Fetterman, Feinstein Died at Hospitals


Two United States senators have recently died in hospitals, said a U.S. Army Cyber Command source who claims his agency intercepted conversations in which Democrat leaders discussed the deaths of Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman and California Senator Dianne Feinstein, who allegedly perished within days of setting foot in hospitals.

Fetterman entered Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in mid-February for clinical depression and hasn’t been seen since, causing critics of the Lurch-like senator to question whether a man of diminished capacity can legislate while infirmed. Our source said that if Fetterman’s legislating anything, he’s doing it from Hades.

Cyber Command’s belief that Fetterman is dead stems from a February 27 phone call between Chuck Schumer and Senator Gary Peters (D-MI.) in which they discussed ways of imposing novel anti-firearms legislation. Before concluding the call, Peters asked Schumer to “send John my regards when you talk to him,” prompting Schumer to respond, “Hey, he’s gone, but we’re keeping it quiet to avoid a media frenzy until our contingency plan is ready. I thought you were in the loop and knew. He died two days ago, massive f****** heart attack.”

Fetterman had a protracted history of heart ailments. In 2017, he received a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, an irregular heart rhythm, and although his cardiologist got him started on a regimen of medication and exercise, Fetterman did not follow through. Fetterman suffered a stroke, one of the direst consequences of AF, on May 13, 2022, and miraculously survived.

When Peters asked Schumer to send his condolences to Gisele, Fetterman’s wife, Schumer chuckled and said, “Her? Hell, she killed him. Not in the direct sense of the word. She cuckolded the poor bastard and made him watch her having sex with other men. She humiliated the s*** out of him, telling him how unusual it was for a 7-foot-tall man to have a 4″ penis. It’s no wonder John was depressed. He had no will to live, and that probably caused his heart to break, literally.”

“How do you know all this?” Peters reportedly asked.

“Oh, we know,” Schumer replied. “She’s shedding no tears and will get a big payout.”

On March 2, wicked, wretched Dianne Feinstein, a six-term senator and the oldest member of Congress at age 89, was admitted to a San Francisco hospital to be treated for shingles, a viral disease characterized by a painful skin rash with blisters in a localized area. It’s hard to imagine why she, a staunch vaccine advocate, hadn’t been inoculated, unless she was, and the shingles vaccine, like so many other fake shots, was merely a placebo.

According to our source, Cyber Command has a copy of a death certificate that says Feinstein died of a pulmonary embolism at San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center on March 4. It was signed by Dr. Christopher Liverman, MD, PhD., San Francisco County’s coroner’s chief medical examiner. Cyber Command authenticated the certificate and Dr. Liverman’s signature.

Moreover, Cyber Command has a video of a dead Feinstein being pushed on a gurney from an operating room to the hospital morgue.

On March 7, the MSM—including Fox News—announced that Feinstein made a miraculous recovery and would soon be back at her post legislating for Democrat values. The MSM declared her “alive and well” not based on physical evidence but on Tweets from her Twitter account.

“Fetterman and Feinstein are dead, and good riddance,” our source said. “But the Deep State will resurrect them through body doubles or clones. I can’t imagine anyone finding a body double for Fetterman; he’s a real mongloid, an aberration. Have you ever seen the movie The Hills Have Eyes? Fetterman looks like one of the ax-wielding maniacs from the movie. The Democrats can’t risk losing seats, and that could happen if their senators suddenly croaked.”

Although California’s Senate seats are secure, Pennsylvania’s are in flux. If Fetterman’s death becomes a matter of public record, Republicans could demand that Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, a Deep State stooge, hold a special election to fill the vacuum. Per the 17th Amendment, if a vacancy occurs due to a senator’s death, resignation, or expulsion, the governor can appoint a temporary replacement until a special election occurs.

Fetterman squeaked (cheated his way) past Republican contender Mehmet Oz in the midterms.

“These evil-doers want to keep their dead alive to stop a balance of power. They’ve been using clones and body doubles to fool the world. But their time is ending,” our source said.

We’ve corrected the spelling of Sentator Peters name.

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Please do not give your hard-earned money to sites or channels that copy/paste our intellectual property. We spend countless hours vetting, researching, and writing. Thank you. Every dollar helps.

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Above Reproach

Seriously, I’ve seen so many different people all claiming to be one person,
it’s as obvious as hell, how many imposters are filling the void of real people. Biden, and Hillary, are just two examples of bull crap. Especially biden who in one moment needs to be tied to a string just to follow his wife.
Then you see him ranting and raving about gun control, nonstop babble, head on a stick eyes that don’t blink, and not missing a single word. He’s a
feeble old brain dead useless politician who never in his career has done anything for the American people. NOT ONE FUCKING THING !


Not true. My Cyber Command source told me that while Fetterman did die he received an emergency infusion of adrenochrome and was brought back to life.

Randal Holden

Shoot this demon up with a thousand Covid vaccinations!! Then burn him at the stake!!


Lying Demonic democrats won’t say anything about the deaths of these two thugs (fetterman and feinstein) in the same way these crooked pedo demons didn’t say anything about the execution deaths of the clintons, s. rice, l. lynch, scarf lady dr. brix, etc.

America, one by one we are depopulating this country and the world of pedo demons.

One day at a time we are safer and closer to completely depopulating this country and this world of demons, pedos, corrupt lying democrats.

Once we’ve accomplished depopulation of these lying crooked corrupt pedo demonic democrats we will stop and the rest of the world will live in piece and harmony.

Christianity will prosper and thrive once again. GOD Bless America, GOD Bless You All.

Last edited 1 year ago by 45-GreatestEver.GOD’sBlessingToUSA.

Don’t forget to rid us of the RINOS McConnell, Graham, Romney, and many more!


Oh course we won’t hear about it in the MSM. They are pushing the agenda! Died in February! Special elections Pennsylvania!!! Let’s go Dr. OZ, you have another opportunity!


Best news I’ve seen all week. Thanks for clarifying that FOX is still reporting swill by passing on the info that Feinstein is “alive and well”…if it wasnt for Tucker and Gutfeld and Ingraham, I’d never turn on FOX again, the are CNN with a different face.


Best news I’ve seen all week. Thanks for clarifying that FOX is still reporting swill by passing on the info that Feinstein is “alive and well”…if it wasnt for Tucker and Gutfeld and Ingraham, I’d never turn on FOX again, they are CNN with a different face.

David Boettcher

I well me do uh because uh we I mean is cause you have will no and so yeah……

Fetterman to God….😂😂too soon?

mary pascucci


Victoria Flood

Chuck Schumer and Gary Peters are next up for arrest, removal and execution at GITMO. Their evil crimes against America are finished! They and all the deep state globalists MUST be taken down permanently in order for the United States to recover.


I asked “Alexa” this morning….. If fienstein was still alive…?
And the response was a big fat..YES..
I think the deep state will push that narrative..
The clone is being made as we wait….😕

Last edited 1 year ago by Wildcat

I bet that the clone will have a neck of , ” crepe skin wrinkles “, like a thirty year old too !… similar to Pelosi….


She’s gonna be hard to replicate because she was SO damned old and ugly.

David T

Looked like an old owl to me.


I knew when Fetterman went into the hospital that he wouldn’t be coming back. Christians on here need to take authority & decree that they won’t be able to replace these people. Our words matter..

Surf Nazare

they are already showing a real skinny version of him—makes sense then a double would be easier if they can find a 7 ft’ version seems they have


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orange julius

Does anyone think Anthony Robbins could pass for Fetterman?

David T

I don’t.


I am glad that lab experiment is gone. Thank you Source God. 🙏👑💜💙💚💯


Joy to the world, to all the boys and girls, joy to fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to humanity!

Martin Kohler

I’m sorry to hear about John Fetterman.
I was looking forward to seeing him occupy a seat in the Senate for several terms before running (and winning) the Presidency.


You have to be kidding unless you hate the USA more than anything.


Martin is obviously a shill or a troll. Don’t take him seriously.

David Boettcher

He’s being funny because that’s what it feels like to watch these idiots occupy Washington!

David Boettcher

He is suggesting that is the status quo

David Boettcher

I got the humor 😂😂😂


Once someone has had chicken pox that virus can manifest in 2 other possible ways when the immune system becomes too weak to hold it at bay. One is Bells Palsy, looks much like a stroke but is not. The other is Shingles. When you vaccinate the inert ingredients are designed to weaken the immune system thus making you more susceptible to the virus reactivation.




Our kids habe no say when parents blindly inject them by Dr’s adbi e, we mostly are vaxed admit it…difference is we know better today


I believe if you GET chicken pox you will develop immunity…it doesn’t make sense that getting the pox “the virus can manifest in 2 other possible ways.” I believe you are mistaken. Its the opposite. You WANT TO GET the freaking chicken pox to avoid future immuno illnesses…


We got chicken pox as children because of VAX’s we were given as children. DO NOT TAKE ANY vaccines no matter what your shoe horn of medical ‘professional’ says…….


We got chicken pox as children because of VAX’s we were given as children. DO NOT TAKE ANY vaccines no matter what your shoe horn of medical ‘professional’ says…….Our poor well-meaning parents didnt know any better as we got filled with vax’s since we were infants.


The actual virus for chicken pox, YES it builds immunity. The vexing for chicken pox does not.


I don’t believe the garbage vaccines they are peddling now but Louis Pasteur would disagree with you. He saved millions of lives with his anthrax and rabies vaccines as well as the value of pasteurization. He warned doctors about germs and that they needed to wash their hands which saved the lives of countless mothers during birth and after.


The most massive genocide on humans. I couldn’t take it anymore as a RN.I was deceived. I feel remorse. How many people did I send to the earthly extinction? I will and forever be grateful that all I see


Those who feel remorse and left health care have a shot but those staying and still ”doing what they’re told” get no deals.


l never took the kill shot.I never injected any human. Yes, I am still a nurse but left the allopathic in 2021.I don’t make the money anymore. I chose to not hurt people.I am losing my house because of this genocidal plot. What I am gaining is love and compassion for my fellow earthlings.


Oh please. You’re not losing your house because of “this genocidal plot.” Get another job or take in a roommate. It’s the law of the jungle as it always has been: adapt or perish. Millions of other people have lost their jobs but they get right back to working.

David T

Wow Sue, you win the compassionate person of the year award.

David T

Steph, best of luck to you as you go onward. With your kind loving heart and spirit, go forth in confidence that there is some one, some organization or some opportunity out there that would be blessed to have you be part of their team.

Pepe Penname

You were coerced. We understand your remorse. It was either obey or lose your job.

Fear not, God loves you


ya almost have to feel a little sorry for Fetterneck, he wasn’t in long enough to do any real damage, though he would have in time. as for that disgusting skanky old hag fiendstein, may it rot in hell.


I feel a certain pity for Fett especially if he married a woman who did nothing but denigrate him for his lack of physical prowess. She was a witch and I guess she was all he could find. He was no treat to look at and if he was ‘shy’ in the male department, it couldnt have helped. He was born a loser

trust nothing

If they know, they should show. Why let anyone or anything impersonate these criminals to continue their lies? We have enough impersonators in this District of Criminals. And throughout the country.


Why don’t white hat guys post real death certificates if they died. Enough of the games. Rep Senate members could take over with two wins.


It is so good to know that the two wicked witches and one warlock of California politics are dead and gone. Gavin, Nancy & Diane. Thanks be to God. Maybe now CA can try to heal its’ communist self a tiny bit.


Clones running the establishment, gotta get them AND on camera so the world will see it.


Sheep still wont see they are fakes


Yes, once their deaths are publicized and shown the clones will be worthless.

Victoria Flood

California will be healed and recover from the massive attacks against her in the mighty name of Jesus. We take back our state. Our enemies are being destroyed now.

When the enemy comes in like a flood, God raises up the victory against him. The enemy comes in one way, yet is scattered in seven directions. So be it!


It’s very good news that our embattled US government is finally fessing up to the fact that the current US government is being run by clones, both Dem & Republican ones.

Julio Antonio Laguna

I knew something smelled fishy with Fetterman, and it wasn’t Charlie Tuna.


Smelled fishy? His looks alone were enough to set off sirens. What about that hump on his back? That was all it took for me.


I am a believer that raising your vibrational frequency is of essence during the SHIFT. This is not fun and games. It is spiritual war faith. All those in the tribunals such have lost their souls are but a gentle reminder of what is to come.By the way….Covid lockdown was part of the script. That is when many were executed.


Galactic Federation of Light

Big Johnson

I knew you liked vibrators a lot


Praying for the annialation of the clones/doubles!


Great news Michael, next Obummer

Michael R Davis

Russian hypersonic Kinzhal missile destroyed NATO underground command bunker near Lvov Ukraine 6 days ago. It is believed the 80 meters below-ground bunker held 300 NATO personnel, 40 of which were high ranking foreign specialists, some Americans. Waiting for further intelligence.


All Traitors, no loose

Mark Heisler

The More clones? The More Nothing is happening in warp speed, what to believe when they say they’re clones but yet maybe they’re not, sometimes I wish this website would just close up and go away, they’re all behind population control, I have yet to see hanging so we can actually see their faces they’re making to see if they’re scared cuz we don’t know that, they be laughing cuz they’re just clones and the real ones are often away drinking adrenochrome & still killing kids, they’re just disappearing so they say. I really stopped watch Rumble and everything, it’s all the same, repeat after repeat without evidence of nothing, I’ve been trying to be positive since this started, it’s too hard when your life is going to s***, we should just believe that’s what we’re told, how do we know the good guys are not all behind this to? made 2 names on Rumble and both got Muted, Mary from-. (We The People NEWS) situation update
I called her out because after she puts out a video three names are always at the top all the time, it was getting annoying, and every 3 of those people I’ve talked to got me muted which indicate that they’re all one person only if you are (only) the Creator of those videos can mute you, she’s from Canada and she cannot be trusted, if she mutes people that means she’s not a patriot for the 1s Amendment. Phil on rumble if anybody knows him he didn’t mute anybody and he’s got the most hated comments ever,


You talking about Tarot Janine M. I’m becoming suspicious of her…supposed to be intuitive but can’t handle remarks so she blocks you. Ya from Canada.

Rene Labre

What Micheal has spearheaded with this site has been exposure and disclosure. People impatient for mass arrests and so on don’t realize that could not have worked, because the general public was so ignorant about what was going on with these traitors, a short time ago few people would believe or accept that body doubles and clones were being used.. you would be considered a crank.CGI,The fake White house, election theft,what do you mean executed,here they are on TV tonight,then sole purpose of MSM became to never let the public know the truth. to carry forth this deception, spread the lies..They did not think it was possible for them to fail. We have come a long way baby,wwg1wga,some will never wake up,very true. Notice right with this article,the fact their deaths are not reported, and two fakes are going to replace them,we know and accept that right away, We still have a ways to go,yet this is their biggest night mare,exposure.that ..fhe entire pandemic was a fraud. watching them try to lie their way out of , and getting blindsided by the facts.Don’t forget they were lied to also and bought it.many have been arrested and tried,amy executed.many have fessed up,better to be a living dog than a dead lion.those two Marines gave theirr this.More gallant warriors as well.We don’t want to lose them adjustments are being made.To prevent this.If possible.I assure you The Corp does not take this lightly.Put that in your pipe and smoke it! In this country traitors used to be tarred and feathered.To be totally exposed,I suggest bringing that back.


I prefer hanging or self infected wound.


General public suffers from TDS


Seems more and more like it. Never seen so many people polarized over a President so hated for trying to do the right thing and save America and the world, and go after the child sex traffickers and the traitors.
Even some Christians think that depraved, paedophilic, egregious, incestuous, nefarious, bribe-taking, impious, LGBTQ-supporting, flagitious, abortion-loving, racist, gay marriage-defending, vile, child sex change surgery-promoting, miscreantic, paedophilia-legalizing, Taliban-friending, lying, vaxx-mandating, cheating, China-sexing traitor is better than Trump because he speaks so nicely and doesn’t do mean Tweets and gives away the American flag to a New World Order Rothschilian puppet while telling the SCOTUS to go screw itself and telling the American people to “get vaccinated.” .
Enjoy the shit-show you created with your Biden votes, miscreants, because one day it will be too late for you to see what you’ve done. Don’t you dare cry, sit the crap down and enjoy what you’ve created.


Concur on the tar and feathering. then do the bullshipping and the stocks.


Although I’m suspicious of MB stories I agree he at least gets people thinking and again your right if Trump would’ve done this by Marshall law or likes of it our country was to divided at time and would’ve been civil war dividing us further. Its frustrating to wait but I believe that we must go slow and get them all to turn on each other as they self destruct and they are.


“Martial” law as in the military, not Marshall. The Marshall Plan was after WWII.


If we go any slower our country won’t survive! They are trying to financially break us, then they will step in with complete communism and control.


I never heard of anyone dying from shingles! Or was she jabbed, and was shingles a “side-effect” (it often is), and did she actually die from the shot?


She’s 90. Shingles is a condition effecting immune compromised – old age generally brings with it a weakened immune system, she’s been losing cognitive ability showing signs of dementia, was called out by dems to resign because of her decline, search for 2022 pics of her and you’ll see she’s been deteriorating.


90 yr old shouldn’t be running our government seats.


Well there’s 90 and then there’s 90. Bill Shatner is 90 and he’s bright and articulate, although I wouldn’t necessarily want him running our govt. He still rides horses and is active.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sue

Yeah she was an old bag and her time was up. Whether she took the vax, we might never know but I’m GLAD she is gone.


I say number two.

Will flowers



Please stop the filth. Most of us on here do not appreciate the filthy language and it doesn’t make you look intelligent.


He has the right to free speech like everyone else. This is NOT Facebook, or Google, or Twitter, or Instagram, or Whatsapp, or Youtube, or Messenger where one is censored, restricted or blocked for speaking their minds. We ALL have that right under the Bill of Rights.
We all hate the cabal, too, because they are killing us and sterilizing us and maiming us and raping and exsanguinating our kids for Lucifer just because we exist at 8,000,000,000+, and that’s just wrong. But we all have a Constitutionally-protected right to speak what we feel, even if the other person disagrees with it.
Remember Voltaire’s thoughts: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” is Hall’s illustration of Voltaire’s beliefs.


No one is calling for the lack of free speech. Glenda made a polite (note the use of the word ‘please’) request to refrain from filthy language.


If you’re not used to some filthy language, you are the problem. Get LOST!


Two true abominations. Sad they wasted their lives just like all the rest of the scum. The love of money truly is the root of all evil.

Andi Kay

Amen and amen.


Totally concur.


There is a cute little scene in Fiddler On The Roof. Tevye is speaking with his future son-in-law Perchik who says, “Money is the world’s curse.”
Tevye responds with, “May the Lord smite me with it! And may I never recover!”



Terry Gabrich (SF)

I thought that Feinstein went to China, or was allowed to go to China in order to not have to face a military tribunal??? Did she come back in order to go to the hospital in San Francisco?? If the Marines or the Special Forces have to deal with any of these politicians, please becareful. They could be clones. You have lost two marines already. There must be another way in which to dispatch them.

Big Johnson

“It is so insane but our viewers believe it”

“Like negotiating with terrorists, but especially dumb ones. Cousin fucker types not saudi royalty”



Patrick Lahey, although no longer a vote ing member of anything needs to be taken care of…he is disgusting sexual abuser.


No headlines I’ve seen so far, bloody MSM.


yay! 2 more down!!!

Rose Mary Abbott

I saw a news article about Mitch McConnell falling and landing in a hospital with a busted hip. As old as he is it wouldn’t surprise me if he passed. The Republican Party needs his number, but not his attitude.


Wrong end, he broke his head not his hip.
He got a concussion, which means he hurt nothing. Landing on his head is like landing on a pillow. Fluffy with lots of air, nothing to damage there.
He’ll be back to work at destroying the county in no time.


I read a post today where he got out of the hospital but would not return to work for a little while. He had a concussion not a broken hip.


Either way, he is in pain.


Maybe just an opportunity for him to hide out while they are making a clone.


I hope he doesn’t die. He needs to be tried and convicted first. And then his wife, Elaine, if she has committed any crimes.
There was an investigation into Elaine’s activities during the Trump Administration, while she was Secretary of Transportation, of her supporting her family business connections to the CCP Navy via her family’s business contracts, while Trump was fighting Xi Jinpeng over tariffs, but that investigation was shut down.
Why? What she did was compromising POTUS’s job to eliminate corruption in business trade with China, and here she is bringing in compromises. She has worked with 3 Republican presidents as assistant Secretary of Transportation under #41 and then Secretary of Transportation under #43 and #45, but Trump is a different boss than Bush 41 and Bush 43 were. Get a different boss, follow the different boss’s ways if they are not criminal or immoral — don’t do the deep state way when your new boss is fighting the deep state. But she did it anyway.
In terms of being Republican deep state, the first two were — Bush the father and Bush the son. Trump is not.
And while we’re on the subject, Ivanka is now throwing her dad and brothers under the bus asking for a trial delay in New York saying she never signed documents during the time she was at the Trump Organization, and the complaint doesn’t state that she was, but she still doesn’t want to wait for discovery in October to confirm or deny it. Why?
And what was she doing working at the Trump Organization if part of her job didn’t involve signing documents? ALL office jobs require singing documents. What did she do, take yoga lessons?
And not to mention the fact that Ivanka was trying to get patents from China for her business while Trump was fighting with China over the tariffs on American businesses as POTUS.
I’m no business whiz, and I’m not saying Ivanka did anything wrong, or that Elaine Chao-McConnell did anything wrong; but it looks like Ivanka’s business actions with China were complicating President Trump’s job to fix China, just like Elaine Chao-McConnell’s business actions with China were complicating President Trump’s job to fix China.
This is before the fake Chinese virus happened.
Mitch the Bitch refrains from saying anything negative about Communist China and the CCP, because China helped steal the 2020 election, with the Dominion machines that stole the election votes for Biden, while Trump won fair and square. Mitch is China’s bitch.
And he also refuses to condemn Communist China because his family members are doing business with CCP-controlled banks and with the CCP for its navy via their business contracts. What, they couldn’t do business in Taiwan or Hong Kong, aka free Chinese-speaking nations?
And Mitch the Bitch blackmailed Trump and threatened his kids — Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jnr. — for fighting the 2020 steal and opened the back door for New York AG Leticia James to go after President Trump on bogus charges on the family’s businesses, just for daring to take down the cabal.
And Mitch’s very wealthy father-in-law, James Chao, who was a school chum of Ziang Zemin (now dead) before the 1949 Chinese Revolution took place and he had to escape to Taiwan to survive, gave Mitch $25,000,000.00, while Mitch’s family members are sitting on the board of the Bank of China, which is also under CCP control. If it was Mitch’s family doing business with Hong Kong before Carrie Lam’s national security law, or Taiwan, no problem; but because it’s mainland China, it is a problem.
Mitch, Elaine, James, Angela and the other family members are American citizens, but they are in bed with China behind President Trumps’ back and got rich off their connections with the Communist Chinese, just like President Trump stated on Truth Social a couple of days prior. And Elaine is throwing President Trump under the bus, just because he exposed the truth. Shame on her.
And never forget, dictatorial Carrie Lam is Xi Jinpeng’s lapdog in Hong Kong, following orders from Peking to crack down on the independence protests in Hong Kong before the Wuflu lockdowns even took place.


Yes, Mitch McConnell and his family are on the take to the communist Chinese the same as Joe Biden and his whole family. Elaine Chao-McConnell bowed out of her job during Pres Trump’s administration. No doubt he asked her to leave.

CONservative DEMocrat

Grave parties!!!! Pay to piss or dance on the graves and donate proceeds to J6 prisoners.


Thank you MB for your excellent reporting. DEAR LORD arise and let your enemies be scattered, Amen.


DEAR LORD arise and let Your enemies be vanquished, Amen.


There is still so much evil and crazy left in the world but another two are gone, let’s hope news of their death reaches lamestream and soon!

Don’t want or need more crazy clones in town


I knew Fetterman’s wife was banging other men that was obvious.

Brigid Bardont

You did? She’s almost as f’ugly as he is. Def had to pay for it.


They had kids and they looked nothing like Fettermen. No nappy goatee or signature dirty black sweats.
Maybe she wanted to be with the real father and was just having some family time.


That’s ugly. No wife or husband should be cheating on their spouses. It leads to everything and everyone being destroyed, and the kids suffer the most. AND FOR WHAT?! Selfishness? Jealousy? Betrayal? Humiliation? Attacks and threats?
Sin affects other people too, not just the perpetrators.


You couldn’t be more correct, the sins of the few are whats rotting our nation and the world to it’s core.


She is a communist and an illegal who was simply getting into our political system by leaving her third world shithole and marrying Fetterman. It’s all planned ahead with the commiecrats, sometimes by decades. Even Obama’s birth was a plan. Fetterman, of course, is too stupid to know that he’s being used or he doesn’t care as long as his bills are paid – just like his mommy and daddy supported him all his life.
Once Fetterman went into the hospital she immediately bailed, supposedly on vacation at Niagara Falls, to go to the Canadian side for refuge (run by Trudeau the socialist). Her statement was, “Always have your Visa handy. You never know when you might need it.” That doesn’t sound like a supportive wife worried about her husband nor even someone vacationing. That sounded like someone running from the law.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sue
Sandy Koufax

Watch the needle take another man and woman. It’s very easy to understand. Gone, gone, the damage done.

Big Johnson

You’re a cousin fucker


This deceased person is an example how the lower vibrational frequency can no longer withstand the the light our world is shining.So many more are going to leave the body one way or another. This is the “shaker” There will be many upcoming natural disasters which will cleanse the evil … along with the pure evil destructive souls.

Nukkin Futz

Is the photo above a mug shot of Fetterman? If so, this guy looks like a backup singer in a cheap metal band, then, or a Ford dealer used car salesman……


He resembles an ogre to me.


Even Shrek looks better than he does!


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Last edited 1 year ago by Delavic
Will Caulfield

“We’ve corrected the spelling of Sentator Peters name.”

Lol. Priceless.


Gary Peters has done much damage to the state of Michigan. When you want to see the evil they perform just look up their demonic voting records. Michigan has been trying to get rid of this creep for years.

Will Caulfield



Maybe US Army Cyber command leaks the death certificates to the media? Someone like Tucker Carlson would have a great time with that. He would not even have to know where it came from – not that it’s classified – you’d be justified even if it got out where it came from & you’d never be lacking in an answer as to why.


NO SUCH LUCK. Tucker is now a *good little boy*….now that he was read the riot act by Fox management. He has kids in college…and, at least for now – he cannot afford to lose his job at Fox. He has toned his act down…considerably, since last week. No more stuff about J6….as he promised. Fox News continues to move to the LEFT. Fox management…[and most of their newscasters] all hate Trump.

Big Johnson

tucker said you’re a cousin fucker


Come on Tucker, grow a sac. Your kids can finish out college on their own.


I remember having a changed opinion of Tucker when he was speaking about Hunter Biden’s laptop and how he and Joe should be investigated. He then commented on Hunter’s wife saying she was a friend and hadn’t done anything wrong so should not be investigated. I was shocked to hear of his partiality simply because she is a friend. It lowered my opinion of Tucker.

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Elisa Orozco

Well, that’s good news!!


DS must be having a helluva time trying to find a Fetterman doppelgänger/clone. As your source wonderfully put it, dude is straight outta “The Hill Have Eyes.” HAHA! This also speaks volumes about how stupid Pa voters are. Not saying Oz is great, but at least he can speak coherently. As for Feinstein, just like McConnell, and Pelosi until recently, term limits NEED to be in place. We either have too old/compromised n outta touch, or too young n installed by Soros/DS.

Nukkin Futz

Perhaps they can resurrect Herman Munster to play Fetterman…..They are both monster looking….


Herman has too much class to play that disgustingly fugly twerp.


YEAH…..I’d like to see “turkey neck” Mitch McConnel DEAD. He’s another big Trump hater.


Oz EARNED his money and is a hardworking doctor. It may also not have helped him that he has a muslim name. Fetterman has been a sponge all his life letting his mommy and daddy support him. A lot of PA voters just want freebies, such as welfare, so just buy into the socialist agenda. In many cities in PA they have trashed the areas so that you can buy a house for $1. But no one wants to live in their crime-ridden slums.