Military Arrests Vaccine Scientist on Charges of Accessory to MASS Murder


United States Navy JAG investigators on Tuesday arrested a Janssen Pharmaceuticals executive on charges of “accessory to mass murder and negligent homicide” for misleading the public about the safety and efficacy of a Covid-19 vaccine he had helped develop, sources in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Richard Tillyer, Ph.D., Global Head of Janssen Research & Development, was apprehended near his home in Short Hills, New Jersey, and shown a military arrest warrant naming him as one of four Janssen executives responsible for burying early side effect reports, particularly those of trial participants in early 2020.

Had specific aftereffects been made public, there would’ve been a clamorous outcry to stop the trials and jail Janssen’s leadership. The company, however, had insulated itself against external scrutiny; trial participants signed aggressive confidentiality agreements, and the FDA gave Janssen—the entity and its employees—blanket immunity from liability. Participants were even forbidden from seeing their physicians while involved in the test program—if one developed any malady—the sniffles, a sore throat, a broken arm, cardiovascular disease, etc.—he had to speak with a Janssen representative, who would arbitrarily decide whether the participant could visit a private health care provider. Janssen’s NDA was so comprehensive it threatened legal retaliation against violators.

Our source said that the military now has a Janssen database that Tillyer maintained throughout 2020. His employee ID number had been used to routinely access and update the record set, which documented side effects starting in June 2020.

In July of that year, a 35-year-old female trial participant telephoned a Janssen representative, saying she was experiencing acute abdominal pain two days following an initial vaccination. Rather than summon an ambulance or drive to the nearest hospital three miles away, she, wracked with pain, drove 35 miles to an ER where Janssen Pharmaceuticals had a presence—as per the representative’s instructions. Clutching her abdomen in agony, she hobbled through the door and was triaged, but was forced to wait 30 minutes until a Janssen-contracted physician became available. A battery of tests revealed she had spontaneously developed 50 non-carcinoid tumors in her appendix. Since her white blood cell count was markedly high, the doctor suggested removing her appendix, but, again, no surgery would take place until a Janssen-approved surgeon arrived at the hospital—an hour later. She died on the operating table. Her appendix burst during the procedure. The death certificate omitted mention of the vaccine and listed the cause of death as “peritonitis-induced appendicitis.”

In September 2020, a 22-year-old male, a college athlete, reported numbness in both legs days after getting jabbed. He was told to self-monitor the condition for 48 hours and visit a specific urgent care center if symptoms persisted. When he arrived there two days later, he could barely walk and said he had chest pains. “My heart is pounding away in my ears,” he told a nurse. He was taken by ambulance to a hospital, where tests showed blood clots had suddenly formed in his femoral arteries. He got really bad news: his legs would be amputated above the knees. He died of an allergic reaction to the anesthesia.

These are just two examples.

According to our source, the database is an encyclopedia of deaths and illnesses attributed to the Covid vaccine.

“Out of one group of 438, 14 died within two weeks of getting the shot. Many others presented debilitating sicknesses. Doctor Tillyer had a moral and ethical obligation to come forward, but he was part of the agenda. The database was marked ‘DNS,’ and we guess that means ‘do not share.’ It was enough to issue a warrant,” our source said.

He would not say how JAG obtained the database but said it is authentic.

When approached by JAG investigators, Tillyer rebuked his arrest, saying protecting corporate secrets was not a crime. He reportedly “whined like an infant” when placed in handcuffs.

The Office of Military Commissions is still pursuing three other Janssen executives.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

As an aside, former Surgeon General Jerome Adams was hanged to death at Guantanamo Bay Monday morning. Real Raw News will no longer author articles on executions (they become very repetitive) unless something unusual happens.  A longterm reader of RRN says I should continue posting them, so I shall.

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Mr. Baxter, trust me on this: we do not mind the “repetition.” Reading about the executions is balm for our savaged souls. In fact, ADDITIONAL details would be very well received.

Barry Williamz

Please do. Without knowing about the executions we have no way of knowing how justice was meted out and the reactions of days justice received.
What has been a fight for our lives is now our turn to see the result of the turnaround.
Thanks for your work.

S. A.


Paul Hickel

It is the crime that is repetitive, the executions are the consequences.


And how.


Nicely said, and Ditto, Ditto, Ditto!



Carol B.

amen, the receptive crime is the hear breaker, but the executions seem to bring hope……..especially if we know about them……

David T

Agreed with WWC. If you have access to the details, please share no matter how redundant and repetitive they may be. Also, the new poster Jul1e and another Jas0n certainly appear to be the same person and the one who has been kicked off countless times for having a stuck “o” key.


I’ve tried to post 3 times. Even replied to Michael Baxters post to see why I’m not allowed to comment but these new posters can? Ok no problem I’ll just read like I have since the beginning.


Am I allowed now, too?


I’ve been reading your site for nearly 3 years now – if you consider that long term. I’m also interested in the executions. I was waiting all week to read about Adam’s execution. Strangely, I want to know what they ask for to eat and how they behaved at the rope, if they have any last words, was the criminal remorseful. Thanks, Michael.


Thank you Michael for deciding to continue the articles on the executions. We appreciate knowing. For myself it is good to know if they come to salvation before their justice is meted out here on earth. God bless you.

Carol B.

Yes, knowing that the acknowledge God and our Lord as Savior would be terrific news…..


This is the only way we know the players put in front of the camera are clones or masks. If I missed any details on the real Joe Biden, a rerun would be most welcome. Also, information on the Hollywood players.


My understanding is that the Hollywood players are being brought to Diego Garcia. If someone has better information than I, please add what you know.

There are a couple of sites in Central/South America too.

Ruth Dressler

What is Diego garcia?


One of the military tribunal sites where they get the deep state traitors tried and punished Besides GITMO, we have Tierra del Fuego, Azores, XL Honduras, Iceland, Greenland, because there are so many traitors and Rothschilian agents worldwide.

just looking

also heard there were /are tribunals at the ‘real’ White House…not sure if they are still going on there..

Michael R Davis

Diego Garcia is an island, a B-2 strategic bomber base, located far from land in the Indian Ocean, with several JAG courtrooms.


Biden is still alive and still in his basement and still taking his “candy,” which is adrenochrome.


Yup.. but it seems it isnt working anymore LOL

Mark David

You’re such a douche. You accuse MB of writing fiction, then ask him for specific info. You’re also a clown.


Ulterior motive troll…..I hope Michael doesn’t respond, MM evidently lacks in creativity and in need of new material to attack with.

Last edited 1 year ago by LJC

See Michael Baxter’s articles in the “Archives” webpage. Here’s an updated list of Military executions and prison sentences to get you, and others here, current.

MILITARY EXECUTIONS IN 2023: Jerome Adams (hanged), Brian Deese (hanged), Stephen Hahn (hanged). Read military-sourced Real Raw News.
MILITARY EXECUTIONS IN 2022. Alec Baldwin (hanged), Stéphane Bancel (hanged), Bridget Brink (hanged), Dick Cheney (hanged), Francis Collins (hanged), Shannon Corless (hanged), Jennifer Brigid O’Malley Dillon (firing squad), Michael Donilon (hanged), Anita Dunn (hanged), Anthony Fauci (hanged), Avril Haines (two head-shots), Valerie Jarrett (hanged), Loretta Lynch (hanged), Denis McDonough (two head-shots), Gavin Newsom (hanged), Nancy Pelosi (hanged), Sonia Sotomayor (hanged), Brian Stelter (hanged), Michael Sussman (firing squad), Thomas Vilsack (hanged). Read military-sourced news at Real Raw News.

MILITARY EXECUTIONS IN 2021. Huma Abedin (hanged), Bill Barr (hanged), Joe Biden (firing squad), Hunter Biden (hanged), Deborah Birx (firing squad), John Brennan (hanged), George Bush Sr. (euthanized), George Bush Jr. (hanged), Bill Clinton (homicide), Hillary Clinton (hanged), Chelsea Clinton (hanged), James Comey (guillotine), Andrew Cuomo (hanged), Bill Gates (hanged), Tom Hanks (euthanized), John McCain (two head-shots), Mark Mezvinsky (hanged), John Podesta (firing squad), Colin Powell (suicide), Susan Rice (hanged), Donald Rumsfeld (suicide), Adam Schiff (hanged), Peter Scolari (hanged). Read military-sourced Real Raw News.

MILITARY DETENTIONS IN 2021–2023. Bill Ayers (life at GITMO), David Axelrod, James Baker, Miguel Cardona (20 years at GITMO), German-born “cloning scientist,” Amy Coney Barrett, Maria Barret, Patricia Conrad, Melinda Gates, Ron Klain (20 years at GITMO), Michael Malanoski, Paul Pelosi (life at GITMO), Eli Roth, Tom Shimabukuro, George Soros, Elijah Wood, Jeff Zients (autopsy underway). Read military-sourced Real Raw News.


YEAH…. don’t we all *WISH* the above were true. About all I can say for this website is….. it makes for interesting reading. ** FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY ** RRN is getting to be just about as bad as The Dark Outpost.


Hey, kid, who sent cha, CNN? Everyone knows DNN is “entertainment” for morons … the other clown-head fake news channels are no different, just blah blah blah FANTASYland nonsensical lies. You are entertained by brain-buggered “programming.” Just saying…


My only complaint was the story about Hillary Clinton being EXECUTED. And then…..she shows up 3 weeks later at some fancy NYC restaurant. The problem with Hillary….is that I don’t think she will ever die. She was sent here from hell.
She will probably live to be 120….and die of old age.


Quit listening to Don-“na” Lemon 🤣🤣


that is a lot of names by R.R.N, so should be easy at this point to credibly debunk, So Where is your debunk, ?


Thank you Fire Dog for the list that you provided, it is most helpful when searching for particular people. Thank you. Thank you Michael Baxter for all you do !!


See Michael Baxter’s “Archive” webpage for executions and detainments since 2020.


FireDog, could you please say where is his Archive webpage found?


I believe the real Joe was VP when Bh0 took office in 2008. I believe Joe was there for those 4 years. 2008-2012. Somewhere at the end of BH0 2nd term vpjoe was switched out with the actor. I believe it was the actor that threatened the ukraine guy to be fired. Then it was time for the 2016 elections and it was killarys turn. That gave them time to fine tune LGB. 2020 covid was in vogue, distraction from the pink hats took everyones eyes off of LGB. Absent from debates, mask and sunglasses. Hocus Pocus you have a clone/faux puppet no.46


Even if you were to combine a few together and give the highlights of each one….I think that would be good too. You do a great job on all of these articles and I can’t wait to read them all. I keep going back and re-reading a lot of them. I just finished re-reading about Bill Gates yesterday. Prayers are with you as you undertake this task.


So have I. Riveting stuff!




OMG. Your comment is absolutely preposterous as well as obnoxious .This is a person who receives intel. Do you think he and his sources call each other while relaxing in their homes smoking cigars and chat about behavioral nuances? Or is he catching salient facts as much as he is able to by whatever means and sharing them with us? God! What a clueless idiot you are.


That was excessive. No need to be so nasty.


I thought she was doing well until the last line.


Stay off this site….Leslie….you Obama lover. We all know you are a damn Democrat.


So rude. Just skip posts you don’t like.


I think Mickey’s commentary and questions are spot on, ma’am. Why did you think otherwise?

mia moriarty



I thought Leslie had a point, she was just too harsh.

mia moriarty

“clueless idiot”
you may be describing yourself


Well then, pot meet kettle


I said pics or sound but it did not pass muster


People are DYING out there and you can’t be bothered to report about the final justice for these horrible criminals?

Last edited 1 year ago by Sue

Take ut or leave it. There are other sites. Byyeee

Robin redwine

It’s hard to report about the deaths when the orange obese Cheeto / cult leader of most here did the killing .


I love orange cheetoes. Trump is my president. Love that alpha Trumpet. 🥰

David Boettcher

Triggered much? Your comment lacks substance! Truth be told, “President Trump” to you, has a minimum following of 100 million voting Patriotic Citizens that pay close attention as to what his purpose is. If it’s your pedofilia leftist drug pushing vote stealer commi, your referring to and defending,they should all die through all means necessary!


Do you have anyone who can help you? Maybe put the reports together like you do? I know you have a lot on your plate.
I wish we could also receive info re tribunals and executions/sentences in other places. Keep wondering if AMG is accurate.

Ruth Dressler

My understanding is that soon we will be seeing tribunals.

Robin redwine

Lmao….Everytime a trump tard says ” soon” a thousand more folks die from the drumpers death jab.

You people are worse than the satanists.

Lying isn’t ok.

Nothing is happening soon.


Correction! Fauci and Bidens death jab. Twisted sista.🙃

David Boettcher

So the original discussion of times lines was anywhere from 3-5 years of chasing down and arresting those listed on over 100k indictments. It’s four years in so go back to sleep “negative Nancy” and let the patriots do there work.
Ps, if you think for a second our military is going to stand by and watch an election coup de’tat take place on our soil your understanding of military law needs an update.


I noticed many of your past stories are no longer available. Your story histories stop at tab #50. Why were they dropped? I loved reading them.


Where are these found Judi? thanks


What would be best, is actual footage of their lives before & after gitmoed, sir…….


Dr Frank Plummer was chief scientist at a Level-4 Biological Laboratory located in Winnepeg. Plummer was assassinated in Kenya (in 2020) for his central role in creating the original extinction-level biological weapon retrieved from Guatemala Trade Bureau in Los Nageles. It was weaponized rabies with DNA inserted from Ebola, HIV, and MERS. It was designed to kill everyone within 18 hours of infection.

Janssen worked alongside Dr Frank Plummer to extract Ebola RNA and insert it into biological weapons which are then tested at CDC/NIAID laboratory in Tblisi, Georgia. They tested these weapons on humans in violation of all treaties.

There is a NIH Biological Weapon research Laboratory in Hamilton, Montana, which is still operational….I had a friend drive by it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Hayyim

here are powerpoint slides which details Janssen Laboratories R&D strategy.


Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins discussed, via emails recently dumped into the public domain via wikileaks, the assassinations of doctors around the world who were part of Fauci and Collins’ conspiracy – to limit risk of exposure. The following people were killed/assassinated recently in 2020 and 2021, but we have no publicly available documents connecting Fauci or Collins directly to these assassinations and deaths.

  1. Dr Frank Plummer, who discovered ebola, was assassinated in Kenya in 2020 while attending a conference on HIV. EU doctors and health ministers were all involved in helping Fauci.
  2. Professor Bing Liu of the University of Pittsburgh was on the verge of a breakthrough in scientific understanding of the SARS-CoV (MERS) was shot dead. He was found in his townhouse with gunshot wounds to the head, neck, torso and extremities…an apparent suicide.
  3. Alexander Kagansky was working on a SARS vaccine before allegedly being stabbed and thrown from the window of his 14th floor flat….an apparent suicide.
  4. Gita Ramjee, an HIV Scientist died. when she was in London to deliver a lecture in March 2020. On her return to South Africa she felt unwell and was hospitalised. How did an HIV researcher come into contact with a lethal coronavirus at her own lab? South African/India lab connection?
  5. Pyae Sone Win Maung was driving a well-marked United Nations vehicle when it was hit by gunfire in Rakhine State in Myanmar. The World Health Organization (WHO) vehicle carrying coronavirus test samples came under attack, leaving the driver dead and a government official seriously injured…an apparent attempted murder-suicide.
  6. Brandy Vaughn, a former sales executive for the pharmaceutical company Merck and the founder of ”Learn the risk”.a website dedicated to educating people on the risks associated with vaccines, was found dead in her home beside her nine-year-old son on December 8, 2020.


Wow, that was a twisted tale, kinda like our small intestines. It goes this way, then that way, throws up but still remains an ORGANization. Thanks for all that info.

  • “Which SARS coronavirus is being tested for with these test kits, if we’ve never isolated the virulent source to be certain?”
  • “If we haven’t isolated the correct pathogen, how can we have efficacious vaccines?”.
  • “If we don’t know what the specific pathogen might be, what exactly is in the vaccine that stops things we do not know about?”.
  • “If there was no gain-of-function research conducted by all three labs, why was CRISPR being used on already virulent viruses?”
  • “If there is no virus that can be isolated, from whom the protein receptors can be mapped, why is an mRNA gene-modification cocktail being delivered in the “vaccine?”.

This link takes you to a write-up concerning Frank Plummer and his affiliated biological weapons laboratories.


Good Work Hayyim. There might be some nuggets in there for the military.


Rocky Mountain Labs OverviewA Premier NIH Facility for Biomedical Research
Some 3,000 feet higher above sea level than the National Institutes of Health (NIH) familiar brick campus in Bethesda, Maryland, and a 5-hour, 2,300-mile plane ride northwest of that point, lies Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML), an NIH state-of-the-art biomedical research facility in Hamilton, Montana, a small but thriving community nestled between the Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountains.

A key component of the Division of Intramural Research, RML is perhaps best known for its research into vector-borne diseases, such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, **Q fever**, and Lyme disease—three illnesses caused by microbes whose names pay tribute to the former RML scientists who discovered them.

Mark David

Still talking, douche?


Although it has not been said, I strongly believe they are videotaping the executions.


I would gladly pay to see that! I’ll bring the 🍿& 🍾🥂!!!!

Andrew Stevano

Ditto what Max said.


He does mention last meal requests. Many don’t want one and I remember he wrote that skank hillary got scrambled eggs and a milkshake. I’m sure some such details are simply not available. I know he always writes their final words.


A jalapeño omelette and strawberry milkshake.. God, I can’t believe I haven’t forgotten such irrelevant trivia yet. 🤮🙄

mia moriarty

hilde beast wanted hot sauce too


And her scrambled eggs had hallipeno peppers in them, lol. The milkshake was strawberry.






😄😄staaap too funny🤣🤣

mia moriarty

then she does a load
I thought she died of kuru

live oak

Me too. lol.


i would like a close up video clip of the shitbag’s face as soon as she/he walks up those beautiful gallows stairs!

Eric S

Me too

mia moriarty

how many wet their pants


And how many cry & look scared shitless! I’d LOVE to see them fearful & begging for their lives!

mia moriarty

yep I think most are curious as to how the send off went


Amen! So important!


Thank you, Michael. You help make our day!

Dr John

The Shills appear here because what you post upsets the story the Deep State want to share. They read or hear about what is going on and knowing the noose may be going around their neck next; it is important to remind them over and over again what is waiting for them. FEAR is what they use against us; this is our turn to bring them down. They can suicide, try to hide or turn themselves in, but in the end they will be caught. Cooperate and they might get life instead of the noose. After everything is known, they have nothing to barter with.

Keep the detail coming… you are terrorizing the enemy… GOOD FOR YOU


god damn it’s time to get you back on your meds


Chyna Phillips is married to a Baldwin brother, forget the first name–William I think. . Definitely something strange going on a couple years ago. Her husband’s appearance looked cgi and her behavior got more erratic and sad. Her mom, Michelle Phillips, talked about her childhood, and religion. When she was supposed to be talking to William, her face didn’t look in the right direction. He really seemed cgi, and according to WarNuse,, on Twitter until banned, Wm. Baldwin was on the list of gone forever

Last edited 1 year ago by Claire



Oct 14, 2019 USA Today by Cydney Henderson:

Billy Baldwin, Chynna Phillips reveal their teen son was diagnosed with cancer last year

Carol B.

Our God is not dammed, satan is…



question everything

Jason loves those Pharma companies, don’tcha know!


Mr. Shill, be prepare for what is coming…think twice in what you are doing…who’s side do you really want to be on…really honestly look at yourself…denial and deception are very strong until you face the truth…you make the choice and there are consequences either way of your choice. It’s up to you.


🧐 watch your mouth!!!!


It’s hard to believe things in our nation got so bad. But, my mind keeps taking me back to what I learned in a college geology class: what ever “clan” rises to the top of the heap in a state of chaos is that which is being scraped off the top of any experiment. DNA has a shelf-life.

As above so below…..the concept resonated but witnessing an extinction event is not something I planned to experience.


Good, let them get upset, we don’t care. We just want our country back.


I totally agree with you Dr John. These articles are very effective against the enemy and hopefully wake them up because it is coming to them. Nothing can stop what is coming.


Thank you. This is the only info we receive confirming WH are active .. it gives us hope.


It’s ugly, but we need to hear about these executions. These monsters have filled our world with fear, and suffering, and we need to know when they get what is coming to them.

Please don’t stop. I hope to see video footage of these executions one days, once the EBS has gone off, and their sorry asses have all been rounded up.


Same here.


Exactly right, Ryan! We need closure and to see justice done. C’mon Mike – Let’s see them on video if possible! I’m not into gore but I want to see proof…



Ruth Dressler



In fact, embellish the executions as much as possible for our enjoyment! Perk of the job as a reader!


This is the only place we hear on the consequences of the crimes they’ve committed to humanity…I hope they also go after the nurses and dr’s at clinics and hospitals that sneak the jab on people without their knowledge and or their consent…They just come in and tell the patient that a shot is needed and they give them the jab…it has happened to many that I know.


Don’t want to go to the Doctor. Don’t want to go to the hospital. Nope.


Mr. Baxter, I want to thank you for all your hard work and time you devote to bring us the latest news in what’s happening. I check every day 2 or 3x for news and when some days go by without any new posts you may have been hacked or having trouble. I and others believe you could be hitting too close to home and the corrupt ones are trying to take your website out! Thank God you never give up!👊🏻 You give us hope and belief that we are and will WIN no matter how long it takes. God bless you and the military and everyone risking their lives in this fight against evil. With God on our side well win and our country will be safe and prosperous again. 🇺🇸♥️🤍💙👊🏻🤩


I’m in agreement with Jean and others.


Jerome is married to my daughter in law’s second cousin. Do we know if the spouses sign NDA’s .. because asked my son about it and it appears the rest of family do not know what is going on. But yes we want to know about the executions.

Jim Joans

May I suggest you get your son, playing devil’s advocate, to tell the Jerome family, or their relatives that he may know, that there is this story in RRW about Jerome, and maybe they should have a look at it and sue big time. See what their response is.


I know someone married to Alec Baldwins brother. She definitely doesn’t know Alec is dead. Just says he has so many kids the family doesn’t see him and his wife much. But she clearly loves being married into that family and says they are all really great people. Strange.


They probably don’t know what he did to Kim and Ireland. If they did, they would disown him and disavow even being related to him.


Not to mention the ridiculous impersonations Baldwin did of Trump making him look like a complete fool! Oh, and the fact that he killed someone.


He’s been charged with manslaughter, or at least his doppelganger was. I wonder if the families noticed the difference?

Last edited 1 year ago by Xena

Please reconsider I look forward to read all executions articles. Gives me justice knowing they got caught paid the ultimate price. What their actions are at time of execution. Thank you


The only reason why I read RRN is for the executions, we need to hear that we are winning this war, we need to hear that there is justice bring met, it does give us a sense of justice, it is healing to our wounds.

Last edited 1 year ago by Diana

As far as I know we have no other source at Gitmo. Details are always important, even if it get repetitive writing them up, when you have the only source. It’s historical in a way.


Thanks for your consideration. If an execution is unremarkable I’d be happy with articles that post several at a time with no more than a paragraph or two about how unremarakable each one was – or even just a list of executions, times, dates, who was executed & why? That may allow you to cover more executions we are not even aware of.


OMG! This person thinks you were there and watched every detail but are purposely holding back information. They obviously have absolutely no idea what gathering intel is like. I honestly don’t know how you cope with these people.

live oak

Please continue posting them them Michael. I’ll speak for many of us; we’d love to read the additional details about Jerome Adams as well as all the other deep staters there.
Thank you for all you do. 🙂

Last edited 1 year ago by live oak

Keep up the great work, MB! You are providing a great service to humanity!

Leslie Parsons

Please know this: Everytime you post a story, you are throwing a lifeline out to untold numbers of people who are treading water under difficult conditions. My husband and I never miss one of these stories. We never missed Q either. In this time, information is more precious than diamonds.


You got that right.


Mike, thank you for the hard work you do but I believe you may not understand that the arrests AND executions are exactly what we are looking for. PLEASE continue and list every detail possible, Sir. We the People need to see justice done and I would also ask for a current updated list of every creep that has paid for their crimes against humanity and treason. I’m certain I speak for most of your readers when I say that you couldn’t graphic enough for most of us. I hope when they air the EBS/EAS that they have videos of the executions and court cases. WWG1WGA, Doc.


Correct! If Michael stops writing fully about these criminals then what’s the point of even coming here?






MICHAEL..WHY are new comments BURIED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PAGE???…THIS makes your comment section look RIGGED….


lol @ kari lake crying* again



Thank you, Mr. Baxter. I totally agree with WWC. It gives us a sense of justice even though we aren’t privy to a video (at least right now). Knowing these evil scumbags are meeting their maker does my heart good! Let me know if they should run out of rope. I can help replenish their supply.


just donate more to mikey!


It doesn’t need to be a lengthy report. Just something to the effect that the sentence was carried out and the date. I assume most is by hanging. If not maybe you could mention that.

Pepe Penname

Where is Gina Haspel, former CIA chief? Last I heard she was injured in Frankfurt. Is she in protective custody in GITMO?


She was on a plane there last time I heard. Dirty traitor needs life for what she did to betray us. She got people killed in the process as well.




YES…MIKE.. we would like to know about beautie Gina….


Hi Michael,

I agree with Corrigan to keep ‘em comin’! I understand your point also about how repetitive and boring it may seem to you to write and publish, but it is so much desired by us your readers.

Yes, sometimes the real and the raw of life and certain events are unremarkable. If you feel that way about certain cases, take the route that a few have suggested of combining a few reports. You can call it the RRN Obituaries [Volume 1 (2, 3, etc.)].

Without an obituary of sorts, there’s no public record of expiration. Not having this record (of course wouldn’t stop the shenanigans but) would make it easier to for them to slip in clones without getting too much scrutiny.

Lastly, perhaps you could be allowed to interview various ones the day before the noose. If anything fruitful or colorful comes of it, awesome!

Last edited 1 year ago by Y2KO

Michael….you’ve got the BEST news website on the internet. By far. These other pussy news websites (including Fox News) would not dare report some of these stories. My only hope is….that even a small percentage of these reports are *TRUE*. One of your competitors posted and promoted a story (to sell new memberships) on his site claiming that Hillary was HUNG at GITMO. And, we all believed it….until she was spotted a few weeks later enjoying a glass of wine at her favorite NYC restaurant. Since that episode….he has completely changed the format of his site….using guest speakers–because he lost many of his followers due to his *bulls**t stories. SO…KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, MICHAEL. I check your website every day for all the latest. BEST WISHES !!


That Alaskan cloning lab was busy!


with nailin’ sarah palin dvds!


nope. spartacus set the rules: if they can tweet, they’re alive. so sorry mikey, she’s alive


Michael thank you for all you do. Please don’t stop reporting about anything. God bless you and keep you safe.


Wow😆they had big plans for her. Oh well. Goodbye Killary.


You have a lot of catching up to do. Read more articles.


Was this sarcasm? HRC was executed years ago, RRN had an article about it? That Viper HRC has throngs of clones and body doubles, let alone the CGI they can make up. You need a bigger red pill and get out of the gopher holes, the rabbits are much deeper.


What are you on about? HRC was ended at Gitmo or some such facility. Probably several more of her are still scuttling around, but I think a couple of those critters were also put down.


Plenty of doubles in circulation…..


Please continue to report as much as you can. People need hope that justice is being served. You are the one who is reporting what is happening .

Jan D Hunsinger

I want to know they happen and I want specifics about the people: Did they express remorse; Did they seek God; Did they manifest demonics like Newsom…Did they reveal intel…..I do not want graphic details about the executions themselves. I, too, am very angry at many of these clearly evil people….but I don’t want to become like them. I just want justice and for it to stop and Patriots/White Hats to win.

Ruby Kennard

Ditto. I don’t need to SEE the executions. I’m satisfied in ‘knowing’. I rolled on the floor laughing at the ‘spokesmen’ who recited the ‘excuses’ as to why Geo Soros didn’t attend the WEF Conference. Now, then, he’s being spotlighted on MSM supporting Desantis. LOL Only Sotomayor displayed remorse and only the hour of her execution. She asked for prayer and ‘forgave’ the Admiral for taking her life. She should’ve apologized to him. I doubt he takes any pleasure in doing this job except ‘serving his country’. Newsome appears suave and polished ‘on stage’ these days- not the demonic fiend who went to his death chanting a Satanic curse in Latin. (Scary, huh!) I surely hope none of these bodies are returned to American soil-ever! I doubt any will RIP. Just saying…

Laura Doyal

Please continue the execution reports.


Now Mr. B, I look forward to all repetitiveness of these updates. As a fellow Navy veteran, you’re doing an awesome job! I look forward of reading these updates.


he’s an army vet (allegedly), not a “fellow” navy vet lmao




Young man. Please continue to satiate my blood thirsty appitite to see justice done. Continue to elucidate on the gore all over the floor details of the miscreant’s last hours on earth. Really think these wretched souls should receive their very own poisonous injections and writhe in pain and agony the way they have put us through. For the USMC yahhh kill and go Teufel Hunden! Keep up the good works.


Every single execution will make good people feel more relieved from the pain of seeing so many jabbed innocent lost their lives. Please continue the repetition more and more and more!!!!!!!

Lorenz Manner

Thank you Mr. Baxter. Reading about the execution will give more assurance that the criminal is out of the way. We cannot wait to read about the execution of this disgusting criminal called Richard Tillyer.


I love reading about the executions. Sometimes I read the articles 2 and 3 times over. It makes me feel so good.

mia moriarty

so jerome was hanged monday morning


Thanks Michael, I know it may seem morose but many of us have watched countless friends and family die because they refused to heed our warnings and took the god damned vax. I had to watch it kill my dad over about 5 months. Those stories give us some hope that some justice has been dished out to another criminal.


In the St Louis Post today, it says all spy balloon wreckage has been recovered and it is headed to the FBI lab in Virginia. I guess the White Hats will never know what the contents reveal. It seems to me that this Balloon was tracking underground tunnels more accessible from the 60,000 ft ht vs from satellites. No doubt, fully analyzing the missile silos as well.


The St Louis Post today reports that all spy balloon wreckage has been recovered and is headed to the FBI lab in Virginia. I guess the White Hats will never know what the contents reveal. It seems to me that this balloon was tracking underground tunnels(Israeli technology) and also the missile silos, no doubt more accessible from 60,000 ft vs satellites.

Sandy Thomas

Thank YOU. Have you been able to inquire into the resolution of Malinowski from Defense?

Carol B.

We appreciate you and all the virtue that comes out from you as you try to be a part of justice and letting us know what is going on in this mean world……you help us to have hope since the American justice system lets folk away with anything………..please keep us informed about those staying there at Gitmo as in the case of Paul Pelosi (Nancy’s husband) ……thanks Michael.


Thank you Michael! I share your articles each day with the world that drives communists, and their shills and trolls, to lose their minds. hahaha

MILITARY EXECUTIONS IN 2023: Jerome Adams (hanged), Brian Deese (hanged), Stephen Hahn (hanged). Read military-sourced Real Raw News.
MILITARY EXECUTIONS IN 2022. Alec Baldwin (hanged), Stéphane Bancel (hanged), Bridget Brink (hanged), Dick Cheney (hanged), Francis Collins (hanged), Shannon Corless (hanged), Jennifer Brigid O’Malley Dillon (firing squad), Michael Donilon (hanged), Anita Dunn (hanged), Anthony Fauci (hanged), Avril Haines (two head-shots), Valerie Jarrett (hanged), Loretta Lynch (hanged), Denis McDonough (two head-shots), Gavin Newsom (hanged), Nancy Pelosi (hanged), Sonia Sotomayor (hanged), Brian Stelter (hanged), Michael Sussman (firing squad), Thomas Vilsack (hanged). Read military-sourced news Real Raw News.

MILITARY EXECUTIONS IN 2021. Huma Abedin (hanged), Bill Barr (hanged), Joe Biden (firing squad), Hunter Biden (hanged), Deborah Birx (firing squad), John Brennan (hanged), George Bush Sr. (euthanized), George Bush Jr. (hanged), Bill Clinton (homicide), Hillary Clinton (hanged), Chelsea Clinton (hanged), James Comey (guillotine), Andrew Cuomo (hanged), Bill Gates (hanged), Tom Hanks (euthanized), John McCain (two head-shots), Mark Mezvinsky (hanged), John Podesta (firing squad), Colin Powell (suicide), Susan Rice (hanged), Donald Rumsfeld (suicide), Adam Schiff (hanged), Peter Scolari (hanged). Read military-sourced Real Raw News

MILITARY DETENTIONS IN 2021–2023. Bill Ayers (life at GITMO), David Axelrod, James Baker, Miguel Cardona (20 years at GITMO), German-born “cloning scientist,” Amy Coney Barrett, Maria Barret, Patricia Conrad, Melinda Gates, Ron Klain (20 years at GITMO), Michael Malanoski, Paul Pelosi (life at GITMO), Eli Roth, Tom Shimabukuro, George Soros, Elijah Wood, Jeff Zients (autopsy underway). Read military-sourced Real Raw News.

Stinky Perfume

I want to know what’s in the dead bodies they shot in Idaho, that facility appears to be at the site of Northwest Lineman college. The idea is what drug were they hyped up on to do this crime? These criminals are so consciousless it points to that Non-human DNA without empathy many are speaking about. The stab was said to kill the partial human or human hybrids, way faster. That would include the MK Ultra and whatever programmable human looking normies, or what else.

Richard Tillyer, Ph.D., Global Head of Janssen Research & Development, was apprehended near his home in Short Hills, New Jersey, with his blank stare, looks like he don’t care a wit, because he’s inherently emotionless, because he can’t feel empathy, just a yes man figure, for pharma.


You sound like a broken record

S. A.

I concur…

Johnny Lunchbucket

The more gore, the better as far as I am concerned. Eyes popping out would put a smile on my face.


No problem with the dirty details, the more the better.


LOL too funny!!! I can relate to this sickness and morbidity very much, LOL!


Especially if 2 in a row were shown photos of Dr Death Anthony Fauci dangling from a rope just like they would!


boooooooooooooring. what’s an accessory anyways? we need real charges not this bs. It’d be easy to simply say he was acting under duress of the dark lord and there goes the case. brilliant!


that’s cool. we now know his name…

most people with names have ADDRESSES.


what’s the dark lord’s address??


Son-of-Ja’s signoid colon, of course.


i’ll be in dallas next week. buy me some bourbon and bbq

Sandi Sprenger

Not according to military law. Obviously there are real indictment charges or he would not have been arrested.


I also am extremely interested in reading about the executions. I’m sure close relatives of the criminal would also like to know about their relative’s execution as well. It is also necessary for other deepstate cabalists to read about how their comrades die. Since EBS is taking a long time, we have your RealRawNews website to depend on. If I had extra time I would make a video reading your articles and commenting about it in a podcast to draw more interest and traffic to your website to wake up the Normies


And I will help get the stories edited and spell-checked if a backlog occurs.




Good idea, Max. Perhaps the normies prefer to have lunch at their desk and just listen. A reformed normy might do the movement a lot of good, preaching rather like a reformed alcoholic.

Sandi Sprenger

We The People (Situation Update) references RRN’s almost daily.


I agree. These snippets of Justice are the only thing that keeps me going. I check every day. I want to know who was arrested, what is said, and how they act all the way till the end.

Make Ncane

So so very true! “Balm to our savaged souls”


Feels like aloe vera on a sunburn, lol


They should have to go through the “Flesh Fair” in a large stadium with real patriots like in the movie artificial intelligence with the robot boy.

Quancidine Hinson-Gribble


P. Denault

100% and much appreciated …we trust your reporting .



I totally go along with you and others on this!

Sandi Sprenger

You said it so well!!! It is a balm of justice to our souls…every last detail. Thank you, Mr. Baxter, for taking the time to hear your readers. Much appreciated. 😃



Robert Dziok

I agree also. Thank you for posting this.


Amen to that.


Yes, we are all abused, fed up, starved for justice and a sense of closure from the vile predators of men, woman, children and even the earth. IMHO, every execution should be televised for all to see and observe as a Civics Lesson. Also, it would help to deter other soulless and arrogant leeches from doing this again.

question everything

I agree that deterrents can be a good thing for those with a conscience, but I question if it is possible for one who is without a soul to be deterred.




Friends of mine will be going to Richard Tillyer’s home to see if he’s still there in NJ.

Linda Byars

You are so RIGHT ! Linda am tired of the disbelievers. Let’s face whatever it is .

tom moebes



100%! We need to know who, what, when, where and all the details you can extract from your sources. Especially with all the added crazy happening right now, it is good to see results – we NEED it. Understanding their mindset leading up to and including the execution is helpful to gauge how these creatures think. For them to do what they do, they must have very little light in them – an easy to manipulate empty vessel for the dark agenda.

Last edited 1 year ago by Kitty

We have been waiting for a long time news of some justice coming. We certainly do not mind if it is posted more than once. Often we have been subjected to lies to the contrary. Those of us who are Christian merely do not like being lied to. The truth brings clarity.

Elio Paul

Mr. Baxter, may I assume that is your penname? This realization just came to me. May I assume you are serving in some capacity on deep state tribunals going on now to get all this incredible perspective? And this is what the founding fathers had to do, write in newspapers what was going on during our time as British colonies under pseudonyms, I remember vaguely from well-taught American History classes of bygone years. Looks like a fight for America’s survival is afoot…


Well, im a 75yr old Vietnam combat veteran, I learned in 1968, The Gubment LIES, the Media LIES , so, i wasnt fooled, i remain a Pure Blood and i am Armed..
The Gubment are a bunch of Clowns in a Circus of fools ,, Voting does NOTHING but Fool the Fools

Last edited 1 year ago by Fred
Above Reproach

Project V. Has made a Huge dent into the unwillingly unwise people stuck on the lies being pushed onto the American people. It’s high time The reality of what has been perpetrated onto America and the world becomes known ! It’s TIME ! Bring out the big guns, Sound the alarm !
Shut down MSM ! Hold ALL the Actors involved with HIGH TREASON against the people of the world. Nuremberg will look like a walk in the park.


is -forsaken- still with us …missed his comments….

Ruby Kennard

Mr. Baxter, my first vote was for JFK. We were bogged down in Vietnam. Now, at 80 yrs+, I’m sickened at how far & how quickly our great country has fallen into spoil by the same established cabal that murdered the Kennedys. Your reports give me hope that America is finally dealing with this evil disease embedded deeply within our government. Every morning and throughout the day, I check your website for new developments. I can’t leave this world without knowing America is FREE and safe, again. We NEED your updates. Please continue as before. Details are important to us. May God bless & protect you, always.


My 43 year old otherwise healthy ex husband has a pulmonary embolism and massive blood clots, hospitalized…my niece had a premature baby born with heart defect. She has to have a pacemaker installed when/if she reaches 9 lbs. I personally believe the heart chakra was attacked.

Patricia H.

Mr. Baxter please continue to publish the information regarding the arrests, trials and execution of these evil people. Knowing that there is justice being served gives me hope for the future of America and the world. If one finds the article(s) are too much to read then we can choose to look away.
Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication in putting the truth out there.


Please continue with all the news it is our only consolation please give us the details thankyou michael


Mr. Baxter the only way the Patriots of our great country can find any comfort or splice is to be able to read the news of all these traitorous bastards getting justice performed on them in any way jag seems appropriate so please continue reporting the outcome of the trials what ever the outcome God bless and God speed michael


Yes I love hearing about the executions. Justice being served


Thank you for continuing to post the executions. We all need closure.

Sue McKinney

Great Work Mr Baxter. I wish that the public could know about these arrests and about the global harm & evil committed by these people. Any idea when they will reveal any of that more publicly?

Last edited 1 year ago by Sue McKinney
Nancy Joyce Garcia

Hi Michael, I hope you do continue to post this type of articles, because it gives We the People some comfort or at least hope that these Criminals are Truly being Dealt with! God bless you in your work, it is appreciated!


Pres Trump to give speech on Monday, Feb 20, 2023 at 4 pm (est).

SAndy h

Yes, continue to post all details of everything.Jumsns have a right to know the truth.

Dr. G

Yes, please continue to author all the executions. Since we cannot be there to see these executions, we at least need to have the details to free ourselves of the desire to take them out ourselves. God bless you for all your work and never stand down from reporting the truth.


Reporting the executions is a powerful testimony to the reality that righteous judgement is at least taking place somewhere, even if not in general public at the moment, don’t under-value how important it is to those of us barely hanging onto the hem of HIS garment each day, to hear of any progress of good against the evil of our time, and that righteous judgement is being for-filled.


Michael,please continue posting the executions–it’s the only way we know these traitors are dead.

Boss Lady

Absolutely continue reporting on the deaths of these demons. In fact I’d like more details. Were they shaking? Sweating? Puking? Did they pee themselves? No detail is too small, it’s quite satisfying.


Someone like this deserves to be taken apart piece-by-piece, slowly. Hanging is way too good for him! Of course, justice is blind, and is not revenge.

American Living in Canada

Checking in 1

Sandi Sprenger

😂🤣😂 The picture is like a joke on him…lights above his head look like white rabbit ears. 🤣😂🤣