Uncounted Vaccine Deaths on Our Highways and Railways

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This website has spent considerable time reporting on vaccine-related aircraft fatalities and injuries; until now, though, a murky haze and government coverup have shrouded equally depressing statistics: the number of vaccinated motorists who either died or fell ill behind the wheel, and accidents which caused significant loss of life or property damage.

The U.S. military began investigating these figures in mid-2022, after several recently vaccinated servicemembers perished in car accidents. White Hats had tasked their compatriots at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and at the Womack Army Medical Hospital, Fort Bragg, with reviewing seven wrecks—in each instance the driver died and was the sole occupant in the vehicle—that occurred between January-March 2022. While the Corps of Engineers examined vehicle accident reports, medical staff at Fort Bragg sifted through the medical logs and death certificates of the deceased servicemembers.

Preliminary reports revealed the following: the mean age of the drivers was 23; six were male; importantly, all took a Covid-19 vaccination within 10 days of death; none had illnesses or comorbidities that precluded their ability to enlist in the armed forces; postmortem toxicology screenings came back negative; all fatalities were attributed to “loss of vehicular control due to sudden onset myocardial infarction,” or heart attacks.

In four of the six male victims, medical examiners found “garter snake-size blood clots” in the femoral artery, as well as enlarged hearts, both known side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine.

This worrisome news caused White Hats to wonder whether the federal government was deceptively concealing vaccine-induced vehicle accidents on our nation’s highways. In October, White Hats sought U.S. Army Cyber Command’s help in penetrating a database maintained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is overseen by Deep State operative and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.

Cyber Command’s probe uncovered glaring inconsistencies: NHTSA’s computer held two disparate data sets, authored on September 15th and 19th, respectively, with each record listing both the number of accidents and fatalities from Jan-June 2022. The latter, or revised, spreadsheet was posted to NHTSA’s website and identified 20,175 fatalities—this figure includes drivers, occupants, and collateral casualties. In other words, if a driver swerved off the road and struck and killed three pedestrians, their deaths are tallied.

The unpublished spreadsheet had markedly different numbers. According to it, 39,465 accidents caused 41,970 deaths in the first half of 2022—more than twice the number disclosed to the public.

“We can’t conclusively prove deceit, but it’s damn peculiar that two reports written days apart have such a big difference in figures. If someone miscounted by 10, 100, or even 1000, yeah, that might seem a reasonable reason to remake a report. It’s our opinion, and just opinion, NHTSA falsified the published data to match data before the vaccines were publicly available,” a Cyber Command source told Real Raw News.

He added that Cyber Command had neither the manpower nor capability to dig deep into 39,465 accident reports.

“It looks like the transportation department is removing reports where vaccines were a contributing cause,” he said.

Cyber Command also scrutinized railway accidents. During the week of October 20, six trains derailed over a 36-hour period across the United States. An accident in Orneville, Maine, was particularly dangerous, with multiple cars piling up on the track. The Federal Railway Administration (FRA) said a faulty track punctured a freight car. Cyber Command, however, says it has audio of the engineer communicating with the crew seconds before the derailment. “I’m not feeling too well, I got vaccinated this morning,” the engineer said as the 76-car Canadian Pacific train listed to the left and derailed.

“These vaccines are killing people in droves,” our Cyber Command source said. “It’s only going to get worse until the majority of the population wakes up and rejects them absolutely.”

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Melody Hart

The military needs to move on their own,the longer they wait the bad guys have more time to weaken us.

Tracy Reinert

Government & Airlines trying to avoid writing Vaccine Caused Death on any paperwork, even though quite painfully & dangerously obvious. Airlines will have a wake up call when a planeload of passengers goes down due to their negligence.

Afshin Nejat

Let me simplify it for your White Hat Genius Brigade:

1) Excess deaths are being ignored or treated as not connected to injections, and even claimed to be Covaids (my nickname for the utter bullshit excuse to get needles into arms, best way to look at it, really).

2) These deaths are not even too surprising in their own right, (not the ones you are referring to here, the ones that I am referring to), and often have comorbities that might have been referenced. Yet, they will often be blamed on Covaids.

3) Before these massive rises in “sudden death” (sort of a pun there), the blame for deaths that clearly resulted from anything but Covaids were blamed on Covaids also.

4) But now there are real excess deaths. Before, they would have to explain the magic Covaids deaths-out-of-a-hat, and basically just fraudulently fluffed death numbers, and there was a relative DEARTH of expected deaths in the actuaries.

5) Now, there are excess deaths, which are happily blamed on anything except the major statistically novel event which preceded them in a causally connected manner, namely, the experimental injections.

So the sum of it is, when they needed an excuse to get injections into people, they drummed up deaths as related to Covaids(tm) but pretended gunshot wounds and natural causes or other obvious causes were not the cause. (Item A), but then when they got the injections into the arms, and a giant wave of deaths statistically correlated to those injections began to rise, they blamed them on anything except the logical likely cause or contributing factor (Item B). Item A was obviously a deflection from reality, and Item B was also a deflection from reality. Basic statistical, causal, epidemiological, and sheer logical realities are being ignored or bypassed simply to get injections of hazardous substance into people on false pretexts, and then blame the resulting deaths on something else. Is this too “dense” for you? Or are you too dense for this information?

trust nothing

The most difficult thing for me to comprehend is how the people keep paying this corrupt government with their illegal taxing of our LABOR! The collected taxes are given to pay bureaucrats, politicians, scientists to make bioweapons, start wars so we make better “defensive” weapons, give to other countries, pay thousands and thousands of incompetent government employees (all overpaid and over funded), Space exploration, spy satellites, and much more wasted. The truth is we the people don’ know where all the money they collect goes. There is a huge “black fund” for? We do know that the government spends our money to kill or make us sick in many ways. Chemtrails, Geoengineering, poison in water, foods, and appliances that spy in your house. Then there is MSM that makes everybody that listens to it psychotic.
We are paying for all things going on, in more than one way. We have nothing to say about it.


so when does the military and patriots take over. and start public hangings?


I would like to know how in the hell are people going to learn that the jab is dangerous with fake news and others hiding the info? and the public are force to take the jab or lose their job-? and house etc.? just look around people still have masks on even in their cars! they have not been informed-! my wife doctor keeps trying to get her to get the shots-! I’m sure the doctor is forced to or lose her lic. Can someone explain all this to me-!!! what the hell are the military doing-? wait and see—STOP IT AND STOP THIS MADNESS NOW—-OR your no better than them-!!!
with great respect for the military, but people are dying and all the side effects it’s not right to just stand bye-! I pray GOD HELP US–

Brian Tseng

I don’t understand why the White Hat “leadership” is acting so clueless about these clot-shots to the point they’ve allowed so many of our service personnel to get injected with this garbage. This is my same criticism of Trump, who to make matters worse blatantly endorsed them to the “sheeple” via “Operation Warp Speed”.

If anyone should be utilizing med-bed technology to *TRY* to clean up this mess on the DOUBLE, it should be our White Hats AND SSP folks (God Bless Them).


That was the plan so that xi could come into America and take over. I do not trust b.

Natasha Vidan

I wonder if the massive violence we are seeing has anything to do with the jab? I don’t mean the riots of 2020 but this pushing people onto the subway tracks and the machete type of killings. It’s like buttons are being pushed in the brains and people go off…


What did you say to get him thinking that🤣


Lol…you think OWD is Mike?

Robert Ford

What makes you think that DJT is “unhinged”?


Macron arrives Wednesday and will tour NASA HQ with Kamala. Thursday will be a luncheon with Blinken. State Dinner that evening. Now we will see how much control The Resident has.

John .S

Anticipate minimum MSM coverage on NASA tour, expect 30 second video footage with split screen scripted MSM talk.

State Dinner keep eyes open for fraudulent clues, often seen in background.

Last year seen MSM photo of Joe Biden receiving ‘winter’ vax at Whitehouse, whereas window view showing summertime green leaf trees, also MSM photo in artifice as current Obama’s birthday bash with Jeff Epstein in background.

Suspect in seeing old State Dinner footage remastered with CGI overlay, again keep eyes open for clues.

BTW, Biden is an ”’Occupant”’ not a Resident, big difference between both.

Note: there’s a podcasters [diversionary shill] that utilizes the word: *Resident, whom playing both sides of the street, selling snake oil that’s not to be trusted. X-nay on that podcast, could give 22 reasons why.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S

I prefer Resident from Resident Evil. I find that fitting.

John .S

Doctors also reference coin, size of penny – nickel – dime etc.

In Brooklyn we reference small size in terminology of mouse shit or rat shit, as highly understandable, often utilized in measuring brain capacity, which is less in size of a pea.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S

WHEN will mainstream media begin to report on the other half of the story ?
Does anyone really care anymore ?

John .S

MSM complicit, culprits in grand scheme.

Old school methodologies needed. Tar & Feathering MSM personalities while outside their corporate offices, or lunch location. They’re creatures of habit.

Love to see MSM broadcaster jumped [hood-winked] covered with gallon of roofing tar, and sprinkled with goose down pillow.

Note: MSM personalities known to pack pistol, proceed with caution, get the drop on them first, can’t do solo.

Best bet, restaurant/bar bathroom where they’re known to frequent at work or home.

Nothing worse being caught off guard while standing at urinal or utilizing a stall.


Have you seen the sheep circling around and about for over 24hrs in China ? The real sheep…it’s on the internet. These are animal sheep! Not us! They go in a circle and nothing can stop them. Also, ants, fish and other beloved creatures have started doing this. Research it. No, they weren’t jabbed but are stuck in the matrix. Nature doesn’t lie. Sheep stuck in the matrix! See for yourself.


“These vaccines are killing people in droves,” our Cyber Command source said. “It’s only going to get worse until the majority of the population wakes up and rejects them absolutely.”
Does this mean Trump has to keep pushing his warpspeed jab?

John .S

To late, majority of people already vaxxed, nothing will suppress what’s coming. Horse is out of the barn.

Be glad you’re not vaxxed, and drive on parkways avoiding truck routes.

Have better odds surviving collision with passenger vehicles versus 18 wheeler or semi truck.

Google, Gas Tanker Explosion Rockville Centre NY, Lazy Boy Fire. Driver escaped, vax related who knows?


That’s Charles


I live in New Jersey, and travel the Garden State Parkway almost daily. I can personally say, I have never seen so many bizarre accidents, and driving incidents than I have seen over the past couple years. People’s motor skills are extremely delayed/distracted. (And they ALL seem to struggle with right hand turns. Just a personal observation)

Angel Askew

It is very prevelant in Los Angeles too.

John .S

Myself pulled over in Cliffside Pk. NJ for being on cellphone, cop said: “you’re texting as distracted driver” told cop: “I’m blogging on RRN” cop said: “tell MB I said hello – keep up the good work”, cop gave me a verbal warning, in return handing cop a few leaflets.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S
Jewelie Dee

Legalized mass murder is now an everyday reality. Other countries, I am sure, are experiencing the same thing. I can’t help but think that if the White Hats moved sooner, they would have saved a lot of lives. They keep giving reasons for dragging their feet, and I guess a civil war would cost many lives also, but this is getting to be a nightmare a minute.


Invert that. 369


Invert what you just posted. You have revealed yourself. 369


“Their deed’s support “their” conviction.
“They” knew better.
As for those whom remain,,,

,,,tic ,,,tic ,,,tic.

J Bill



So did they intercept jabs that went to bases or did they allow our military to be sacrificed? I know if they got it off base then they were in the pool like civilians.


It is my understanding that the entire military is vaxxed and had to be vaxxed to keep their jobs


Remember 369


Large numbers of Americans remain in disbelief about the clots. People on other sites insist that the odd clots embalmers are seeing were the norm prior to Covid, and that we who are researching, are nuts. (As usual.)

Lady Hermann

There will be a great need to investigate this mess for the families deserve to sue.


Ok Michael im calling bullshit on this article. The train derailment in Maine was reported due to a washout in the local news. Your article says that the enginner got sick and the train “listed to the left”. Trains do not have to be steered like a car, they are on a track for petes sake! How the hell does a train “list to the left”. I believe in this instance that the local news report is accurate and that you are full of shit.


Where ever there is “ a don’t” one lowers its vibrational frequency. What are you “don’t” wanting to come into your reality?

Chris G

On Twitter, search for ‘Died Suddenly’ (account/documentary) that provides more details on those strange blood clots that MEs and embalmers worldwide have been discovering in countless cadavers.


We keep getting info about how bad the vaccine is and how it’s killing lots of people. BUT the vaccine mandate is still in force and if you want to keep your job you have to take it. We are told Trump is still commander in chief and the white hats are in charge. So is Trump mandating the vaccines?

Debate Judge

I saw this movie.
Here is the trailer

channel: DeFilmblog
Video: Blindness (2008) Official HD Trailer [1080p]

Blindness is a 2008 English-language thriller film about a society that suffers an epidemic of blindness. The film is an adaptation of the 1995 novel of the same name by the Portuguese author José Saramago

Traffic accidents because of everyone going blind
Now traffic accidents because people are having heart attacks

Debate Judge

Rumble dot com
Channel: Stew Peters Network
Video: DIED SUDDENLY | OFFICIAL TRAILER – Streaming November 21st
Video: World Premiere: Died Suddenly
9.8 million views

I recommend the above two videos which can provide additional information to M. Baxter’s post.


For all we know, all vaccines we’ve ever been given are bioweapons.


That’s what I’ve been thinking


I believe the photo shows a carriage from an Indian train?
Regardless, one way to tell that many are getting sick or dieing from the jab, are the sheer number of job vacancies.
Where I live, I can go to a job site like Indeed, and see the same jobs being advertised for months on end this year (before the plandemic, the openings would disappear in a matter of a couple of weeks at most).
Granted, many healthy people are also resigning from jobs, due to the deteriorating working conditions, but the jab is almost certainly another major factor.


I have already rejected the additional shots. I have had doctors who asked if I had any more shots from the first two. My cousin showed me is blood cots one was long. I could not take my off of it. I have never seen a blot clot that long. My cousin fly an airplane and seems to be fine doing it he is on xarelto and can still fly his plane. Just came down this Thanksgiving in that plane


I’m glad you rejected the extra shots 🙂


🇺🇸 This is happening here in northern CA also. Lots of big rig truck solo accidents also.🇺🇸

Smokey Stover

This is the place I always come for my clinical medicine news. It’s so authoritative

Dave Kelly

YOU will receive a bill


President Trump, fulfill your oath of office NOW!!!!! People are dying!!! JESUS!!!


If only there were a military body willing to go and arrest those who are still forcing these shots into people. They should be removed and outlawed. My dad is dying from Moderna. He believed the hype. When is this going to end????? WHEN?????

Dave Smith

Hi i just stated a Facebook group on Detoxification warp speed under my Dave Smith account if people would like to join it i got a hour banned on Facebook. For trying too ad people too it .I’m trying too put out what I’ve been saying on here too help the vaxed detoxification get information too them .God loves people who help THEMSELVES and others .Thank you sincerely Dave Smith aka Harry Hyde aka others not too be named… where we go one we go all Amen


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Last edited 1 year ago by Barshembar
trust nothing

There is real evidence the USA with the controlling criminal government has been manufacturing bioweapons in the US and on foreign soil. The US shows other countries how to run “elections” and commerce and can’t do them properly here. Liars and hypocrites that reflect on the US population.


These stories assert positive actions are going on while in real time we’re witnessing Marxist/Statist dems and Rinos remain in possession of the levers of power.I wanted to take consolation in these articles reporting but sadly I cannot because great and irreparable harms and damages continue occurring against our nation daily.Unmitigated and ruinous,transformative,revolutionary policies,legislation and ideological pursuits and direction remain fixed toward the Statist,Marxist,Humanist agenda which is polar opposite to our sovereign national founding under God as a representatively elected Constitutional Republic.Collectively rejecting that sure foundation has effectuated close allegory to Biblically destructive accounts of both heathen and non heathen nations.Of that there seems no end despite the bugle calls we read about in these skirmishes.

David T

The DS grossly overstated Covid deaths, and is now grossly understating jab-related deaths. This is only possible with a totally corrupt, propaganda-driven media that is owned by the same evil that has perpetrated the Covid BS.


And, that’s why President Trump instituted Operation Warp Speed! The DS wanted to draw this out for many many years with the MSM propagating all of their lies. If any of you can remember, the MSM didn’t really know how to cover it, because it was disrupting the DS multi-year death plan.


And GOD gave us the best immune system, not something drummed up by man. And yes, Trump gave everyone a choice. There was NO mandate to take the CLOT SHOT!!!
Just better hope you never need any blood in the future, as I’m sure the supply is tainted. It may be worth considering storing your own blood for the future… just saying!


I wish I could post an image here of a chest xray I just looked at of an 81 year old male who had his recent booster 3 weeks ago. Though he was gasping for breath, he said he was ‘all up to date on his boosters’!

Cardiomegaly, right middle/lower lobe infiltrates. Patients appear to be afflicted with similar symptoms to an amalgamation of pneumonitis and altitude sickness.

Smokey Stover

what did his chest x-ray look like prior to the booster, doctor?


…better than it did after I have no doubt


It’s a known fact that these vaccines are deadly.. I wonder if these 5G towers are a weapon. I am unvaccinated however we got a new cell tower in our town that seems to be strategically placed by the busiest 4 way stop highway. The very first time I drove by that tower to go shopping in my town I got violently sick… I mean I was dizzy, projectile vomiting to the point I literally vomited in my truck!! I vomited in the store… I had to stop the truck 2 times on my way home and vomited. I was shaking violently from not feeling well. I am a Registered Nurse and I immediately thought it could have been cardiac related, however I didn’t have chest discomfort nor pain radiating down my left arm or in my chest. It was just so weird to abruptly have those violent symptoms. Everytime I drive by that damn thing I don’t feel well. My truck has Bluetooth and my cell phone immediately connects to my truck. I also have an older model Toyota corolla with no Bluetooth and when I drive that vehicle by the tower I feel fine. But everytime I drive my truck I don’t feel well. I don’t know if this correlation is real but I find it very odd.


Get an EMF reader and make sure it’s calibrated.


It’s almost as if I was zapped by extreme radiation… symptoms of radiation poisoning.


5G utilizes much lower RF power levels than the 4GLTE, 3G etc networks. This is why there are many more 5G towers in a given area. This way, the companies (Verizon ATT etc.) can now track users location to within a couple hundred feet rather than knowing a user is in a ten square mile cell site location. 5G also uses a different set of much higher frequencies to communicate with new 5G phones. There are tools to measure RF output power from a transmission tower which can be rented to the public.

Smokey Stover

Towers put out less than five watts. A nightlight’s worth


If it’s that safe then why are there health warnings and short term and long term health effects from just being 300 meters away from these things? Doctors are building comittees to fight these companies cause of the health warnings from these towers.


So in Brazil 100’s of thousands have gathered to demonstrate their resolve, and now the military is standing with the People? It has been 27 days and they have not broken! The government threatened to take their kids and seize their bank accounts even!

In China, after welding exit doors shut, they burned down a building with people inside. Consequently, the chinese found their balls where they left them and are defying the Chink Chimp People by destroying barricades and refusing to retreat into their apartment prison buildings. The number of demonstrators is reaching Tiananmen Square levels.

Jennifer Zeng is a chinese patriot!

Meanwhile in the US, at least 2 elections have been stolen and the sheep are either too vaccine injured to think properly or are too transfixed by money, sex, and comforts to give a fuck.

So be it.

Dave Kelly

Enjoy the Show!


It does not matter what WH’s do, the bioweapon has been released with the brainwashed legions clamoring for more! Let that Pfizer smile shine!

In my opinion, a large percentage of those who chose the clotshot chose to precipitate their own corporeal terminus.

So be it.


Honestly I’m starting to loose faith. This is the first article I couldn’t even read thru to the end. I’m losing hope. Now we hear so much for the EBS announcement. Psh….we could use some good news


You said you couldn’t read until the end, well, the last paragraph would have made you angry no doubt. It made me livid.


Not soon enough.


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Last edited 1 year ago by Barshembar

It would be handy if you could add another selection to the drop down link on comments. One that showed YOUR response to individuals and gives added information.