Marine Corps. Rebukes Pelosi: “WE DON’T WORK FOR YOU!”


Latest Breaking News: Martial Law Imminent

General David H. Berger, Commandant of the United States Marine Corps., refused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s request to use the Corps. to safeguard Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration from Trump supporters and insurrectionists.

A Pentagon source speaking under promise of anonymity told Real Raw News that Pelosicontacted Gen. Berger late Monday night, and she beseeched him to commit 5,000 troops to help ensure a peaceful transition of power and to prevent a repeat of the Jan 6 siege of the Capitol. Gen. Berger, our source said, didn’t understand why Pelosi needed additional soldiers to augment an already impressive force assembled by federal and state officials. That force includes 15,000 National Guard from D.C., Delaware, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, and an undisclosed number of FBI and DHS agents who arrived in D.C. Sunday night.

Pelosi said she wanted “battle ready” reinforcements because “radicalized Trump supporters and kooky Qanon conspiracy people” were about to converge on D.C.  She implored him to reconsider, arguing that it was the general’s patriotic duty to quell uprisings and guarantee Biden’s ascension to the Oval Office.

Her statement made the general explode, our source said.

“Don’t lecture me on patriotism, Madam Speaker. I’ve served this country with distinction for 40 years. I’ve spilled blood for our nation. What have you, a self-serving elected official, done for your country?” Gen. Berger said.

Pelosi further enraged him by saying he was answerable to Congress.

“I answer only to the president, and as I understand it, Donald J. Trump is still president and commander-in-chief. I abide in the Constitution as it was written, not your interpretation of it,” Gen. Berger admonished Pelosi.

Quoting our source, “When her intimidation tactic failed to sway Gen. Berger, Pelosi tried a different tactic: Begging and flattery.”

Pelosi claimed that the National Guard’s “weekend warriors” were ill-prepared to repel an army of “mad Trumpists.” Battle-hardened marines, however, were more capable of defeating “rabble rousers,” she said. “You have the best trained soldiers in the world, and America needs them.”

Gen. Berger was unmoved. The only way Marines would be deployed, he told her, was if President Trump himself issued that order.

“If you want us to help combat his supporters, I suggest you get him on the phone and tell him that. If he orders me to, I will. Otherwise, I suggest you listen really hard to the words escaping your cracked, poisonous lips; they’re tantamount to treason. We don’t work for you,” Gen. Berger allegedly told her.

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I have to call bullshit on this. I can find no other article that even suggest that this happened and it’s highly unlikely that a sitting general would use that kind of language directly to the speaker. I wish it were true but I just don’t buy it unless I see some further evidence.

Joel Preisser

She already tried a coup with General Milley by asking him to take the nuke codes away from POTUS, not a stretch to think she tried twice….


it’s more the way they have the General talking to her in the very end. Now grant it he may have thought it but I doubt he actually said it.

The Black Rose

You obviously haven’t had a conversation with anyone in the Marines!




I HAVE, Black Rose.
I’ve spent the past 30 years sharing the same household with a Marine, Viet Nam Vet with 3 Purple Hearts.
His Group, The A -19 Marines of “Operation Buffalo”are my Favorite People to associate with.
Most Marines “STILL” treat Most females as Women.,
I don’t believe that The General would’ve used those Same words in a Personal attack upon a Woman!
If I Did hear him saying those words to Nancy Pelosi, I’d Grimace and Applaud him.


Your mistake there is saying Marines treat Women like Women. When and where was Nancy the Treasonous lying cheating snake Pelosi ever remotely considered a Women?? Can only pray this story is True & Accurate. If so as usual the Marines are doing their Job. Semper Fidelis.


PIGLOSI is no woman … its a ” She-Bitch ” !

Lorraine Rosen

Yeah, but she’s not your typical “woman.” She doesn’t deserve respect.


I am a Marine…..and no General would convey his opinion in the manner described. Sounds like the hollywood movies taking liberties.

Lt. Colonel Norman S. Stahl, USMC Retired

I agree – It is a violation of the UCMJ for an officer to utter contemptuous language toward an elected official.

The letters for the Marines is U.S.M.C

Jay Washington

Tinalyn – go back to sleep. He was referring to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Billy boy

Hey twit, he’s referring to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Aussie Brian

She asked for it, my friend,
I just don’t know how the General restrained himself so well

Last edited 1 year ago by Aussie Brian
Michael La Vean

well if you really are a retired LTC then you would see the general is not wearing a purple heart in spite of shedding blood…Lots of bullshit here

And since when has Nancy followed the rules? She is being treated the way she should be treated. If you think those words were harsh, you must be as soft as Nancy. I thought he was being far more respectful then he should’ve been.

Michael La Vean

No wonder you retired as ab O5. You do know that we in the 82nd do war games with the folks at LeJeune. No one in living memory an name a time the Marines beat the 82nd in war games. More testosterone than ability

May be, he just thought out loudly.


Exàctly my son in the Marines I know how they talk.

Michael La Vean

I have had a lot of conversations with Marines. As an airborne infantry officer they always differ to the better trained

Margo Harding

Exactly he may be the top Marine but no way would he speak to a member of Congress like that.


Have you ever known, really known, a US Marine? I was raised by one, and I can tell you that this is entirely plausible.


GOT THAT RIGHT! Until they’ve walked in our shoes, they will NEVER know, let alone understand!

Sandy Zink

I’m with you, totally plausible.


Ok, here goes my THIRD ATTEMPT to reply to you, Patterson. The previous two disappeared somewhere to Oblivion!
I Admire that you were Raised by a Marine! Most Marines that I know, “Still’ treat most Females as Women.
But my Marine Friend, Bob, of the A-19 Marines; former Chicago Cop, about 6’ 2”, around 220, just might!
If Pelosi Dared insult The Marines, Our Flag or our Anthem, I’d hope that he’s not within 20 feet of her. He’d likely Backhand her in those “Chicklet” white teeth of hers.


Bullshit. I was raised by a Marine and am a Marine


Yep as a Marine & 28yr vet, fkU is something we’d all do with someone trying to abrogate the Constitution! – ESPECIALLY that POS, scumbag, pukelosi! Tom, one pissed off Marine


Raised and or trained by a marine is different than the way they talk to authority. It has nothing to do with it being a woman. It has to do with her being in a position of authority and there are protocols in the military about listening to people in authority. They are trained to respect them whether they like the opinion or not.


Don’t count on it! He took an oath and part of it is to protect against all enemies both foreign and domestic! She would fall under the domestic threat!


Don;t count on it. The military talks straight and don’t sugar coat anything. He meant what he said and it’s true- He doesn’t answer to her(only to the commander in chief)

Brenda Ross

You are correct, they don’t work for her.

Lt. Colonel Norman S. Stahl, USMC Retired

It has nothing to do with her being a woman; she is an elected official and it is a violation of the UCMJ to utter contemptuous language towards an elected official — and Generals are more likely to face a court over using such language than a Sergeant Major or a Lieutenant Colonel. PLUS: The House controls the purse strings. I worked directly for 3 general officers – if you want to see them jump through hoops, just have a congressman/woman or senator make an inquiry about something they, or someone in their command has done.

Last edited 1 year ago by Lt. Colonel Norman S. Stahl, USMC Retired

So, he has to be all kissy faced to someone proposing treason and abbrogation of the Constitution. I think not. He appears to have had his fill of the bs being pulled.


what congress???… you don’t seem to understand they committed treason on Jan 6th 2021. That is the moment they ceased to exist. Now it’s President Trump and the national guard that are in control and they are very capable #notSickOfWining #PresidentTrumpKeepingAmericaGreat

bill dyer

thats right


Take into account she was asking him to take military action on american home soil, with no orders coming through the chain of command(from the Pentagon and Chiefs of staff and commander in chief), she was asking him to commit treason through an act of sedition. Whatever the result he would be stripped of his rank and honours and then sent to prison for a very long time and would also disgrace his fourty years of service. Under those circumstances I can quite belive he would speak to any mere politician just like that.

Last edited 1 year ago by Owain

U must be a Democrat, u sound like it. You don’t know how the military talks when they’re being push hard


Hank Johnson (D-GA) couldn’t make the Adm. LOL when he said he thought too many people could make Guam capsize (Admiral Willard straight-faced replied “We don’t anticipate that happening.”)


Why is it so hard to believe he said that??? Everyone thinks it. Hell.. if I had the chance I would tell those thief’s that. He’s sick of their shit. How many soldiers died or were disfigured fighting their endless, meaningless wars?… and who is in the picture above Trump? Is that Walter? Where’s Jeff Dunham?

John B. Flanagan

Isn’t it amazing, that Pelosi knows she can do or say anything, and Woks: Biden, The Justice Dept and the FBI, will do nothing?!


When, in the past four presidencies have you been able to trust the FBI, CIA, etc…etc…?


I don’t know if we Really Ever Could, JDAVIS! Technology has advanced so greatly in our lifetimes,


We’re Already Fighting for the Life of our Democratic Republic, Joel Preisser. If we Allow Joe Biden to be Sworn in, on 20 January, We’ve Officially SURRENDERED! Our Republic is DEAD! Never to return!




It’s the supposed responses by Gen. Berger that are rubbish. No sitting General speaks like that.


That Request in itself, was an act of High Treason! I Pray General David H. Berger will pursue charges!

Mike P

Who are your sources? We constantly criticize Left wing publications for publishing news that, if true, could be damaging to the Trump administration, and then attributing it to “anonymous sources.” If you’re doing the same thing, then we’ll have to treat you with the skepticism we treat the NYT or WAPO. BTW, I echo Mike G’s sentiment that I wish this were true, but it sounds a tad bit far-fetched, especially given we have a fully Democratic governement and Generals are largely politicians these days, even in the Marines.

Stephen Williamson

Horse hockey ,that is exactly how I would expect A marine general to reply to A subversive politician trying to get him to dishonor his oath of allegiance . And that is about as far as he can go without dishonoring his office and or uniform. We see what you bunch of weasels are doing, trying to discredit this real news ORG.

Jeff Parker

I couldn’t agree with you more. I served my country in 75RR 1st Bn and I have many USMC friends who also are combat veterans.
Damn proud of USMC Commandant!!!


Having had the priveledge of serving with USMC through much of my career I have no doubt that the General is quite capable of putting Pelosi in her place. She is nothing but a drunken old hag and needs to go home or somewhere else. She has done more than enough damage to America. BZ Sir.

One Time

You forget what that star does to men; it turns them into politicians. As a 2 tour Marine Infantryman combat vet, I call BS. No major outlet is reporting this, and it would be national news.


I guarantee you it would NOT be national news on MSM. Humiliating news for her is not welcome.


There’s a ton of shit that these mthrfkrs on the left should be in jail for right this minute! And it makes me sick to see the mockery they turned this Office into, REGARDLESS of the name in office the blatant disrespect and lies they been spewing for years should be illegal AF, and pretty funny that ALMOST EVERYONE ON THE RIGHT but a few sit there like little bitches while they STEAL THE SUPER MAJORITY right in front of them lol !!! Fkn pussies!!!


So why does General Berger’s signature appear on this memo from the Joint Chiefs in support of the democratic process and Biden’s inauguration?


Major outlets would ONLY report propaganda that supports Nancy Pelosi!!!


One would think it would be national news, wouldn’t they? Pedo Hunters laptop should have been as well. Not only was it not, the FBI had been sitting on it for MONTHS. In one of the pics from it, there’s a CC of one of Obama’s daughters with either coke or meth after cutting lines. One would think that would be news also……

bill dyer

lets see it

Sandy Zink

Do you know who is in control of the Media?


The commies are in control of the “media”…

Patricia Duncan

Wrong. Just bc MSM liars aren’t blathering about it doesn’t mean it did not really happen.


You mean like their peaceful protests all summer , of course they wouldn’t let us know anything because they have issues.

Alan Young

no major I ever goes against the Democrats


MSM would never be allowed to report on anything that makes Madame Queen Pukelosi look humiliated after all she feels superior to all American PEONS under her rulership and her gavel!

Rich the G

You forget who owns the “news” already?

Lorraine Miller

There is no National News. Not anymore !

Sandy Zink

Thank you for serving

Alberto G

Fortunately, I have had the honor of serving under two separate Commandants, and I can attest from the top down and bottom up… ALL marines are to conduct themselves in a courteous and tactful manner of which reflects great honor upon the Armed Services & ESPECIALLY the Marine Corps. Despite what Hollywood portrays.. Marines do not speak in that manner, period (publicly). Maybe amongst their peers and behind closed doors, but NEVER in a public forum. That is career suicide for any military member. We may eat crayons but we aren’t that dumb. We always find a means to retort based on doctrine and policy. This makes us look arrogant and like A$$holes, but no one in ANY position will be able to fight against a tactful Marine that knows his rules and regulations!

J.W. Patriot

Under the Insurrection Act, and investigation, they are all holding their office illegally.
Therefore, the Commandant needs not use tact. In EVERY Marine’s eye they are traitors.
If you are a jarhead, you know what I mean. We live by a motto for a reason.


Lt. Colonel Norman S. Stahl, USMC Retired

Amen! You are absolutely correct.

John D

If we are to take bullshit seriously learn how to spell liar

Thoth al Khem


Brenda Ross

I agree with you, they are trying to discredit this news, when they don’t know what they are saying, must be a brain dead Biden supporter.

Sandy Zink


Patricia Duncan

Liar or Lier? Yes she’s both.


If a General really spoke in that fashion to anybody he works with professionally, especially the Speaker of the House, he’d be kicked out of his uniform so fast, all of our heads would be spinning.

John B. Flanagan

Your right 100% and if this news organization ever places a bald face lie on its site, and without a immediate retraction, I’m done with them, just as I dropped, CNN; MSNBC; Politico and others!
No Integrity, no use to me as a trusted source!



matt chapmn

The NYT, Washington Post, Et al, were all once trusted sources for news and then turned into political operatives feeding the information that they want us all to believe You skipped a step by claiming that we have to treat this journalist with skepticism before any evidence that they are not telling us the truth. Why?


NYT, Washington Post, Et al, were all once trusted sources for news

I”ll take you word for it. However please allow me to clarify wat you attempted to illuminate upon other readers.

then turned into political operatives feeding the information that they want us all to believe 

then infiltrated by the mossad/C_A(hand/glove)
These operatives are fed the misinformation and disinformation they would like disseminated to the sheeple .

Once the media mockingjays repeat the spun version enough it becomes truth.

We prefer truths over facts -joe Biden


Bingo. All of it. 😉

bill dyer

what short memories we have here.. o’ballicker is gone n so is announcing u.s. plans and strategies in advance


Apparently you never heard of Chesty Puller, George Patton, etc. Some Generals put honsty before kissing A**!

KEVIN Mujica

Some are still asleep , the military knows who won the election and will defend the President every day all day. Thank you ,sometimes you just cant fix stupid

Dwayne P Roberson

Yes the military knows Joe Biden won the election . They will humor Trump until 1/20/21 at 12 noon.

Nil Perez

Still delusional I see!


You need to check yourself here, this is no place for american traitors like you!!! All the people who played a part in falsifying votes for Biden, along with Pelosi and Biden himself and the rest of the traitor politicians should all be in jail. I pray your souls, that you see through to the light soon.

Yo Mama

That is such a conspiracy, you kook! I mean anyone who believes that must be so radicalized that the military must take you and your whole family to a re-education camp!

Ace Freely

You should assist them in trying to bring people to reeducation camps, little big man… so you can get your teeth blown down your throat.
Oh wait… what am I talking about… LOL
Theyre already setting you up to be destroyed.

Ever wonder why they are pitting people like you against THAT part of the population that is more armed than the last 100+ years. Moms basement wont be safe for people like you if civil war breaks out.
You entertain the lazy, the instigators, the pedophiles, the baby murders etc..etc..etc…
The funniest part of it all…is you dont even see it coming… LOL


Sorry to disappoint you but President Trump is 10 steps ahead of all you democrats. He signed Blockchain into law in 2018. Justice Amy Barret signed it . According to the QVS which the Military have in their possession, and cannot be tampered with. Every Official ballot had a watermark with tracing built in. It tells where it was posted and by whom. So the Quantum system will pick up if a person voted twice or is from another district. The actual tally is Trump 81%, Biden 15% and others 5 %Now why on Earth should the President concede to this criminal/traitor/pedophile/murderer and quid pro quo money launderer?


Well said !
People have NO idea to the horrendous atrocities they commit against children would wide. Children are just another commodity to these filthy luciferian worshiping scum.


It has been said ACB is plant, do not know if there is any truth to it.

Echo Bravo Charlie

Yes! Pelosi called in those Troops, Didn’t she!?. We know why you are here. You cant find the truth till you come here to GAB. Have you been running out of patriots to insult on Twitter and FB?


The military was tracking the election with a super computer called “Kraken”. They know who really won the election and it wasn’t Creepy Joe Biden.

Thoth al Khem

Are you swallowing your toothpaste? Sodium Fluoride is RAT POISON and says POISON right on the tube.


Rigged / Stolen / Illegitimate without question.

Jimmy Pittman

You are absolutely right on that !


According to Jim Willie, an average of 85% of the entire military support Trump. This is allowing for the generals who tend to be more political.


He answered her appropriately, had he “accommodated” her request he would be a co-conspirator. The military are part of the Executive Branch, she is from the Legislative, she has no authority over him other than budgetary and perhaps a few administrative oversight issues, and in my personal opinion, he out ranks her. And if you are about to commit treason for the fourth time in about a fortnight, you get what you deserve. And good on you all at real raw news for standing by your work. You know people are seeking integrity right now and you should know the readers are paying very close attention to that again these days.

Spanky Fukudips

I’ve seen that news all over the place and tried to find someone that debunked it and found NOTHING to say it’s fake so far.

Mike Baxter

So youre listening to those MSM shills. They contacted me for a comment, and didn’t even include it.


Check who owns Reuters. Their name too begins with R.

AB Olsen

Thank you!


Is there any way to contact the General and confirm?…Surely he would consider a comment seeing that in a few days he will have a new boss….best if he gets ahead of any BS from Pelosi


Only person that can deploy USMC is the COMMANDER IN CHIEF, since 1775 Nov 10.
Nothings changed.
Finest Fighting men in the world!

John B. Flanagan

I would like that you had a second source to confirm it? As it is attempted Sedition, for A simple Congress person to go around the Commander in Chief!

Vill Deborah

It’s because all the other news ignores it or is fake !!


Except that asking for active duty troops violates the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878….the only exception to that requires invoking the Insurrection Act….which can only be invoked by the President.


Insurrection Act was signed on or near the 15th Jan. according to Simon Parkes, a known truth-teller.

Janet Newman

I really don’t believe anything the mainstream news says, so I am much more likely to believe this site for real news, they shot themselves in the foot by lying 24-7 to Americans


what is it like to be the first generation of American so soft they couldn’t watch the news?

Brenda Ross

There is another wed site that has shared it I just got threw reading it and it is the same as this article so it is true so this person don’t know beans about what he is saying, he must be a demon-rat, a Biden supporter. I have read many, many of your articles and find them to be all true.

Tom Joad


Kristen McFarland

This General’s allegiance is to the CIC, the President and not to the Speaker of the House. Who is she to demand such a thing in the first place, if she even thought of such a thing?


This is the first time I have been on Real Raw News (link from a friend). When the story starts off with “A Pentagon source speaking under promise of anonymity told Real Raw News” I have to be suspect. Unfortunately too often over the past few years has main stream media stated the stories were from “unnamed sources” that I have come to discount these stories when I see this. I’ll keep reading and hope I have your publication as new honest source for news.

Last edited 1 year ago by John

The General addressing Pelosi

Michael La Vean

speaking of badges why inst the General wearing a purple heart?

Kim Smith

Also, I just searched for this story using DuckDuckGo and found several other articles reporting the exact same conversation. Not to be rude but I would bet you used Google to search. I take it your not aware of the censoring being done by Google and the rest of Silicon Valley.

jim Ventry

Funny, I just used Duckduckgo and searched for this story and there was not one single result that was even remotely similar to the topic of this article. I used three different search terms and got absolutely nothing.

tracey sterling

I brought up a whole page of results.

Last edited 1 year ago by tracey sterling
KEVIN Mujica

Apparently jim is turning a blind eye as the left does when truth hits them in the mouth .

Echo Bravo Charlie

Yep! Same here. I found plenty through Duck Duck Go.


Funny, I have an entire list from my search, so I’m going to call BS on your answer.

That said, it is all reiterations of the original article, so there aren’t (m)any other versions; I didn’t do a deep dive. But in today’s world, that may or may not mean anything. I won’t say it’s true, but I also can’t say that it isn’t. I CAN say, however, that at least I did actually look it up, which I doubt that you did…


What you need to understand is we Marines do not bow to petty bullshit artists like Pelosi. Even at the rank of Commandant, using plain language like you doubt is de rigeur. Pelosi is a low pice of shit. Conversely, the only person between the good general and God is President Trump. Deal with it.

KEVIN Mujica

The military knows the true results of the election , the constitutional election was prevented to work because the left used dominion voting machines to steal the elections . Trump signed the new constitution on July 4 ,2020 . Trump is the first President of the the new constitution


Actually, he reports to Secretary of the Navy, making all of this even more unrealistic.

KEVIN Mujica

Don’t be offended jim that many have found this article every where , maybe a touch up on your research skills is needed

KEVIN Mujica

Jim many responding they found it , now what excuse do you have .


I just tried DuckDuckGo & got at least a dozen articles…
TRY: berger pelosi we don’t work for you

Last edited 1 year ago by victorLion
Eleanor Cummings

Oh, good heavens, people! Stop arguing about it! I used Bing and brought up all kinds of sources for this conversation!! Kudos to a PATRIOT Marine General who is outspoken, like our president!!


It’s just a re-iteration of the story posted here and even says so. Methinks you shoulda read the article you posted the address to. Let’s find a source that does NOT list Real Raw News as the only place it’s being reported from.

Alejandro Llanes



That’s weird. I just typed in “General Berger Conversation with Nancy Pelosi” on Duckduckgo and 9 of the first 10 articles stated what this article said. Maybe you accidentally used a google based one or something. Odd.

Chuck Woodard

Everyone asks for a source first. Do your own research it’s how you learn.

Eleanor Cummings

At least 10 sources plus images of the general (using Bing. I don’t use google!)


A troll from the left is among us…..


There’s more then one amongst us.

Eleanor Cummings

Now that we are approaching the ”finish” line we’ll be seeing many Commie trolls on our Conservative sites. In fact, they’re crawling out of the woodwork by the dozens now. These trolls should stop watching fake news. There is so much evidence that is tangible and irrefutable in audio, videos, and actual documents being brought forth that prove election fraud. The people who stay away from the corrupt MSM and do their own research are laughing at the gullibility of these trolls. 
How can they see all this tangible evidence and STILL believe that there was no rigging and fraudulent voting? HOW? I can tell you HOW! IMHO I believe the so-called ”trolls” found on the Conservative sites, (like here) are actually brainwashed democrats who are usually paid traitors to this country, the USA, or they are the democrat’s Saul Alinsky Useful Idiots!! They should try using their OWN brains. (Wow! Isn’t THAT a novel concept!?) They are embarrassing themselves publicly for all the world to see. We, the people who search the truth out, really do appreciate the comedy, but they should stop playing stupid. Uh, they ARE just playing, AREN’T they??? Me, I just ignore their comments once I know they’re gullible sheep and/or traitors. They are irrelevant and I have no time to waste on them. WWG1WGA!! NCSWIC!!

Echo Bravo Charlie

Yep! They are running out of places to find us, so they come to GAB. They Come here also for the truth and discover they cant handle the truth. They probably think the troops are in Washington to support Biden…Just remember! Who called theTroops crazy bastards. Yes! Biden.

KEVIN Mujica

I don’t think mike pence is aware of anything . This is why so many are still asleep . They thing if it doesn’t come from fake news it isn’t true

Eleanor Cummings

Pence may have learned how to play chess. Maybe our president taught him. We will see

Echo Bravo Charlie

Funny that. I was thinking the same. Maybe Pence was put on the inside, so to speak..Maybe or maybe not? We will soon find out. The clock is ticking down fast.

Last edited 1 year ago by Echo Bravo Charlie
Alan Carnrike

Thank you for the info. I have been wondering about other platforms to search from.


Silicon Valley has monopolized the Major sources: AMAZON GOOGLE APPLE FACEBOOK & Twitter are attacking all Conservatives they don’t just want to get rid of President TRUMP they want to eradicate the entire Conservative 50% of the United States Citizens! Demonrats want total POWER to control our Speech everything down to having the BigTech watchdogs track our conversations just like CCP COMMUNISM has infiltrated our country whenever you have an Intelligence Committee Member of the HOUSE SWALWELL Sleeping with Chinese Spy and Pelosi doesn’t remove him from office we have some real problems!

Shelia P. Owens

It was actually on the fake news, that she requested the troops. Of course they left out the the response by General Berger.

Eleanor Cummings

You have to love General Berger and give that man a lot of respect. I do have a feeling he will not break his oath and that he cannot be bought!!


That’s cause it’s been censored.

Helen Highwater

Of course you didn’t. The truth is under heavy censorship, in case you haven’t noticed.


I think that the reason you cant find it anywhere else is because of the mainstream media most of the time these days you hear the bullshit they say which isnt always the truth


Lol, Mike depends on which search engine you use. Check this out: General David H. Berger, to pelosi “we dont work for you”


So basically she committed treason by going to him, to try to usurp the chain of command. I wonder how she will like GITMO?


We’re about to find out uh?


I heard about the phone call before I read this article. And yes he told her he would not participate in her treasonous coup


I believe it. He does not work for her and has every right to tell her just that. What she is doing is sedition and treason.

Mitch D.

It sounds like it has at least been embellished to a degree.

I agree, I wish he had told her this, but I doubt that it went down exactly like this.


I am a Marine of a lot of years and this is just like one other Commandant that we had one time that was just as bold and told it like it was plus when Kennedy called up the reserves on Cuba, the Commandant at that time also said, we don’t need the reserves. If you need Marines, then order us to go in but we will NOT call up the Reserves Mr. President.

Dan Hogan

I don’t know if it is true or not but like a line in the flick “Second hand lions: if it’s not true it should be. Wonder what you flew, I was in VMFA542 MCAS Chu Lai RVN.


Straight bull Shit, speaking to the house speaker like that..If he did, he won’t be commander next week


Pretty sure he still we be. Could be chief of the Joint Chiefs by the 21st.


You obviously don’t know any Marines. LOL

Spanky Fukudips

He’s a General not Nasty Peelowsi’s little bitch….he can see right thru her and see what an actual tnuc she is…..she’s nothing short of being a bossy old hag…..I say Kudos to the General for putting that anti-America old hag in her place.

Margo Harding

Thank you my thoughts exactly, no General would use that a member of Congress, he may think it, but no way would he verbalize it. Like many news feeds, it is just hearsay,


I questioned too. Don’t you think the General or Nancy would have come out and say, this did not happen if it didn’t happen? It’s just like all the Lin Wood statements regarding Justice Roberts telephone recording talking about Scalia’s successor before his very strange death. Wouldn’t you expect a defamation law suit against Lin Wood?



Rich Wilkinson

Then YOU obviously were NOT in the MARINE CORPS!

chris boyter

its a lot milder language than I would have used. I believe it. I was in the military. High ranking officers especially marines don’t pull punches. He’s right. He only answers to the president and that is still trump. Pelosi is just a whinny childish bitch.

Triparadox Clifford

While this attitude is completely fine (really though, people should be very very skeptical about the media nowadays), I’m more inclined to believe this source as opposed to the mainstream media promoted by globalists including, but not limited to, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, etc. Those outlets have repeatedly attempted to mislead their readers as well as fabricating whole stories in order to push their narratives. That fact alone will, at least for me personally, make me want to overlook simple mistakes, if any, from outlets like this one considering how horrible the other outlets are (we’re talking about another level). Adding the fact that all mainstream media outlets seem to be in the same pool and same agenda, I would not be surprised at all that none of them want to cover this.


YOU Might be right, Mike G!
But, I would Not state it, in words nor text.
As a Military Vet, Army,
I don’t believe that a Marine General would Speak, Communicate, such Harsh, Personal, language to a Woman!
But, we’re engaged in a War of Words, inflection, innuendo, suggestion, opinion, supposition.
We’re All desperate for Our side to win.


Absolutely give all credibility to alternative media, very sorry democrats will get all up in arms about this. Glad this Commandant put Pelosi in her place. What a disrespectful woman.

Lucky charms

Maybe he was briefed on the intel about China owning her and her family. A sell out would deserve that speech and a tone of disdain.

Ashley Dickenson

Well why not?

Gerry W Stevens

Why you a hater? Why are you scared?

John smith

You bleeding heart liberals should —————————-


why wouldn’t the sitting General of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA tell a speaker of the

Lt. Colonel Norman S. Stahl, USMC Retired

Amen! No Marine General Officer would talk to an elected official like is alleged in the report!

shaun hartman

because you didn’t read it on fox, cnn, washpo, nyt, etc etc you call bullshit. come on man!

shaun hartman

also, yes………high ranking officers do talk like that. At least the ones who are worth a shit


Then you’re REALLLLLY gonna have a “problem” with what’s coming on Jan. 20, 2021!!! LOL!!!!


I heard this about a week ago from another source! She is so stupid that she doesn’t realize that constitutionally Federal Troops can not be used, therefore the National Guard, who are not Federal, but State, are being used! She should be impeached for even going to the General, but obviously she was not prepared for the reception she got! She is an absolute disgrace! Semper Fi!

Lorraine Rosen

Why not? I believe it. After 40 years he may be getting ready to retire. who gives a crap what he says to her?

Bea Derrico

I read in the post, that Pelosi did go to the head of the U.S.Marines

Dixie Normous

This is like far right wing erotica, I feel a lunatic fringe portion of the audience is moving the skin on their dicks up and down reading Pelosi getting told off.

Kim Smith

Why is it that your side always accuse Trump Supporters of being nasty…yet daily all anyone ever hears or sees out of your side is vile comments, nasty rhetoric, and violence. …and before you bring up what happened at the Capitol…we have all seen the video’s of the officer’s opening the doors and letting them in, officer’s escorting people around the building…This was so obviously a planned event.

Why were the doors opened? Why weren’t the emergency security doors closed…it would have only taken one guard hitting the emergency button and all security measures would have gone into place….We are supposed to believe that while the Vice President of the United States, the man in direct line of succession was left vulnerable to a mob attack…that trained Secret Service and Capitol Police, who are trained to deal with terrorists…didn’t do one thing to protect the building…even w/ the VP inside? Where were the Sec. Ser…If you have ever been to an event where anyone in the line of succession is located, the Sec Serv guard every door and entrance in the building. But we are told that even though Iran had threatened to send a terror hit squad to the event, dressed like Trump Supporters, even with that threat…Sec Serv left the doors unprotected.

This was a staged event. Even 2 Democratic Senators have questioned what happened. Getting back to your comment. I can only imagine, that it is you who has experience with what you described. Only someone with experience would be able to be so descriptive. Conservative men on the other hand believe in God, marry actual women, speak decently to people, and have no need to be so vile.

Marian M Gervais

I’m sure all this crap happened only to have a reason to try and impeach our president!


Spoken like a true level headed American Patriot! Thank you!

Maria Oleksak

Well said and thank you.

Jamey Stewart

Wow you should run for office,,need people to stand up and call bullshit

Eleanor Cummings

Boy, do you EVER have that nasty mouthed troll pegged right!! Perfect response.


They are all antiwhite. They believe antiwhite slanders in media, they believe Hollywood is history (it’s not)…

They say that anyone who is White and existed before 1965 has to either hate themselves or they’re ‘racist’. Garbage people, honestly.

I wish you all the best.

Check out ‘Go Free’, the book by Jason Kohne on Amazon


Well said.

Ashley Dickenson

This is true. besides it being members of Antifa how else would these so-called Trump protestors have even got in, were someone not planning the event?


You mean Dick Normous? Continue moving…hahahaha




Bryan Neff

You are a pretty sick camper there aren’t ya? You might think that because bar fly Nancy your kind of woman!



Rick - NH

Semper Fi!

Eleanor Cummings

Love the marines. That’s one helluva general!!


I like it. She thinks she is the Queen of the USA. It is great someone knocked her off her pedestal.

Mike Farcas

she stinks

Mike Hogue

If this story is true, its awesome.

Mark A Winker

hurray for General David H. Berger!


Looks to me that ‘DemoKKKrat Marxists’ are trying to Stage a Coup!


They already have


Who’s your source? Otherwise this is more BS.


That article gives this article the actual credit. It is also word for word the same article. Not saying it’s false, just highlighting it’s not a new source.


Heres another one.. if you want to find the truth get off of Google use DuckDuckGo you’ll be surprised what you find. Censorship buy MSM


These are both the same articles you referred too.


Idiots….First, you just posted the same link twice. Second – EVERY single site is literally just referencing and referring to this webpage. There’s literally NO other reporting or original source outside of

Tom Joad

that just refers to this websites account. how is that confirmation of anything?

Jeff Hendrickson

BEAUTIFUL and THANK you General


Thumbs up! Hope this is true.


Finally someone with balls enough to tell Nasty that she is a poisonous lying treasonous person

Marian M Gervais

I totally agree Ms. Pelosi has the biggest balls of any women I know!


You forgot Michelle

Eleanor Cummings


WT Baker

I don’t know but this sounds like some freedom was taken in regards to whatever the Commandant’s actual words were. I don’t doubt his refusal as to his explanation he takes orders from the CIC and not Congress. The rest I think is embellished to say the least.


Sounds to me like she just completely insulted the National Guard.


We need the truth

George Songstad

God Bless General David H Berger, commandant of United States Marine Corps.


Con dos huevos!!!?

Eugene Gardella

Nancy Pelosi is a corrupt lying POS ,JUST like the Democratic party and the Spineless republicans

Pat Ferguson


Wanda Hale

I love our Marines!! ❤??

Last edited 1 year ago by Wanda Hale

Kekkity kekkity

Deborah Ellett

FINALLY! Someone standing up to the the Democrats, especially to the likes of Nancy Pelosi, who thinks that because of who and what she is should get her way just because she commands it. THANK YOU General Berger.

Peter Ede

Isn’t this treason? the Marines work for the President who is Trump until Jan 20th
She should be arrested

Marian M Gervais

Only if the general is willing to say it happened and once Biden is in office she gets her way! She may even get the codes for the bomb then!
We are in big trouble with the new world government!


Biden will never be my President.

Chi Nguyen-Zeh

A true American Patriot General Berger! ???❤️❤️❤️


I suspect that she doesn’t have any concept of just how much security 15,000 of our patriotic Military folks can provide, or how much damage they can do. You won’t see any serious MAGA folks there; just deep state mercs, useful idiots, ANTIFA and BLM if they have guts enough engage. Of course, the CIA’s Mockingbird press will blame MAGA and conservative folks for everything bad that happens. DUH! When are the cronically clueless going to wake up out of their stupor???

Jeff Parker

I love the story about Pelosi and the response from Commandant of Marine Corp.
I’m a former 75 RRbn1 Ranger and it makes me proud as hell!!

Eleanor Cummings

Sure glad you were OUR marine!!


One can only hope he actually said that. lol