Avril Haines Military Tribunal Slated for August 10


The Office of Military Commissions has set a date, August 10, for Avril Haines’ military tribunal, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

The criminal Biden regime’s director of national intelligence was apprehended Tuesday and flown to Guantanamo Bay after being treated for a superficial gunshot wound that she received while resisting arrest.

Upon arriving at GITMO, a truculent Haines invoked the deep state mantras “I don’t answer questions,” “I’ve done nothing wrong,” and “I was only following orders,” while refusing to say whose orders she was following when JAG investigators claimed she had orchestrated the assassination of 15 civilians on Barack Hussein Obama’s infamous “enemies list” between 2013-2017. Rather than answer direct questions, Haines reprimanded JAG investigators for “violating constitutional oaths” and waging “illegal war” against the democratically elected government of the United States.

“I barely know Obama and had no part in any murders. What’s next? Let me guess, torture,” she said.

“We know what we need to know, Mrs. Haines—that’s why you’re here. I was hoping you’d have an epiphany and tell the truth,” a JAG investigator replied.

“Truth is just an excuse for lack of imagination,” she said.

According to our source, Haines’ evasiveness bored the investigators. She spoke circuitously, answering questions with questions and nonsensical doublespeak.

The investigators, he added, had hoped to glean from her the current location of Barack Hussein Obama, whom JAG officials say has citizenship in six non-extradition countries and enters the United States only when necessary, to mitigate risk of capture.

“They didn’t ask her directly because they knew she’d spew bullcrap,” our source said.

Haines is scheduled to square off against Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall on Wednesday at 10:00 a.m.

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And today is Aug. 19. Same year. Still crickets.

Susan Banks

So this says Obama is alive!! Is it him or his clone? I swear I read on here that he was hung!


Avril / April is a MALE that underwent the one-hour doctor office medical procedure of scraping the Adams apple off the thorax to appear FEMALE (see incision at collarbone and edge of clothing). In addition, it appears “he” underwent removal of fingerprints. Hmmm, what does “big ears” seek to hide aside from “his” identifying toe-tag: homosexual transvestite pedophile freak bound to the Lake of Sulfuric Fire.

America’s lawful election process was schitt on by renegade angels (alias Jew); therefore, “elected employees” are FACTUALLY criminals at-large, for now.

Therefore, shoot two rounds into the Avril / April’s medulla oblongata, and then, toss his carcass into a pit of carnivores who will eat and poop “him” to the size of particulates that the winds distribute over planet Earth. 


So, what’s the ‘upshot’? And where? And when? And what does the autopsy show – M, F, Hermaphrodite?

S gamaj

OK Michael…… It’s time to report on the Military tribunal of DNI Avril Haynes ….This Tribunal was scheduled for the 10th of August And it’s now the 12th of August…
Was it / he / she executed or is he / she / it still breathing and polluting the planet with Her / His / It’s CO²

Give us an update please ! SIT REP !

Did this He / She / It Take one for the team right between it’s/her/his eyes or did
He / She / It run away screaming for Barack Obama to save her … ?

I would hope that He / She / It started screaming as they restrained Him / her / It to the wall screaming for Barack Obama to save
Him / Her / It as the bullet rips through this Deep State goon face

Last edited 1 year ago by S gamaj

It is so gratifying to know people like avril are melting down and nothing can stop it.


I see a bullet scrambling her brains in the very near future!


Mr. Baxter, please block that Gregg Chickens. It has been very disrupting.


give him some rmb and he’ll bail

Jerry Miller

Why are so many Jews front and center of the hate for America and conservatism in general? (THEY) hold too much power and are not good patriots. EVER.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jerry Miller


US Purge includes the chosen people


she will lose and im sure it will be a bullet to the head and rightfully so!!!


just go get Barack Obama he’ll give all the bull shit and more


so funny that they are searching for Obama, how did they lose him?


Bitch Hired Killer for The Anti Christ Barry
Now her fate is sealed


Start TORTURING them!!!

Jose Ramirez

Kill her. Very simple.. and we still waiting for November..


“The truth is usually just an excuse for a lack of imagination.”
She stole this line from the character Garak, in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
But it may well describe the relationship between her mind and the truth.


Rather strange comment about hoping she’d reveal location of Barak Obama when an earler report on RRN noted he’d violated an agreement and ‘taken one [bullet] in the back of the head.’ This ‘movie’ is very confusing.


I heard years ago, that Renegade met the firing squad, and was not taking his AIDS meds, and Big Mike opted for the injection. This was an interview involving Gene decode. Anyone confirm this?

Nukkin Futz

Wow, that is one ugly tart! She/it would look better with a Hitler mustache and a chin muff……

Victoria Flood

I heard that Arthur Roberts aka Joe Biden died on August 29, 2022 and was put on life support equipment in hospital while the Deepstate tries to figure out what to do.

I say capture Obama, George Soros, Kamala and take them to GITMO too for their well deserved executions!


april 21st 1992. there was a riot on the streets. tell me where were you?

Gregg Nickens

Ancient Egyptians had a way of making people talk if they weren’t already dead yet. 1) removal of the tongue 2) removal of brain through nostrils.

Just the threat turns Deep State smart alecks into parrots. 🦜

Gregg Nickens

Tribunals now being held at Gitmo, Tierra Del Fuego, Diego Garcia, Guam, Greenland, Antarctica, D.C., Indianapolis. Millions served.

Michelle Armstrong

Hi Michael, I really believe this info is real news & to me its obviously a White Hat operation to get it to us We The People. Maybe its a test run to see how we’ll receive it before the EBS break thru happens.( A rumor Im 🤞 that becomes reality one day soon) I also follow Juan O’Savin & 100% believe hes part of this White Hat / Q take down of the Deep State. He has said on Ninos that this isnt real & that its stated that its just sattire. This has me soo confused.
Esp seeing the ppl on tv that are suppose to be dead. William Barr is the one thats got to me. Ive compared pics to see if I can see anything thats diff from years prior and theres nothing.
Is what is being reported real intel ? Anyway to get any type of proof ? This site is what keeps me in the fight & keeping the spirit that we’re winning this war. I need it to be true. 🙏🇺🇲

J Bill



All these people make me think of damn insects, we should crush their heads like that one of the foolish scientist from the 1958 science fiction movie “The Fly”.

That’s cheaper than a guillotine and also we get a joyful “pop” sound…


Come Wednesday, she will be facing the real deal. She’s got quite a lot of bravado right now. I am wondering if she have been keeping up with events in Gitmo over the past few years. If she might cooperate, she could just get life vs death.

Michelle Armstrong



I looked back at the Brennan Tribunal to better understand any connection Haines may have had in the overlapping murder policy of the Obamunist’s enemies list attended jointly between the Kenyan Marxist/Brennan then reread the “heart attack gun” gun murder/execution of Andrew Breitbart by James Gaeffer on Brennan’s order originating from the madrasa chanter himself.However,this murder of Breitbart occurred in 2012 and they’re saying Haines is a culpable murderess from 2013 on.Were Haines’ proclivities for murdering anti Marxists being satiated even earlier than is being stated? When did she first ‘make her bones’ in the all out war being waged against the USA and its legal citizens?


Thought you already told us BHO (not the movie channel) was a) executed & b) in prison. X22 keeps telling us c) he’s “in the basement” & telling Joe what to do & say. NOW you say JAG investigators are d) still/again looking for him. Can those guys “find their ass in the dark with both hands?” as an old U.S. military guy used to say. I have NO idea what’s true anymore, and I daily suspect that’s true on this channel, too.

Last edited 1 year ago by Paladin45
J Bill

X22 said mb is gay


did he get it through your donkeypox?

J Bill

he forced a vax on me because i have special needs and attend a school in new york


mos def have special needs!


Her military Tribunal can’t be soon enough much less her execution.


Hell! that should be entertaining. Hope they record it for us., I’m sure they do.


These people are so far up their own asses that they cannot see the writing on the wall. She knows the election was rigged because she helped do it, she must think everyone else is so stupid. Cannot wait for justice!!! Come on Avril, put on a good show for Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall, it will be your last one so make it count.




“Truth is just an excuse for lack of imagination,” she said. Wait! What???? She sounds like a DS henchman if I ever heard one with that statement! Crandall is gonna eat her alive!! 🍽 🍿

Gregg Nickens

I can see the spambot is in the ‘panic mode’ today. Hell Hounds must be on your trail Mr. Spambot :wolf:


So why are they playing nice with her? If they are trying to get information on the whereabouts of Hussein Obama get the people who regularly interrogated Al-Quida operatives on the battlefield to get the information from her. Let her know personally the pain she caused others in their murders. We all know the outcome for her crimes, make her pay for them.

Gregg Nickens

If these Deep State players were dealt with as Hitler would have dealt with his enemies, you can bet they would talk.

Gregg Nickens

In other words when it came to Hitler dealing with his enemies there was, “A little less talk and a lot more action.”


So now your conversations with yourself are going public?

Gregg Nickens

DS any? lol


Hang the treasonous bitch.

Lorenz Manner

She will surely get what she deserves. Good riddance.


I thought Obummer had been executed already? One shot to back of head.


Must be his double they’re referring too; you know, the one who is the shadow president now who whispers in Obiden’s ear.




So we are supposed to believe the deep state is some big bad wolf?

Octane prices in the US have fallen sharply
Food prices in the US have fallen sharply
CRT is not taught in any school
Black/hispanics/asians/and whites live together in peace in the main
Ukrainian nazis have been well-funded and well armed, yet they are losing massive number of soldiers whose abysmal morale is driving them to surrender
Deep state can’t even set ONE nuke off ANYWHERE
And they trotted out a fake as fuck ‘dick cheney’. I mean, they can’t even get a good look-alike. Managed retreats typically fail, ffs. I almost feel sorry for them.

All while the US political right remain indolent, barely getting off the couch, yet they may claim effortless triumph!

J Bill

I love reading the pro-lifers discuss execution methods


Yours is a faulty logic. The category of innocent babies does not equal the category of ultra-criminals.

J Bill

So you’re pro birth then, not pro life


Are pro-abortionists pro-stillbirth? So according to you pro-abortionists are not necessarily anti-birthers. They are just anti-life pro-birthers. ok

One thing’s for sure though, you are not a pro. Keep studying.

J Bill

Thirsty af


the jbill who works the PM shift is more clever.

J Bill

thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirsty af


Give me a solid link and I’ll join you.


Removing cancer is not pro-life? ok.

J Bill

Execution isn’t removing cancer Jill


So cancer cells continue living after killing them? Makes sense.

J Bill

Executing cancer 🤣


Yes, many are grateful for longer lives with loved ones because of these execution techniques. It’s mostly peaceful either way!

Frisbee The Cat

I’m sure you do.
Especially since execution isn’t murder, unlike other methods of killing people.

J Bill

Explain how execution is pro life


They die that we might live free again! How does that sound? Or do you like living in an oppressed state? In the Bible God authorized the slaughter of PLENTY of evil doers! In addition wiped all the evil doers off the face of the earth by completely flooding it. Lured the evil Eyptian army into the sea so that HIs people can live free lives! SO NOW you’re saying that He is not pro life? He’s the one that created you in your mother’s womb, as all of us on this feed.

J Bill

You’re pro birth lmao


Are pro-abortionists pro-stillbirth?

J Bill

you’re pro autism based on these posts lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooo


Killing cancer cells is what radiation treatment does dumbass. Weak angle again. Where did the pros go, ffs

J Bill

Lmaooooooooooooo executing cancer lmao


May I suggest YOU may be grateful in the future for cancer removal techniques. Don’t sweat your next mammogram bro!

J Bill

execute some annanuki lmaooooooooooooooooooooooo


Feisty one isn’t she? Innocent until proven guilty, lets not spoil the Tribunal’s perfect record.

I say a sharpshooter at dawn, 1st shot left ear then give her chance to save herself & tells us Barack’s location, if not then right ear & same question & telling her the next shot is the kill shot.


Its is a Beautiful Day
Stay Positive
Things are Getting Better !
☺. 🐣. 🐋. 🍦.

J Bill


John .S

OMG, Avril has Resisting Arrest charge on her, not good.

When LA cops were pummeling Rodney King they yelped: “Stop Resisting”.

SCOTUS must end police Qualified Immunity.

J Bill

We need a new poll


why did the last one get lost in your ass? Don’t think buck fiden is most prolific. most creative SN though. most prolific writer on RRN?

JULIE! She is the one writing for julie, j bill, ted, biggs, forsaken, jill, zee, ffs

Frisbee The Cat

Hey Julie, write one for me too! Uh, not the #(pound) Me Too one…

J Bill

What were the final results? Seemed a little bad last I checked


can it be anything other than bad if it saw your colon?

J Bill

Patriots are no longer with trump. Smh


good comeback!

J Bill


buck fiden

SN? You callin me a sand nigger, J? hahaha.

J Bill


Johnny Lunchbucket

She looks like a washed up hippie from the ‘60s and trying to stay relevant. Hang the cumb dunt, stat.



Proudly Unaffiliated

All good, the US military is dealing with the trash as needed. I did get a kick out her comment, “Truth is just an excuse for lack of imagination.” Others have said it, too, and shows her contempt for the rule of law and the American Republic. Reading her wikipedia page confirms that Avril Haines is a deep stater, through and through. Looking forward to justice being served.

Proudly Unaffiliated

P.S. Gotta love those iron cross earrings, which must be quite fashionable in High Nazi circles.

J Bill

Anyone else catch trump’s toupee? I’m sure he wore it to distract from his diaper


you know the dimensions of trump’s ass and now his head? bromance!

J Bill

Thirsty Jill! Your thirsty ass is still following me around like a lost dog. Where’s your poor buddy thirsty earl?


stay tuned!

J Bill

Bring forsaken to the party


So I post as multiple accounts yet it is unbelievable I post as Ted and Biggs?

J Bill

only i believe you, jill. post away mb. i mean jill

bring back b0fa for a day. let me post then ban me again


I have an extra 9mm round to donate to the cause. You’re welcome