sometimes people are just bad at their jobs, forsaken. There’s probably some coordinator at the stadium who was supposed to inform the Capitol police and just forgot. The troop unit themselves probably assumed the stadium had cleared the stunt with the police and there was no need for them to do so also.

Chris G

If I were “that stupid son-of-a-b” Trump, I would be present on the 26th.


Trump will be golfing.

Just Me

You are a idiot, go back to bed.

Last edited 2 years ago by Just Me
Just Me

I believe Trump will be there.

Rose Mary Abbott

I hope he uses you for a golf ball.

Just Me

What makes you think he won’t be there? A-hole!


For starters, he isn’t President anymore. He also did everything he could to avoid military service when he could have served. Lastly, none of this is real.

Just Me

Why should he have served? for what to please the likes of Henry Kissinger and the rest of these idiots elites? We had no business being involve in the Vietnam war and no business in other wars such as the Iraq war! Everything that we have been taught is all lies!

Frederick Carreon

Did u do ur research, a-hole???


Since all the wars during anybody on earth’s lifetime and probably before have been caused by this cabal, if he avoided wars, that’s a plus for me. War should only be for defense and not for conquering, pillaging and subjugating other countries. I was duped too. I had mixed feelings about the Gulf War but did not strongly go against it even though something felt off. I bought the false flag of 911. Anybody who is awake enough to know better, and be an objector, more power to them. I should have realized.

Janell Coker

I find it ironic that dr. mengele is sentenced to hanging today, April 20, Uncle Adolf’s birthday….

Dave Strickland

Never known a site as this one where the contents of the comments are 90% juvenile, puerile, vindictive, hateful, insulting, and other such epithets. I now refuse forthwith to pay any further attention to the comments in these posts. It’s like wading through treacle to find the 10% which has value and contributes anything worthwhile. Michael Baxter’s labors to bring the material to us are to be greatly admired, but I cannot understand why he allows you, the readership to degrade into childish bickering and prejudice. You 90%, trolls and non-trolls alike, are a schoolroom full of 8 year olds being allowed to run riot without any restraint. You do not deserve to receive the material. Much of it simply passes through the vacuum between your ears or goes over the tops of your skulls, because you squabble among yourselves instead of paying due attention to what you are being shown. No doubt you will shoot down this comment itself in downvoting because I dare to criticise the ill-disciplined and immature among you. I expect nothing better.


Moderating takes time and effort, MB doesn’t give a shit as long as the donation cash keeps rolling in 🤷‍♂️

Rose Mary Abbott



You won’t be missed. In fact, I have banned you.

Rose Mary Abbott




I see your point. I only read the comments when I have a bit of time to kill. But maybe there is a method and purpose to allowing all the dross to float to the surface. There is noise everywhere, even here.


By your comment, it appears that you think yours is the only one worth value. Hmmm kinda one sided and a bit superior and bullish. As you think your opinion is the only one worth value, why can’t others think the same?

Rose Mary Abbott

I have found much value in the comment section here but the troll action is very prolific and we wind up bogged down in arguments with them. Sometimes they make up as much as 50% of the comments here and we can’t make them go away. They would not be here though if this site were bs. It gets on all of our nerves.


You’re just pissed off Musk is about to take over your company and do away with your nanny job so you come over here to take it out on us. Stick around a while and you might just get used to the freedom. I know it seems foreign to you, but freedom really does grow on you. If you can’t take it, you can probably still get a job at yahoo or facefuck. I hear they’re good at that shit too. I wouldn’t know as I’ve never signed up for censoring my opinion because you see, I’m an American and I have freedom of speech. Maybe you can ask justin castro for a job; he’s good at telling people they have “unacceptable views.”

Last edited 2 years ago by Hal

Pot meet kettle!


Justice Be Done.

Just Me

I think hanging of this evil psychopath is too good for him. I wish they would put his head in a cage while the sandflies eat him up alive like he did to those puppies who did not deserve this horrible death. And he did it to at least six puppies. Why? it was a cruel experiment, there was no benefit for human man kind.

Rose Mary Abbott

We have to realize that at some point in time the EBS will come on and they will be broadcasting the videos of these trials and executions. The population is going to have to be strong enough to deal with public executions in the normal sense. If they start drawing and quartering these thugs the people are going to rebel against it. It will be more than they can take. They are not used to real live public executions or videos of it. You might dance a jig over it but normies will be utterly horrified and not understand what happened and why it would ever be right to do that. This movie has more than just one type of audience.


The EBS will never come.


That’s great news for all the animals and people he has hurt.🇺🇸💪🏻