Military Civil War Begins


A clash between White Hats and armed forces members loyal to the criminal Biden regime took place late Monday night south of Colorado Springs, along Interstate 25, where United States Marines under General David H. Berger’s command planned to ensnare an 18-wheeler suspected of holding yet another shipment of firearms destined for the IRS.

Intelligence, sources told Real Raw News, indicated the truck would be teeming with crates of sidearms, rifles, and ammunition. The source would not specify from where General Berger obtained his intel, but said that “it seemed credible enough to act on.”

General Berger “activated” a Marine Recon platoon—about 25 men—to intercept the truck and seize ordnance found within. Marines reportedly had the make and model of the semi, as well as the plate numbers and projected route. General Berger had scrutinized the vehicle’s expected route of transit and decided that the Marines, driving civilian SUVs, should ambush it from fore and aft.

By 11:30 p.m. the Marines had laid their trap: Three SUVs would peel out in front of the tractor trailer, while the other two, hidden in a densely wooded alcove beside the interstate, would bring up the rear, essentially trapping the truck.

At 1:00 a.m. the Marines, equipped with thermal optics and, according to our source, “modern tech not known to the public,” spotted their quarry cruising toward them. It had only two occupants, both of whom appeared to be civilian. The Marines swerved onto the interstate, pinching the truck between the front and rear elements. Six Marines dismounted with weapons drawn, approached the cab, and ordered the occupants to exit with their hands raised. The driver and the passenger complied and seemed shocked, our source said. The Marines then examined the manifest, which made no mention of weapons. Instead, it listed the cargo as 250 cases of N-95 facemasks.

When the Marine in charge of the operation, a second lieutenant, asked for the key to the padlock securing the trailer doors, the driver shrugged his shoulders and said only the cargo’s recipient had a key. Our source said the Marines didn’t bother hunting for a key because they’d brought bolt cutters, which they used to snap the lock.

No sooner had two Marines opened the doors than a phalanx of brutal gunfire erupted from within the trailer. Six uniformed soldiers, three prone and three standing, unleashed upon the Marines a hailstorm of lead. One marine was struck three times, twice in the chest, once in the neck, and died almost instantly. Another Marine took rounds to his shoulder and face and was bleeding profusely as one of his brothers, also shot, pulled him from the line of fire, while the other Marines dove for cover behind their vehicles and returned fire, emptying several magazines on both the truck and the treasonous soldiers inside. All six were KIA.

The Marines evaluated their situation: One man dead, one near death, a few superficial wounds, damaged but drivable vehicles, and six dead U.S. Army soldiers who had tried to ambush their ambush. The Marines arrested the driver and passenger, who were “pissing their pants,” and commandeered the truck, which held no cargo whatsoever.

“This is a major escalation,” our source said, “and a tragedy. We’re not talking about a fight between White Hats and corrupt feds. This is military on military. General Berger is saddened by this all.”

Insignia on the fallen soldiers’ uniforms showed they belonged to the 4th Infantry Division, out of Fort Carson, Colorado.

“Obviously there was a leak, and we got fed bad intel. General Berger will get to the bottom of this,” our source said.

Update: The six deceased U.S. Army wore dog tags. White Hats will attempt to check dental records to either confirm or deny whether they were soldiers or imposters.

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Happy Early Anniversary : )


You have to be kidding. I used to believe this stuff, after doing many searches in different states and neighborhoods to find corroboration. I realize it’s all crap for donations. People, come on don’t encourage this stuff. We can never get to any truths.

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And, just who might you be?


Now I know what you remind me of….

When gum gets stuck to the bottom of my shoe.


Gumby on my shoe!


Thank You Michael.

Nukkin Futz

Yah shure, yah betcha….

Tracy Reinert

I, for one, appreciate all you do, especially in the name of real journalism. While i understand that sometimes it may be necessary to deflect dark forces with articles, i believe you are with the right people, the best of the best, whom love God, country, & humanity.


Congrats and thank you Michael. This is consistently one of my most important news sources 👍 appreciate it.


I second that


Hell’s to the yes this is true news for real Patriots not some mainstream primetime BSA rhetoric from paid traitors of the ss cabal


You have to be kidding. I used to believe this stuff, after doing many searches in different states and neighborhoods to find corroboration. I realize it’s all crap for donations. People, come on don’t encourage this stuff. We can never get to any truths.

American Living in Canada

Thanks man.

Sue Ann

Thank you Michael! Our family has been following you since December 2020. I don’t think we’ve missed any of your articles.

You’ve been truly a blessing!
Happy Anniversary


Thank you for all that you do Michael Baxter.

Kelly Brown

Just curious what everyone thinks of Ye. Especially when he said, “We gotta stop dissin’ Nazis all the time” and “Net N’ Yoo Hoo” puppet show. I really haven’t stopped laughing. Wish you had intel on that lol.


Just listen to this, it may answer some questions …


WoW, thanks for that vid, did not watch the entirety yet but had to mention… very telling of why the “Z” is on the Russian war vehicles. I personally have never heard of the Zevites, but I do know that Ukraine was the land of the Khazars. The story goes that the land of Khazaria had a “Catholic” country on one side and a muslim country on the other. The Khan of Khazaria had to choose a religion for his country, he chose Judaism. Now this info solidifies what the bible says about them. They say they are Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of satan. Hence this is why these people are not considered Jews, but are JEW-ish. Thanks for that link… very informing and was not meant to meet the public eye.

Rose Mary Abbott

Wow! Your comment alone cleared up a lot of questions for me!


Yeah, what do you see wrong with this article today? Maybe, why casualties ? Being we have technologies like Thermal imaging to pick up body heat ! Sound detection from high tech listening devices! Ammunition , weapons detection equipment! Satellite imaging technology to see who an what went in the semi truck as cargo! Not to include technology to track an listen in on every devices transmitting frequencies (phones, ear / voice devices, two way communication devices, an so on !) Plus , other advanced technology ! Like the crowd control microwave and sound frequency devices that they have! And with the microwave an sound technology they can use it to eliminate a threat ,either temporarily or permanently! That’s not to include flash bang devices transmitting a sensor overload with bright light an loud sound waves combine! So, why casualties if we have this technology? Unless, someone from the deep state that was implanted in the military ranks ! Who is connected to the CIA didn’t want them to use basic technology an equipment to succeed for the last war for freedom! All for a lost of life an to lose the war ! With only the Bilderburg Group who gets together every year to plan every disaster , death an health issue along with the sterilization death drug for things like viruses, an unwindable wars do to the lack of planning an technologies being used! All with the CIA carrying out their orders with the Multi trillion dollar Worldwide Drug Cartels funding an their assassin’s help! That’s all for a One World Government with it’s One World Religion called Chrislam already built on Muslim soil who is taught to kill anyone converting from Muslim to another religion there ! That not to include the One World law that they just made a year ago relating to anyone who says Jesus Christ is the only way to Our, Heavenly Father ! Will be punished by the whole world through their forces ! I guess the fema camps an prisons ! Plus, all the Guillitines will be use for punishment if you break the world religious law ! That’s being they for some reason still have them an piles of body bags still for obvious reasons ! It’s zero question that the Deep state one world government , CIA, Multi Trillion dollar worldwide drug Cartels are all for worshiping Satan an a One World Government that the Bilderburg Group are in Charge of ! Thank God ,the Brazilians woke up before it was to late for them ! That’s after the CIA an Drug Cartels there apparently, stole the election in Brazil! But, luckily the Brazilian Military took out the head leaders of the Drug Cartels in Brazil! Hopefully, their elections an criminal acts will subside after! Who knows being there still CIA an Drug Cartels still around along with other criminals !🤔🙏


A replica of the 3rd temple of Solomon has been erected in Sao Paulo Brazil why do you think think the CIA (sheild in America the haavara coin nazis/jews in Brazil hide behind) was down in Brazil?
Why do you think the South American nazis/jews are running all the brown skinned indigenous people up over the border of America and then call us racist for feeling like were being invaded. When they are the racists.


Barbara Lernor Spectre will proudly tell you who is behind all the border crises.


This also…



Rose Mary Abbott

What are you still on here for? I thought he got rid of all the trolls.


Michael said he’s working on it. !🌝


I will always “dis” nazis.


“We gotta stop dissin’ Nazis all the time”? Did he really say that nonsense? EVERYBODY HATES THE NAZIS.



Have you ever heard of Eric Hoffer? He was a dock worker/writer who use to talk about the similarities between Nazis and Commies. He said the most fanatical ones of either, could be the easiest to switch sides, as in fact fanatic Nazis and Commies are very similar. We see that plainly with the Azov’s in the Ukraine, as are they really Nazis or Commies …both fits!


Even haavara coin nazis?


And this also may shed some light on what really is…


Note the Blacks talking about the Jewish Question have not been suckered into the “Fake Jew/Real Jew BS. If up to them all Jews need to be looked at for why they have many times their influence over their population.


If you looked at a 1494 map of Africa you will see that the Slave Coast of Africa used to be named Whiddah Land prior to the slaveships sailing away.


Here’s your intel: It was Alex Stein in a gimp mask.

Why would a zero-talent billionaire who sold his soul to Satan wear a mask?


From my research on WWII, seems as if Hiyler was in the same situation Trump was in. Gaddafi suffered the same fate for the same reasons.


Kanye is an actual tribe of Judah member. Like King Faisal said the tribe of Judah left black and came back white. Check out babylonian Radhanites. That is who really need rounded up and executed.


Thats about it…


Congratulations, Mr.Baxter and thank you for your efforts to bring us up to date information.

Rose Mary Abbott

So you had just begun this publication when I started reading it. I’m so glad you are here.


do you remember the name of the first article ?


Or what it was about. ?


First article I read was the one highlight the secret properties Joe and Hunter owned prior to the usurpation. Necrotic flesh hanging onto the shackles in the wall that held prisoners. I’m guessing young prisoners, considering that but Joe and Hunter are paedophiles.


Come on, Used to like this group , but getting hard to, swallow. I searched for CO news papers, stations, public driving on the HY. No one saw or heard anything. Enough of the fantasy shit.


Kind of my thoughts. Many RRN articles should be easy to verify considering you can’t spit on the sidewalk without 10 people videoing it, yet they never are. Shootout on an interstate? FEMA gun battle with special forces in a Hurricane zone in broad daylight? Etc.

Rob William

But the RRN 100% pure hopium gives a very strong high to many readers… MBVerse is their reality.


Find a different site. Byeee

Jan D Hunsinger

YOU haven’t heard about it…Many millions have. You are not the center of the universe. This isn’t “fantasy shit.” This is HIDDEN REALITY.


Thank you, Michael.


Thanks for all your purposeful ‘mental football’ articles and Happy 2nd Birthday



Arthena Rubin

I feel like this is The Truth of what is really going on in our world and you won’t see this on fake news

Carol Sims

Only in your imagination.


Yep. Just wait until America gets their hands on Byden. There will be nothing left of that POS.And you better go into hiding in MOM”S basement


Fucking A to that let Biden ride the papa bush train to the end of the line/rope


Michael, thank you for bringing us this news. I look forward to reading every article you write here.


Notice the media never mentioned or honored Dec 7th or those who died? “A day which will live in infamy” – unless the media is filled with commiecrats! (12/9/22)


Is this all for real ? Why is this not on other news sights ?

Ruby Kennard

When Gen Berger’s men attacked the Fed Bldg in DC, it was also an ambush, since the armed opposition knew they were coming. Someone close to Gen Berger is leaking and also passing on misinformation to set his Marines up. This is the second such failures in only weeks. There’s a snake within the general’s tight circle and it’s costing military lives. Praying that the traitor is exposed and dealt with quickly. Soldiers killing soldiers is a higher treason and the plant must be held accountable. Pray for the safety & protection of Gen Berger and his brave Marines. Father, God, set your warring angels around and about our patriots to keep them from harm that they might succeed in their missions against this evil agenda. In Jesus’ name. Amen


cool story bro.


With all the things they say on here, real raw news which I used to,like a lot. Never has 1 citizen ,I search and search state news, ask people that lived there if they have ever seen or heard anything. Never once did anyone say yes. All the gunfights, tunnels being blown up etc etc. Not one word from anyone else.

Richard Longacre

To automatically call those soldiers inside the trailer traitors is wrong and you are wrong Mike to do so. I lived in Colorado Springs for 18 years while serving in the air Force and as a contractor. I have had many friends, comrades, and neighbors die in these unjust wars. Those soldiers were following orders and most likely have no idea of this civil war you claim is taking place.

General Berger murdered these soldiers because of his cowardice and refusing to do the right thing. If we are ever going to have a military coup it better happen soon before more heroes and patriots, like those from the 4th ID just murdered by Burger, get killed unnecessarily. You have no idea what those soldiers were told their mission was. If I find out that I know any of those soldiers just murdered by these ambushing cowards you just got an enemy for life, and I spent 33 years of my life already in the war business.

David T

Woooo, tough troll turd DF. Get lost maggot.

Richard Longacre

David, Anything but a troll. Just tired of the needless death and destruction. Very few military members are even aware of this battle being waged and it is because of all the secrecy and the signed Insurrection Act was never made public to the world. Very few in the active military even know it was signed.

I retired 3 1/2 years ago because I discovered that our military was being used as the strong arm of the deep state. I could no longer be part of that. Most people in the military have no idea about any of this as does only some civilians are aware. Until this stops being a secret war waged by just a few generals, Special Forces teams and Marines and we start having perp walks and public executions of the true traitors, many good patriots will be killed needlessly.

Unfortunately, this last failed ambush of an empty trailer killed a few more of my neighbors and I took it personally and I probably deserved your remarks. (There is no way of knowing where those soldiers loyalties lied or what they knew. Who’s fault is that? I blame general Berger and Trump and all of this secret war. Present the signed Insurrection Act for all the world to see and know that the USA is under Martial Law and the Military is in control and I’m all in. 100%.

If this has escalated to the point where military are killing other military it is time to stop all this secret war crap and let every military individual know what the score is and let then choose their sides. If General Berger and Trump decide to continue to keep this all a secret to the military, none of us have the right to call anyone a traitor in the military nor assume they know the truth. That was my point with my post. Enough with the secrets. Let the world know the truth now.


Now we have a simple way of knowing this White Hat garbage is false. His Fraudulency just traded that Russian detained America hating gay female basketball player for a noted Russian arms dealer that killed Americans that presently in US custody. Meanwhile he left behind a US Marine to rot in a Russian jail cell brought up on false charges. How’s that General Berger? Thought the Marines had a motto- Never leave a fellow Marine behind. Since most of these stories are false about you we’re sure you will just sit back and do nothing about this injustice.

John .S

Ha, Civil War LoL.
How about a Revolutionary War.
82 yr old woman cuffed & stuffed.

John .S

Video I posted is sickening emphasizing out of control tyrannicalism at local level.

Many would think that Boss Hog & Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane only existed in cinema.

Heck with buying other holiday gifts, guns & ammo as priority purchase, body armor too.

Lock & Load Folks.


Larry Mizel who had been the Godfather of the Jewish Mafia had been based in Colorado. Liz Cheney has been the Jewish Mafias mouth piece in America hadnt she been? Everyone knows Lucifer incarnate the antichrist/”Prince William” desires to reign from Israel. His real father King Juan Carlos of spain had held the title King of Jerusalem which the antichrist would need to lay claim. If you had access to a way back time machine from 7 years ago you will see that in 2 Esdra 2:10 God himself said that he is taking Jerusalem away from Judah and giving it to the Catholics. I believe this is why Hillary and John Podesta (both Rockefellers) blackmailed Pope Benedict and made him stepdown for pope Francis whom I am 100% convinced is the son of Ava Braun and Hitler. Compare teenage pics of he and Ava Braun they are uncanny. It would explain why everything he does qualifies him to be the false prophet.


“KERRY CASSIDY talks back to the QWhite Hats military advising them to create a panel of INFLUENCERS and adjust their timing of their “plan” to respond to the needs and demands of the PEOPLE.”



Excellent video. Excellent viewpoint. She wants the needs of the people to be considered. She thinks this timeline is going exactly nowhere. She wants truth.


This should be what is needed to arrest Austin for treason and murder!


Yeah the Commander in Chief abdicated and let all the illegals pour in unabated. Dollars to donuts these clowns were given military uniforms and GUNS.

Debate Judge

DeSantis: Pfizer and Moderna CAN’T hide this anymore, and we’re coming for you | Redacted News
Trump really has just lost 2024.

See, the issue is not Trump chose re-election over re-instatement. The issue is Trump did not get Biden out of office after anniversary of inauguration.

#1 Trump failed to champion truth about the 2020 election.
#2 Trump nurtured his political ambitions while facts were on his side about the 2020 election but told White Hat military to stand down because the 2022 elections were coming. Then, the 2024 elections were coming. Meanwhile, Biden kept giving money to Ukraine.
#3 Trump failed to champion truth about the injections. He’s the real Commander-in-Chief. He’s worse than Austin. Trump is responsible for knowing what is in VAERS. Trump is responsible for knowing the adverse reactions suffered by members of the military. What? Pfizer gave Trump too much money? Trump was “brought to us by Pfizer?”

DeSantis is showing more leadership than Trump. DeSantis going against Pfizer and Moderna is helping the military and other segments harmed by Pfizer and Moderna more than Trump who doesn’t want to be asked about harmful effects of the Pfizer and Moderna injections.

Yes, I commented back then when DeSantis signed a state law not to hold hospitals responsible until 2023.

Debate Judge

DeSantis is less likely than Trump to bring Justice to the 2020 election. That is not the responsibility of DeSantis.


You forget who the Commander in Chief is


The beginnings of NESARA takes us back to the early 1970’s when the banks where foreclosing on farmers mortgages all over the United States. The Willie Nelson “Live Aid” concerts were one of the fund raisers that helped these farmers. The farmers soon realized the banks where not only charging exorbitant and illegal amounts of interest, but they where illegally foreclosing on their homes.
When these farmers began to seek legal action against the banks they soon realized that the government and banks where working in collusion with each other. So in the early 1990’s, they sought the help of the Farmers Union and did in depth research on all the banks illegal activities. A series of lawsuits where initiated against the banks and the government. Over 336,000 Farm Claims filed for fraud against the U.S. Federal Government with an average of $20 million dollars per claim. This amounts to $6.6 trillion total.
In retaliation the banks and the government sent the IRS against the farmers. When the farmers realized they where being unfairly targeted by the IRS they began looking for ways to fight back. They requested help from military generals such as General Ray Swasinger, to sit in the court room to ensure the bribed judges would vote according to constitutional law.

More here….read the historical findings:


Get it SCOTUS?
They requested help from military generals to sit in the court room to ensure the bribed judges would vote according to constitutional law

Rob William


Tony G

You guys still believe this stuff? Seriously, it’s entertaining but a lot of comments i read show people think it’s real. Come on guys….


So Trump is going for re-election rather than reinstatement. Can somebody explain how this is going to happen as even the mid term elections were stolen. So what is going to stop the next presidential election being stolen?

Sandy Koufax

Right. Trump won’t be reelected President without Arizona.


I go to this site several times a day to chk on new news! i GET CONCERNED WHEN I DON’T SEE ANY NEW POSTS FOR A FEW DAYS!!

Rose Mary Abbott

Did anyone reading this remember to realize that the White Hats won the fight?


I do…But main stream media are still on the air telling us different. !


I’m optimistic too. .
but this conflict has been going on for decades. !
this is going to take a long time to clear up !
Also, it has to be done right…..

Julia M Wescott

Not looking too promising…..I feel like I got kicked in the stomach….I want to cry, this is our country & our citizens & we’ve come to this? God help us!


This is the first site I visit daily. Thanks for all you are doing Michael.


Hopefully Pedophile Biden will win again, and we can continue to pay high gas, utility and food prices and *hold my breath* the economy will tank even farther than it has since Biden has taken office. At least we won’t be triggered anymore by President Trump’s mean tweets.


Should of stopped it 😒, remember whose in charge. Lucy is for now, can’t worship 2 God’s.


Wrong. I guess you missed the sarcasm.

Last edited 1 year ago by Delta
Lady Hermann

Time to come out in to the public eye in my opinion.

george friend

In addition the what we’ve reported today, we’ve heard the following: (1) White Hats made a “bizarre” discovery on raiding a State Department-leased Warehouse and (2) Trump will have a major New Year’s day announcement. We don’t know if there’s connection.


If there is a major New Year’s announcement it will just be a recounting of past accomplishments, delivered in a lifeless monotone. Nothing at all will be announced except to maybe reiterate on 2024. I don’t think I can watch


🇺🇸 So sad. I hate to hear American against American.


No cargo inside. Why put soldiers in this position?

David T

On their way to get the cargo? Or a simple setup/ambush?

trust nothing

I thought we were already at war. The 5th generation warfare, war on information and thought crimes. Propaganda, fear, and microwave controlled. What will get people to get as mad as hell and not take it anymore?


Well, it is difficult to tell what is really true these days. Hope someday we will truly know. My grandson is stationed at Ft Carson. That is the only truth I am sure of.


It was a test of resolve. This is going to get uglier, if full disclosure is not soon. Procrastinating, drawing things out, won’t help. Also, I KNOW, there’s more then meets mortal eyes, happening. Past, Present, Future, what events happened when? Where? How many “times”??? Hmmm?? Do You “tribe” idiots simply refuse apply HONESTY??? Ever heard of INTEGRITY?? It’s quite CRITICAL, to THINK about when utilizing any GIFT, or ABILITY!! Play time is over, The SICCARIAN are here, as are the SIAN, and far too many more to list. Please, Mr. DJT-B+, A+, AB+, INTENT, JUSTIFIED HOMICIDE, as per Celestial LAW. A certain CAVE MAN, is too angry to dally, Mr. Daily. Old Ones, Older than Aldari. The Source. NATURE IS MY TRIBE!!

Sharon Janice Manning

Wasn’t O’biden just in CO? Too busy to go to the border? I smell something here.

Sharon Janice Manning

This is the most bizarre story of all. I can’t imagine why there were solders inside the truck, but no cargo. Very strange. Think someone leaked they were going to be stopped?

Rob William

They were carrying N95 masks and extra terrestrial alien slime, which can be used to create body doubles.

David T

Perhaps were on their way to get the cargo. Or it was an ambush. Or possibly something else.

Donna Miller

Thank you Michael, you have done such a wonderful job… It takes a lot to produce true reporting like you have been doing…. I greatly appreciate it and follow you everyday…


👍. ⛄


Anyone see the Live feed of Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Leaders Award Gold Medals to US Capitol Police, yesterday?


Come on, Used to like this group , but getting hard to, swallow. I searched for CO news papers, stations, public driving on the HY. No one saw or heard anything. Enough of the fantasy shit.



Linda Groves

Thanks, Michael, for your news that keeps us going! I appreciate your honesty and integrity! I watch for your articles every day!


How about using The Civil Flag, of The United States of AMERICA ?

Marie Kirkley

Guerilla warfare. the fight of the weak. They do not care about their casualties. Only want to inflict losses on their enemy and break their morale. RASCALS!
Where, oh where did I see that? Was a fan of Che Guevara till I saw the light!
Told you, a praying regiment helps to foresee such things. The praying platoon returned from IRAQ unscathed. And they are not alone! History is full of such events.
Care for your Marines! ! ! MK

Sparky Sr

Happy Anniversary/Birthday RRN and to you Michael and your investigators. Great job as usual… God bless you all.

Virginia McCann

Happy Anniversary, Michael Baxter
Thank You. 👍


Michael, Isn’t AUSTIN on the run and hiding in Europe along with other Marxists in Federal government employment?

Jan D Hunsinger

Note to MB: Yahoo News blatantly attacked RRN denying that Nancy Pelosi has been arrested and charged with Treason and Seditious Conspiracy. Touts the “satire” note on the site. The fight is now out in the open.


I know right! Did you see the Live feed of Nancy Pelosi clone and Congressional Leaders Award Gold Medals to US Capitol Police, yesterday? It looked and sounded exactly like her. Unless ……….it was really her and GITMO just gave her a day pass for the event? …hmmmmm…interesting!


Didn’t realize stating facts was considered being a shill LMFAO. Oh and your shoes are untied. 🙂

David T

Wow, you crude F*ck.

Jan D Hunsinger

Freedom of Speech. That wasn’t my point. UNTIL NOW THEY ACTED LIKE RRN DIDN’T EXIST. Try to be aware of subtle nuances.

Jan D Hunsinger

You’re so wrong. Most “adults” mindlessly believe whomever they have chosen to “believe” so they don’t have the responsibility to do the research. You are a cynic. You think that makes you smart and immune from error. It doesn’t. You are also a vulgar jerk.

American Living in Canada

Yep.. they closed the comment boards also.


When’s the last time a military of any country turned on itself and it went well for the citizens??? Anyone want to field that question??? General Berger????

Rob William

There are uncountable number of examples, for example Syria, North Korea, Mayanmar etc…


Next time inject some kind of gas into trailer before opening put em to sleep.


How about a javelin?


So what’s the power balance between WH and BH military?

Rob William

We need a comparison chart.


Isn’t there a way for the military to scan the truck to see what’s inside before the white hats open it? Especially if they have tecnology we civilians don’t know about yet?

Last edited 1 year ago by Pengeezer

Happy Anniversary Michael, Even though people I tell about what is happening don’t believe until the Military takes out the Traitor in the WH. I have faith in God and the white hats .God Bless You and the Military.

Mark Heisler

I don’t believe none of this, More crap!!!!!!, If this was the case then that means the other side of the military has just as much spying power than the good guys so you’re telling me that all this plan is going fine? Its what most of the conservative video websites say, trust the plan trust the plan, what about (Project Looking Glass) what happened? to that being one step ahead, just getting to be more garbage more garbage and more garbage just let us go to war and destroy ourselves leave us alone, just let the country go to s*** who cares anymore you guys are making this more difficult and more difficult for people to believe, yeah this might be optics and so on whatever you say right? I think when this stuff happens and it’s true you guys should have video of it cuz they’re reading this website anyways it doesn’t matter, you’re fooling a lot of people I know! than deepstate’ it seems like they’re one step ahead of us, at least we know that taking over harrp was a lie!
They’re still spraying the skies and messing with the weather, six more months of this bull crap we got to deal with this s*** in the summer of next year, and I wish people really had some good Intel.


Welcome to 5th Generation Info war. WrongWayCorrigan puts it this way: The dots don’t connect. Hope and pray, and trust God. He is still in control. Blessings

Jan D Hunsinger

Mark you are a negative Nellie! What are YOU doing in this fight besides criticizing those who put their lives on the line.

Sandy Koufax

Clones will hit the ground running without missing a beat and there will be no discernible difference in how the government operates.


Thank you Michael for keeping us updated.

Rob William

You are wrong.

Jan D Hunsinger

Maybe YOU ARE!