JAG Names Hollywood Producer Arrested After Biden’s Banquet


The United States Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps has released the name of a Hollywood producer who was arrested after attending the criminal Biden regime’s banquet last Thursday evening. That person is Eli Roth, an American film director, screenwriter, producer, and actor whose name is synonymous with torture-porn: Roth is best known for directing the film Hostel, a ghoulish fright-fest in which attractive, scantily clad young women lure horny college boys to an industrial warehouse owned by a secret society. There, the boys are imprisoned and bid on by wealthy, sadistic elites, who in turn mutilate their victims in the most disgusting and grotesque ways imaginable. Roth has 43 producer credits, per IMDB, and he also played the role of Donny “The Bear Jew” Donowitz in Quentin Tarantino’s war film Inglorious Basterds. Additionally, Roth co-produced the movie 2001 Maniacs, but wasn’t invited back for the sequel after openly showing contempt for the South and for gay filmmaker Tim Sullivan.

Eli Roth practiced in real life what he produced on film, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

According to a military arrest warrant reviewed by RRN, Roth’s snuff flicks weren’t entirely fictional. The document alleges that Roth sought to make his films as realistic as possible; Before principal filming began on Hostel, Cabin Fever, and The Green Inferno, Roth rented property in Bilisht, Albania, and used his underworld connections to hire members of the Albanian mafia to torture and murder people in ways that would eventually appear in the films.

The victims, though, were American citizens, primarily homeless persons Roth’s people had plucked from the streets of Los Angeles. Told they’d be starring in a film and receiving cash, the victims, many of whom reportedly had mental handicaps, were flown to Albania, tortured to within an inch of their lives, and dismembered, exsanguinated, and decapitated.

Although no actual murders appeared in Roth’s films, JAG said it has obtained audio and video of Roth admitting he personally orchestrated and supervised the demise of 16 men and women in Albania. One was a 14-year-old female runaway, by Roth’s admission.

“We have a lot, and info that Roth is deep with other elites doing the same evil. This twisted fuck was bent on killing Americans because it was Americans who’d be tortured in the movies. His arrest will lead to others,” our JAG source said. “Hollywood’s influence has let a lot of these demented actors go unpunished by the criminal justice system. The military justice system isn’t as kind.”

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Jan D Hunsinger

Thank you for prompt corrections.


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Mate. I get it that you don’t think much of this site. But then say something intelligent about it rather than just post the same meaningless drivel about how much you earn. That’s just as crass as some of the other things that people say here and totally pointless other than exposing your own lack of imagination.


A bot. They are everywhere to distract from the topic at hand


green horned coronAmoron


I had no idea that people could be so sick and twisted till Q started. This sick fuck and his sick fuck friends all need to be hung.

American Living in Canada

Same here.


Tortured to an inch of death first!

Nukkin Futz

Then the guillotine..


Feet first into a wood chipper.

Jan D Hunsinger

You sound like you should be Roth’s assistant. Not different.


I second the motion! Make it happen.

Nukkin Futz

The most fitting death sentence for this vermin would be placing him in a room an introducing a Dogman to scare the shit out of him by the shear ferocious of this genetically bred thing, then the beast will rip him to mincemeat and then feed the scraps to hogs….


You think like I do. I have a Rottweiler who can, if needed, bite off a limb or take a huge bite out of someone’s neck. The kind of power he exhibits just in his movements usually scares people….but, he isn’t an attack dog, per se. He protects his pack leader. I watched at the K9 group when a well suited up man pretended to go for the dogs owner. The take down was fast, instant, vicious and unforgiving. If people want to own one I suggest the Hungarian bred Rottie….handsome, strong, loving. This is not the kind of dog to own if you plan to leave it alone,,,,it is a pack member….and this animals needs have to be met. He requires a leader or he will take that position. My dog was born to herd. So, he goes to a sheep farm 3 mornings a week and every Saturday we go to K9 group where his other needs get met. He even sniffs for drugs and marijuana, if needed. This is not a house pet or a lap dog except in private when he needs some special attention. He also gets a weekly massage and meditation relaxation music here at home. I want him to be healthy, happy, cared for and ready for action should an intruder arrive. I love him dearly.


Now just what do you mean when you say he gets his spec. needs met? And BTW, what will you do one morn. when you wake up and and didn’t get his needs met and he has taken a big bite out of your neck or some other part of da bod. ???


LMAO!!!!! After his morning pee and defecation out in the yard, we take a 2 mile walk. Every morning we begin my burning his energy. The whole idea behind owning one of these animals is to make the dog part of the pack. He does not ever try to take the lead here in my home. I got trained to be the leader of this dog. One must gain trust before earning his respect. He is not ill-bred either. As long as his needs are met he is happy. All dogs come with needs. When they aren’t met the animal will become vicious or simply run away. It is never a good idea to purchase a dog when you have no idea HOW to be with the animal.


Did the sheep farm train him? How did that work?


put him in solitary and the demons themselves will do him in. They have a great hold on this one and want to torture him now and for the rest of his death.


Or do what FAUCI did to Beagles. FAUCI via NIH put beagle dogos in cages and let sand fleas feed on their heads. Do that to the producer. Seems fitting.


How ’bout this idea….like Dr. Fraud-ci when he killed all those beagles in his labs. Put the perv’s head inside a screened opening and let in the human flesh eating botflies or army ants to munch on his face. I think this is a s l o w e r death.


Sounds appropriate. You just have to wonder where they come from. Demons!


Totally agree! Everyone even vaguely associated with this sort of behaviour needs to be removed permanently from society. Whether a producer/contributor or someone that supports them. Once they are involved in this there is no turning back.

Sherry LAKE

This movie was probably the only “horror” film that made me ill My son asked me to watch it then told me it was based on on true facts. This type of gruesome torture was being played out by the rich..I think that’s when my eyes on opened to this world of evil. He tried to warn me some time ago, but I as many, doubted that evil could live…Hang him for those that have lost children to these animals

Jan D Hunsinger

Sadly your son is right.



Jan D Hunsinger

Patriot..It is important to know the truth about what goes on in the world. It always has!


Pizzagate opened my eyes…I was in shock for months, when I found out what they were doing to the children…Cried for months. And back then there was video footage of horrific things.


I was not able to get through the movie Hostile as it is terribly 👿! Thank you for this chilling update, MB!


Wouldn’t have surprised; tom hanks was in the Green Mile…




Any fk face with the name “Roth” is a Rotshchilds, this scourge on the earth. They all need to be hung. All Rothschilds are a waste of good oxygen.


I am very glad he will face military justice and not fake justice at the hands of crooked judges.


why didnt the military know to use infra red scanners throught the truck to see the men inside… does not make sense


This reminds me of the movie ‘Hard Target’ (1993) starring Jean Claude Van Damme

Steve J

If you look at pics of Roth on IMDB, he’s pictured with Stephen King. Hmmm


She looks drunk in that picture.


Oh my God! How sick and demented does a person have to be to engage in this sadistic torture!!

Donna Miller



I think this person was dealt with long ago. After all, the “Biden” gala was at a stage set in Atlanta. Why would this director creature bother to go. Surely he had heard stories of his fellow Hollywood monsters being arrested. Was this creature a clone or double? He wasn’t big or important enough to clone was he? Did they keep the brand going just to publicize his evilness? To let people know how friendly the entertainment industry is to psychopathic murderers? They used to have to hide in basements until they got caught. The they started getting hired by Hollywood.

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

If it is possible I believe that a piranha location should be fed with this producer. I hope that we won’t be charged with cruelty to animals since they really deserve a better dinner plate. Maybe give them 2 scoops for dessert ? ? Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

Heather Duncan

never heard of this guy. may he burn alive

Jeremy R Feit

anyone check his social media lately?

Tracy Reinert

These films are the equivalent of Snuff Porn. Khazarian “Jews” are crazy Satanists.


No surprise by this certain tribe member.


Judging by his name, he might be a sick Jew,

Arthena Rubin

This is a Sociapaths they have no Empathy or Compassion without this you have no Coucous and like us killing a fly They are Basically The Real mentally retarded

Stinky Perfume

I think a lot if not most or all wealthy people wind up into killing. Seems part of the breeding process where your taught the only way to be wealthy is to kill to keep the wealth. Then after, maybe they start killing to more wealth. Some try and quit the wealth but they can’t because they are killed for quitting that mafia. Death has been the only way out.

It’s possible the homeless fetched out of Venice Beach, CA are not wanted there and killers know how to find unwanted people to approach. Also they might be collecting life insurance policies on them. They find undesirable people their families don’t want and can’t make friends, etc. That’s easy prey.




It is human to err however , it is not AF policy to forgive


As soon as I started watching both movies I knew they weren’t for me and I turned the channel. I do like some horror movies but more the ones that lean towards almost funny… I just had the feelings these movies were over the top creepy and remember thinking what kind of a person makes this stuff?! But at least I know I wasn’t wrong..

About time

Need to make 1 more movie. This jackwad getting his neck stretched. Televise it for the world to see

Just Me

I believe I seen this movie a couple of years ago where some young American men travel to Europe and went clubbing, they were lured by women and once in the club they were drug something was put in their drinks and then taken to a warehouse where rich demented people who belong to a club would torture them to death. And even tho this was a movie I knew in my heart this was possible, there are too many evil sadistic people all over this world that would torture and kill for pleasure.

As of now I am happy this POS murdered was caught and now he can start talking who is in this club. We would be surprised to know of famous people belong to such a club.

Susan Banks

Great news!! Fucking Satanists!! So sick of hearing their weird shit they do! Just March them to the Rope!


“The Bear Jew”, go figure!

Kelly Brown

Moment of silence for human atrocities towards other humans.


Most of Hollywoods’s output is social engineering paid for by Agents of Vatican etc. This case could be used to wake up the stupid sheeple


‘Twisted F— ‘ s right on. No wonder his pansexual wife, Lorenza Izzo left him after 4 years in2018 I think. What does she know?


I always have wondered, since I’ve heard of their evil, if evil things we see in horror movies that have been done to people, and children in particular, were done to them for reals. Like in snuff films…I have always thought/said, “I wouldn’t put it past them to do these horrors for reals.”


“It’s the jews…”


It appears the world has finally awakened to the jew problem. Seriously, how many of these people are jews? Dude’s name WAS Rothenberg, but he changed it to Roth. yea, he tried the crypto jew thing but his irrepressible ugliness was not to be vanquished. fuck you jew.


and on and on and on

Can we just dial 666 degrees on the industrial ovens and just round the jews up once and for all for fucks’ sake or do yall want your little girls raped and little boys sucked on by filthy rabbis post-circumcision?

Spirit of '76

Oh, and if this guy doesn’t fully repent to our Lord, Jesus Christ, hanging will be the least of his problems. In hell, he will be tormented by the exact crimes he committed on his victims over and over and over…for all eternity! I think hell is going to be one crowed place.

Spirit of '76

HEY…if you watch smut, porn, violent movies….this guy is just giving what people want! People are sicker than ever with no morals…no SOULS!! If there wasn’t a market, he wouldn’t be making money and able to produce more sick, demonic films. Anybody who views porn, any of this sick shit, is an accomplice right along side of this sick bastard! How many more Hollywood people are like this evil demon?! And how many more will push this sick, violent shit further than the last producer to keep audiences from being bored?! I am grateful God has answered prayers through our brave military men and women arresting and punishing these sick perverted people! Thank you GREAT men and women of the military rooting out this sick cancer from hell! Thank you Pres. Trump, top brass for crushing the head of this serpent!!

John .S

The validity of DJT allegedly acting as Comander in Cheif is on the table.

We the People needing assurances that Insurrection Act is actually in play, and substantiating that General Berger actually controls military, currently in appearance that he’s not.

The continuance and furtherance of Covid Vax brings into question the actual powers of both DJT & Berger allegedly hold, which many are steered to believe, currently in appearance of elaborate canard i.e., Mad Magazine – Spy v. Spy.

It’s put-up time for the so called White Hats, activating the EBS, which they allegedly have control [Weather Mountain] in warning people that vaccine is poison, and not to vaccinate, also broadcasting Big Parma and others are being delt with, elaborating specifics optional.

People are dying via vax, public safety at risk, and the whose-who of those that were apprehended is meaningless as vax continues.

Myself influential, and I’m tired of assisting others in making funeral arrangements for people directly associated with me, it’s heart wrenching.

Couldn’t give a rats ass about anything else. Myself took a costly anti vax leafleting stance, as I deem as ministry, could say, influencing Saint Peter for passage.

For evil to exist, goodness & righteousness stands idle.

As of now, don’t see any goodness neither righteousness of the so called White Hats, as I brace myself in potentially making funeral arrangements for a friend’s daughter.

Those so called idled White Hats better act fast, time is of the essence as public upheaval looms, as vax continues, ensuing wrath of destruction etc.

Only matter of time that people will take matters into their own hands via so called White Hats blatant breach of fiduciary responsibilities via alleged powers invested in them.

Attention White Hats, all know you’re monitoring blogosphere, it’s put-up time, shit or get off the pot, enough of the nonsense, halt the vaccine.

American Living in Canada



Seriously, what are you going to do? Unless there’s a total breakdown, the amount of surveillance would expose anything you intend and half a dozen feds would infiltrate any intended group. Even if You got together a group you have known for years, who are well trained, could they all resist the bribes coming their way to betray you?

American Living in Canada

My take on John .S comment is.. What’s the hold up Mr. President Trump, General Berger?


Its a war, and in war there are casualties…it has to be done this way or all will fall apart. It really is up to us, all to warn our loved ones and any that will listen…if they don’t listen, then it is their responsibility to look into it.
Even “17” said, that we can’t worry about the ones that won’t listen to you when you warn them. All that listened and did their own research stayed away from the jab…sorry to say, some are too ignorant to believe that the government is gonna take care of them and not lie. All we can do is warn our loved ones, and when we do they call us “crazy”. I, myself, warned my parents to not get the jab, many times, but what did they do? they got the jab…They, so far are still ok, Thank GOD! Only after they got the first booster, did they finally say they weren’t gonna do it anymore, because by then the gov was saying they had to get it every 6 months…they finally said “fck that” and got a clue.

American Living in Canada

I know, keep on truckin.


Never heard of the guy or any of his films.


Never heard of Rob Roy? This POS won an award for playing the rapist in that film.


I don’t watch those types of movies …. that is probably why.


Another Hollywood person arrested. Just like Baldwin and Hanks who both keep appearing in public. Also another pilot has died from vaccines. Pelosi arrested etc. But I still don’t see any change in the vaccine mandates and the stolen election or any other Federal agency. So what is the point when a clone will apparently pop up and continue from where the original left off.

Michael R Davis

That is Eli Roth in the photo, apparently also acting in his own snuff films, participating in the tortures and murders. Execute him speedily.


Hope the White Hats arrest more criminals like this one who have been committing such evil acts.

Cliff Thompson

I’ve seen both hostil movies, and I have always wondered if they were nothing more than documentaries of reality. This report explains it. The movies are absolutely disgusting and so is this individual who produced them. I don’t understand how one human being can do this to another human being. I can just pray that Justice is served. Because we all know that there is one final judge God almighty! And there is no escaping his Justice!


Maybe the peeps aren’t human.

Steve Sanchez

He was also the director of the remake of “Death Wish” with Bruce Willis in 2018


Thank you Michael ..you are so appreciated….keep info coming please!

Son of Ethan Allen

What a sick —-


This is so grievous. Obviously he had no fear of God Almighty. Shame, so much loss.

Afshin Nejat

I already could have told you to investigate Eli Roth, many years ago. That this was supposed to have been due to an accidental finding of him under these circumstances rather than being due to a flash of insight in JAG’s investigative apparatus is the only thing about this story that doesn’t surprise me. Your White Hats, whether they be real or imagined, need a better search engine. They need access to Fusion Center-grade information. Why don’t they have it? Then they should start learning how to us Open Source Intelligence. It’s like they’re sleepwalking into this.

Dave Kelly



They know what they’re doing. RRN is just telling a few of the stories for general info. I never heard of Hostel until 2019 but as soon as I heard I knew whoever made it, was one of the evil cabal.


🤣The Saga…Did you start going through the Twitter Files? There will be more released this week thanks to Hunter

Barry Williamz

Wow. The push for rough blood shot gory films has been on the increase over the years. And it’s guys like this that make sure the boundaries are ever increasing. Which in the end lead to snuff movies.
Well his life is not far from being snuffed out. I wonder if he will enjoy it?

Sandy Koufax

Ye should have rolled up the mask that he wore during the Alex Jones interview into a small yarmulke to appease his detractors.

Sandy Koufax

Eli Roth’s clone will hit the ground running without missing a beat and display the same level of perversion.

Dave Kelly

But the clone will be headless

Nukkin Futz

This guy is definitely guillotine material…

Dave Kelly

FACE UP, he can watch it coming


Agreed. he is definitely deserving of something special.

joe blow

Gitmo troops were singing Three Dog Night- ‘Eli’s coming’


Let the veil fall to expose these demonic beings.