Vaxxed Pilot Dies During Takeoff


Envoy Air flight 3556, an Embracer E175 operated on behalf of American Eagle, experienced an inflight emergency seconds after departing Chicago-O’Hare International Airport for Columbus, Ohio. The pilot-in-command, Patrick Ford, was speaking coherently and clearly to ATC when his voice abruptly ceased. A few minutes later, co-pilot Brandon Hendrickson informed ATC he had control of the aircraft and that Ford had fallen unconscious at the controls, and announced his intent to return to the airport immediately. The flight landed safely, but Ford was dead; Hendrickson and an off-duty American Airlines pilot pulled Ford from his harness as paramedics boarded the flight and desperately fought to save his life. It was later determined Ford suffered a fatal heart attack.

The above paragraph summarizes the official version of the incident.

However, a Real Raw News investigation on Ford’s untimely demise, aided by an FAA whistleblower, unsurprisingly revealed that Ford, who was 54 years old and in good health prior to his sudden death, had taken a Covid-19 booster shot two days before his final flight, a fact not mentioned on his death certificate or in his obituary.

Publicly available audio of the emergency is limited to communications between flight 3356 and ATC; absent is any discussion the pilot and the co-pilot might have had when Ford realized he was in trouble. During takeoff and landing, flight crews typically maintain a sterile cockpit, meaning banter is forbidden so pilots can focus exclusively on their workload. Most aircraft accidents happen during takeoff and landing.

In the case of flight 3556, though, Ford had told Hendrickson he was feeling “lightheaded and dizzy” shortly after Hendrickson raised the landing gear, according to an FAA insider who claims that Envoy/American Eagle and the FAA reviewed the cockpit voice recorder, which preserves the recent history of the sounds in the cockpit, including the conversation of the pilots.

“The sequence of events went quickly. Captain Ford informed Captain Hendrickson he felt distressed, dizzy, then seemed to change his mind, saying something to the effect of ‘Never mind, I’m ok.’ Hendrickson then asks if he’s sick, noting he looks a bit pale. Captain Ford says he got a Covid-19 vaccination a few days ago and is probably having a mild reaction. Ford is then heard talking to ATC and slumps forward in his chair and dies,” our source explained.

The federal government, he added, has applied enormous pressure on the aviation industry, including the FAA and NTSB, to avoid putting the word “vaccine” on incident reports.

“If a report with the word Covid-19 or vaccine crosses our desks, the report is amended to omit those words,” he said. “It’s obvious the government doesn’t want its vaccine maligned.”

The FAA and NTSB have buried hundreds of reports in which the clot shot may have been a contributing cause in incidents, he said. The number of pilot fatalities and illnesses have increased exponentially since the inception of vaccine mandates.

As stated in our last article on this topic, Real Raw News cannot prove causality. Nonetheless, one would have to be myopic to miss the correlation. And if vaccines were truly clinically safe and effective, why would the government engage in subterfuge?

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This is so sad and heartbreaking. Prayers for Mr.Ford and his family. 🙏❤

Tracy Reinert

Every truly awake person knows, that these flight deaths are from the vaccine & the added air pressure of altitude. Airlines should now immediately be required to have unvaccinated pilots only.
How utterly irresponsible of government to attempt to hide the true cause of death, given how many lives hang in the balance of an airline pilot. Airlines should take notice, as they have legal culpability every bit as much.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tracy Reinert
Izonda Skyz

Well I’ll be danged! This story made my news channels after I read it here. I think they might be telling the truth here–even if they do get a little tacky in their titles.

Mike Tiedel

31 years flying, and I was the first to ground myself if I felt “off” . I owed that to my fellow crewmembers and my company. I could not in good conscious subject them to any incident!.


How long will the white hats allow this to continue?


My husband works for AA and we knew immediately why he dies. If you watch the new documentary call Died Suddenly it tells it all. That vaccine was meant to kill our military in large, but population control equally.


Its all intentional. Disobey Unaccountable Authority!

Heather Duncan

the vaxxed should not be allowed to fly. They should give them huge amounts of money, but flying is a clotting event


After sep 11 2001, we told you it would all be down hill for the airline industry and travelling in general. That fascism (the new world order) had come. But none of you listened. Including you so-called patriots. Sad. Most people only learn the hard way.


So most everyone in the federal, state, and local (city/county) governments are irredeemably corrupt and complicit.

In other words, they are the enemy?


It’s not funny. When the majority of good people are gone because of the VAX, who will grow your food, drive the trucks, run the railways. The supply chain will shut down.

So, let me get this straight, you kill off millions of innocent people just to prove the vaccine was dangerous. Meanwhile, you sit back and do nothing while millions of people who didn’t know better, got their VAX, because they couldn’t afford to lose their jobs. Just hard-working people who want to feed their families and provide a nice environment for their children. Yeah, it’s too late now.

When I was a child, my parents moved to the DC area for awhile. We visited the US Capitol building, and I wanted to stand in the middle of the Rotunda, the very same spot where President Kennedy’s casket was. My visiting grandmother and I climbed a thousand steps to get to that disappointing marble floor room filled with only statues. But, I made it to the most important portal in that room, the very spot where President Kennedy’s casket was.

I still feel the SHOCK and AWE as I’m standing there and I kid you not, as 3 or 4 men, I can’t remember exactly, are marching across the Rotunda in their NAZI uniforms, carrying a NAZI flag. The suits all around them just ignored them. I could not quite grasp the situation at the time.

Little did I know. I should have taken the hint. I didn’t realize until now, those same people were in charge then, and they are in charge now and running the show. Shame on all of you jokers.


Might want to check out ALPA’s (Airline Pilot Association) publication which showed a 1600% increase in pilot deaths from when the jab was mandated to keep you job. Lots of info on Pilots dying for unexplained reasons the past couple of years. The F35 accident the pilot got the jab and had a heart attack (called the final with a statement he was not feeling well and chest hurt) and proceeded to land slightly short ripping off the gear on the edge of the carrier, slid down the deck and ejected when he hit the water. Survived and diagnosed that he had a heart attack.

Motto: Drive before Fly if you can. Fly at your own risk. There are only 2 pilots and ALL HAD TO GET JABBED TO KEEP THEIR JOB. Merry Christmas


EFF the satanic APPLE devises! Do know the bite taken out of the apple represents the down fall of Adam & Eve, And they back the demon-crat liberals???

Richard Longacre

The pilot didn’t “die suddenly” from the COVID 19 injection. He died “after a short illness” of natural causes. Come on people. Get the terminology right to match the new narrative.


What were the results of the autopsy that surely had to have taken place?


Oh no! If these doctors can put COVID-19 on these deaths certificates as the cause of death for those who have passed away, the FAA and the NTSB can do the same for these pilots that had passed away from that shot! Quit covering up crimes for something yall just want the kickbacks off of! Had that been your family, yall would have been quick to sued!

45 4Ever

This was posted on IG including audio between the pilot and ATC. Very sad. I wish he didn’t comply.


Pilots had to comply because otherwise their careers were finished and subsequently lose their pensions after years of hard work. Many hospital employees have lost their jobs by refusing the jab. I was told I would lose hospital privileges if I did not provide proof of vaccination. I refused and informed them that no one has to disclose their medical status to and that constituted a blatant violation of HIPAA. I got an exemption along with several of my patients that worked foe the institution. Many have not been so lucky.

45 4Ever

Am very much aware of that- no death jab- no job! Health/ life is more important than anything else, for me anyways.


These aren’t vaccines. They seem to be lethal injections and people are being used as guinea pigs. Nazi experiments. Modern day world wide holocaust.

Afshin Nejat

A decent report no matter what you believe about the actual state of affairs viz the Fifth Column Apparatus aka “The Deep State”. You’d have to be myopic not to think so.


“Died suddenly.” How many covid vaxxs did he take?

Jose Ramirez

So… we have to wait for November 2024 for the mass arrest and the mass death penalty? USA is a big deep shit-hole.. Sorry for USA,,,


oh….. now they want to avoid the word VACCINE? Remember when they were making it profitable for the hospitals to put COVID 19 on all the death certificates? WOW, how times have changed!!!


It still shocks me, though I guess it shouldn’t, how both airlines and unions fucked the pilots and forced the jab….. Maybe they were thinking they could kill two birds with one stone… or in this case, one pilot for each planeload of people. It’s vile and disgusting. I won’t fly airlines any more at this point. If I were ever able to charter a plane I’d specifically ask for unjabbed pilots if that’s possible. Anyone involved in the mandate for jabs and enforcing it should be giving a one way ticket to Gitmo.


I’m surprised there hasn’t been any serious inquiry by the FAA to connect the clotshot adverse reactions and deaths.

Granted that most adverse reactions are milder, there should be a waiting period of 30 days before a pilot may fly.


Not flying any time soon, or maybe, if ever!


I’m waiting to hear an autopsy report( if one actually comes out)……wouldn’t be surprised to find out that one of those compressed “tubes” (for lack of a better word) was in his bloodstream and contributed to his heart attack. This isn’t the 1st time this has happened.


Thank you Mr. Baxter!

Johnny Lunchbucket

Michael, please rid the chat of this barchembar POS? He contributes absolutely zero because he is a big fat ZERO.

Mark David

I haven’t flown in 20 years. It started with the Gestapo TSA running rampant on passenger checks. I will NEVER submit to some A-hole doing whatever they want to passengers. Secondly, the VACCINES are dangerous, real killers, and any Pilot dumb enough to get one is rolling the dice with their life. Two very good reasons to drive to any place I need to go.


The TSA is out of control, but drug smuggling is a thing and they don’t want drugs being smuggled around. Not saying you, because the majority of us do not smuggle drugs. but the smugglers are ruining travel for the rest of us, just as it has been ruined for you. And I’m sorry that happened. I love to travel, too. I want to see Italy, I want to see Japan, I want to see Sweden, I want to see Greece, I want to see France, I want to see England. All these restrictions are depressing everyone with open minds and hearts for adventure 9/11 messed everyone’s lives. but good.


The truth, publicly announced11, But the military wants to wait longer before they put out an emergency broadcast! If they cant use the TVs , put up billboards everywhere. Drop messages from the air. Do something!

Robert Ford

Michael Baxter, is there any reason why we need to put up with the spam created by “Barshembar”? Thank you.


“The federal government, he added, has applied enormous pressure on the aviation industry, including the FAA and NTSB, to avoid putting the word “vaccine” on incident reports.”
But these bastards made sure the word COVID was all over TV and elsewhere , to fear unaware ,frightened people to line up for the “vaccine”! And they used those “test” swabs that would test positive even if you farted on it, and made certain it was added to the scare tactics list of numbers scrolling across TV’s 24/7!


On the run-up to Christmas: Thoughts of & Prayers for the Family.
Why are the pilots still taking these jabs?


93 doctors in Canada have died shortly after, or during vaxxes!

Last edited 1 year ago by Maureen

This is beginning to be an occurrence that is happening often. I believe they want pilots to be vaccinated because of the potential to wipe out hundreds of people when they die at the controls. Our government is beyond evil. Lord protect us from these demons.


Fact: the raising of the landing gear was the electrical “trigger”, THINK- the contact between this part and that part, and boop, You’ve created a connection between electrical components, permitting a signal to hit a singular target. Did mr pilot cheat on his SPOUSE?? Is he part of that “eyes wide shut” “group”??? Hmmm??? How can an uneducated civilization, remain or obtain SPACE FAIRING, if THE WIZARDS FIRST RULE, is being violated, daily??? Hmmm dan??? Or is it diana, the V, lizard lady??? Hmmm??? Who is SHE??? Hmmm, I KNOW!!! “They” had permission, for small mammalian, in exchange for what?? Stolen technologies?? Hmmm???? Stolen from Hu???? Do not dally guardsman!!! “Time”, is NOT, what You “thought”, or “think”, it’s neither SINGULAR, or as simple as PLURAL. Are WI “listening” upstairs? Hmmm?? Am I, the only PALADIN, Hu, KNOWS, OUR PURPOSE, or INTENT, within this REALM??? Hmmm??? Vader, is very much alive, and is a COLLECTIVE, shared by 300. Swallow the PILL, MAGIC, has RULES, LIFE, has REQUIREMENTS, not being met. Focus on Your now, Your WORLD, as a COLLECTIVE, do not commit adult et on YOUR “EARTH”. Mind Your business, clean up the KARMA. Respect All, and I AM, Hu, I AM. Captain fucking CAVE MAN BITCH!!! THE EARTH!!!! Tooth and Claw, my RELIGION!!! SAVAGE IS MY WAY!!!
USMC- UNITED SPACE MARINE CORPS, and I AM an X-MAN!!! A vampire!! And far, far far more!!! Light and hold a firecracker, that’ll “prove” “nothing blew up and created” nothing GOOD, only pain and misery, sorrow and suffering, plus, YOU WILL PISS ME OFF!!!! That may not be “a big deal” to You, but, You’ll LEARN!! One way or another. If there is a STILL, there is a Fucking WAY!!! Where Wi Go One, Wi Go All!! Only TRUTH, will SET, YOU FREE!!! Stop taking credit for other individuals actions, and stop covering shit up, THE FORCE HAS DUBIOUS AMOUNTS OF EVIDENCE, on ALL “thought” and action. Everything is recorded, and I mean EVERYTHING, the guilty, will be DIVINELY INCINERATED EXPEDITIOUSLY, by MEEEEEEEEEEEEE🥸
I AM waiting, pick up the pace, and take off the damn kid gloves!!!
It’s JUSTIFIED, zero cover ups though, it’s the INTEGRITY that’s the wrench! No life form is “cannon fodder”!!!




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Again?? why are people still taking the booster shots, the vaccine or still wearing mask??? So may sheep are just killing themselves due to to stupidity.


Just wait to see the panic when/if these sheep wake up to what was intentionally done to them!!


One reason why I will never fly in a plane, if possible..


Totally fine for the people that put poison in the jab to try and hide it from the public. God help us all. I wish the people that got the jab will never get sick and die but more evidence show its happening!


Hiding the “pandemics” Covid fact is another example on how Propaganda in an Authoritarian Regime works.




Vaxed pilot “croaks”… Yeah This is the kind of reporting I question. Why put it like that? I question all stories on here but when it’s in the title saying. DO NOT READ ME! I listen.


Thanks for getting rid of the shills.
Only one got through, but I’d call it a win.


Thank you.

Angel Askew

“Croaks” lol


probably whole airliners crashing full of people. !

Son of Ethan Allen

These vax’s re endangering the public.


For the last several years the flight path over my house has been getting lower and lower (to include 4 engine jets) and is often now less than 2,000 feet. It was always lower at night, but now also at midday, too. I’m 18 miles from Indianapolis International. I wonder if they are getting us “used” to counting the strut rods of landing gear? I wonder if we’re being set up for an epic neighborhood enveloping fireball crash?

David M

Twitter suspended my account last August for my stating (twice) that the covid vax was for depopulation and thinning the herd. Said I could get my account if I’d go back and delete the two tweets in question and then have a 12 hour cooling off period. I refused to delete my posts. I stand by what I said. Now waiting to see if Elon Musk will keep true to his word to give banned accounts back to their account holders.


don’t let them push you around,
stick to your guns !


I contacted and emailed Elon Musk directly and contacted him via another person’s account asking him to please reinstate my account. Nothing has happened yet. Trump got his, MTG got hers, Kanye got his, other people have but not me. How long does it take to get an account restored? 30 minutes?


Did the official version of the incident
use the word “Croaks” in the headline?


It was reported that way on here but was changed out of respect for the deceased.

Dave Kelly

yeah , well there was an ” OFF-DUTY ” AA pilot on board this FLIGHT. I sense there are ” OFF DUTY ” PILOTS on ALL airline flights these days. Most probably required on ALL airline flights by insurance carriers and insurance companies , this NOW being S.O.P., Standard Operating Procedure. The reality of various Nation’s military, conducting and perpetrating TERRORIST PSY-OPS, CRIMES , such as the 9-11-2001 Twin Towers attack , pre-planned mass shooter and active shooter ” events ” and psy-ops, : WEATHER MODIFICATION and MANIPULATION used BY THE MILITARY as a FORCE MULTIPLIER for WAR OPERATIONS and CONFLICTS , and global criminal cabals and networks using this tech, for the purposes DISASTER CAPITALISM, all of this causing Hurricanes, tornados , floods , famine , Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, all if which causing MASSIVE DAMAGE , DESTRUCTION and MISERY and HARDSHIP for the MASSES OF HUMANITY, so these entities can reap MASSIVE FINANCIAL GAINS. ALL of this heinous shit COSTING INSURANCE COMPANIES AND CARRIERS HUGE COSTS AND FINANCIAL EXPENSE , RESULTING IN MASSIVE LOSSES for these companies , carriers and SHARE HOLDERS. These insurance companies and carriers, will NO LONGER COMPORT with WEF deranged, sociopath , criminal agendas , plans , social engineered criminal psy-ops They have essentially have given the MASSIVE FUCK YOU , to the WEF , WHO , the UN, the CFR, intelligence agencies and all of the establishment inbreds, and zionist satanist jews. So NOW we can see just where POWER resides and exactly identify the entities that have and are in CONTROL.


That’s a pretty disrespectful way of reporting M Baxter. Pilot Ford, I’m sure has some family and is suffering. The callousness of your headline makes me wonder about your character.


Excellent point. “Follow the money” really stands out!