General Berger to China: “Shoot Her [Pelosi] Down!”


Marine Corps General David H. Berger proffered a blunt message in response to China’s threat to intercept and shoot down Nancy Pelosi’s plane if it enters Taiwanese airspace, sources in the general’s office told Real Raw News.

A source familiar with the situation said General Berger delivered the message to his PRC counterpart, Gen. Fan Changlong, during a Saturday evening call in which Changlong implored him to thwart Pelosi’s overseas trip. Changlong said the Chinese State Media’s threat to obliterate any plane carrying Pelosi was not hyperbole.

“We don’t control her, she’s a traitor. You want to shoot her down, then shoot her down,” Gen. Berger said sternly. “If you don’t want her there, call the State Department. Not me.”

But both Xi Jinping and senior PLA officials had already held grueling, unproductive talks with the criminal Biden regime, whose ambiguous messaging only sows public confusion on how it feels about Pelosi’s potential trip to Taiwan. Last week, senior members of the Biden cabal discouraged a Taipei stopover; however, National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications John Kirby said Monday that the Biden administration will support Pelosi on a trip to Taiwan.

In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, “We are standing by. Nancy Pelosi’s presence in Taiwan could be considered an act of war.”

And that, White Hats believe, might be the regime’s ultimate goal.

Historically, war benefits unpopular presidents, at least in the short term. When George H.W. Bush launched the Gulf War, ostensibly to repel Iraq from Kuwait, he saw an immediate—though short-lived—bump in popularity. His son “double-yew’s” prestige spiked briefly following the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Clinton’s botched operation to capture or kill Mohamed Farrah Aidid in Mogadishu helped his precipitously declining poll numbers early in his presidency. Likewise, Obama’s unlawful quest to overthrow Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi received public acclaim. In all cases, these so-called presidents experienced an ephemeral 10-to-25-point non-partisan boost.

The conclusion seems clear: citizens rally behind leaders in times of conflict.

The Biden regime is hoping historical precedence holds fast.

Biden’s—or his doppelgangers—poll numbers have dropped sharply every day since the stolen 2020 presidential election. He is the most detested leader—albeit a fake one—in the history of the United States. His handlers might be hoping that war—which typically bolsters a failing economy—might turn the tide in the Democrats’ favor.

“General Berger and his council have given this serious thought. If the Deep State is trying to ignite global conflict, it’s taking a huge risk, a risk that also puts White Hats in a precarious situation. The Deep State has no access to the nuclear launch codes, but it does have the ability, the support of enough traitorous military commanders to start a conventional war. We have no way of knowing if China would stick to the conventional. In the end, we have a duty to defend this country—meaning if we were launched on, we’d have to retaliate. God, I hope it doesn’t come to that. Imagine a nuclear war over Nancy Pelosi. How effing crazy is that. The general hates her passionately,” our source said.

Pelosi and General Berger are not exactly strangers to each other, and their animosity is legendary: in January 2021, just before Biden was illegally sworn into office by the traitor Chief Justice John Roberts, Pelosi demanded of General Berger that his Marines safeguard Biden’s inauguration, to which the general replied, “We don’t work for you.”

Subsequently, White Hats in May 2021 tried to arrest Pelosi on charges of treason, but the person they caught was an imposter wearing a Nancy Pelosi mask.

White Hats, in fact, suspect that the real Nancy Pelosi is either holed up at a hotel or sheltered in a Deep State bunker while her body double tours East Asia.

“For whatever reason, the Deep State loves her, feels she’s imperative to their goals. It’s extremely unlikely they’d risk her. We know she has several body doubles. It’s more probably than not that one of those doubles is performing her diplomatic duties. The Taiwanese government isn’t familiar enough with her to tell the difference, “Our source said.

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I love this.


The Blessed Mother said there will be no WWIII. Trump said even the Dems would be begging him to come back. I do not believe we will be at war with China . Trump will return before 2024. He promised.


I heard that she landed in Hawaii, not Taiwan. Is this true?




Or maybe all caucasians look the same to the communist chinese party. Those racist bastards.


Why is she even here ?
Eliminate anything that looks like \-\er !
MSM won’t say squat.

Kelly Brown



Pelosi is the new “acting” US President, bottom line.


From the fake white house, for the fake corporation that no longer exists. She’s a nobody playing a part all for show.


True as it sounds.


True as it sounds. Everyday, she digs a little deeper of a grave for herself. lol

Above Reproach

Well ya think ya could get on the horn and have her brought into a Taiwanese prison camp, lay he ugly ass down on a table and see if that
stupid clown face is real or not. If it comes off in there hands, begin the process of exposing the truth. That’s what is needed, because it will spike
the obvious and all the masks will be removed. Along with the entire democrat party of Ass holes. Then send her home in a BOX.

Tracy Reinert

Remember that not everything is as it appears. I believe Pelosi has been given an offer she can’t refuse, & flipped, & is an actress either way now. Even the real person. We have all the major players down already.

Dixie Gardner

Why has she not been picked up yet? All these leaders are scoundrels and belong behind bars.


Grab the masked doppelganger and unmasked her on video.


He said what I’ve been thinking.
My grocer and I were talking about it today and he’s in complete agreement, as many, many others are I’m sure!!


Search for “$15,000,000,000,000 ($15 trillion) in fraud exposed in UK House of Lords”


LISTEN- Michael Savage Interviews Pelosi About Taiwan – 1998

h t t p s colon //michaelsavage dot com/listen-michael-savage-interviews-pelosi-about-taiwan-1998/

BJ Edwards

Most of you people should be BLOCKED . So many idiots post worthless crap on here .

question everything

Censorship is not welcome here. Even idiots can post their opinion here, which is why you weren’t censored.


we keep the paid trolls as pets but do not feed them as it gets them overly excited.


Xi is a compassionate man. He allowed Perosi to land to out of high mindedness. We salute Xi!

Angel Askew

If so, he is more high minded than most of us. Lol


OK that poll has to go – the deep state is messing with it, so now it’s worthless.

MB take it down please it’s offensive to see the paid traitors destroy it.


It’s not too late for them to shoot her aircraft down. However do the flight crew really deserve to die just because she’s a monster?
Why not just assassinate her while she’s there? Saves a lot of paperwork & investigation when they don’t have to shoot down a perfectly good jet.


Tough break everyone, it has been confirmed that Nancy Pelosi’s plane has just safely landed in Taiwan.

My source in General Berger’s office just told me that Berger is completely heartbroken by the news, according to my source Berger considered General Fan Changlong a “BFF” and someone he could count on, but today has shown that Changlong was not willing to do him even one tiny little favor when Berger needed it most. Some “friend” he was, huh guys 😥

Last edited 1 year ago by Biggs

false flag


pelosi is hiding out till the heat dies down on insider trading questions etc. The ‘media’ reporting anything is worthless except perhaps to realize that whatever they report the opposite may be.

Ron Burgundy

I love it when MB thinks making some BS incorporating something that’s in the media will bolster his credibility.


did you hear Arthur Roberts is in hospice on a ventilator? Apparently, the DS is freaking out, which is why Drunkosi is being sent on a diplomatic mission … but this is the pantomime, right? Whitehats are apparently in control, Xi is a whitehat, Berger is a whitehat, Drunkosi died 2 years ago and her actor/clone is also playing her part. What are we, the theatre audience? More like monkeys in a zoo. Come on MB, can you press your sources to give a bit more than this?


False flag. It’s merely Arthur Roberts’ body double who is in hospice. You know, the one who took Roberts’ place when Roberts took Joe Biden’s place.


something something false flag or whatever…sigh


Uh yeah I said that already 🙄

trust nothing

This website contains humor, parody, and satire.

trust nothing

In other words, nothing in any articles published should be considered facts and are for entertainment only.

David T

Ok, chai, whatever you say.

question everything

“This website contains humor, parody, and satire.”
This previous sentence is part of the satire, parody, and humor.


how can i trust that?


How many US ‘vaccine’ manufacturers have NOT pleaded guilty to fraud in the last 48 months? ZERO.
If you think it is a good idea to take the clotshot, then go ahead. It was meant for you!



John .S

Looking for the real Nancy Pelosi, she is easy to locate by simply checking Amazon records for bulk delivery of adult diapers aka, Depends.

Nancy could be hiding out in a vineyard cottage. Nancy will never rough-it via off grid shack, though who knows, maybe she’s a fan of Gilligan’s Island.

Hmm, Nancy the modern day Mrs. Howell.

Angel Askew

She bought that estate/ island off the coast of Jupiter Florida a few months ago.


More innestability is on the horizon for America. This Pelosi news is double-edge situation: if she goes to Taiwan, or plane’s shot down there will be consequences, and the DS will control the info. The return of the Republic will be a rough ride. Thanks RRN.


As always, shalomass my niggas!





Angel Askew

Fancy pants. Nee how!


why do some think I post as Biggs, Ted, J Bill at times?


No one thinks that, your posts are too low-effort.


Do the readers enjoy the parry and joust between Julie and Biggs characters? I could make the contrast darker or lighter if it would entertain.


I hope to see the HUD video from the Chinese fighter of NP plane going down in flames. That would be really cool.


Yeah man I bet that will come out #soon alongside all the execution footage and all the rest of the invisible proof that RRN stories happened


If I post to myself, does the illusion fail?

Rob William

I am ready accept all RRN stories if there are videos.

Air man

Yes, just make sure there are no airman on board.


It seems you can vote more than once on this “poll”.

How many Joint chefs of staff are obama boys?

Miss Impatient

Arrest her and put her in a Chinese prison.

John .S

Interpol can apprehend [doppelganger] Nancy, obvious hands-off order in place.

Nancy is a easy arrest, especially in having military [Nuremberg] warrant on her.

Angel Askew

International Court!


Who paid for this poll? Why is it being done? Can we trust the military to allow TRUMP to his rightful position as President?


Prolly not, because they must increase their illusions and will inevitably cheat all over again but in other states they didnt cheat in last time.


More good news!
“Mr. Reffitt’s reluctance to admit early that his behavior is illegal is concerning,” District Judge Dabney Friedrich said before handing down the 87-month sentence. “And I want to be very clear … under no legitimate definition of the term ‘patriot’ (does) Mr. Reffitt’s behavior on and around January 6 fit the term. It is the antithesis of the word.”

“The officers at the Capitol are the patriots, as well as those who fought and even died to protect our democracy, our rule of law … those in the mob are not. Not only are they not patriots, they’re a direct threat to our democracy and will be punished as such.”

Reffitt was convicted by a DC jury in March of five felonies, including transporting and carrying a firearm on Capitol grounds, interfering with Capitol Police and obstructing an official proceeding. He had driven to DC with several firearms, one of which he carried with him on the steps of the Capitol during the early hours of the riot.


ruse, rube. you fall for the same shit over and over again. ffs


This was posted on the last story but is so good it should be on every story!
Mole People Awareness leaflet campaign making headway.
Been approached for leaflets by inquiring minds, whom few and far in-between.
“What is the Underwar?” article as attention grabber. “Tips & Tricks for Evading Mole Person Ambushes” as supplemental in the batch. Crucial information.
Talking with folks, dispelling common misconceptions about Mole People left and right. Not aliens. Not human. Not shapeshifters. Not furry and cuddly. Education key to this campaign.
Handed out pamphlets to a group of high schoolers the other day. We sat around in a sketchy convenience store parking lot for six hours exchanging stories of how Mole People attacks have affected our lives. The kids know what’s up. They’re just like me.
Also they said I’m really cool and NOT AT ALL creepy and if I was their age I would probably be the most popular kid at their school. Boys all said they would be my best friend. Girls all said they would totally be asking me out to prom. 
Went to local sandwich shop. Started slipping pamphlets into the sandwiches, right underneath the top bun. Shop owner a Mole-Person-conscious patriot. Let me do it, wants his customers informed. Gave me a free 30-foot party sub as thanks. 
Slipped pamphlets into every mailbox in my neighborhood. Mailman gave me a pat on the back. Police rolled up, thought they might arrest me for violating mailbox laws, but instead they just told me “you’re the REAL hero” and also gave me $100. Escorted me the rest of the way. All my neighbors were outside gardening and stuff and they all stood up and clapped for me when I finished the route.
Been asked: “Who’s paying you? The Reptilians?”
My response with a half ass laugh is “Nobody” and, “I’m doing it for the children. The human children up here in the surface, that is. Not the Mole People children.”
Questioner was probably a Mole Person sympathizer. Perhaps even an actual Mole Person themself, in human disguise.
Stay safe out there folks.


stay away from the kids tedophilia!

John .S

Love it, seems to have my vernacular style. Well done, satire.

Rob William

Very well written!

Rene Labre

I do not,and we should not think that China is bluffing. I do not think they would shoot her plane down,they may intercept it,reroute it. For sure she is not on the plane anyway. She is wanted by the military here for treason and crimes against humanity. It may be our own military that intercepts that plane. before it departs our territory. That would be the best answer by far. Nip it in the bud,So to say. They could say they had advance intelligence reports. And the flight had to be aborted.They would not even have to say why. Problem solved. She is done anyway,two or three times over. Stick a fork in it man. Save the jet fuel. It is not her on the plane anyway. This whole thing is an eleventh hour ploy. A grandstand move.That could cause a war.A very foolish one i would say.


I feel sorry for you. What happened to you that made you retreat into a fantasy world?


your posts


I believe there was pics of ol’ nance hiding out in Italy, a week or so ago

Angel Askew

Mussolini lost his life for playing cronie-capitalism/ corporatacracy.
It would be justified if she suffered the same fate!

Terry Jacks

Put all the Democrat and RINO politicians on the Pelosi plane, then shoot it down.


That’s really dark. Because someone feels differently about something you want them killed? Is that how we should treat each other?


then why do you not play with me tedophilia?


Great work! Thanks for the updates.
Sorry, but-
These posts you allow now are fucking retarded. It’s not worth reading anymore. What happened to the smart ones? It’s obvious most don’t get anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And have little amounts of critical thinking. It’s no different than driving down the road with all the idiots. I’m even embarrassed for some of the old timers on here.
Please add some filters?!


I banned Zee. What more do you want?


ban me bitch!


Regarding the photo that accompanies this article: I don’t think that’s the real Pelosi. I think it’s a double.


that is the way a true red blooded, Marine always answer, when it comes to traitors.

sexual design, created by God, or changed by mankind make no difference when it comes to treason


‘Sexual design’? Do you.. do you think General Berger had a boner when he asked China to shoot down Pelosi’s body double’s plane? 😳


Sorry, I wanted to say hard on instead of boner but it just flowed better with boner.


shit, i forgot to change accounts again!


Note for Xi. You lose face with this global flap about an old drunk woman, who has NO respect in the USA. Makes you look as stupid as her. How old are you? You should be laughing about this to look as powerful as you think you are.

Rob William

Xi admin is the worst admin ever. They hid the critical information about Covid, which lead to millions of deaths and problems – vaccine shots, masks and everything. China should pay us all for that!


get em ccp!


ccp=black hats…Xi= white hats…

Rose Mary Abbott

I’m so glad you get it.

Billy Bob

So after watching “Eyes Wide Shut” one more time, Pelosi volunteered to be “redeemed” in a chopsticks airborne ritual and start WW3? What an upgrade from Putin’s personal chauffeur in 2016 on BO’s part. Or did she confused herself with Secretary of State due to shorting out? I’d rather go for the ritual preparations. Maybe she had a choice to make between two doors with “No Entry” and “No Exit” signs.

Angel Askew

Four carriers & escorts in the Pacific? Why is that relevant?
To prevent other state actors from attempting to harm us during this transition? Russia/China?

USS Ronald Reagan
USS Abraham Lincoln/USS Essex
USS America
USS Tripoli

Source: US Naval Institute https:/


Frisbee The Cat

Okay children, let’s concentrate on the big picture.


Let’s do that…
How’s about you lead the way…
You show them how it is done…☺

Frisbee The Cat



So a body double has somehow volunteered or MK Ultra coerced to possibly be shot down along with the pilot and her entourage.

Okie dokie.

J Bill

correct. duh


Do people realize that on that plane there will be innocent people like the pilot who are merely doign their job?

Unfortunately, it’s not just Pelosi on the plane.


They think Pelosi will be flying the plane herself. This is not a blog for the smart people.


How do you know what someone else thinks when you barely know what you think?

J Bill

how many innocent storm troopers were killed when the first death star blew up?

Rob William



The DS/paymasters do not care. If they can get to their mark, they will use the best means available to scrub them regardless of ‘innocent bystanders’ around them. Their attitude toward them is “Sucks to be them but great for us–our mark is dead and more dead ‘useless eaters’ as a bonus!”

Selected known examples throughout history.

‘Near miss’. Target and ‘bystander’ survived but seriously injured
https ://

https ://
https ://

Per Jim Stone (from a while ago)
http ://

A female Chinese spy with ‘dirt’ on USA DS assets was killed via remote controlled plane crash to shut her up. Everyone (including her) died on the plane and TPTB are (falsely) pinning the blame on the pilot. Just like an earlier, similar ‘scrub job’ reported by Jim long ago.

https ://
Video will not play anymore but read the text in the description
https ://

Jim suspected foul play and use of a ‘remote controlled crash’ with the co-pilot blamed for the crash–conveniently on antidepressants at the time and assumed to be suicidal at the time of the crash.

A group of ‘911 wives’ refused ‘hush money’ payouts and demanded answers for the loss of their husbands (and indirectly everyone else killed on 9/11 [09-11-2001]). The ‘puddle jumper’ plane they were all on ‘conveniently’ crashed into a neighborhood killing everyone aboard the plane and at least one other (I think) on the ground in one of the houses struck by debris in the impact. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a clip about this without a name of one or more of the ‘911 wives’ who died in the crash.

Paymaster ‘higher up’ Harold Rosenthal boasts about the paymasters in an interview with Walter White (not the Bryan Cranston character from BREAKING BAD)

https ://

Later, he is scrubbed at an airport along with innocent bystanders around him as cover in a ‘terrorist attack’.

All (related) links above work and go to content that is true/plausible so please ignore any downcomments/downvotes made by the (paid) trolls or false posts by them that the above links lead to ‘trackers’ or ‘malware’.


False flag.





Rose Mary Abbott

There is no way anybody with even half a braincell left is going to want to pilot that plane. Nobody!


Lol everyone in POLITICS or in our view is the PAWN level. If they want to sacrifice a pawn to get their war or achieve any other goal they will relentlessly. Obama, Soros, Gates, Zuckerturd, all pawns. We don’t see the real players only some of their pieces. Even if we get the KING, he wasn’t a player just a BIG piece on the board.

Frisbee The Cat

Now, that’s thinking outside of the circle…